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Gianna was going after Andre,


He seems to be drifting apart from her.


She tried to hold on to him bit his hands were slippery wet, “Andre please hold on.” She said to him,



“I’m going to call someone to help help you up.” She said to him, “No,


If you leave me,I’ll fall down.” He said,


Fear was written all over his face.


“Andre just try hold on please.” She pleaded with him,


She just wanted to turn and get hold of something when her hands slipped away


and unfortunately Andre fell.




She woke up with a start


It was a nightmare,


A very terrible nightmare.


Gianna looked around the room she found herself, She was alone in a hospital room. No Reid,


No Andre,


Just her and herself.


The door opened and her son came in,


Seeing her awake the boy leaped for joy and ran to her, “Mommy you’re awake.” He exclaimed excitedly, She was confused.


How did she get here?


She tried to recall what had brought her to the hospital.


She only recalled being with Dean,


He was trying to save her..


She was bleeding…




She touched her stomach,


“My baby?” She asked herself,


Even Reid became surprise,


“Mommy are you fine?


Does it hurt?”


He asked her,


She only tightened her arms around her belly, “Reid where’s your daddy?” He asked the boy.



She’d just recalled the nightmares she’d before waling up, “Daddy went to do some work,


Said something about setting some things straight.” Reid vaguely remember all what his father had told him before he left. “Mommy,daddy said you should have enough rest..”


“Where’s the doctor?” She asked the boy, Reid stood up and touched her forehead, “Mommy do you want to talk to him?” He asked, She nodded,


“Reid son,please go get the doctor for mommy.” She pleaded with the boy, Reid nodded and left the room to get the doctor as she as pleaded.


Gianna was worried,


She didn’t know why but she knew something was about getting bad, If possible,getting worse.


The door opened and both Dean,the doctor and Reid walked inside the room, “Gianna,


Are you alright?” Dean asked seeing how worried she looked, “Doctor,


Is my baby safe?” She asked the man.


The doctor had wanted Andre to be the one to tell her about the bad news cause he didn’t know how she was going to react to knowing that she’d lost her baby. He didn’t reply her,


Rather Dean went ahead to.


It was better that way cause one way or the other, She was still going to find out. “Gianna,”


He sat on the bed and pulled closer to her, “Gianna,


You’ve to get hold of yourself.” He said,


She already knew the answer to her question by their reaction.


She lost her baby.


She couldn’t save her baby,


All because of her selfishness and silliness irrational decision of leaving Andre,


She’d lost her baby,


Hers and Andre’s baby.



With tears in her eyes,


She looked at Dean,


“You don’t need to tell me Dean,


I already know the answer to my question.


Where’s Andre?” She asked them,


No one said anything.


“Dean please tell me where Andre’s?” She said to him, “Gianna you need to rest,


Andre would be back soon.” He said to her,


This people don’t seem to understand me,


“Someone should tell me where Andre is?” She yelled,


Everyone became surprised.


She took Dean’s hands,


“Please Dean,


Tell me where Gianna’s.” She left the bed,


Pulled out every tubes connected to her body and knelt in front of him,


With tears in her eyes,




You have to tell me where Andre has gone to please.” She pleaded him, “Gianna get up,


You aren’t well.” Dean tried to pull her up but she slapped his hands away, “Just tell me where he is already!” She cried. Dean couldn’t bear it,


Couldn’t bear seeing her in pain.


“Andre left earlier,


He was talking about setting some things straight.” He blurted.


Dean knew what Andre meant by those words,


He knew Andre was going to hurt someone for what had happened and his instinct told him it was the families of those his uncles that had made Gianna lost her baby. Immediately he told Gianna what Andre had told him, She got the point.


This was what her dream was all about.


She’d to stop Andre,


She’d to stop him before he does a great damage.


She know that whenever he’s angry,


He does irrational things,


Things he’s going to regret afterwards.


“Dean,let’s go find Andre please.” She asked, Dean couldn’t say no.


He know to well that for now,


Gianna doesn’t take no for an answer.


“But Mr…”


“Don’t worry about her doctor,


I’ll take care of her.” He helped Gianna up from the floor, “But I’ll advice,you use a wheelchair miss,


Your body isn’t strong yet and we wouldn’t want you to get worse.” The doctor advised,


She wanted to refuse but Dean didn’t give her the chance to this time, “Doctor, get the wheelchair.” He said, The doctor nodded and left to get it.


While Reid stood by the side and watch everything that happened in amazement.


Andre was super mad,


Hatred and wickedness filled his sight.


All he wanted was to get to both his uncles mansion and set it on fire ensuring no one escapes his wrath.


They’ve killed his unborn child,


So they deserve nothing but death.


For ever laying their filthy hands on his woman,


For being the reason why Gianna had lost their baby, For every other thing they’d done so far,


Their offsprings are going to pay with their lives , As long as he’s concerned,


There’s no mercy for whoever hurts his woman.


Andre accelerated the speed of his Bentley it zoomed to the direction of his uncle’s mansion.


Both his uncles had bought the large piece of land and had erected their building on it.



The land was a vast land and was tagged ‘Lonely Soul’ till his uncles got it on a bidding price,


They erected three gigantic mansions on the land and moved in there with their families.Extraordinary everyday from


STORY CENTRAL(SC) TELEGRAM GROUP Andre had been there once as a young boy,

That was when he’d came here for the opening of the house.


His phone began to ring,


He checked the caller,


It was Gianna.


