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Happen 50

#phase 1

As Produced By Sheriff Squinty

Theme: From Home To Home

Sub Theme : Cain Lurks (1)



The sensation of the wind ruffling my fur was exhilarating. It was dawn, and the orange glow of the rising sun filtered through the trees onto the forest floor below. My large paws trampled the ground as I sprinted through the woods, Gabriel’s massive Wolf form running alongside me.

It was the morning after the Mating ceremony, and for the first time in a longtime I felt…carefree. I knew Cain was lurking right around the corner but I couldn’t help but feel a burst of optimism. Will had his Mate, and

Maria had found hers, too! I had been shocked to see the loving look

appear in her eyes when she saw Kale, but I was undeniably happy for her. Maria deserved someone to love and take care of her. I had left the happy couple behind less than an hour ago when Gabriel and I departed, and I

could still picture Maria’s glowing face as she had her fingers intertwined with Kale’s. She did not bear his Mark yet but I knew they would complete the process soon.

To my surprise, Maria had elected not to have a ceremony with the pack. I assumed it had something to do with Kale but I didn’t pry. Now that both of my best friends were happy, all of my attention was on Gabriel. I wanted

to enjoy these moments with him before our time ran out and Cain returned.

I turned my head slightly, glancing at my Mate. The muscles under his thick coat rippled as he took powerful strides and my Wolf admired his form.

Noticing my blatant stare, Gabriel’s head swiveled and his eyes surveyed me. If I wasn’t in Wolf form, I would’ve blushed, but instead I hastily

returned my gaze to the path ahead of me.

I knew I was acting like a hormone-addled teenager, but…well, I was a

hormone-addled teenager. My twentieth birthday was in a few days but I felt like a shy high school girl all over again. Being around Gabriel left me with muddled thoughts and lustful impulses. Honestly, I didn’t mind. Until we completed the Mating, I knew my desires would only get worse.

Is something bothering you? His voice interrupted my thoughts. No, I was just thinking. I spoke a bit too hastily to sound innocent. About what?

I was prepared to just say ‘nothing’, before I realized something. We were accepting each other as Mates now, which meant we needed to be

completely open with each other. Even with something as minor as this, it

would improve our relationship if I was frank with him.

Plus, I wanted to see his reaction.

About how you look while you’re running, I replied before I could chicken out.






Part of me absolutely could not believe I just said that. My Wolf was content, but I felt completely embarrassed. I was horrible at flirting, apparently.

Gabriel’s look had darkened considerably, and I detected lust intermingled with incredulity.

Is that so? Was all he said, but there was emotion lingering underneath.


I didn’t say anything back, instead quickening my pace to leap over a fallen log. I wanted to be open with Gabriel but that was just plain embarrassing. My hormonal side was definitely getting to me. In fact, my Wolf wanted me to jump his bones here and now, and it was harder to resist the urge while in this form.

You don’t have to be embarrassed, Skylar,

Gabriel said, and I thought I sensed a hint of amusement coming from him. I’m…well…nevermind.

You’re going to have to refrain from those types of comments for now, he continued, saving me from my stammering. I don’t think my Wolf can take much more.

I shuddered slightly at the implication. It sent pleasant chills up my spine. I’ll try.

My Wolf definitely wanted to push his buttons, but I forced her primal

urges back. I was not getting Marked in the middle of the woods like a heathen, even if I was part animal. I couldn’t let her completely take over like that.

Afterwards, Gabriel grew quiet again, and our conversations over the next few hours were much more meaningless and lighthearted. Still, I could feel the s£xual tension hovering just under the surface, threatening to break

through. It was easiest for now to just keep my distance and veer away from the subject.

By the time the Black Mountains Pack village was in sight, I was completely exhausted. Gabriel kept up a very fast pace that was more suited to an






Alpha than a normal she-wolf. Even worse, we’d only found two small

rabbits during our single hunting stop. My Wolf’s stomach ached and her canines itched to tear into a deer or some sort of bigger game.

The sun was setting, and I lowered my head as I trodded down a steep hill. My paws were aching; I had only made the trip that fast when I ran after

former-Alpha Brett, and I had adrenaline on my side that time. I noticed

Gabriel glancing at me out of the corner of his eye repeatedly as if to make sure I wasn’t collapsing. Moments later, he told me to Shift, and I took

cover behind a tree as I did so.

