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Happen 41

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Theme: The Wake Of Rivalry



I threw tons of questions at him, basically about his hobbies, favorite colours, and hobbies, and I must admit am surprised he answered.


He asked me a few questions too.

Which I shyly replied.

At a point Gabriel looked down then, running one hand through his hair. He avoided my gaze as he spoke, his voice thick with tension. “Was there anything between you and your friend?”

It took me a moment to realize who he was speaking about and my eyes

shot open with surprise. “Oh! You mean Will?” Gabriel didn’t respond to my question. He was sitting there, tense, and I could tell he really didn’t like

thinking about it.

“No. I mean….I thought I liked him at the beginning of high school. We

kissed once and I didn’t feel anything. He’s always been a friend to me since then, nothing else.” I decided to be truthful, although I felt a pang at the

way Gabriel’s fists clenched when I said ‘kissed’ .

“He looks at you as more than a friend,” he said coolly, still avoiding my gaze.

“I know. But I’ll never feel anything other than friendship for him. How can I?” The last part came out as nearly a whisper and Gabriel’s head shot up as his eyes connected with mine. They were burning with some medley of

emotions and I had the urge to reach out and touch him, although I forcibly kept my hands to myself. My Wolf growled at my resistance toward our


Gabriel’s eyes suddenly glazed over, and I realized he was mentally

conversing with someone. I felt a jolt as I pondered the fact that I could

contact him whenever I wanted. Eli, too, or any of the Black Mountains Pack when I was in Wolf form. We were all connected through the Alpha now.

Gabriel stood up from the chair, bringing himself to his full height. “ I have to go check on some logistics for Eli, and I left the papers at Jack’s.” he said brusquely. I was surprised he was giving me an explanation at all. His eyes’ former intensity was gone and I instantly wanted it back. I was hoping to

continue the questioning and find out more about him, but apparently luck was not on my side right now.


Gabriel observed me for a moment. “…take care,” he finally said, his voice softer than expected. I felt a flush creep up my neck and I watched as he

exited the room and trudged down the stairs. Seconds later, the front door slammed.

About two hours later, the TV downstairs turned on, and I was brought out of my dozing state. My throat was raw and parched again. I stretched,

deciding that it couldn’t hurt to go grab a glass of water after I went to the restroom. I slowly climbed out of bed, ignoring the protesting aches and

pains. The room’s air was cooler when I wasn’t under the stifling covers and it felt nice on my sweaty skin.

After I used the restroom, I tiptoed downstairs, curious about who was watching television. My parents had already come to check on me after Gabriel left and they were now fast asleep in their room. I hadn’t heard Gabriel’s male pack members roaming around so that limited the


My eyes fell on a familiar head of red hair and I tried not to wince. She had helped me after all, the least I could do was thank her despite my dislike for her. Eva had some mindless drama playing on the T.V. and was curled up

on the couch with some blankets, her blue eyes fixated on the screen. She ignored me as I made myself a glass of water, pressing the cool glass

against my burning forehead.

I took a deep breath, really not wanting to talk to her, but my parents had always taught me manners. I slowly made my way over to the arm chair

next to the couch she was sitting on. Still, Eva did not bother to glance at

me as I made myself comfortable and focused on the T.V. show. There were a few moments of awkward silence before I gathered the courage to speak.




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“Um….I never said thanks.”

Her eyes flickered to me and back to the T.V. She said nothing. “So….thankyou, for helping me and my father.”

Eva nodded brusquely. I felt a prick of irritation. Could she really not say anything in return?

“Are you ever going to tell me why you dislike me so much?” I blurted out after another moment. Might as well try to clear the air while she was

staying in my house.

Eva turned to face me then, eyes narrowed slightly. I sure had her attention now. “Excuse me?”

“I know you don’t like me. It’s pretty obvious. I think I deserve to at least know why.”

She pursed her lips and observed me thoughtfully. For an instant, I wished Eva could be more like one of the stupid bimbos from high school. Instead, she seemed very cunning and it made me nervous.

“Is it just because I’m an outsider?” I continued impatiently.

“I don’t like your pack, if that’s what you mean.” She finally spoke dismissively.

“Like it or not, we’re all together now.”

“I don’t like it.” She turned back to the T.V. I almost growled.

“Look, we need to cooperate here. So just tell me why-”

“I don’t need to tell you anything!”

“Fine. I’ll just ask Gabriel.” I observed her from the corner of my eye,

wondering if this tactic would work. To my surprise, after a moment she just sighed in resignation. “If you won’ttalk I’ll just-”

“I was only ten years old,” she cut me off coolly and my eyes widened in

surprise. “My father was a Pack Doctor and our other pack was attacked by rogues. They killed him and my mother and I ran. We traveled far, and

finally came across your pack.”

I stared in surprise. I didn’t remember that. Then again, I would have been nearly the same age as her.

“My mother had Lupe’s Disorder.”


Now my surprise and shock increased tenfold. Lupe’s Disorder was one of the few diseases that affected werewolves. My father had some fancy

technical name for it but I’d never met a Wolf with it, probably because it was terminal if left untreated. It could also be highly contagious –

transmitted through the saliva or bloodstream, or even airborne in some cases. It killed the Wolf-side first, leaving the person deranged for months before they died.