He ignored the call and continued driving, He never expected it to be her,


He was thinking she would still be resting.


It rang against ,


He ignored the call.


The phone rang a few more times but he didn’t take the call,


There was nothing in earth anyone is going to tell him that will stop him from doing what we want to do.


He’s hell bent on destroying his uncles family and there’s nothing on this world that’ll make him stop.


“Dean drive faster.” Gianna urged Dean as he drove, “Gianna,I’m driving fast.


This is literarily the fastest I can go.” He said to her,


This is the umpteenth time she’s telling him to drive faster and also the umpteenth


time he’s giving her the same reply.




Please faster,


I can see Andre’s car ahead of us.


Drive faster,


We need to stop him.” She said to him,


Dean sighed and shook his head,


He wouldn’t have been here driving his ass out to look for the man who’d stolen the only woman he’d ever love of not for her.


For him he would wish that Andre get lost and never comes back,ever again. Most times,



He gets very jealous seeing how she cares a lot for Andre, And wished it was him in Andre’s place.


He wants Gianna to see him as more than just a friend, But she couldn’t cause her heart has been given to another.


He’ll only be a friend to her no matter what he does,so he’s going g to do nothing than accept his fate.


They were just a few meters from the mansion,when they saw Andre jump out from his car,


He went to the trunk of his Bentley and brought out a while gallon filled with petrol,


He was holding a gun too.


Immediately Dean got closer,


Gianna jumped out of the car and ran to Andre,who was already pouring the content of the gallon on the gate.


“Andre!” Gianna called as he ran towards him, “Andre,please stop.” She cried,


Dean immediately stopped the car and ran after her,


He was just praying she doesn’t get hurt trying to stop Andre.


Andre was about lighting g up the matchstick when Gianna grabbed his arms quickly,


“Andre please stop.” She pleaded,


“Andre please don’t do this.” She pulled his sleeves to stop him from lighting up another match.


“Gianna,what are you doing here?


Go back to the car.” He warned her.


It was visible he was very angry but Gianna didn’t want the case to get worse than it already has.


“Gianna let go!” He thundered,


“Andre please don’t do this,


If you want to get angry,get angry at me,


If I hadn’t left the hospital,


Your uncles wouldn’t have taken me.


Please don’t do this.” She pleaded,


“Gianna,you’ve got nothing to do with this,


They hurt you and killed my baby,


Our baby.” He said,


Gianna wasn’t letting go of him.


“Andre just please,


Listen to me just this one last time,


Let’s go hone and talk about this please.” She pleaded him, “I’m going to listen to you,just company home with me,

Let’s go home to our sons and we’ll calmly talk about this.” She pleaded with me.


Andre didn’t want to stop,he wanted to burn down the house and everyone living in it but he couldn’t hurt Gianna,


He couldn’t hurt her feeling again.


After all,he’d been the main reason she’d lost her baby, Their baby.


If he’d watched over her and not get angry irrational, She wouldn’t have lost their baby. “Andre please.” She said,


Andre turned to her,


“Let’s go home Anna.


Let’s go home to our sons.” He said to her,


He pulled her closer,kept back the matchbox on the floor and left with her.


Dean watched from close by how Gianna was able to calm Andre down and stop him from burning the house like he’d intended to. When he saw them enter into Andre’s car,


He got into his car too and zoomed off.


Andre and Gianna didn’t go home,


They’d to get back to the hospital to get Reid. “Andre,what about Jasmine?” She asked him, “Is she alright now?”


He hadn’t asked the doctor about Jasmine,


All his mind had been on Gianna and when the doctor told him shed lost her baby, He got to angry to think about any other thing but getting revenge on his uncles.


“I don’t know,


Haven’t asked about her.” He said,


Gianna pulled away from him,




She’s pregnant too.” She lamented,


He frowned.


Why’s she softhearted?


This was the woman who’d stolen her jade as a kid and her position as an adult,


The same woman who’d tried to hurt her countless times in the past and was the


mastermind behind her kidnap.


And she’s feeling sorry for her.




“Andre let’s meet the doctor and ask how she’s.” Gianna persisted, “Okay okay.” Andre said to her.


He called the doctor,




What about the other wounded woman,


Is she okay?” He asked the doctor,


“Well sir,


She isn’t okay,


She’d lost a lot of blood during the accident and I don’t think she can ever survive it.” The doctor informed,


“Doctor what about her baby?” Gianna asked the he doctor,


“Fortunately her baby wasn’t hurt but we’ll have to act fast to save her baby.” The doctor said,


Andre twitched his brows,


“How?” He asked the doctor,


“If we leave the baby in her womb,


The baby might die,


So we’ll have to operate on her and take out the baby to save its life.” He explained to them,


“Who’s going to take care of the baby if she eventually dies?” Andre asked the doctor,


The man frowned,


Even Gianna did too.


“I was hoping since you are close to her,


You could……”


“No,I’m not going to take care of that child.” Andre blurted.


“But Master…..”




Is there any other option?


Cause I can’t have her child live under my roof.” He said, “Doctor,


Let’s not talk about this now,


Well get to you later.” Gianna interrupted.


The doctor left and she turned to Andre,


“Andre you’re not going to do this please.” She said,


“Why are you going to send the child to an orphanage just because of the mother’s mistake?” She asked,


“Cause the child is suppose to pay for mother’s sin,


And the offspring of such vile woman can’t stay under my roof.” He said to her firmly.


To be continued.

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