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Happen 43

As Produced By Sheriff Squinty

Theme: Mate Issues



I left Maria’s place after few hours of talking, and gisting,

I had told her about Eva and her relationship with Gabriel.

Also informed her that Eva is Will’s mate and the reason why she’s avoiding him.

I was trying to get my mind off all the happenings around me at the moment, so i got drunk,

Normally it takes werewolves up to five times the amount pf alcohol

consumed by humans to get drunk. So i must have drank a lot to have

gotten so drunk that i was having a blurry vision and was staggering on my way home.

Thankfully, nobody was home. I had no idea where my parents were but it was only about ten o’clock, so perhaps they were out running or spending sometime alone together. Gabriel’s packmates – except for Eva – had left to return to the Black Mountains Pack now that the emotions were slightly more settled here. My pack still had some adjusting to do but at least

nobody was launching themselves at my Mate.


Gabriel stopped at the foot of the stairs and turned to face me as I eyed the

stairs dubiously. I hoped I could make it right now with my increased clumsiness.

“Do you want me to come up? Can you make it up those stairs?” He asked, and I blinked at him in surprise. It was a surprisingly considerate request

from him, and I felt a little warmer. I desperately wanted to say yes and my Wolf was relishing the thought of having him in my bedroom while we were

alone. But then my thoughts drifted to the events from earlier, and I

remembered what Eva had said, and the fact that she could walk in at any moment if she was still staying here.

“Is Eva sleeping here still?” I asked, completely ignoring his question,

instead making my way cautiously up the first couple steps so he would know I could make it without his aid. I had to know about Eva’s situation; that was more important. I absolutely didn’t want her here but if Gabriel did … .

His face tightened and he shrugged. “Haven’t seen her.”

“I don’t want her back here,” I said, my words coming out much more vehemently than I’d intended.

Gabriel’s dark eyes bored into mine. The intensity in his expression was

almost unnerving. I itched to reach out and run my fingers across his

smooth skin, and I folded my arms behind my back to prevent myself from acting on my impulses.

“I promise you, Skylar, I never had feelings for her. It never meant anything.”

I looked down, some of my hair falling forward to obscure my face. My happy-go-lucky drunk state was gone, and now I just felt morose and depressed. Was that normal? Perhaps I just needed sleep.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I muttered, feeling a lump in my throat. Just like that, I felt like I couldn’t be around him any longer. I was dizzy and my energy was severely depleted now. I just wanted to crawl upstairs and pass out. I began to head that way, taking the steps very slowly, but I stopped abruptly when something strong wrapped around my forearm.


I spun backwards a bit, glancing down. Gabriel’s hand rested there, sending warm tingles shooting up and down my spine. He was looking at me with

that same intense expression.

“I know you’re drunk and tired, and I know you’re angry with me. I don’t expect you to talk to me now, but I need to explain myself. Just give me a chance.”

I hesitated, eventhough I already knew I would cave in. I just couldn’t stay away from him and I really wanted to hear his explanation.

“Please,” he added, his voice lower now. Knowing Gabriel almost never said please, I nodded.

“Okay,” I said softly, realizing he truly did want a chance to explain his motives for sleeping with Eva.

Gabriel released my arm and stepped back. “I’ll give you sometime while I take care of a few things, but I’m going to find you soon. Then we’ll talk.” I nodded again, mutely. My Wolf itched to close the distance between us and hug him. She was so forgiving of Gabriel’s actions. Normally I was the more patient, compassionate one, but when it came to Gabriel, my Wolf

was a complete pushover. She was absolutely crazy for him.

Gabriel made his way towards the front door again but I could only stand there on the step, staring after him and feeling a bit bereft after he walked away.


You’re the one who wants him to leave, my Wolf chided, though there was no real venom in her voice, she just sounded sad.

I don’t want him to leave me. I’m just not ready to talk about it yet.

No, you’re too drunk to talk about it, and you don’t trust yourself with him,

she said wisely. I sighed.

