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I woke up the next day as I found the other space in the bed empty and cold. I stood up and look around only to find blood on the bed sheet. I stood up and took the sheet off. I can’t believe I just lost my virginity…..that’s when it hit me. We just had an unprotected s£x.


Leon walked into the room.


“Kitten….good afternoon my dear” he said, I was still in daze. “Give that to me I’ll wash it up”


“No…no it’s mine…I’ll wash it….” I said


“Kitten don’t be like that….let’s wash it together then” he said


“No!!!!” I yelled and Leon was surprised.


“Are you mad at me?” he asked with a low voice.


“No….it’s just….let me do it..”


“Gem are you okay?” he asked and I frown and.ran to.the bathroom and shut the door.


I wash the sheets and took my birth. When I came out, a new sheet was already on the bed and food were already on the table.


‘What if am pregnant…..Gem you were so stupid….am an actress who just started making it….I can’t just get pregnant….. people doesn’t even know am married….what if they accuse me again….Gem it’s okay….a woman can’t just get pregnant like that….I mean am just over thinking’ I thought.


“Kitten…are you okay now?” I heard Leon ask as he hugged me from behind. I nodded.


“Why didn’t you wake me up?” I asked


“Was that why you were mad?” he said and I smiled, “I wanted you to rest…I guessed you were stressed out last night”


“You left me alone in bed” I said and he hugged me.


“Am sorry hon….I had to attend to work”


“Am here Leon” I said


“I know” he said


“Stop working too much….stop being a workaholic….can you give me more of your attention than to your work……. rumors had it that Leonel Mavis became a workaholic so he can forget his fiancee….you don’t have to be that way anymore….am here” I said and his gaze never left me. “Let’s eat” I said, I quickly push some food into my mouth to suppress my tears which I refuse to let drop. But I kept on sniffing my nose.


“Kitten….., eat slowly” he said


“Okay” I said and his hands covered mine.






“Kitten there is a grand ball we will be attending by six and it’s four….go get dressed” he said


“Oh….I heard ball at Paris are always magical” I said


“Were did you hear that?” he asked


“In Barbie” I said


“Barbie?, what’s Barbie??” he asked.


“Oh… Barbie fashionista….where her aunt made her a magical dress……” I said


“What’s this Barbie really?” he said smiling


“It’s a cartoon show” I said and his smile disappeared.


“Kitten you’re not a kid anymore….you’re married and you’re still into the so called Barbie?” he asked.


“What!!!, is it a crime, I love cartoons so so much….even if am a hundred years old I’ll still watch cartoons


especially Tom and Jerry” I said and he burst into laughter. I’ve never seen him laugh like that before. He landed on the bed holding his stomach. “Ki…. kitten you’re….so… unbelievable…hahahaha”




The maids in the penthouse came to help me dress and only God knows where Leon went.


“Master is so good to you madam” she said and I smiled.


“You made him laugh, I’ve walked six years here but I’ve never heard him laugh freely like that, even when he was with that slut” she said “Oh sorry madam I didn’t mean to mention his ex”


“It’s okay….” I said



“Really…?”, “Yes


” I scream as the maid accident injured me while she was cutting my nails.



madam am sorry…..

sorry..I didn’t mean to…am sorry….”


“Its okay it was an accident” I said. Just then Leon ran in.



are you okay?, I heard you scream” he said panting. He looked at my bleeding nails and his face






“Who did this?!” he asked, “I said who hurt her!!!!??” he yelled



am the…….

” he slapped the girl as she fell on the ground crying and saying sorry.



“LEON!!!!” I yelled and ran to the girl.


“Are you out of your mind???, are you crazy???, why the hell did you hit her???” I yelled angrily.


“She hurt you!” he yelled back.


“You moron that was an accident!!!!” I said “Take her inside” but they didn’t move. They all went on there kneels apologizing for their carelessness.


“Leon….let them go inside!” I yelled but he was so angry and his face darkened.


“Leave!!!” he said and they all ran out.


“How could you be so stupid to hit a girl!!!!” I yelled, gosh I was so angry and disappointed at him.


“Gem she……”


“Am disappointed in you Leon…….”