Soon, the cover won’t be needed. Technically he’s our Alpha. We can Shift in front of him, you know, my Wolf chastised. I knew she was right but I still felt incredibly modest and self-conscious of my naked body. Gabriel’s

s£xual experience indicated that he liked his women a bit curvier. I wrinkled my nose with disgust, banishing thoughts of Eva from my mind. What was in the past should stay there. Besides, Gabriel had no choice but to be

attracted to me. I was his.

As we descended into the main part of the village and approached Gabriel’s house, several wolves approach us and warmly greeted their Alpha. I

received some curious looks, but thankfully the pack didn’t seem as hostile

as last time. Then again, we were all part of the same pack now. I felt an automatic smile form on my face as my eyes fell on a hulking figure


“Alpha! Skylar!” Eli greeted us, dipping his head respectfully. “Welcome back!”

“Eli,” Gabriel acknowledged him, ever the talkative one.

“Hey, Eli! It’s good to see you again!” I greeted warmly. Eli, as usual, genuinely looked pleased to see me.

“It seems the pack hasn’t fallen apart under your care,” Gabriel remarked, causing a slight smile to form on his Beta’s face.

“Told you I’d take good care of it.” He folded his arms in front of his chest, causing the muscles to bulge. Eli may not have been as large as Gabriel but he was close, and quite imposing, even for a Beta.






“Anyways, I know you just got here, but there were somethings I wanted to go over with you.” Eli looked over at me guiltily as he spoke as if he were

apologizing for distracting my Mate.



Hall Of Supernatural Stories




“How important?” Gabriel asked tersely.

“Pretty important…” Eli’s eyes flickered to me. I frowned, not knowing what they could be referring to.

“Fine. Skylar, if you want to go put your things away, I’ll meet you there.” Gabriel’s face held an expression I couldn’t place. I sighed and nodded,

hoping he would fill me in at some point. Eli sent me an apologetic smile and the two began to walk away, Gabriel tossing me one last look over his shoulder.

It was only then that I realized he hadn’t specified where I was supposed to put my things. Last time, I had chosen my own room, but we were a lot

closer this time. Would I be staying in Gabriel’s room with him? My Wolf

was definitely fond of that prospect. Smiling a bit sneakily, I decided to go ahead and unpack my things in Gabriel’s quarters. He hadn’ttold me

otherwise and I wanted to seize every opportunity to be cozy with him.

Humming aimlessly, I quickly made my way into Gabriel’s grand home,

practically skipping up the steps. It felt so different than the last time I was here! Sure, there was a menace hovering on the horizon, but Gabriel and I

were close to being on the same page now. That had to count for something, right?

I stopped on the top floor, glancing around as I felt a sense of déjà vu. The last time I’d been up here I hadn’t exactly had permission. I’d just slept in Gabriel’s bed without asking. Maybe this time he’d be the one asking me. Come to think of it, I’d never seen Gabriel sleep before. He must’ve not






needed as much rest as the normal Alpha, what with his Angel bloodline and all.

I opened the large double doors to his room, inhaling deeply as I entered. Gabriel’s scent was a faint, lingering presence in the area, and the room

smelled floral, somehow. He hadn’t been here in a while. I set my bag

down, scanning the room for a place to stuff my clothes, when my eyes fell on something sitting atop the neatly-made bed.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Resting on the bed was a bouquet of flowers, which explained the flowery scent in the room. The flowers were tucked partially between a couple pillows so I hadn’t seen them

immediately. I approached the bedside, wondering if somehow Gabriel had planned this as a romantic surprise. It wasn’t exactly in character, but why else would someone leave flowers here?

I gingerly lifted the bouquet from the bed. I was pretty sure they were tulips of some sort, but as I glanced closer, I realized they were beginning to wilt. They had clearly been on the bed for a day or two at least. As I realized

that, for some reason I felt a pang of unease. My Wolf shifted restlessly in the back of my mind. The flowers seemed innocuous but I couldn’t quell the pervading sense of nervousness.