Okay, those reasons too.

The Mating bond is natural for us. Why can’t you just give in?

I didn’t bother answering, instead brushing my teeth very quickly before changing and climbing into my bed. As my drunkenness was slowly

subsiding, I felt the heat of the fever returning and I quickly stripped off the


stifling covers. I knew my Wolf had a point. I was wasting time and I needed to decide what I was going to do. I had no more time to lose. As soon as

Gabriel told me everything, it would all be out in the open, and it would rest on my shoulders. I could only hope I would make the right choice.

I didn’t see Gabriel again until two nights after my drunken episode.




That evening, I felt considerably better so I decided to wander around the village. I was tired of being cooped up all day and the fresh air would

hopefully help me think. As I aimlessly meandered, I couldn’t help but

notice that many of my packmates seemed to be avoiding me or

deliberately not looking at me. I tried to smile at them anyways and put on a brave face, but deep down it hurt. I knew it probably had something to

do both with my involvement with Anne’s death and my relationship with Gabriel. I knew they were still scared of their new Alpha, but these Wolves had known me for years! I couldn’t believe their opinions of me were so

easily swayed. It angered my Wolf as she pondered how they would act if I ever became Luna.

I stopped her right there. I couldn’t think about that now. I could honestly say that the concept of becoming Luna one day was equally intriguing and intimidating. Part of me relished the thought of having such a powerful

position in the pack, and my sense of pride encouraged the notion that I would do a great job. However, the smaller, insecure part of me couldn’t help but wonder if I was strong enough for the position. Eva sure as hell didn’t think I was worthy of being Luna. I gritted my teeth, feeling a new surge of determination to prove her wrong.

By the next morning I had learned that Gabriel had gone to meet with Eli

halfway between pack territories. Even so, I knew he was back by now, and I still hadn’t seen him. I spent the majority of the day in the building that was built especially for training in human form. It had punching bags, weights, and the like. I had always scoffed at this, thinking I was plenty strong in


human form, but my fight with the vampires had made me realize just how vulnerable I was when I couldn’t Shift. I would be prepared next time.

My fever made my moves more sluggish but I kept at it for a couple hours until my body ached so badly I didn’t think I could take it anymore.

Mopping my sweaty forehead, I sat down on the bench next to the weight rack, taking deep breaths. My whole body was burning and sticky with

sweat. I knew that training might only make my fever worse but I had to do something. When I was alone, all I could think about was Gabriel and Eva,




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I sighed, preparing to head back home, but just then someone broke into my thoughts.

There is going to be a pack meeting in two hours, in the usual clearing.

Gabriel’s deep voice speaking inside my head made me jump, startled. It

was the first time he had mind-linked me. I knew he had probably sent that message to the entire pack simultaneously but I still couldn’t help the

butterflies that erupted in my stomach. Hearing him in my mind like that just felt so… intimate. I knew I was blushing, and quickly hurried out of the building before I could feel any more pathetic. I was very tempted to send him a mind-link message in return; however, I knew it wasn’t customary to respond to a pack-wide message so I resisted the urge.

Still, I couldn’t help but briefly consider what it would be like to be fully

Mated with him and able to sense his every emotion at will, communicating mentally with him with minimal effort. I would not deny that I liked the idea.

A little less than two hours later I sat in the clearing, Maria sitting next to me.


I realized that my fever was very slight now, hardly noticeable. I was feeling a lot stronger. Perhaps that workout today had helped, as miserable as it

had been.


“So…about the whole Eva thing. Have you talked it out?”

I shook my head. “No. He said he’d find me soon though because he wants a chance to explain himself.”

Her expression was contemplative but she didn’t get a chance to respond as Will plopped down on my other side, sounding glum as he greeted us. I noticed that Maria stiffened but managed to still say hello.

“What’swrong?” I asked him, already knowing what he would say.

