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Happen 44 (L)

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“I didn’t knowhow to bring something like that up. You already had so much to

deal with when you’d learned everything about me. I was waiting until a better

time when you weren’t overloaded.” Gabriel looked away, clenching his jaw. “It was selfish not to tell you, now that I look back on it. Part of me was worried what you’d think of me. You already had enough reason to hate me.” His head swiveled back towards me. “I would have told you though. I promise.” He spoke gravely,

sincerity oozing from his words.

I sighed. My Wolf was already begging me to forgive him. Honestly, I knew I had forgiven him for sleeping with Eva. He hadn’t known about me at the time. It was disgusting, but I could accept it; it wasn’t in my nature to be unforgiving. I was just angry about how he’d handled it.

“And Will?” I pressed.

“I can’thelp it, Skylar. I know I have no right. But I’m an Alpha male, dominant and possessive. The thought of another male touching you makes me want to rip


their head off.” My Wolf was basking in his possessiveness. I found it both irritating and flattering.

“You knew I was jealous of Eva. I told you about Will, I just wish you’dtold me

about her. I might have reacted differently if I had been told differently. The thought of you two….and what if she’d gotten pregnant?” I realized I was

rambling now but all of my insecurities were rushing to the surface.

“Wolves that aren’t Mates have a much lower chance of reproducing, you know that. Her genes were not designed forme like yours are. Besides, it wasn’t like I didn’t use protection. A child was the last thing I needed with my bloodline.”

I felt yet another blush coming on as Gabriel spoke of my genes being made for his. It was true. Wolves had a very low chance of getting pregnant by someone who wasn’t their Mate. It was all orchestrated by Fate; Fate determined the best wolf to reproduce with.

“You’re right. I should have told you differently. If I could go back and change it, I would.”

I nodded, unsure what to say now. Once again, my Wolf was begging me to voice my forgiveness aloud. For the second time, I was struck by her depth of emotion

for Gabriel. He was completely perfect to her. She wanted him unconditionally.

Honestly, she was in love with him. There would never be anybody else for her.

This thought practically made me tremble. Love. It was an equally exhilarating and frightening concept. I stared up at Gabriel, feeling my nerve endings come alive as I realized he had taken a couple steps closer and was now a mere few feet from me. He was gazing at me intently, observing every inch of my face as if he desperately wanted to know what I was thinking.

“What else did she say to you?” Gabriel asked quietly. I instantly knew he was

referring to Eva and I looked away. Her words had been humiliating, and I didn’t want to repeat them. “I could tell you were arguing before I arrived. Tell me what she said.”

I sighed, feeling the heat of embarrassment under my skin, hotter even than the

traces of the fever that remained. It was going to be horrible to say the words again aloud.

“She just told meher opinion. She has a right to-”

“Skylar,” he growled impatiently and I sighed again.

“She told me that I’m weak, and insecure, and not worthy of an Alpha, and also not pretty.” My words were mumbled almost incoherently.

Gabriel growled, low in his throat. “None of that is true. She was speaking cruelly to you out of selfishness and you shouldn’t have listened.”


As was customary, I felt insecurity rushing to the surface. Eva had definitely been right about that part. “Some of it is true, Gabriel. I’m sure she’s not the only one from your pack that thinks you deserve someone stronger as a Mate-”


“I don’t care what they think. You’re alot stronger than you think, and you are mine.”

There was actually pride in his voice and I felt my heart flutter as my Wolf purred. “Lucky you,” I muttered, torn between feeling embarrassed and completely elated at the way he spoke about me. I knew I was acting a bit immature and attempted to push my insecurities aside. I had been doing so well a couple of nights ago; if only I had access to the alcohol-induced bravery now!

Gabriel made a noise of frustration and stepped forward. I felthis strong hand grab my chin and tilt my head up as he glared down at me. The breath left my lungs in a rush as I realized just how close we were, our faces less than a foot apart. I could

see every perfect detail of his features and the way his eyes were burning, whether with anger or desire, I didn’t know. My body was heating up as every inch of me craved him.

“Do not talk about yourself like that,” He said firmly, although his voice was

deeper than usual and I thought I detected a husky edge to histone. I was still

sitting on the large boulder while he stood immediately next tome, staring down at my face ensnared in his hand.