Slowly, my eyes slid back down to the bed, and what I saw there made my breath catch in my throat. Underneath the flowers was a small white note, folded so the contents were obscured. My brain immediately flashed back to the last couple of times I had found a note on my bed. My Wolf

whimpered as I felt a genuine flash of fear and goosebumps sprung up on my skin. I dropped the bouquet and took a few steps backwards, staring wide-eyed at the bed as my heart-rate continued to quicken.

There’s noway….this place has protection like the Stone of Jacob. I tried to convince myself, rationalize it, but all of my instincts were still on high alert. It feels wrong. It had to be him, my Wolf replied. I felt a sense of dread

permeate my entire being, and I reached out a hand to pick up the note. I was about to panic, but I had to be sure. My brain was still scrambling to come up with another culprit that would’ve placed the flowers here.






Swallowing hard, I unfolded the note. As soon as my eyes fell upon the familiar script, I let the note flutter through my fingertips and onto the ground as a wave of panic rushed over me.


“I never got to pay my condolences at the funeral … .”

The note had read. I knew immediately Cain was referring to Anne’sfuneral, but that was the least of my concerns. Cain had been here, in Gabriel’s

room. As the full realization that it was dusk outside struck me, I released all of my panic into a mental message to Gabriel.

Gabriel! Cain has been here! There was a note on your bed, he….and it’s almost dark….somehow he-

Don’t move. I’m coming for you. Lock the doors and windows. Gabriel’s tone was authoritative but I did not miss the shock and horror lingering underneath.

Okay…Gabriel…how did he get in? The panic was still clear in my voice and I attempted to continue our mental conversation to distract me from the

thought that Cain could swoop into the room at any minute. It was just now dark outside, after all. In a rush of movement I leapt towards the window

only to see it was already locked. Cain must’ve come in through the

bedroom doors. I pulled the curtains closed so nobody could see inside the room and, utilizing every bit of werewolf speed, I slammed the double

doors shut and locked them, breathing heavily.

I…..I don’t know. Hearing the worry so prevalent in Gabriel’svoice worsened my fear. I felt perspiration beading on my forehead and I backed into the

nearest corner, my eyes flicking across the room as if Cain would jump out and attack me at any minute. My breaths came in short pants and I

clenched and unclenched my fists. My Wolf was pacing in agitation. I felt a fresh wave of fear as I realized that Cain could still be here…the flowers had been left a day or two before, but he could’ve hidden in a closet, just

waiting for us to come back! Any other vampire I would’ve bravely stood up to but I was no match for Cain. The thought of seeing him again terrified

me, and as a werewolf, I was not used to this feeling of profound terror.






Please hurry, he could still be here! I begged Gabriel, not caring how frightened I sounded.

I felt his reassurance through the mind-link but I pressed myself against the wall, continuing to scan the room for the slightest sign of movement.

Just stay where you are. Do you see anything? Smell anything?

I hadn’t caught any vampire scent but they were hard to trace. The

seemingly-innocent flowers sat on the bed as if taunting me, and I could

just see a corner of the white note poking out near the bottom of the bed. I gritted my teeth as anger melded with my fear. That despicable bastard

would never stop taunting me until he died.

Nothing yet, I replied shakily. Feeling extremely vulnerable, I couldn’t resist adding, I’m scared, Gabriel. He’ll never stop doing things like this. He even wanted to take me with them in the woods, when I went after Anne …

I’ll rip his throat out if he touches you, Gabriel snarled furiously. I felt a tinge

of warmth at his protectiveness but the fear still presided, my heart

thudding loudly in my chest. My Wolf, like me, was on full-alert. How far had Gabriel and Eli gone, anyways? He had to almost be here by now- As if on cue, I heard the front door bang open. In half a second I caught Gabriel’s fresh scent and he was at his bedroom door. I had no time to ponder his incredible speed as I rushed to open it.

“Skylar, it’s me,” he said, rather needlessly, for I already scented him. I threw open the door and Gabriel barged in, dark eyes stormy and furious as he

glanced around the room. His gaze landed on the flowers, his face

contorting into a snarling expression as he made his way over to the

bedside. I felt his incredible fury through the Mating bond. He reached over and picked up the note, scanning it quickly before tearing it into shreds

with a grimace.







