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Grandma was fun to be with, I didn’t even know Leon was gone or not.


“Little Gem am bored” she said


“Grandma let’s go for shopping” I said


“Okay…..let’s do that….get me my laptop you” she said to her guard.


“Laptop?, grandmother….that’s more boring, let’s go shopping…it’s much fun, were you hide your identity and


shop like normal people…. please grandmother I promise it’ll be fun…let’s try it” I pouted.


“Kid I normally order all my clothes online…..well if you say so” she said.


Leon and Rose went on a trip to Las Vegas. After the meeting they boarded a jet back.


Inside his private jet Leon decided to call Gem but she wasn’t picking up her calls. He was worried. He called again and the call connect.


“Do you want me to get a heart attack?, why aren’t you answering your phone?” he asked.


“uhmm…. sorry sir… ma’am left her phone at home”


“Where did she go?, it’s early in the morning…..?”


“She went shopping with the old Mrs”


“Shopping?, since when did grandmother like going shopping?, alright….when she returns tell her to call


me….make sure you tell her!” he yelled and end the call.


“Leon” it was Rose. She walk and sat closer to him. “You look tired, you should rest” she said


“Am fine Rose you don’t have to worry” he said.


“Leon…if I can get you this deal….will you grant me one wish?” she asked and Leon didn’t answer her “Leon…I just want you to call me Treasure one more time…..” she said.




“Please Leon… that’s all I ask….let me hear you call me the name you gave me…I want to be called Treasure


again” she said almost crying.


“Fine…” he answered.


‘You just wait Leon…I’ll make you love me again…you just wait” she thought.


Grandma was wearing an old and weary clothes. I was in a simple jeans and top, a cap to cover my face because I was a small celebrity.


Grandma and I were busy viewing clothes.


“Ain’t you getting any clothes for yourself?” she asked me.


“No grandma….am fine…this clothes are too expensive. …just two is may full month salary….I’ll go busy second hand clothes…” I said smiling dryly.


“Poor thing….it’s like you don’t know who my grandson is….if you do….this so called expensive clothes will be rag to you” she said.


“Grandma….even though I love Leon….it’s not because of his money.. …he has too much things to handle with his money….am fine…I don’t need new clothes…I can wear my old ones” I said and she smiled.


“Please don’t ever leave Leon” she said.


“I won’t leave him grandmother but am afraid he will leave me, even if he is lying to me that he doesn’t have feelings for Rose anymore…I know he does….am just….” I wipe the tears that was forming in my eyes. “Am sorry grandma…am not usually a cry baby….”


“You’re nothing compare to Rose” she said softly.


“I know right?, she’s beautiful, she’s a mature woman, she’s rich, she’s educated, she’s famous but…am nothing” I said trying hard not to cry but my nose kept on runing.


“Child…..” she patted my shoulders. “Whatever you just said about rose….you have times hundred of them




“Really?!!!” I asked and she nodded. I smiled.


“So stop crying….let’s have fun” she said.


“Gem….. isn’t that you?” I heard a voice from behind. it was Jolene and friends.


‘What a bad day for me’ I thought.


“Of course it’s Gem. Why is she here?”


“Came to buy clothes?” they mock me.


“No way …she can’t even a fund any of these clothes….she’s too cheap…or did one of your sugar daddies


decided to show you love after selling your body to them?” Jolene said and they burst into laughter. I didn’t say a word, I didn’t like trouble.


“Oh….she can’t speak anymore…..hahaha”


“Sister what happened?, the cat got your tongue?” Jolene said


“Who are all these bullies?” Grandma said feelings disgust by there attitude.


“Grandma please don’t….” I tried to stop her.


“Who is this old tug?, old woman please learn to mind your dirty business….ewww she stink” Jolene said and I


landed a slap on her face.


“You can insult me all you want but don’t you dare talk her in such manner, she’s an elder!!!” I yelled.


“Did you just hit me?!!!!” Jolene yelled, “Because of this dirty beggar???”


“Mind your mouth Jolene!!!” I yelled.


“No baby girl let her speak, she has something to say to me” grandmother push me from her way, she was so strong.


“Granny please…let’s just go…..”


“Baby girl….are you asking me to leave my own shop because of this crazy sluts??” she said.