I bit my lip, unable to speak in that moment. Desire was pooling in my belly and I was pretty sure I was trembling as my Wolf urged me to close the distance between us.

Gabriel made a growling sound deep in his throat and I realized his burning eyes were fixated on my mouth as I bit my lip. Slowly, I let my eyes trail down to his lips. In that moment I wanted him to kiss me, in fact my entire body was

practically begging for it. I wanted to knowhow it felt to have his mouth on mine. Gabriel was still staring at me intently, and I could’ve sworn his grip on my chin tightened.

We were only inches apart. His scent completely enveloped me and my lust was increasing by the second. For a brief moment, I saw something flash through his expression and I thoughthe was going to kiss me.

Then, all vestiges of emotion vanished and he abruptly dropped my chin and pulled away. I stared after him, feeling completely bereft as he walked away. A lump

rising in my throat, I looked down. I did not attempt to mask the hurt that was

washing over mein waves. How could he do that tome? How could he just pull


away like that so easily? It had to be me. I had to not be very appealing to him. I knew it wasn’t normal for Mates to resist each other, yet Gabriel had done it on multiple occasions.

I felt a rush of bitterness rise to the surface and I couldn’thelp but say something. “Eva must have been right about the attractiveness thing, huh? I mean, it takes no effort for you to push me away while you welcomed her with open arms.” I knew my words weren’t fair but I was hurting and I couldn’thelp but lash out. I almost felt like I had been rejected in some way.

Gabriel spun around, and to my surprise he looked furious. What right did he have to be furious?

“Are you kidding me, Skylar?” He snapped angrily. I blinked at him, unable to

comprehend why he had gotten so angry so quickly. “You honestly think I’m not attracted to you, that I don’t want you?” His voice was nearly a snarl. “Have you ever stopped to consider that I just have a sense of self-preservation? Everytime I touch you, my Wolf just gets more attached to you! Yet, you haven’t even given me a f**king answer! You could decide to reject me tomorrow!”

I sat there, the reasoning behind his words dawning on me.

“Why would I do that to myself? Why would I do something that I KNOW will just make me want you more when you can decide tomorrow that you don’t want

me? Worse, it’ll make your decision even harder, when you already have enough to think about and you said you wanted to makeup your mind without my


I was completely speechless, and then I felt a burst of shame. Gabriel was right. I was being incredibly selfish. I was expecting him to treat me like he was my Mate when I technically hadn’t even accepted him yet. He was just following my lead, and I was getting angry at him for it.

“I…..you’re right. I’m sorry. It’s just…” I vainly tried to find words so he would understand where I was coming from. “My Wolf goes crazy when you’re so close. I’m not as strong as you and I can’t resist you easily. I guess it just seemed like I was nothing if you could push me away with so little effort.”

Gabriel ran a hand through his hair, closing his eyes momentarily as he got a grip on himself.

“Resisting you is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” he said through gritted teeth. “But until you makeup your mind, I have to deal with it.”

Feeling ashamed still, I stared at the ground. I let a moment pass in silence so

Gabriel could calm down a bit. He was right, and I was disgusted with myself for not thinking of how he must be feeling.


When I looked up and opened my mouth to apologize yet again, what I saw took me completely by surprise.

Gabriel had a glazed expression in his eyes as if he was mentally talking to

someone, but the item clutched in his hand was not what I expected to see: Raziel’s

large, snow-white feather. When had he gotten it? More importantly: was he communicating with Raziel through the feather?

My question was soon answered as Gabriel’s eyes re-focused on me, all anger drained from their depths.

“Raziel just contacted me. He said he found out something very important concerning the Ritual. We are meeting him in the closest town.”





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I awoke the next morning feeling a strange mixture of hope and apprehension. I wanted to think that Raziel had good news for us, or that he found some secret weakness of Cain’s, but knowing our luck we would learn something horrible


The tension between Gabriel and I was very fragile at the moment. After Raziel

had contacted him, Gabriel and I returned to the main pack village before we

parted ways, my Mate claiming he had some Alpha business to take care of. I

wasn’t sure if he just wanted an excuse to get away from me or not. After all,

Gabriel had opened up tome, which was something he was not accustomed to.