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Happen 50

#phase 2

As Produced By Sheriff Squinty

Theme: Cain Lurks (2)



“How could this happen? I thought you had something here that worked like the Stone of Jacob … ”

“We do. It was supposed to last at least another week. The only explanation I can come up with is that Cain is considerably more powerful than we

thought, unless our Sword is weaker than Raziel initially predicted. If Cain can breakthrough the Sword’s power here, than I’m not sure your rosary

will last much longer, either.” His eyes were burning with concern and

worry, and I shivered. It was true that the rosary was only lukewarm against my skin now.

“What do we do?” I asked, my voice small. Gabriel began to pace, running a hand through his hair in frustration.

“I hadn’t planned for this so soon. Everyone will have to stay inside, doors and windows locked, at night. There’s no telling where Cain will strike next

and no wolf is powerful enough to take him on.”

“Except you.”

His eyes found mine and he hesitated. “Except me. He’s too much of a

coward to face me in person, though. He’s trying to lure me out.” A strange expression flickered through Gabriel’s eyes but he banished it swiftly. He

looked at me keenly, staring me up and down. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah I’m just…it was unexpected.” I didn’t want to let on how truly terrified I had been but I was sure Gabriel could sense it.






In an instant, Gabriel was in front of me and his strong arms wrapped around my small frame in an embrace. I froze for half a second before returning the gesture, burying my nose into his chest. His scent was

soothing and I took deep breaths, trying to calm my racing heart.

“I never should’ve let you go off alone,” he muttered, self-loathing thick in his voice.

“It isn’t your fault. You couldn’t have known,” I tried to reassure him. One of his hands ran aimlessly up and down my back, sending an entirely different type of chills shooting down my spine.

“Still. I’m not letting you out of my sight from now on.”

I backed away slightly and looked up at Gabriel to see him watching me

with a hooded expression. It wasn’t like I was going to complain. “He’ll try to find another way to get to me.”

Gabriel gritted his teeth, the muscles in his jaw clenching. “He can’t have you.”

“I think it has something to do with my blood. I didn’t know it at the time, but Cain must’ve been referring to my Affinity in the woods.”

“I told Raziel everything you told me, and he’s been looking into it. I’ve heard no word from him recently, though.”

I shifted, glancing around the room warily and rubbing my arms. My Wolf was on edge now and I felt much jumpier than usual; every shadow

gathering in the corners of the room was a menacing threat. Gabriel

seemed to sense my unease and he made his way over to the fireplace in his room, which was well-kept despite being smaller than the one

downstairs. Within a minute he had set everything up and started a small fire. Pulling out one of the small chairs, my Mate gestured that I sit down and I gratefully sank into the proffered seat. Just being around Gabriel was enough to calm me slightly, and I tried to take deep breaths to force my

nerves and my Wolf to relax.

Seconds later, the bouquet from the bed had been tossed in the fire. I

relished the sight of the wilted petals catching fire and crumbling into

nothingness. Gabriel, meanwhile, poked and prodded into every corner of






his room and his closet as if to make sure there were no vampires lurking about. I think he did so more for my benefit than anything, and I was

profoundly grateful. I watched him out of the corner of my eye as he

moved about. His lithe movements and muscular form never ceased to leave me awestruck.



Hall Of Supernatural Stories




He began to pace again, countenance set in a rigid expression. I knew he was more than likely having mental conversations with Eli and Jack, and

judging by Gabriel’s posture they weren’t coming up with any novel ideas on how to get rid of Cain. I felt like we were sitting ducks, just waiting for Cain to strike again and add another werewolf death to the growing


I stared back into the fire, not able to come up with any answers, either.

Raziel was our greatest (living) source of information and he must’ve been having trouble interpreting the ancient book. We knew next to nothing

about the Ritual or the elements that comprised it…or even when it was

supposed to take place. Now we had practically no protection against Cain. I could see why my Mate looked so distressed. Wolves would continue

dying if he didn’t do something.

Gabriel sank into the chair next to me, breaking me out of my depressing thoughts. The expression on his face pained me; he looked more

downtrodden than I had ever seen him. Hopelessness was etched into his chiseled features. I felt completely useless. I was a future Luna, and I

couldn’t come up with a single idea! That was my job, to help Gabriel out when he was in a bind, but could think of no way to contribute.

You could ease his stress, my Wolf broke in, her first input in a while. How?

