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And then his lips came crashing down on mine.

I stood there, momentarily frozen, as a shock of electricity coursed through me and l felt pleasant chills up and down my spine. Gabriel,s kiss was hard, demanding, and possessive—the kiss of an Alpha Wolf. My eyes fluttered

shut and I felt a rush of heat exploding from where our mouths met and my Wolf howled with joy as she realized what was happening.

Realizing I was standing like an idiot, I tried to gather my jumbled thoughts and I kissed him back, moving my lips in synchronization with his. I heard a growl deep in Gabriel,s chest and he angled his head to the side,

deepening our embrace. One of his strong arms wrapped around me and

pulled me tightly to him, the hand fisting in my dark curls. Every inch of

space was eliminated between us and I felt lust pooling deep within me as I felt the contours of his hard body. His bare torso pressed against me and

only intensified the burning sensation I was feeling.

I felt like I was floating, the blood roaring in my ears. Gabriel broke the kiss momentarily to come up for air but a second later his lips found mine


again. I dimly realized that his free hand had settled on my hip while the other remained clutched in my hair. I let out a little gasp when I felt his fingertips brush my bare skin underneath the bottom of my shirt, and

Gabriel took this as permission to deepen the kiss further.

My whole body tingled as our tongues intermingled. Gabriel’s husky scent surrounded me and I inhaled it everytime we came up for air. I’d never

been kissed like this before or experienced anything even close to our

passionate embrace, and I wanted more of it. I never wanted this to end.

Realizing that my hands were hanging uselessly at my sides, I brought them up to wrap around Gabriel’s broad torso. I ran my hands down his back,

outlining his thick muscles and letting my nails scrape against his skin. He

growled again and I felt his muscles tighten as he forced me backwards.

Another gasp of surprise escaped my parted lips as I felt my back press

against something hard; the bark of a tree. I was trapped now, but I relished the feel of it, continuing to put every ounce of feeling I had into the kiss.

Gabriel withdrew slightly, biting down on my bottom lip, and this time I felt the rumbling growl emanate from my throat as my Wolf reveled in the

sensation. My lust was continuing to build and I was practically dizzy from Gabriel’s scorching mouth on mine.

I wanted to feel more of him— run my hands down the contours of his

chest. Bringing my hand around, I pushed Gabriel back slightly so I could slip my hand between us, running it down his upper chest and then down to his abdomen as I explored his chiseled body the same way his tongue was exploring my mouth.

Letting out a husky rumble, Gabriel’s lips left mine briefly as, with one smooth motion, he hoisted me up, using the tree as leverage as he

wrapped my legs around his torso. I could care less about how suggestive our position was, I used my legs to draw myself even closer to him. The

blood rushed to my cheeks as I felt his arousal pressed against me, and my Wolf felt a burst of pride that we could elicit that reaction from him.

His mouth departed from mine again and he began to trail hot kisses down the side of my neck and across my collarbone, leaving me gasping with


pleasure. It was similar to how he’d touched me all those nights ago in the hotel, but this time I knew he was not holding back. His mouth roamed

back up to the area near my earlobe. My skin felt like it was burning where he’d kissed it.

“I’m leaving my scent all over you so every wolf knows that you’re mine,” he

growled softly, right next to my ear. His voice came out deep and contorted, and I could discern heavy lust interlaced with his tone.

“Like there was ever any doubt,” I replied breathlessly, barely able to force the words out. Gabriel seemed to like what he heard because he kissed

down my neck with renewed vigor, his mouth moving down my chest

where my v-neck left exposed skin, causing me to tremble. I felt his tongue replace his lips and I dug my fingernails into his skin, a noise of pleasure

escaping me.


Feeling a rush of bravery, I opened my mouth and bit gently at the area that I planned on Marking when we completed the Mating ritual.

Gabriel groaned with pleasure.

“You’re going to be the death of me, Skylar,” he whispered. I smiled against him, continuing to move my mouth lower until I was placing gentle kisses and bites across his chest.

“Come with me back to the Black Mountains Pack,” he said suddenly,

causing me to pause and look up at him. His eyes were burning brighter

than I’d ever seen them, desire evident in their depths and in a certain part of his anatomy pressed against me.

“I want you there with me. Please.” His voice held such vivid emotion, his gaze pleading. I’d never seen such an easily-read expression from him

before, and I relished the way he was opening up to me. I nodded, smiling slightly.

“So does this mean you’re trusting me with the decision to accept you?” I asked quietly, unwinding my legs from around his torso and allowing him to move away slightly so that I was standing on the ground again.