Neither one of us really knew how to act now. Truthfully, I knew the pressure was on me. Gabriel had laid out all of the possible consequences of our Mating and it

was up tome to make the decision; he was just giving me space until I chose which path I wanted to follow.

Well, I knew which path I wanted to follow. My Wolf ached for our Mate and

despite my complicated feelings, I knew a lot of my desire for Gabriel could not be blamed solely on my Wolf. I was trying to think things through logically like I

always had. I possessed the same sense of self-preservation Gabriel had referenced


the night before. In this case, though, I was tempted to just throw all logic out of the way as my window of opportunity was closing. The Stone of Jacob, which

Gabriel either carried with him or kept securely hidden in my house, was waning. Who knew how much longer it would last?


My thoughts a muddled, confused mess, I quickly got dressed and brushed my

teeth, throwing my rebellious curls up into a ponytail. We were returning to the

same town in which I had first come into contact with the vampires. Not exactly pleasant memories, but at least Gabriel would be with me this time and it was the middle of the day. I was abit confused as to why Raziel would risk coming to us, but I was sure he’d explain his reasoning upon his arrival.

I said a quick good-bye to my parents on my way out, tossing some feeble excuse over my shoulder as I closed the door behind me. I felt guilty lying to them but

they couldn’t know anything about the Angel or the Ritual. They were in enough danger as it was, so I knew lying to them was the best thing to do in this scenario. Hopefully my father wouldn’t grill me about it later. For now, he was just glad I

was getting out of the house, since my fever was nearly gone. I wondered when he would bring the whole ‘Affinity’ issue up. So much had been going on that I hadn’t had time to dwell on the changes my body was going through.

Gabriel was waiting near my front porch, looking slightly impatient as he stood

there, tall and imposing as usual. He had on a tight-fitting white t-shirt that only

accentuated his broad torso and made me look away before I blatantly ogled him. I had embarrassed myself enough recently.

“Sorry,woke up a bit late,” I mumbled,not wanting to explain how I had spent many minutes daydreaming about him this morning.

“Let’s go,” was his curt reply, and I inwardly sighed. Typical Gabriel. He had opened up and shown me a different side of him, and now he felt exposed and vulnerable so he was shutting down.




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‘I can practically become a psychologist if I keep up the analysis,’ I thought to

myself dryly as we meandered towards the forest. We were running in Wolf form today since the city was such a short distance away. As we entered the fringe of


greenery and prepared to Shift (away from each other’s line of sight, of course), I

faintly wondered where Will and Eva had gotten to. Had Will had any luck

persuading the she-wolf to accept him when she was so enamored with MY Mate? The thought of her aggravated me so I pushed it aside. It felt like I had so many

issues in my life at the moment, and I could only hope I would be able to manage them all at once.

Perhaps this was what it was like to be Luna.

Unsurprisingly, there was scarce conversation between Gabriel and I on our way into town. My Mate could directly mind-link tome now if he wanted to, but he seemed set on avoiding it. After hearing his reasoning the previous night I

supposed I couldn’t blame him.

“Where are we meeting him?” I finally asked after we’d Shifted back to human form and gotten dressed. We were just inside the shelter of the trees, after which

the ground sloped down to meet the outskirts of the city.

“Some local coffee shop in the middle of town.”

I almost wanted to laugh at the absurdity. “We’re meeting an Angelin a coffee shop?”

“It’s more inconspicuous to blend in, and it’ll be loud enough that we aren’t overheard.”

I shrugged. It still felt strange. “Why did he want to meet in town, anyways?” “I’m not sure.”

That worried me. Surely Raziel had a reason for wanting to meet amidst the mass of humans as opposed to a more secluded location.

“So, you can use the feather to talk to him?”

We were making our way down the slope towards the buildings on the edge of the city. Gabriel glanced at me out of the corner of his eye, likely exasperated by all of

my questions.


“Do you have it with you now?”

“I had noway to carry it in wolf form.”

“When exactly did you get it?”

“I had Eli bring it tome when I met up with him two days ago. I sensed that Raziel was trying to contact me.” Gabriel must have seen my perplexed look because he elaborated further. “He used to be able to mind-link me without the feather, but his Angelic power has waned, so now when he’s contacting me I barely sense his


presence in my mind. I actually have to be touching the feather to directly talk to him.”

