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Gianna pulled Andre to the side,


“Andre please listen to me,


You don’t have to do this.


You don’t have to turn you anger to the poor child because of what the mother


did.” She pleaded,


“Gianna no,


Remember what Jasmine did to you years ago?


She stole your jade and tagged you a thief,


Stealing your rightful position as my fiancΓ©.



She’s the Master minder behind your kidnap and had also aided my uncles to kidnap you and you still want to forgive her?” He was irritated by her kind nature.


Why can’t she just forget about Jasmine and let her pay for her crimes?


He asked himself.




Yes you’re right.


Jasmine did a lot of awful things to me and I’m not happy with her.


But I don’t think it’ll be right to involve her innocent baby in the mess she created and moreover,


Jasmine had helped me and Reid while your uncles held us captive. She’d taken the shot that meant for me,


Please let’s just reconsider just this last time.” She pleaded him.


Andre was weak,


This woman always had a way to make him succumb to her wish,


She’s more of a charmer.


He shook his head




But one one condition.” He said,


Gianna smiled,


“What’s your condition?” She asked him,


“You can take the baby home as long that he or she doesn’t cross part with me and I wouldn’t consider it mine.” He said to her.


Gianna found his condition rather harsh but at least, He agreed to have the baby live with them. “Okay Andre,


I agree to the your condition.” She said,


He nodded.


“So can I go see her?” She asked the doctor, He nodded,


Andre refused to go with her,


So she went alone.


Jasmine was still unconscious when Gianna entered the room,


She sat beside her.





I know you don’t like me but I still feel I should tell you this, Even though you can’t hear me.


I’m going to be taking care of your baby while you’re still here.


It’s a shame you wouldn’t get to know your child but I guess that’s how fate works.


The doctor said there is a fifty fifty survival chance for you and to save your baby,


They’ll have to get it out of you womb before operating on you.


I hope you get well and survive this to see your baby but if you don’t,


Just know that your baby’s in safe hands and I forgive you for everything bad you’ve done to me and my family,


I bear no grudge against you and hope you get well soon.” She said to the unconscious woman.


After her talking session,


She turned to the doctor,


“When would the operation be carried out?” She asked him, “As soon as possible,


We’ll have to speed things up before it affects the baby in her womb. And even after we get the baby out,


We still have to put it in an incubator since it’s organs aren’t fully developed. It’s need intense care and devotion to make it survive.” He explained, “Okay no worries,


Just do whatever you’ve to do to make sure the baby’s safe.


I’ll handle every other things that comes after.” She said to him, The doctor nodded and she left the room.


That night,


Andre,Gianna,Justin and Reid were all together,


The Old Man was still at the hospital cause he hadn’t fully recovered. And Andre had promised his that he was going to introduce him to his grandchildren (Gianna and Dean) after he recovers, The old man was so eager to meet his grandchildren,


He’d accepted all the medications and procedures the doctors had given him.


“Boys,I have an announcement to make.” Gianna announced the boys during dinner,


Andre knew what she was going to be saying, So he sighed.


Such a spoilsport.


Gianna said to herself.


“Mommy what’s it?” Justin asked,


He got no idea on what’d happened recently,


Andre had asked Gianna and Reid not to tell the boy of what had happened. “Are we getting a new sibling?” He asked excitedly, Reid shook his head,


That should be the least thing he wants to hear now,


He just wants only himself,his brother,his mommy and his daddy,no one else.


“Kind of.” She said,


Immediately Reid frowned,


“You guys are getting a new sibling which I hope is a baby girl.” She announced.


“Yay!” Justin shouted excitedly,


Reid face was cold,


Gianna noticed it and asked the boy what the problem is.




Aren’t you happy about this?” She asked,


Thanks boy stood up from the dining table and went to his room not saying a word to anyone.


Gianna and Justin was surprised but not Andre.


He knew why the boy was unhappy at the news and he as going to use it to his




” Reid,


I’ll go talk to him.” Gianna wanted to stand but Andre stopped her,


Now worries, Eat your dinner,


I’ll go talk to him.” He said, But Gianna didn’t want to sit. “Anna finish your dinner,


You still have to take your medications,


I’ll go talk to Reid.” Andre stood up and left while Gianna sat down and continued end to eat her dinner.


“Mommy doesn’t little brother want another sibling?” Justin asked innocently, “I don’t think so,


Maybe he’s just surprised,



Don’t worry about him.” She said to Justin, “Let’s finish up out dinner.” She completed.


Both herself and the boy focused on the dinner in front of them.


Dean was driving to Denver tower,


He decided to check on Gianna but on a second thought, He decided against it.


He didn’t want to go and see Andre there,


He still had a few more hours to his meeting with the Director Selden and some of the other directors from another filming house,


They’re starting a new movie after the release of Green Love and they were hoping on making him to he male lead.


But since he was talking on leaving the industry,


Director Selden was hoping on pleading with him to go for this one more.


He was just a few blocks from Denver Tower,


When he caught sight of a somewhat familiar young girl walking out of the coffee shop nearby.


He couldn’t take his eyes off her as he tried to recalled where he’d seen the face before.


He was still his car when she crossed over to the other side of the street, His instincts told him to go talk to her,


She wanted to hail a cab but all the cab driver had increased their fare,


So she was a bit stranded waiting for a more cheaper cab.


Seeing her situation,


He stepped out from his car and walked towards her, A few meters from her,


He recalled the he’d seen her,




Yes,she’s Louisa.


He stopped walking and stood by the side, What was he going to say to her?


Tell her that he was the strange drunk man she’d helped from a few days ago.


The one she’d left her house for.


No Dean,


That’s not how to approach a woman.


It’s not that he wanted to flirt with her,


He just wanted to thank her properly for saving him the other day.