“It’s just…I smelled my Mate, Skylar. At the Purge, remember? And now I

can’t find her anywhere. Sometimes I catch her scent and follow it but then she’s gone. It’s like she is avoiding me. I think it’s that redhead that the

Alpha brought with him.”

I chewed on my lip, wondering how much I should tell him. “Yeah, her name’s Eva. She has a lot of issues …”

“I don’t care! She’s still my Mate, the only one I have! I’m willing take her

AND all of her issues,” Will replied desperately, ripping grass out of the soil viciously as he spoke.

I looked down at the ground, unable to respond to that. I suddenly felt

chastised eventhough Will’swords weren’t directed at me. After all, I was

the one having trouble accepting Gabriel even though I desperately wanted to. Will would think I was a coward if he knew. Perhaps I was a coward.

Seconds later Gabriel arrived, and my eyes inevitably found him as he

climbed up to the wooden platform to address us. He looked glorious as usual and my eyes scanned every inch of his face and body. It just wasn’t fair how physically perfect he was. How on earth was I supposed to resist that?

“The purpose of this Meeting is to update you all on our progress on

combining the two separate packs. As you know, the more stretched out a pack’s territory is, the more vulnerable they are. Jack and some of your


elders have worked with me on the logistics of combining the two groups. Right now, our predominant idea is to build a third village in the location of our former semi-annual Meetings. This is an ideal area because it is in the middle of the territory. I do not expect all of you to relocate to this new

village. I will live there, along with the Betas, senior warriors, and a Pack Doctor. It will make it easier for us to manage things from the middle

instead of one end or the other.


His eyes roved over the pack, my face burning as they hovered on me for a few seconds before moving on. “Think of it almost as a center of operations

for the pack. If any of you want to move to the new village, you will be allowed. We have plenty of wolves available to help construct the new village along with installing the water and electrical systems. If we


He began to explain some of the more technical issues, most of which were over my head. However, I knew that a few of the wolves that had built our pack village were still around so they could help with the construction of

the new village. Werewolves did have extended lifespans, after all. The

average werewolf lived to be over a hundred. Once a werewolf was fully grown and matured, which usually happened in the mid to late twenties, the body’s aging process slowed. We still aged, just slower than humans did.

Overall I thought it was a good idea, or the best we had for now, although I couldn’t help but wonder where I would live. Would Gabriel want me with him in his new house? I was surprised he was willing to move out of the old one in the Black Mountains Pack, although it likely held a lot of unpleasant memories of his father.

After we were dismissed and we stood up, I noticed something next to me. Will had stiffened completely and his eyes were fixated on something

across the clearing. My eyes followed his line of sight until they landed on a slender, red-headed figure: Eva. She was standing in the shadow of the

wooden platform, mostly hidden, and facing away from Will. I felt a surge


of anger as I realized she was still avoiding him even at pack meetings. I watched in complete disgust as she turned away from the platform and began to stride into the forest.

Gritting my teeth, I turned to Will. “She-” I began, but I never got the rest of the words out, because Will instantly leapt into action, dashing across the

clearing towards the place Eva disappeared. He shoved fellow packmates

out of the way as he desperately chased her, vanishing into the forest mere seconds after she did. Apparently he was determined not to let her get

away again. I could only stare at the fringe of the trees, not sure what to think. Will deserved happiness but I wasn’t sure Eva would ever be worthy of him.


I tried not to shudder as Gabriel spoke my name, the sound falling so

perfectly from his lips. I wrenched my gaze away from the forest to see him standing a few feet away from me, observing me with an unfathomable

expression in his eyes. I swallowed hard, feeling the customary surge of lust as I noted his proximity.

“Um…hi.” I replied, wincing internally. Was that seriously all I could come up with?

“Can we talk?”

I realized Maria had long since disappeared, and most of the pack had left the clearing. The few that were left were sneaking glances at Gabriel and I from the corners of their eyes.

I felt my nervousness spike but I nodded anyways. “Uh, yeah.”