His eyes closed briefly as if he was trying to control himself. “It scares me, what might happen to you, but I’ve made enough decisions for you. As

much as I want to protect you, you’re my Mate, and I know I need to trust you with this.”

I smiled again, my heart soaring. In this brief, passion-filled moment, it seemed like everything was going to be okay.

“I’m glad,” I told him softly, reaching up to press my mouth against his neck again, unable to help myself. Like him, I felt the urge to let everyone know he was mine, and my Wolf urged me to continue kissing him. She wanted

us to return to our former position. It was hard, holding her back, but I

didn’t want to press Gabriel too hard. Although, judging by the look on his face as I trailed my mouth across his collarbone, he didn’t mind.

“Skylar, I think we need to stop now,” he said hoarsely. I blinked up at him, puzzled. My desire-riddled body did not want to stop. My Wolf wanted me to Mark him this very moment.

“I can’t hold my Wolf back much longer,” Gabriel added. I saw the darkness in his eyes that indicated his Wolf was close to the surface.

“Then don’t,” I replied before I could help myself. His eyes widened a fraction.

“As much as I want to push you on the ground and Mark you right here-”

Judging by his expression, he would very much enjoy doing just that. As he spoke so blatantly, I felt yet another wave of desire and warmth building up in the more intimate parts of me. I bit my lip, fighting back the imagery.

“ -I would think you’d want it to be….well, not in the middle of the woods where anybody could find us and interrupt.”

My Wolf sulked, and I was sure my face held a disappointed expression, but I knew he was probably right. That type of intimacy deserved some sort of romance, especially since I had never experienced it before.

“I guess you’re right,” I said reluctantly, although my hand was trailing

across his chest and down his stomach again. I couldn’t help but touch

perfection when it was displayed right in front of me. Without meaning to, I felt my eyes dip lower until they were fixated on the tell-tale bulge in his


shorts. My cheeks flushed hotly. I mentally reprimanded myself for being embarrassed when it was my Mate, but I’d never been exposed to this sort of thing before. I was curious, and I wanted to drink in every inch of him.




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“Skylar…” Gabriel said warningly, voice deeper than usual, and I knew he’d noticed me staring.

“Sorry…it’s just…um…how is that going to…?” I stuttered almost

incoherently. My blush reddened as I realized I hadn’t meant to say that last bit out loud and I stared at the ground to hide my humiliation. I just didn’t understand how something so large would be compatible with my small

frame. I hadn’t wanted Gabriel to know my complete ignorance, though. “I…uh…” I continued to stammer like an idiot, finally raising my eyes to meet Gabriel’s. To my complete and utter shock, I saw amusement

glimmering in his deep eyes and one side of his mouth was slightly quirked upwards. It wasn’t a full-blown grin or anything, but it was the first time I’d seen the slightest indication of amusement from him and it was mind-

blowing. I would act like an idiot every day if I could just see that barest hint of a smile from him again.

“You look hot when you’re almost smiling,” I blurted out, mentally scolding myself immediately afterwards. What the hell was wrong with me? Why was I just talking without thinking first? It was like every ounce of self-awareness

had fled my body when Gabriel kissed me! It was completely mortifying,

A sudden movement from Gabriel saved me from humiliating myself

further as, with another frustrated growl, he lowered his head and smashed his lips against mine again. Apparently, this time he liked being referred to as attractive. I opened my mouth to allow him entrance, feeling a rush of

bravery that caused me to gently bite on his bottom lip. I knew he wanted to wait for a better moment but at this moment I didn’t give a damn.


As soon as I bit down on his lip, I knew Gabriel was having similar thoughts to mine because his kiss intensified and my back was pressed against the

tree again. I felt one of his hands reach under the bottom of my shirt and stroke the bare skin on my midriff. I couldn’t prevent a small moan of

pleasure from escaping; his fingertips were like fire blazing across my stomach.

Distantly, I felt some tiny part of me protesting, the logical side of me that wanted to wait for a romantic atmosphere than the middle of the woods. Suddenly, with great force, Gabriel wrenched himself away from me. When my hazy eyes blinked open, he was halfway across the clearing, chest


“As much as I want to right now, Skylar, this isn’t the time or place. It means a lot to both of us and it isn’t meant to happen here.”

Sliding down the tree, I took a deep breath, quelling my lust. Gabriel’s fists were clenched and I could tell he was visibly restraining himself from

leaping back at me.

“Did you hear what I was thinking?” I gasped out, seizing on anything to distract me.

