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Sasha blocked my way.


“Madam you have to calm down….. leave me Leonel to us….we will find him” she said.


“Am not going to sit back and do nothing……Le


on told me he has lots of enemies….what if……” I burst into tears “He’s all I have….if he leaves me… no


one……am going to find my husband”


I was running Everywhere but the truth is that I didn’t even know where I was going or coming from. Sasha


and the other guards followed behind. I kept crying and calling out his name……


One of the guard ran to where Leon was.


“Boss… have to stop your surprise plan and go to madam…..she’s running mad looking for you and crying


like hell” he said.


“I told her I have a surprise……so……”


“She thinks your enemies have you….. please…..she’s crying all over” he said, Leon sigh, he look at the other men.


“Just plan the fireworks and make it show in my signal…….take me to her”


Leon watch Gem from afar….she was wiping as if she lost her precious gold…she was walking round and round


in circles calling his name. Seeing her like this made his heart ache…..f**k his surprise…..


Leon walk closer to her.


I was going crazy, my phone started ringing. I have no power or strength to look at the caller. Sasha took the phone from my hands, I was helpless as I fell on the floor sobbing.


“It’s sir Leonel….he’s calling” she said and I grab the phone from her.


“H….he..llo….” my voice was shaking when I heard the most amazing voice in my life.


“Kitten…..” he said….. hearing him call me my pet name I couldn’t say anything….I was having mix emotions


but tears never stopped running out of my eyes…..I wanted to yell and ask him were he is……I wanted to know


if he was safe then he said again.


“Kitten……..” I sob even more.


Just then fireworks started displaying in the sky. I look up with my teary eyes. It was blur because of the tears in my eyes but I squeeze my eyes dry and look clearly.


The fireworks wrote ‘My Kitten……










The phone was still in my ears when I heard.


“Turn around kitten” he said and I slowly turn around and he was standing a bit far from me.


I didn’t know when I threw my phone away and start running up to him……I ran really fast….I never knew I had


this much speed in my legs………When I got closer to him I jump into his arms.


He left me up in his arms and hugged me in his big arms. I wrap my hands on his neck pulling him closer to me.


“Leon…..!!!!” I called and his hug tightened as he replied


“Am here… here now and am never living you again….”


He put me down and cup my cheeks before wiping my tears.


His lips met mine in a slow but passionate kiss. While he kissed me his hands hold my legs hands and open it as he slide something into my fingers….I didn’t mind because I was intoxicated to his kiss….he broke the kiss as we both pant for air.


He looked at my eyes and smiled


“Let’s go inside……” he carried me in his arms


We got inside and we were both silent I still haven’t noticed the ring in my finger.


“Kitten… sorry….I never should have scare you like that” he said.


“You moron you almost gave me a heart attack….am going to shower!” I said and walk into the bathroom.


After taken off my clothes I was about to on the shower when I noticed something in my finger………………



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