“She’s my maid….I can do whatever I want!!!” he yelled.


“Just because you’re Leonel Mavis doesn’t give you the right to hurt people!!” I said “Oh yes it does!” he yelled again “Gem she f**king hurt you….”


“It was an accident Leon…..she didn’t mean to”


“And you called me a moron in front of my maids… insulted me because of a maid?” he said, gosh his


anger was freaking me out.


“Leon…got and apologize for your actions” I said trying to be calm.


“Over my dead body!!” he yelled and walk out of the house.




I went to the maids quarter. I found them together scolding the girl.


“You don’t have to scold her” I said and they all shocked.


“Madam….we…we are so sorry….we made you and master quarrel”


“Madam it was all my fault…am sorry”.


“I’ll forgive you all if only you can forgive my husband” I said and they gaze at me in shock “I can to apologise on his behalf….am sorry he hurt you….am so sorry….I should have stopped him” tears filled my eyes.


“No madam it’s fine….it was all my fault am sorry” she said.


“Can you forgive him?” I asked and they all nodded. “He’s such an asshole isn’t he?” I said and fear filled their eyes. “Ah….don’t be scared of him” I said and sat down with them


“Madam who does fear the man ghty Leonel Mavis… should be happy he spell her life….when he was


with his witch ex he shot two maids dead because of her…..she’s so mean. Sir loves you so much…. even more


than that witch….am happy he end up with you”


I talked to the maids about one or two things about Leon and I find out that next week was his birthday. I found out he doesn’t have a favorite color, he’s favorite food is his grandmother cake and cookies.




I was set for the ball but Leon never showed up. I waited and waited until I fell asleep only to walk up the next morning and the maids said he didn’t come home last night. It was until noon that Sasha and the other


female guards came to me telling me that Leon was back home and he told them to come guard me in Paris. I was so angry. Was he trying to avoid me.




I came back home after taking a shower I told Sasha to take me to his office. When I got to the office all eyes were on me. I could hear people whispering. “OMG isn’t that actress Gem……she’s so beautiful…” “She should be the goddess not Jolene”


“She’s so cute…..”




I walk to the girls in the desk.


“Am here to see Mr Leonel Mavis” I said


“Oh my gosh miss Gem…am a huge fan….can I get your autograph?” she asked and I smiled, about to hand


me a book but Sasha block her.


“It’s okay……it’s fine” I said and she step back I sighed her name and took a picture with her.


“Do you have an appointment?” the other lady asked frowning at me, I guessed she wasn’t my fan.


“No….just tell him am here. He’d want to meet me”. Just then one of Leon’s bodyguard walk out and saw me.


“Madam…your here” he said and bow.


“Oh…hi…can you take me to Leon?” I said and he nodded and I followed him as we make use of the VIP elevator.


“What was that?”


“OMG did she just use the Boss elevator?”


“Not that…the guard called her madam…..”.




When I got to his office…I took a sit


“Sir is in a meeting…. please wait madam…I’ll go tell him you’re here” he said.




When Leon heard that gem was back from Paris and wants to see him he refused to end the meeting and extend it for another 3 hours.


“Tell her to leave am too busy to see her” he said but his heart was dying to see her face. Dying to know if she’s still made at him.


Surprisingly the guard came back telling him she insist to wait.


“Tell her, after three hours…I have another four hours video call business to attend to…..I don’t have time for


her” he said and the guard came back again handing him a piece of paper.


“I’ll wait……” was written on it.




The guard came back to tell Leon that she had fallen asleep in his office. Leon ended his video call and walk to see her. He couldn’t bare to look at her face to face knowing she was made at him, and the fact that he left her alone in Paris after promising to stay with her for a few more days. Gosh he was indeed a moron. He should never had show his true colors in front of her by hitting a maid.


He saw her sleeping face and he couldn’t help but smile. He loved this tiny woman so much. He press a kiss on her head.


“She came here immediately after her arrival, she must be really tire sir” Sasha said.


Leon carried her to his office bed and lye her down. He stare at her for long before he kissed her head again and walk out to his office.


There was a knock on the door.


“Enter” he said and Rose walk in grinning.






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