He gathered all courage and took a step further,


He stopped.


Why not turn back and get into his car and act like he never saw her.


He wasn’t very familiar with woman and the only woman he’d ever spent time with was Gianna.


Gianna was more of a quiet and lovable woman,


He doesn’t know whether Louisa was the direct opposite of Gianna, In fact,he doesn’t know how she behaves….. He took a deep breathe,




You just have to go there,


Thanks her and ask if there’s any way you can help her.


His inner self told him.


He gathered courage and walked towards her, “Hello Miss….”


“I mean hello pretty lady.” He greeted,


She turned to him.


“Good morning Sir.” She greeted,


She doesn’t even recall who he’s.


“How’re you doing?” He asked her,


She nodded,


“Doing great,you?” She asked,


“Fine,I guess.” He muttered,


She nodded.


Dean didn’t know what to say for the next few minutes, So he just stood and stared at her,


She was beautiful but can’t be compared to Gianna,


Cheeks that flushed red at intervals and a very deep dimple on both cheek.


“Where are you going to?” He finally asked, She looked at him,


“Where you talking to me?”She asked,


Obviously her mind was somewhere else,


” Yeah,



I was asking where you’re going to?” He repeated, “Oh,” She smiled,


“Going home actually.” She said lightly,


He nodded.




Where are you going to?” She asked him,


“Waiting for someone.” He said.


“Do you still remember me?” He asked her on impulse.


She shook her head,


“Don’t actually,


Please can you remind me where we met?” She asked politely,


“Remember the drunk guy at the bar,


The one you took home?” He asked,


She closed her mouth with both palms gesturing surprise.




This is that guy.” He said.


“Sorry I couldn’t recognize you again.” She apologized, “Its no problem,


Things happens and we tend to forget about people we meet with time.” He said, She was still smiling.


“Mind if I drop you where you’re going to?” He asked,


She shook her head.


“I insist,


Still part of my way to pay back the favor.” He. said,


“Well I’m not really going to a particular place, I’m just job hunting.” She finally confessed, Dean was surprised.


“Thought you work at the bar?” He asked her.


She shook her head,


“Use to work there,


I quitted.” She said,


“Mind if I ask why?” He said,


“Just wanted to,


Tired of all the late night and not having to study for school.” She said, “You still go to school?” He asked her,


She nodded.


“Yeah,I do.


Part time at St Newark’s College,


Studying Child’s Care and Sociology.” She said, “My final year.” She added.


“That’s good.” Dean nodded,


“Enough about me,


What about you?” She asked him,


“I’m an actor.” He pointed.




That’s good.” She said mostly to herself. “I’ve a meeting to attend in Denver Tower,


Mind if we out for lunch together later?” He asked, She looked at him for sometime before replying, “I don’t think that’ll be possible,


I have a job hunt to….”


“You don’t have to continue,


I think I’ve a job offer for you.” He said,


She frowned.


“What offer?”


“We’ll talk about it at lunch,


Make sure to be there.” He brought out his complementary card and gave it to her.


Meet me at Casa De Sol by noon.”


She took the card from him,


“Okay.” She nodded still looking at him,


“See you there.” Dean turned back and walked towards his car.


Later that afternoon,


Louisa got ready and hailed a cab to the restaurant where Dean had asked her to come.


She got there a bit early but surprisingly Dean was already there.


When shed got home earlier,


She’d studied the card he’d given to her.


His name is Dean Wilson and he’s a star artiste in the movie industry.


She ran an internet check on him and was surprised at what she saw.


He’s the younger brother of Dane Wilson and is the male lead of Green Love and


as well as so many other movies.


And his relationship status,


He’s single.


Though was once mistaken for being in a relationship with his co artiste Gianna McKenna but was later confirmed just friends.


There wasn’t much of his life on the tabloid system, Such a privy.


Dane and Andre decided its best they tell Gianna and Dean the truth about themselves.


Not telling them soon is like worsening the problem and having Dean have his hopes high about marrying Gianna,


So they’d called Dean and asked him to come home.


He’d been so reluctant to come over,saying he was busy but when Dane insisted he comes,


He agreed to come.


He drove to the Wilson’s Mansion as late at eight pm,


He got out of his car and walked into the mansion.


Getting closer,


He heard Andre’s and Gianna’s voice and was surprised what they’re doing at Dane’s this late.


He opened the living room door and went inside, “Dean,


You’re here.” Dane said getting up,


Andre and Gianna did look at him but didn’t say anything.


After they settled down,


Dane brought out the files he’d on Gianna the day Dean had asked him to help him run a check on her.


“What’s all this?” Dean asked taking a look at the files,


“Do you remember asking me to run a check on Gianna some few day before you


left home?” Dane asked,


He nodded.


“Well these are the result I got.” He said to him.


Dean picked up the files and studied it.


He saw a few stuffs he never knew about her,


Things like,Gianna being the long lost daughter of the De Marcos.


The accident that claimed the lives of her mother and her older twin brother, He checked the date of the accident and the place it took place.


He dropped the papers,


He’d recalled getting involved in a car accident as a kid, He was eight at that time,


He checked the date of the accident and her date of birth, It was obvious she was eight too, Wait.


Her date of birth is same as his.


He looked at Gianna,then his brother,


“What’s all this about?” He asked them,


Gianna didn’t know what was going on,


Shed come over cause Andre had told her that they’re just to get thing clear for Dean.


“It’s about the true relationship between you and Gianna.” Dane said, Gianna frowned and turned to Andre, He signaled her to have patience.


“And what is that if I may ask?” Dean asked rudely,


Dane cleared his throat,




The both of you are the twins of Mrs Katerina who got involved in the accident that killed her.” He said,


Dean was….








“Yes,you both are siblings.” Andre added.


To be continued..

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