I glanced down at my hands, feeling the sudden urge to tell Gabriel the truth. After all, he’d finally revealed everything tome, I might as well fess up.

“I already knew you had a feather. I went exploring one day and found the box in your closet.” I felt my cheeks reddening because of the confession and avoided his gaze. There was a chance Gabriel would be furious with me, I knew. He probably didn’t condone snooping about in his room.

I peeked at him in my peripheral vision. His expression had hardened, unsurprisingly.

“And you didn’t say anything because….?” He asked, clearly trying to mask his irritation.


“You were already pissed at me half of the time. I didn’t want to make it worse.” Gabriellet a sigh, turning his head slightly to observe me. He was silent for a

moment ashe examined my expression. “Had you put the pieces together already when I took you to Raziel?” He seemed disconcerted by the thought and I quickly shook my head.

“Not at all. I never would’ve guessed….” I trailed off. Saying it aloud still felt

unreal. My Mate had holy blood, and it was unnerving to think about. Eva didn’t know about his Angelic blood, I was pretty sure, but I knew it would have only reinforced her ideals about me being ‘unworthy’ for Gabriel. I hurriedly pushed thoughts of the redhead away, because despite my conversation with Gabriel the night before, I wasn’t quite ‘over’ the whole topic.

“What’s the locket for?” I couldn’t resist adding the question.

He tossed me a sharp glance, and for a second I thoughthe wouldn’t bother

replying, but with a small sign Gabriel relented. “I’m not sure. Raziel brought it to my after my mother…left. He think she stole it from Cain. I haven’t noticed any

special properties other than the fact that it irritates my skin.” Judging by histone of finality, Gabriel didn’t want to discuss anymore issues relating to his mother.

Several minutes passed in silence. We made our way along the edge of a shopping center, walking casually as if we hadn’t been beasts running through the trees just moments before. If anyone had seen us a few minutes ago, giant wolves with

clothes tied to their ankles and shoes clutched in their mouths, I was sure nobody would’ve believed it. Humans were funny that way.


I wasn’t sure how Gabriel knew where we were going but I trotted along obediently as we cut through a few side streets before finding one of the main roads of the


“Are you scared of me, Skylar?”

Gabriel’s quiet question nearly stopped me in my tracks. I turned to face him as we strode through a narrow alleyway, and I’m sure my surprise was clearly visible on my face.

“Um…” I responded, caught off guard.

“You said you were worried to tell me you went through my things, because I

might have been angry with you,” he elaborated, although I’d figured that’s what set him on this train of thought.

I hadn’t considered it in a long time. On the night of the Meeting when we first

met, I had truthfully been terrified. I had thought of him as the formidable enemy Alpha, so of course I’d had my reservations.

Now, Gabriel was still rough around the edges, short-tempered, brusque, and

intimidating. Yet, underneath all of that, I had seen true emotion. And despite all of our arguments he had never hurt me, physically at least. My Wolf and I knew

Gabriel would never lay a finger onus.


“Not exactly. Not the same way as before,” I finally answered slowly, aware that Gabriel had a pained expression on his face because I was taking so long to

answer. He didn’t look satisfied by my answer, so I continued. “I used to think of you as an enemy Alpha. Not anymore.”

“What reason would you have to be scared now, then?”

I looked down, my cheeks starting to burn. The truth was, I was scared now

because of my feelings, and I was scared of the possible consequences of Mating with him. I was nervous about how Gabriel would act if I decided to accept him as my Mate. There were manythings to be worried about.

“I’m not really scared of you, just the situation, I guess.” It was true. Gabriel was

intimidating as a person but I really had toughened up when I got to know him. His

brevity and cold mannerisms didn’t deter me quite like they used to. I was becoming accustomed to his difficult personality.

Gabriel made a noncommittal noise in his throat and, moments later, directed us to a coffee shop across the street. Once again, the absurdity of Raziel in a coffee shop struck me, before I realized that he had been on Earth a very longtime and

probably acted like a human all the time to blend in. I wasn’t human either, yet I


had attended high school and gone clubbing. Humans outnumbered us on such a massive scale that it was best just to act like one.






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