Gabriel indicated that I follow him and he led me towards the forest,

thankfully on the opposite side of the clearing than the area in which Will and Eva had disappeared. All thoughts of Will were soon forgotten as I

followed my Mate deeper into the trees. It was dusk and the animals in the trees and bushes were coming alive, although they gave us predators a

wide birth. I studied Gabriel’s broad back as I followed him, once again

admiring the way he moved. My fingers itched to trace his muscles and I bit


my lip. My hormones were going absolutely crazy and I needed to get a grip.

There was a small creek a safe distance away from the clearing and Gabriel stopped in front of it. A couple of small boulders were scattered next to the

creek and I sat down on one of the smoother ones. The sound of the

gurgling water was actually soothing as I braced myself for whatever

Gabriel was going to say. I was all too aware that it was just us out here, with nobody to intrude, unless they mentally contacted us.




As Produced By Sheriff Squinty




Gabriel seemed to be organizing his thoughts for a moment before he

finally turned to face me. The dim lighting made his eyes look completely black. I knew it would be hard to read his emotions from this angle as his face was so unexpressive most of the time.

“First, I have to tell you that she never meant anything to me outside of the fact that she’s one of my pack members. She called us ‘lovers’, but there

was nothing close to that emotion involved.”

I glanced down at my hands, intertwining them in my lap. I wasn’t

surprised, eventhough I did feel a bit of relief. I didn’t even think Gabriel

could love me, his Mate, let alone Eva. I wasn’t sure he was capable of such emotion. The thought was quite disheartening.

“I had the blood of an Alpha, thus the increased s£x drive. I tried everything to tame it from running to fighting. Sometimes I would be furious for no

reason, and my father only made things worse. I thought I didn’t have a

Mate. I knew I needed some sort of release. Eva was there. She told me she never wanted a Mate after seeing her mother’s heart break when her father

died. As I’d never met my Mate, I just accepted her words without argument.”


I remembered some of Eva’swords the other night, when she told Gabriel

she’d thought he understood why she didn’t want a Mate. I also recalled

how angry he’d gotten when he’d learned that Eva was sitting around at my house instead of finding Will. It made me feel a bit better that meeting me

had changed his reaction to Eva’s stance on finding her Mate. Still, I remained silent, waiting for him to go on.

“The first time happened by chance, but it was not the only time. I went to her when I needed release and there was no other way. Quite honestly, I

used her, although I told her from the beginning that nothing would ever come of it. I thought she understood.”

“She doesn’t feel like it was a casual hookup,” I replied, trying to keep my voice toneless. The fact that they’d had s£x numerous times made me


“I’d never seen that side of her until the other night. The way she looked at you and treated you made me realize that she’d grown attached.”

I stared down at my hands. “I saw it before. She flirted with you and it

pissed me off. My Wolf sensed that she had feelings for you. And then you defended her-”

“I defended her as my packmate, Skylar. I didn’t want you feuding with

anyone from your future pack. I would have defended any other wolf in her position in the same way.”

I was silent for a bit, trying to think what I wanted to ask him. So many

questions swirled through my brain, but I didn’t know how to bring them up.

“How often did it happen?” I finally blurted, unable to help myself. I knew the answer was going to hurt but I had an insatiable curiosity. I just had to know.

Our gazes met and his eyes burned into mine. “It wasn’t like it was a weekly or even a monthly thing. I didn’t want to form any connections with even

the slightest romantic connotation. I did it for release, and it was my last resort.”

“It’s kind of heartless the way you used her.”


“I know that now. At the time, quite honestly, I just didn’t care. I had my

father and then Alpha duties to deal with. It wasn’t until after I met you that

I realized what a selfish pig I’d been.” It was hard to tell in the dim lighting, but I thought his expression softened. “You’ve taught me a lot about

emotions,” he said quietly.

I felt my face heating up and I quickly changed the subject. “I guess what I’m angriest about is the fact that you didn’t tell me, and how pissed you got about me kissing Will when you had slept with another woman.”





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