“My Affinity was not developed enough for me to treat her. We came to

your pack. We begged for treatment from your former Alpha and your

father. My mother was close to death. They turned us away because of the risk of contagion,”

I opened and closed my mouth like a fish. They had turned her away? That seemed so cruel and heartless! I knew the disease would have been a risk to the pack, but surely they could have done something.

“We left and headed towards the Black Mountains Pack. My mother died on the way there. They took me in because I was a ten-year-old getting an

Affinity.” Eva spoke so emotionlessly. I stared down at my hands, feeling ashamed, eventhough I knew it wasn’t my fault.

It made sense now why she hated our pack and why she had such an odd

look on her face whenever she spoke to my father. I wondered if he

remembered her. That had been a decade ago. If Gabriel hadn’t told Eva to treat my father, she probably would have left him to rot. I had no idea what

to think about all of this.

“I’m sorry-”

“Save it.” She rudely cut me off, returning to the boring show.

“Is that why you’re avoiding Will? You want nothing to do with anyone in this pack?” I asked it before I could stop myself. Will was one of my best friends. I just had to know.




As Produced By Sheriff Squinty





Eva’s head snapped to me and I noticed her eyes had gone cold and

furious. “That’s none of your business,” she hissed. She knew exactly what I was talking about, confirming my suspicions. She really was Will’s Mate.

“He wants his Mate,” I continued, ignoring her burning stare. “He needs his Mate.”

“Don’t f**king tell me what to do. This is my business!” Her lovely face was set in a rigid mask. I was shocked by this outburst of reaction. Surely this

could not all have come from something ten years ago, something Will had nothing to do with?

Either way, I didn’t like it when she spoke to me like that, and neither did

my Wolf. “You can’t hurt him just because of something that happened ten years ago that was out of his control!”

Eva stood up, throwing her hands in the air. “That has nothing to do with this!” She almost looked menacing, the way her shoulders were hunched. I slowly stood to match her, ignoring my aching body.

“Then what-”

“Look, Skylar, you want to know the reason I don’t like you, aside from

everything your pack did to me?” Her voice escaped her lips in a hiss.

I stared at her blankly. I should have known there was something else. After all, it wasn’t my fault my father turned her away, as horrible as my pack’s

actions were.

“You’re insecure. You’re weak, and you second guess yourself. You’re not

even THAT pretty. Quite frankly, you don’t deserve an Alpha for a Mate.”

I gaped at her, unable to speak. My Wolf snarled furiously in my mind and I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks as I growled low in my chest, but even so, I felt her words hit home. It was like she knew exactly what to say to hurt my feelings.

“You will have my respect when you’ve earned it,” she snapped, gathering

up the blankets she had been using. The redhead was still rigid with fury. I had really pissed her off. She headed towards the staircase, turning over her


shoulder to fixate me with one last glare. “And just so you know, I don’t need a Mate, because I’m already in love with someone else.”

I furrowed my brow. That would be a problem for Will, but once she saw her Mate, she should be able to get over her previous love.

“That shouldn’t matter!” I argued, but Eva waved my words off in

annoyance. “You’re being incredibly selfish,” I snapped, standing up for my best friend.

Her eyes flashed. “As I said before, this is none of your f**king business.” Eva adjusted the blankets she was holding again. Suddenly, a calculating expression worked its way onto her face.

“One last thing, Skylar,” she added. “I don’t suppose the Alpha has told you about our….history.”

I felt as if I had been punched in my chest and all I could do was stare at

her as I wondered what the hell she meant. With a scoff at the confusion on my face, Eva made to head upstairs but just then, I heard the doorknob

turn. We both shifted to face the door, almost trance-like in our movements, as it opened to reveal Gabriel standing there.

He strode in, looking back and forth between us as if he had no idea what was going on. I glanced at Eva out of the corner of my eye. Her entire

expression had changed as her eyes fell on Gabriel.

“What is this?” Gabriel was demanding.

“History?” I said softly, not elaborating.

Gabriel’s expression tightened. “What are you telling her, Eva?” He snapped. As Eva’s eyes found mine again, I witnessed the true extent of her dislike.

She was willing to get in trouble with her Alpha to tell me whatever it was she wanted to say. Her perfect features were fixated in a sneer, her eyes bright and cold. I found myself sweating again, although I wasn’t sure if it was from the fever or nervousness. My Wolf whimpered softly.

I felt the blood rush to my ears as I stared at her, then at Gabriel, then back at her again. Surely I was wrong. I couldn’t possibly be coming to the right conclusion here. When I looked at Gabriel again, though, his expression

said it all. Anger and guilt, intermingled in his dark eyes, as if he knew what


she was going to say. He made no attempt to stop her from speaking to

me, probably because he knew that lying or trying to cover it up would only make things worse.

Eva’s smirk widened.

“Gabriel and I were lovers.”





So what have we got?

Some big, huge rivalry is sure building up.

Am not gonna say much?


WATCH OUT!!!!…..


_ _-Agboola-_ _

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