Gabriel gave a nearly imperceptible nod. “Our bond is strengthening, and it helps that I’m Alpha. In a position like that, I could sense the direction your thoughts were going more than anything.”

I was somewhat disappointed, and my Wolf wanted to resume where we

had left off, but the logical side of me was kicking in and I agreed with what Gabriel was saying. Better a bed than on the grassy forest floor. Thinking of such activities made my cheeks’ heat spark up yet again.

“Besides, your friend Will has been trying to contact me for a while now.” My eyes widened, and I didn’t miss the way he said Will’s name, but I

brushed it aside.

“Really? What does he want?”

“Before I find out, I want to know that you mean what you said before. I want you to come back to the Black Mountains Pack village. I’ll be going


back and forth a lot, especially when we’re building the third village. As this pack’s future Luna, you’ll need to be with me. And I want you there.”




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I felt a rush of pride, especially from my Wolf, as I realized what his words entailed—especially the last part he made sure to tack on. This pride was followed by a burst of nervousness but I attempted to ignore it. “I mean it, Gabriel. I’ll go wherever you want me to go.”

He looked relieved, which surprised me. Had he honestly thought I’d turn him down, especially after what had just happened?

Gabriel’s eyes momentarily glazed over and I realized he was talking to Will. I wonder what Will wanted; did it have something to do with Eva? Had she finally come around, or was it something else entirely?

Seconds later, his gaze re-focused on me. There was a strange expression on his face as he studied me.

“What is it?”

“I’m not sure if you’ll be happy to hear this or not, but it seems my conversation with Eva did her some good.”

I tried not to bristle as I heard her name escape his lips. “The conversation at my house?” Thinking about that night made my stomach turn.

“No, after.”

I felt a sense of unease and tried to brush it aside. “What did you talk about?” To my chagrin, there was a tone of jealousy very evident in my voice. Gabriel’s expression softened slightly.

“I told her that finding one’s Mate is the best thing that’ll ever happen to a Wolf. Wasting her affections on someone that will never return what you

feel is not worth sacrificing the one that can love her best.” His eyes, boring into mine, oozed sincerity and I felt my heart lift. I did not miss the double


meaning in his words, as I realized he was indirectly telling me how important I was to him.

“It took her a while, but she came around.”

“So she and Will …”

“She’s accepting him, yes. He wants me to conduct the Mating ceremony as soon as possible.”

While I was glad that Will chasing her had been successful after all, Gabriel had been right to assume I would have mixed feelings. I didn’t think I could ever like Eva, but I hoped she really was accepting Will for the right reasons, and not just to spite Gabriel.

The whole thing seemed rushed but of course that was how Mates usually worked. Most wolves wanted a ceremony in front of the whole pack to

recognize them as Mates (aside from the Marking, which was private for obvious reasons), and usually it happened very soon after they met. I

nodded absentmindedly, realizing Gabriel was waiting for my reaction. “I guess we’ll see how it turns out.”

“We need to head back,” he replied and I nodded, watching him as he

retrieved the rest of his clothes and proceeded to put them on. I sped up my pace to catch up to him as he entered the shelter of the trees again,

heading back in the direction of the village. It was only a few minutes’ walk from here and I realized how easy it would have been for others to intrude on our moment. It was better that we waited for a better time to become Mates officially.

Gathering the rest of my bravery from earlier, I tentatively reached out and took Gabriel’s hand in mine. It was a forward gesture, I knew. Gabriel was not the ‘touchy’ type. I wanted him to be touchy with me, though, which

mean I had to condition him. I felt a rush of pleasure as Gabriel glanced at my face, then down at our intertwined hands before he tightened his grip on mine. A smile graced the corners of my mouth and I felt a bit of extra spring in my step.

“We’ll leave for the Black Mountains Village tomorrow at dawn,” Gabriel

said as we neared the village. I nodded, understanding we didn’t have time


to waste. Who knew how much longer the holy objects would last. I

glanced down at my rosary; it was still warm against my skin, but it grew

cooler each day. I had tried not to think about it but it was definitely cause for concern.

“It’s going to be hard to wait until then for it to happen,” he added after a moment, barely murmuring the words.

I felt my brow crease with confusion. “Wait for what? What’s happening?”

Gabriel glanced down at me, and my breath caught in my throat. His eyes

were burning with suppressed desire, and he did nothing to mask the

expression. Because of that, I knew what he was going to say before he said it. I shivered involuntarily as he spoke.chat Nath up on zero eight zero sixty- seven, twenty-six, eighty-three, sixty-eight, to be added to his group to

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“When we get there, Skylar, I have every intention of picking up where we left off.”





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