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Rose looked a Kelvin and rolled her eyes.


“Please Rose let go of Leonel”


“Never!!!!!” she yelled


“We both know you don’t love him, you’re only clinging to him because of his wealth….”


“That was then…..

I really love him now….

so much” she cried


“He’s with Gem now…..

I was in his torture house” he said.


“What???, how….

how did you…..

get out….


are you a ghost!!!” she said


“Fuck off….am here….

am alive because Gem told him to let me go!”


“What?, hahahah…..

don’t be silly…we both know Leon listens to know one. Not even his grandmother” she









“Rose it’s true….

I’ve seen the way he looks at her….

even his looks carries care and look. He look at her like


love and affe…….






“ENOUGH!!!!!! I’ll make her live….

I’ll get Leon back. Just watch me……watch me” she said and walk away.



We were preparing for our next scene, when Jolene came and grab my hands.




“Jolene?” I was surprised


“Oh your bodyguard is not here?”


“No he’s not” I said.


“Well…..ehmm….I need your help” she said


“Oh what can I do for a goddess like you?” I asked feeling irritated “Excuse us” she said to my team. They paid deaf ears. “You can leave” I said to them.


“But Gem…..” Ruth protest


“I’ll be fine….don’t worry” I said and Ruth gave Jolene a dagger look and walk out.


“So you were saying???”


“I…..I….I like you bodyguard give him to me….I’ll pay you any amount you want” she said.


“Hahahah…..are you serious right now…..well if you are…it’s a no….I won’t…go die with your money”


“Gem you’re my sister…..look if you give him to me then I’ll….I’ll give you information about your real parents”


she said. I was shocked.




“Don’t you wanna know who your real parents are?, I’ll tell you…if you’ll just set up a blind date for me and


him…. please”


“How would I know you’re not lying to me?, I don’t trust you” I said.


“Here….I found this in dad’s room….it contains little information about your parents….I can bring you the full


information if you so what I want” she said. I took the file and it was a DNA match results. My DNA matches with that of a man….name not recorded.


“Believe me” she said. I really want to know who I am.


“Okay….I’ll set a blind date for you and him….so what would you give me in return?” I asked she smile and




“The hospital the results were confirmed…I’ll tell you…you can go there and ask” she said. I took my phone and called Leon.


Leon hasn’t been to work for days so he had alot to do. He was really busy. He was on an international business call when his phone rang. He look at the caller and smiled warmly.


“Excuse me….I have to receive this call” he said.


“Kitten….. missing me already???” he asked.


“Mr.Leon…..sorry to disturb you in you day off…..but I have something important to discuss with you today”


“What’s that kitten?, are you okay?”


“Am fine….”


“Do you want me to come over?” he asked sounding worried.


“No…no don’t come over am fine… you have time later tonight?”


“Uhmmm yes I do (he doesn’t really have time he was so busy)”


“Okay let’s meet at the french restaurant by 8pm” I said


“I’ll be there……”




“Bye kit……” I ended the call.


“You have a date with him….now the deal?” I said and she handed me another file.


“The hospital is there….good luck….it’s nice doing business with you” she said and left.


After the scene I went home.


By 7pm Leon was already waiting for Gem at the restaurant. It was already 8pm, when a figure rub his shoulders.


“Gem….you….” he paused when he saw who is was. Jolene. His face darkened.


She was wearing a red dress which expose her back, chest and legs but Leon didn’t care. Why is Gem not here yet. He decided to call her not minding Jolene.


She sat down opposite him.


“She set up this date for us….you don’t have to call her” she said sipping her wine.


“What!!???” Leon yelled.


“I told her to set up a date for me and you, look Leon I like you….am every man’s dream woman so…….” she


didn’t finish her words when Leon stood up and left in anger.




Leon got home


“were is Gem???” he asked looking angry.


“Madam is at the garden sir”


Leon walk to the garden


“Leon… you’re back…..”


“Gem what do you take me for… dare you trick me into a date with that slut……I left my business


schedule to be with you only to be stuck with that thing!!!!!” he yelled, his anger was scaring me. “L….Le… Leon….I!!!!!”


“What were you even thinking???, don’t you have a brain???!!!” he yelled “Can you just let me explain???” I said.


“Explain what?????, you think you can use me all you like???, Gem….ha!!!!!!???” he yelled and walk


away……He didn’t even let me explain.


Leon went back to work that night. He didn’t sleep all through the night. The next day he refresh in his office and continue to work.


“Sir …..the board have hired a new secretary for you” a man said


“Oh….let him in” Leon said, the effect of the fight he had with gem was affecting him. He switched his phone off….he was angry with her but his heart kept on scolding him….so he had mix emotions..


“Sir it’s a she not a him……, Miss Rosemary….. please come inside” the man yelled. Rosemary walk into the


office and Leon was surprised……



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