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Staying inside the elevator with a wet body made Gianna get cold. “Gianna are you alright?” Dean asked when he noticed her discomforts,


“It’s very cold.” She said hoarsely as she pointed to the cubicle opening by the top of the elevator.


It was almost windy outside and the breeze coming from there’s much,


Since she’s wet,


It was making her get cold.


Dean tried to get up there to pull the planes down but it was much taller than him and there was nothing he could climb on.


After trying to get to the cubicle opening, hr couldn’t,


So he crutched beside Gianna and Behan to wipe her wet hair with the towel. After that he pulled out the jacket he was wearing and put it on her, “Give me the phone.” He said to her,


Gianna picked the phone from beside her and gave it to him,


“Here you go.” He took the phone and dialled Director Selden’s phone number but it wasn’t going through.


There was still no network coverage,


He swayed the phone up as he called,


Still no avail.


Texted a few times but none was going through.


“Gianna we need to get you outta here before your cold get worst.” He said as he went to the elevator door and kicked it hard a few times, “Someone help!” He shouted but no reply.


Unknown to them,the elevator had landed in the underground basement were literarily,


People don’t go there much at night and not especially by this time.


Dean kicked the door countless times as he yelled with his voice began to croak but still,


No one came go help them.


“President De Marco is the boy’s father.” Mary said to herself,


Reid ran to the man while the receptionist looked at the man who just walked in.


He looks like a god,


In fact he’s a demigod.


He look like an aristocratic lord and has the same demeanor like the young boy.


In fact both look like they’ve been casted from the same mould.


It’s so obvious they have the same blood running through their veins.



“Good morning sir.” She greeted the man but Andre didn’t reply her, “Where’s she?” He asked the woman with a very authoritative and aristocratic voice.


Mary who was beside them was so dumbstruck she couldn’t utter any word. “Daddy we tried calling the cops but they weren’t helping at all,


Telling us to wait for the next twenty four hours before we can file a report.” Reid complained to the man,


He took out his cellphone and dialled the City District Police.


“Hello who’s there?” He asked the receiver immediately he picked up.


“This is Andre De Marco and I’m calling to file a case of a missing person.” He said,


“President De Marco,such a pleas……..”


“Get yourself here now.” He ordered the man and hung up.


Immediately the cops began to work on the case.


Andre turned to Mary,


“When did you see her last?”


“When she was done shooting,


That was just a few minutes past ten.” The lady replied.




Are you sure she didn’t got stuck in the elevator?” Reid asked no one in particular, Andre frowned,then turned to the receptionist,


“I need to see the security footage here.” It was more like an order than a request and she dared not refusing him.


Immediately, she stood up from the sit and slowly led them to the security surveillance room.


When they got to the room,


None of the workers were there,


“Where have they gone to?” The woman asked herself seeing the disappointment on the man’s face.


Andre looked around the room,there was no one in there, Incompetent Workers.


“Daddy can I go check it my self?” Reid asked for permission,



Andre need not forget his son is a computer genius and can fish out whatever they want to.


“Yes son,since the workers here are all lousy and incompetent.” He said to the boy, Immediately Reid walked to the desktop shoeing all the camera site.


Slowly he scroll down the lineup of camera’s site as he searched for the one mounted in elevator…


“Found it!” He said as he clicked on the first one, It was empty,


The second one too.


But when he clicked on the third and last one,


The rest disappeared and it came large on the desktop monitor, Two people were inside the elevator…… “I found mommy.” The boy said loudly,


Everyone excluding the receptionist rushed to beside him as they watched the monitor.


Gianna was laying on Deans arms as the latter was rubbing her palm with great intensity.


It was visible she was cold due the how she was shivering and sneezing occasionally.


“They’ve been stuck there for hours now.” Mary muttered, “Reid go place a call yo the emergency, You were are your mechanical engineers,


Call them right now,


In fact lead me to the control room.” Andre said impatiently.


The receptionist who was now ashamed of herself led the way to the control room while Mary tagged along.


The control room was almost empty,


All the workers were by the other side of the room playing cards and they didn’t notice the intruders that just entered.


Andre walked towards them and flipped the table in anger, Pouring both their cards and their drinks on the floor,


“How dare you?!” They asked on impulse but seeing who was standing in front of them,


They all kept their cool,


“President De Marco.” They all called simultaneously, Fear was visible in their faces.


