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Both the boys and Andre was surprised as to why she was laughing, “Anna,we’re serious about this.” Andre said but she didn’t stop laughing,


“You guys thought you’re the only smart assess in the family while I’m the dumb one right?” She asked them amidst laughter, They were confused at her question.


“Anna this is no joke…”


“I know it’s no joke.” She dropped the bombshell, Andre and the boys looked at themselves.


“What do you mean?” Andre asked her,


She smiled,


“I knew about this a long time ago,


Before your eighth year birthday and that was why I insisted on getting you boys


that GPRS Bluetooth Watch.” She said,


They were surprised as hell.


“Andre I’m his mom,


I’ll be tagged irresponsible if I don’t know what my son’s doing and how’s he going on with things.” She told Andre.


“Then if you’d known why hadn’t you try to stop him or possibly confront him?”


Andre asked still in disbelief.


“Because I wanted him to tell me,


I wanted you to tell me instead hiding it from me.” She said to the boy, “Principal Lee,


Dream Land Fair VIP tickets and even their official T-shirt,


I knew all that was directly from you and your manager being your principal was a whole bunch of lie.” She said to him,


“Actually, I’d found out about this a few days to yours and your brother’s birthday, I’d gone to your room to tidy it when I just felt like going through your system, I found a hard copy of that GPRS watch.


Since I love the model,I decided to go further,


There was so many other hard copies of cars and different toys in your system, I got curious and decided to read your mails.


Messages from you to Agent Lee and vice versa and some other contacts you made


with Dunnex Toy’s Empire,


I found out just one thing,


My son was the boss.”


They were all short of words


“I only just had to do a search on Dunnex and its official’s to find out about the mysterious highest shareholder of this European Toy Company, Having seen the names of other shareholder and their biography,


I just knew from your messages and mails that you were the mysterious shareholder that no one knew about.


It was very hard for me to believe it but the fact were just right in front of me and were too clear to ignore,


So I waited for you to finally let me in and tell me about it but you didn’t, Rather you went ahead and told your father and then your brother,



So I didn’t bother myself with it as long as you’d your dad’s support.” She said to them.


Reid let go of his daddy’s hands and ran to her, “Mommy,I’m very sorry.” He apologized, “I was scared that if I tell you,


You might hate me and don’t want to talk to me again and I couldn’t bear that ever happening.” He said with a tear filled eyes, Gianna pulled his closer,


“Mommy’s never going to hate you,


Not now and not ever.


You’re my son and I’ll always support my dons in any decision they take as long as it’s what is right and moral.” She consoled the boy, Justin pulled closer too,


“Mommy I’m sorry for not telling you about it.” He whispered, She pulled him to herself and held on her two sons. “Mommy isn’t angry anymore okay,


Mommy loves the both of you so much,”


“What about our sister?” Reid asked referring to Alicia, She nodded,


“I love the three of you more than anything in the whole wide world.” She corrected,


“More than daddy right?” Reid asked again playfully,


“Yes more than daddy.”


Andre frowned,


“But why….”


“Because daddy,you’re not a baby,


It’s only us babies that needs mommy’s love.” Justin replied him before he could




“All lies,


I’m your father and I aided mommy to birth you all so I deserve more love too.” He argued.


“You’ll have to wait for us to grow up and have our own son’s before mommy will love you.” Reid added.


Andre only shook his head and sat beside Gianna and the cuddling boys, He planted a kiss on her cheeks,


“You won’t cease to amaze me uh?” He asked,


She nodded.


“I’m you woman,


So I just have to surprise you all the time.” She said to him,


He pulled her and the boys closer and wrapped his big arms around them. “I’m never going to ever let go of you Anna even till death,


You’re stuck with me till infinity.” He whispered to her ears softly.


A few days before Alicia was to come home, Dean brought Louisa over,


He said he wanted her to bond with Gianna more while he take the boys out for soccer,


Andre was off to work,


So they came early.




Uncle bad guys here.” Both boy called from the living room,


Gianna was inside the nursery like always,


Making sure everything was well in order.


She rushed out hearing the boys called,


Uncle bad guy.




The boys had given him the name in one of their games where,


Dean was the boy guy while the twin were the good cops.


When she came into the living room,


Dean was carrying the two boys while Louisa was just laughing at the jokes Reid made on Justin,


Uncle you might break your arms carrying Justin cause he’s too weighty, He eats too much sweet food.” He said, “No I’m not,


I’m just growing bigger than you and you’re jealous.” Justin protested.


“Boys,are you going to welcome your uncle with your arguments?” Gianna asked, Seeing her,


Both boys kept shut.




Welcome.” She said to the two other adults, “Louisa,


Come to the kitchen with me please.” Gianna said,


Louisa left Dean and the boys and followed Gianna to the kitchen.


“Nice home you’ve got here.” She said to Gianna, “Thanks dear,


All this are courtesy of Andre.” She replied her, ” I admire the both of you a whole lot,


I just wished that I and Dean will have a love story similar to yours,’ “No,


You won’t get a love similar to ours,


You can get a love greater than ours okay.” Gianna corrected her, “You deserve great things Louisa,


Every woman deserve great things.” She continued.