You shouldn’t have to ask.






Realizing belatedly what she meant, I vainly tried to force the concept out of my mind. Now was not the time for inappropriate, lustful ideas. Gabriel wouldn’t want the distraction right now, anyways, as much as my body

craved it.

Perhaps he would want the distraction. He can’t do anything else about the vampires until daylight.

“Is everyone else safe for the night?” I asked suddenly, attempting to

distract my Wolf. My thoughts were headed in a very dangerous direction. Gabriel looked at me, trying to conceal the hopelessness that still lingered in his eyes. “Everyone is safe and accounted for.”

I nodded, twiddling my fingers and mentally chastising myself for acting so hormonal in a time like this. Gabriel surprised me by leaning forward,

resting his elbows on his knees and placing his head in his hands. Seeing him in such a position of defeat just made me want to reach forward and wrap my arms around him.

“I’ve never dealt with anything like this before,” he finally said quietly. I blinked, not wanting to speak and ruin his train of thought. Gabriel was opening up to me and I didn’t want to distract him.

“I’ve always had an answer. A plan of action. For this….nothing.”

“You’ll think of something. I’ll help you. We just have to keep trying,” I tried vainly to reassure him.

“Wolves have been dying, Skylar. How many more have to die before Cain gets his way?”

“Nobody is going to die,” I argued vehemently. I couldn’t see Gabriel like this. He couldn’t give up.

Gabriel looked up, his eyes boring into mine. “How do you do that?” I frowned, puzzled. “Do what?”

“You’re so…sure about things. So determined. Despite everything you’ve gone through, you still find inspiration and you keep fighting.”

“And you don’t?”

Gabriel said nothing.






“I used to despise your pack, Gabriel. I never understood why wolves would follow you when you could be so cruel. Now I understand. You’re the

perfect leader for them, you have fought and will fight for your pack, and you’d sacrifice everything for them…to make sure they’re safe and have everything they need.”


Still, he didn’t move, but I knew he was listening.

“You’re the best Alpha I’ve ever seen. You’ll think of something. Just don’t give up. They can’t see you give up or they’ll lose hope, too.”

Gabriel raised his head and stared at me keenly for a moment, eyes glinting with something I couldn’t recognize.

“What?” I asked, a bit embarrassed by his penetrating stare.

“That was a speech fit for a Luna,” he replied quietly, and my cheeks

instantly heated up. I looked away, muttering something incoherent as I tried to get a handle on my embarrassment. His admiring words did

nothing to quell the feelings churning within me.

Gabriel sighed and shifted to his former position, this time gazing into the fire as if it held the answers he sought.


Comfort him, Skylar. Even to just hug him, he needs comfort, and he’s not used to receiving it.

I knew my Wolf was right. It was the thing to do, as Gabriel’s Mate. He had never really received affection, but my touch would soothe him whether he was used to it or not. Slowly, I got up, and made my way over to him until I was standing behind his chair. Gabriel remained lost in thought or perhaps a mental conversation, staring into the flickering flames that had eaten

through the rest of the flowers and long-since turned them into ash.

Gabriel’stall form left his shoulders above the chair, and I tentatively

reached forward and draped my arms over him in a loose hug, resting my chin where his shoulder and neck connected. I felt Gabriel stiffen slightly with surprise but I closed my eyes, trying to soothe him through the

connection of our bodies. After a few seconds, his tense muscles loosened






and I felt a small sense of victory. It felt so natural, embracing him like this. My Wolf was stirring again, invigorated by our connection and instilling

lustful impulses into my brain. It didn’t help that his musky scent

surrounded me and my skin felt hot where it was pressed against him.

Almost regretfully, I loosened my arms and began to draw away. As soon as the contact ceased, Gabriel’s shoulders hunched again and the tension

returned. I couldn’t help but remember my Wolf’swords from earlier, about a different way I could ease his stress. I had mixed feelings about the timing of everything but I couldn’t deny that desire was coursing through me due to our proximity.