“You punks are here while my woman is stuck in your goddamned elevator.” He yelled at them,


Each of them ran to the control centre and that was when they realised that one of


the elevator had a mechanical fault.




They hadn’t noticed it since.


“Incompetent bastards!”


“If you idiots don’t get her out of them under the next five minutes, I’ll sue you all to court,I swear.” He threatened.


Immediately the men ran to the elevator door and began to bang it.


“Gianna hold on,


Someone’s coming to save you and they’ll get you to the hospital.” He said to her, Gianna’s hands were almost half closed and she was almost getting short of breath. “Gianna hold on please,


Don’t close your eyes.” He pleaded with her.


While the men tried to open the door and get them out,


Gianna was loosing consciousness and Dean was trying every possible means to keep her awake,


While Andre stood by the desktop and watched every scene inside the elevator, Dean pecking Gianna’s forehead,


Him rubbing her palms to keep it warm and also cuddling her wet body to his, All this rose the jealousy level of the man he wanted to pull out the door and take his woman away from Dean.


Since the elevator had gone down,


The men had to get a crane to pull it up before they could open the door.


So they brought the crane to the underground basement then place it under the elevator.


It took five men and a machine power to pull up the elevator and when they did. The same five men as ordered by Andre,forcefully pulled the door apart,



Andre rushed in immediately and grabbed the already unconscious Gianna from Dean,


Not looking back,he took Reid’s hand and they turned to leave.


As soon as they got outside,


They were paparazzi and press were everywhere.


It happened that while the men were busy trying to bring Gianna and Dean out of the elevator,


The silly receptionist had gone ahead to call her boyfriend who was among the media and he too had call some of his colleagues too.


When Andre saw them he frowned,


Held on to Gianna and Reid tighter then sway his way through the crowd that kept shoving their microphone into his face.


“President De Marco,who’s this woman to you?”


“Is she your mistress?


“President De Marco,I thought you’ve been engaged to Jasmine?”


“She’s a second woman.”


“How’s she related to you?”


“What’s the relationship between you too?”


The questions were getting too much for Gianna’s ear,her brows furrowed. Andre seeing this became angry,


He turned to the press with a very cold face.


“If anyone dares follow me an inch again,


I’ll make that person regret it.” He swore to them. He turned and began to walked towards the car, But one reporter walked up to him fearlessly, “Air why aren’t you replying us?


Is it that your relationship with her is very illicit?” The man who turned out to be the receptionist’s boyfriend asked Andre.


With all anger and vexation,


He handed Gianna to the bodyguard and turned to the man in pure hatred,


Andre slapped the camera from the man’s hand,


Then he punched the man,


Punched him till he bled and his face was bloody,


“That’s the answer to your question.” Leaving the man pained and bloodied, He walked into his car and they zoomed off to the hospital, leaving the press in shock.


While at the hospital,


The doctors at the De Marco’s Private Hospital tried everything possible to revive


Gianna and fortunately for them,


She woke up after a few hours.


“President, she’s awake now.” One of the doctors told Andre who was waiting at


the doctor’s office with Reid.


Immediately the man gave them the news,


Both Reid and Andre got up and followed the man to the ward were Gianna was being treated.


“Mommy!” Reid called immediately he saw her awake,


“Reid be careful she’s still not strong.” Andre warned the boy as he ran to hug her. Gianna sat up and spread her arms to hug the boy, “Reid.” She called the boy as she hugged him.


“Mommy.” The boy called her,


“Thank God you’re safe mommy,


Thank goodness.” The kid said to her,


Andre just stood by and watched both of them, Especially the boy,


He appreciated the courage and boldness the little boy portrayed tonight to save his mommy.


He was so bold and did his very best to make sure his mommy was found and safe.


If not for the boy,he won’t have known what was happening to his woman.






Both mother and son turned to him,


“Andre.” Gianna called him,


“I’m sorry for making you guys worried.” She apologized to him.


Andre walked towards her and the boy and sat beside them,


“Why ate you always getting in trouble and being careless?” He asked her,


“I’m sorry….”


“No Gianna you’re not,


You’re always doing this,


Always getting into one trouble or the other, Why?


Why? He asked angrily.


He wasn’t angry that she got into trouble but rather he was angry and jealous that she’d to be with Dean in the elevator.


Seeing how Dean had held her and even pecked her forehead several times, He felt very angry and jealous.


To be continued.

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