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I looked at Leon for some reason I just missed him. I really wanted to hug him tight to my body, but I could only smile dryly and lower my head.


“Kitten….are you okay?, is something bothering you?” he caressed my cheeks and made me look at him “I will


do anything for you, all you have to do is ask” he said.


“Where is Fin?, Where is Noah?, Kelvin too, and my sister?” I asked.


Leon face darkened. “You don’t have to know”


“But you said……” I swallowed my word as I saw his face.


“Gem your sister is in the custody, Noah is receiving punishment for his stupidity…. Kelvin should be out of the


country by now….and for that bastard…..”


“You didn’t kill him did you?” I asked and he smirk.


“No….he should be somewhere with beggars by now” he said.


“There is really alot I don’t know about you Mr husband” I said.


“All you have to know is that am your husband and you’re my wife….” he said and kissed my head. Leon was


happy that Gem doesn’t how ruthless he is how everyone fears him.


“Hubby am hungry” I said holding my stomach and he smiled. He told the maids to serve me in our room.


His phone started ringing. He look at the phone and frown.


“Hello….what???, right now???….I’ll be there… alright” he ended the call.


“Work?” I asked with a sad face.


“Hmm…. finish your food first before I leave” he said and sat close to me.


“No you can go…I have granny I’ll be fine”


“Dummy…. you’re married to me not grandma….” he said


“Jealous?” I asked and he took a spoon of soup and push it into my mouth.


“Just eat” he said and his phone started ringing again.


“Just go Leon….” I said




“Leon….go to work…they need you..I’ll be fine” I said though I was dying inside.


“If I leave now I will be going to France for a business trip, from there I’ll go to Spain….it will last a week or


two” he said.


“Do you think I’ll miss you?,hahaha….I won’t even know you’re…….” his soft lips landed on mine. He kissed me


fiercely, I tried hard not to cry but it was too late. My tears was falling like rain. I tight my hands around his neck, I didn’t want to let go. He wasn’t going to break the kiss neither was I. I wanted to suck the life out of his lips but then his phone rang. I knew I had to let go of him so I broke the kiss.


“Kitten…you…you’re crying?” he asked.


“No….it’s just… something entered my eyes and….”


“If you want I won’t go!” he said about to kiss me again but I covered his mouth.


“You have to go Leon…I’ll be here waiting for you” I said and I push his chest gently. He hugged me again and rush out of the room.


Looking at the food in front of me, I lost my appetite.


It’s been two days I haven’t heard from Leon. I always call and send him text but he wouldn’t reply me. I missed him so much. Grandma had to leave too saying there was an emergency.


It was on Thursday I want to film a commercial.


“So miss Gem you’re becoming very famous….how do you feel?”


“Well I feel quite proud….am really happy…but all thanks to my fans out there….” I said


“You look beautiful today” she said




“So how does it feel to be acting in the same film with the goddess?” she asked and I smiled


“It’s fun…it’s great….I don’t know how to explain it but am happy”


“Gem there is this question pumping in everybody’s mind, do you have a boyfriend?” she asked. I didn’t know what to say….there is no way am exposing my relationship with Leonel.


“No….I don’t have a boyfriend” I said, well Leonel is not my boyfriend, as a matter of fact he is my husband.


After much questioning the commercial was over.


The camera was still following behind me when I heard someone called me.


“Gemmy!!!!” there is only one person who calls me that……Ryan…my first love who is now engaged to Jolene.


I turn around it was really him. He opened his hands for a hug.


“Ryan!” I smiled and hugged him.


“Wow….you look different” he said


“is different okay?” I asked and he nodded.


“You’re so….cute….I feel like giving you a nickname” he said


“What nickname?” I frown


“Mm…Jade” he said


“And why that?” I asked smiling


“Because you’re sparkling….” he said, his eyes were glue to mine. The way he looks at me was really strange.


“I want to eat dinner with this beautiful lady, what do you say?” he asked.


“Well this beautiful will love to eat dinner with this handsome young man” I said and he hunk his hands round my waist. Ryan and I have been friends since middle school. I’ve always liked him but he liked Jolene and they started dating. I’ve always love him but now…. seeing him…I feel nothing….I see him like a friend now. We laughed and chatted.


“So…how’s your boyfriend?” he asked.


“I don’t have one” I said and his face seems to brighten.




“Yes…” I said.


“Why?” he asked.


“Because of none of your business” I said.


“hahaha….I’ve missed you” he said.


“Me too”


After eating we walk out of the restaurant


“Let me drop you home” he said


“don’t worry” I said


“Gem am a gentleman…let me drop you home” he said “I can’t live you here…it’s late” he said.


“Don’t worry…. I’ll call my manager to come pick me up” I said.


“Gem…you don’t want me to know your house… please…I won’t leave you here….” he said and grab my wrist.


“Ryan what are you doing…..let go of me…. you’re hurting me!!!” I yelled.


“No I won’t leave you here….if you don’t show me your home I’ll take you to my hotel suit”he yelled “Why are


you avoiding me….huh?, why are you making me feel crazy….do you know how much my heart kills me to see


you like this?” he yelled.


“I said let go!!!!” I yelled just then, four women in Black suit showed up and kick Ryan down. Ryan men show up and they pointed there gun at the girls. Surprisingly the girls pulled out their own gun and point it at them.


“Who the f**k are these girls!!!??” Ryan yelled.


“Madam are you okay?” one of the girls asked.


“Madam?” Ryan said and look at me. I was already angry that he use force on me.


Without looking at him I said to them. “Take me home”………..




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