I agree with you.” Louisa simply said, “Whenever my brother gives you tough time,


Don’t hesitate to tell me and I’ll be right there to set him straight.” She whispered to Louisa who giggled uncontrollably,


I heard that!” Dean yelled from outside the kitchen,


Gianna joined Louisa in giggling.


He popped his head inside,


“Anna,I and the boys would be outside if you ever remember I’m your brother.” He said to Gianna,


“I don’t need you for anything,


You’re free to go.” She said,


Dean feigned a sad face and left the kitchen, “Make sure Reid doesn’t stress out himself,


He isn’t strong enough for tough games.” She half yelled,


“Okay ma.” Dean yelled from the hallway as he left with the ball.


“Is he such a kid at home?” She asked Louisa,


“You’ve seen it for yourself.” Louisa said amused at her question.


“Wait till you’ve kids dear,


To Andre and the boys,


I work a hell lot.


Andre misbehaves even more than the boys,


Most times he makes some silly demands and all I think about is spanking him so


hard but I can’t,


Cause if I do,


I’ll end up in bed for the rest of the day.” She said, “Is he that childish?” Louisa asked, “More than that.” Gianna added.


“And that’s the main reason I love him,


You just have to love them and their silliness to make your relationship last, Ignore most of their mistakes and be plain to them.


But don’t let them see that you solely depend on them, Cause when you do,


They see you more like a liability than as a woman.


Once in a while,try be stubborn and push him to the wall but don’t annoy him always,


Allow him make silly mistakes like losing his keys and misplacing his phones and ties and you know all those small thing.” She said to Louisa, Gianna canes closer to her,


“And mostly don’t always give in freely to all his s£x urges, Try make him fight for it.” She whispered, While Louisa started giggling.


The next two days was jammed with intense preparation for the old man’s birthday and Baby Alicia homecoming.


The venue was the De Marco’s main Mansion, As the Mistress of the family,


Every preparation fell on her shoulder,


Gianna had heads on for everything.


Thanks to Louisa and the maids,


She got some really good helping hands.


Since Louisa was familiar with drinks and food,


Gianna let her handle those parts while she did handle the decoration of the Mansion.


Dean and Andre did handle the guest list so well,


Since it was no ordinary birthday party,


It was strictly on invitation.


On the auspicious day,


Gianna and Louisa woke up very early,


They went downstairs to make sure everything was in order.


After that,


The kids were woken up and they all had a big family breakfast before heading to their different assigned job.


The party stated by noon and the old man’s other grandchildren and their wives and kids were present,


The whole family was present and had a really good time getting to know each other.


The old man’s other grandchildren weren’t as hostile as their fathers,so it took them no time to get familiar with Andre,Gianna, Dean,Louisa and the kids.


Later on,Gianna and Andre went to the hospital to bring home their long waited baby girl.


Baby Alicia True De Marco was added to the family list by the old man.


When it was time to hand over the rein of authority to Andre,


The old man brought forth every necessary document pertaining to the change in power and handed it to Andre,


“I now declare you Alexandre De Marco the head of the De Marco clan from onwards and with this you shall go with the Grand Master of the De Marco clan.” The man made the announcement public.


And after,Andre and Gianna publicly announced their wedding date which was just a month and a few weeks ahead.


Everyone began to clap and sing to the praises of Andre.


While the party was still on,


Gianna took the baby upstairs to feed her.


She was rocking the baby to sleep when Andre came inside the room and shut the door behind him.


“Andre be careful,she’s finally asleep.” Gianna whispered,


He took the sleeping baby from her and lay the girl on her golden basinet.


“We’re going to be careful.” He said to her.


Gianna understood his meaning,




Not now,


They’re still guests downstairs that need out attention.” She argued in a low voice,


“Yes and they can wait till I’m done with my fiancé,


There’s no rush to it.” He said as he pulled her closer and lay her on the bed.


I want to have a taste of you so I won’t go mad down there. He said to her, Gianna tried to push him off her but he was damn too strong for her,


“I’m not letting you go Anna,


The world can wait till I’m done.” He whispered to her kissing her earlobes. She felt a tingling sensation as his kiss became urgent and in no time,


She gave in to him and let him have his way. “Anna I love you so much,


You,our sons and our beautiful daughter.


I’ll give my everything for you all.” He said stealing another kiss from her. “And you too Andre,


I love you with every single ounce of my life and I would never ever leave you,not in this life and not in another life to come.” She whispered to him,


He pulled her closer to himself,


Letting his body enterwined with hers as they savor each moment they spent with each other,


Starting from when she’d first become his surrogate,


THE BILLIONAIRE’S SURROGATE. To now she’s his woman,


His fiancé and the mother of his children, His handsome princes and beautiful princess.


















This story is dedicated to all those people looking for love.


Those who’d been in and out of toxic relationships and are looking for true love, It exist dear,


You just got to meet the right person and let love lead.



And to those single mothers out there,


I admire your courage and wish you success.


Being a single mother ain’t easy at all and when you see one,


Admire her strength and really adore her,


She’s doing a hell of a job.


And to all my reader and fans,


I’m loss of words on how to express my heartfelt love for you guys,


I love you all and promise more interesting stories from me.


Love ya all.

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