Not liking the tense way he sat, I felt my hands rest on his shoulders. I did

not take time to think through my actions, instead reacting instinctively and on my Wolf’s commands. I hesitantly began to rub his shoulders, enjoying the feel of corded muscles beneath my hands. I really had no clue what I

was doing; I was out of my element in the physical relations world, but my Wolf was practically directing my actions now. She could sense exactly what Gabriel and his Wolf wanted and for now, I was more than happy to oblige. I felt Gabriel’s tension disappearing beneath my hands but he remained

partially rigid, more from surprise than anything. Or so I hoped. The air in the room was thickening and I could not help but feel I was approaching something that would not allow me to turn back once I breached it.

Is this really the right time? I asked my Wolf, but my tone was not very

convincing, nor was the way I was thoroughly enjoying exploring Gabriel’s neck and shoulders with my hands.

Completing the Mating bond is natural. Especially now that Cain is right

around the corner. What if something were to happen, and you never got a chance to Mark each other?

The thought was horrifying and I pushed it away. But he needs time to think…and plan …

He also needs his Mate. He needs the comfort we provide.

I just…feel as if I’m being selfish, just because of my lust that hasn’t been

sated. It’s making me act on hormones when I should be helping him plan.






It’s unnatural that we have yet to complete the Mating. Most wolves

consummate the bond almost immediately after meeting. Our Mate and his Wolf feel tortured that they haven’t found that sort of release since we met.

You know this.





As Produced By Sheriff Squinty




I tried vainly to think of an argument, but my Wolf and my instincts were becoming more and more convincing.

Now is a better time than any. You never know what will happen tomorrow. The pack needs a Luna to stand by their Alpha. For once, Skylar, follow your instincts instead of overthinking everything!

I closed my eyes, knowing she was right. She was always right. I had to shut off my over-analyzing brain and do what the Wolf inside of me wanted,

especially since tomorrow was now completely unpredictable and there was danger on the horizon.

I opened my eyes and glanced down at Gabriel to see him gripping the arms of the chair. I hadn’t noticed during my internal conversation, but it seemed my touch wasn’t exactly making him relax anymore. He wasn’t

speaking, as if the surprise from my forwardness still silenced him. I

surreptitiously glanced around the room. Gabriel had locked the door, and the window was in a similar condition with curtains drawn to obscure the view of an unwelcome outsider. Nobody could get in without us knowing. STOP. THINKING. My Wolf demanded, cutting off my analysis.

More to prevent her reprimands than anything, I leaned forward and

gingerly pressed my lips against the side of Gabriel’s neck. He stiffened

further under my touch, but I took this as a welcome sign and began to trail my lips down his warm skin. My arms released Gabriel’s shoulders and

draped across his torso once more. Gabriel made no attempt to resist and I






continued with more vigor, placing open-mouthed kisses near his collarbone.

Almost imperceptibly, a low growl resounded in Gabriel’s throat. I trailed

my hands across his chest and stomach, wishing his shirt did not obstruct my access. My mouth continued to move across every inch of skin on his

neck that I could reach before returning to the base of Gabriel’s neck not

covered by his shirt. Letting my instincts guide me I opened my mouth

further and trailed my tongue across his skin, right where I would Mark him when we Mated.

This time Gabriel’s growl was much louder. There was a blur of motion and I felt arms encircle me. A half-second later I was in a horizontal position on

his bed, back pressing into the softness of the mattress as Gabriel hovered above me. My breath caught in my throat as I saw his burning expression, the clenched jaw.

I reached down and hooked my fingers under his shirt, yanking it upwards towards me so he would know my intention. Gabriel obliged, gripping the shift and pulling it the rest of the way off before tossing it carelessly across

the room. This left my eyes to fall upon his perfectly toned body and I blatantly checked him out. Reaching up a hand, I trailed it across his pectorals down to the muscles of his abdomen.

Gabriel closed his eyes briefly. “Skylar…if you don’t stop now….I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself much longer.”

“I don’t want you to,” I rasped out, voice hoarse with lust.

His eyes snapped open, desire swirling in their black depths. “You have to be sure. With everything that’s going on … .”







Okay am not saying anything.






Wait for the next Happen.

Should be memorable….



Happen 50 has been split into two becos of readers whose phone are unable to open long characters.

Put together the Happen is over 5000 words long.

You’re welcome.




I’ll see you guys @ dusk


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This Happen is completely rated +18

Matured contents are confiscated therein. (Stretchy Sèxual Scenes) –


Read at your own discretion.



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