“Owner of LX shop?, hahaha….not only are you a dirty old beggar….you are crazy too” said Jolene. Suddenly


the manager of the shopping mall came to use.


“Miss Jolene….am sorry for the trouble… ” he apologized to Jolene and look at us.


“Are you too crazy don’t you know who she is???” he yelled.


“But she harassed us first!!” I yelled and the man slapped me. I fell on the ground, before I could look up countless of men in Black were everywhere pointing there gun towards the man. Grandma slowly removed her mask.


“M…….madam……it’s…it’s….you!!!!” the manager yelled.


“What are you fools waiting for?, shoot his legs” she yelled. the guards shoot both if his legs and he cried on the floor..


“Baby girl are you okay?” she asked me.


“Granny please….don’t hurt anyone…let’s….let’s just let this slide” I said.


“You’re lucky it’s not Leon….he would have shoot him dead by now…..

and for these sluts…call the police to


lock them up….” she said. “Oh and you Mr manager….. you’re fired….

and I’d make sure you don’t find a job


ever in this world” she said.



She matched into the car and I followed behind.




“Who do you think you are???, let me go….don’t touch me…do you know who I am???” she yelled.


When we got home grandma was so tired so she went to bed immediately. I went to the room and took a cold shower. Lying on the bed the scene of today flash in my head. I hope nothing bad happens to them.


Just then the door open and a guard and two maid walked into my room..with food on their hands.


“Am not hungry” I said


“But ma’am you haven’t eaten since morning” Susan said.


“Like I said am not hungry” I said again and lye down




“Please Susan leave me alone!!!!” I said. “I have to think…., just go!!!” I yelled.


“Sir said you should call him when you arrive” she said handing me my phone. I collected it and they left. Don’t want to be Disturbed I turned my phone off and lock my door. I took a sleeping pill, I was frustrated I need to clear my head so I took too much.


The next morning grandmother told the maids to go wake me up after learning I refuse to touch my food yesterday.


The maid ran back panting.


“Old Mrs….she’s not opening her door…she lock herself up and she’s and answering either” she said.


Grandmother rushed to the door.


“Gem…..Gem… girl it’s grandmother open the door let’s talk….don’t be like this you’re making me worried….Gem….Gem…..” still no respond, grandmother said “Break the door open!!!”


“Old Mrs that’s impossible…this door won’t break….it’s proofed….and we don’t have the spare key only Sir


does….” he said.


“Grandma took her phone and called Leon”




“Grandma what’s wrong?” he asked because of the way she called his name.


“It’s Gem…..she….she lock herself up in your room and she’s not opening the door….she refused to eat yesterday and…….”


“Am on my way… the doctor now!!!” Leonel yelled and ran out of his conference room. If he should use


his car it will be too small cause there was traffic so he went to the company rooftop and boarded an helicopter. With much hurry he got home in five minutes.


He ran towards his room with his spare key on his hands….he saw some few maids already cry with Grandma,


his doctor was already waiting for him….he opened the door and saw Gem in bed, he ran to her and shook




“Gem……Gem……” he yelled shaking her. I opened my eyes when I felt the shake.


“Ummmmm…….. Leon” I whisper and he suddenly hug me….so tight….I felt pains in my body. My sleepy eyes was still blur… because of the overdose drugs I took.


“Sir Leon….let’s me take a look….” the doctor said but I fell back to sleep. There were drugs on the floor. He took a look and examine me


“She took some sleeping pills….I think she over took them….that’s why she’s like this” he said.


“So what do we do now?” Grandma asked


“Just let her sleep” he said


“But the little lad has not eaten since yesterday” she said.


“Can’t you wake her up?” Leon finally spoke


“No….let her sleep…. she’ll be fine if she rest” he said and left. Everyone left except Leon and grandmother.


“What happened grandmother?” his dark era return. .


Grandma told him everything.


She was still sleeping and it’s almost Ten in the night. Leon was dead worried he would tell at the doctor and promise to make his life miserable if something should happen to Gem. The doctor kept on saying am fine that the drugs were very powerful. I was long awake as I watch Leon scold the doctor as if it was his fault.


“Leon!!!” I said and he turned around. He has dark circles round his eyes. He looked stress and tired.


“Kitten you’re awake….”……………





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