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Gianna’s next shoot was with Dean,


Even though the latter wasn’t talking to her,


He couldn’t avoid her during set.


On their shoot today,


Gianna ( Emily) was going to be pleading with Dean (Emilio) under the rain.


Everyone anticipated for the act cause it was the most emotional scene in the movie.


Mary had prepared hot ginger tea for Gianna and stored it in a thermo flask. Cause Gianna would be under the rain for about an hour plus confessing her love to Dean.


Since the scene was going to be shot outside the hospital,


Director Selden decided to rent a small hotel for the shoot,


He paid for the whole second floor as his actors resting room,


Since they were going to be acting till late night.



The night before the shoot,


Andre had to take Justin home,


Though the boys weren’t happy about that but he’d to.


His grandfather won’t allow it for the boy to be staying outside the main house.


And secondly,


His grandfather had called him earlier and has asked him to come home.


Andre had been so surprised to see a missed call from the man,


So he decided to call back.


The old man was making a fuss about him leaving home for weeks and not bothering to call his pregnant wife (Jasmine)


Andre snorted,


Nevertheless, he still had to obey the old man.


“Anna I would have to take Justin home tonight.” He announced to them during dinner,


Immediately both boys frowned.


“But why?” Reid asked with a long face,


Gianna wasn’t happy too.


Just a week and some few days,


She could see the change in Reid.


He became more lively and jovial,


Not fighting his older brother and disliking his father like before.


But now,the boy’s about to go home,


She’s feeling bad,


Like he’s going away from her and Reid forever.


“Why does big brother have to go?” Reid asked Andre putting in a sad look, That got Gianna amused and sad too.


“Cause grandfather had called for big brother’s presence.


Big brother hadn’t been home for awhile now,


So it’s obvious grandfather wanted to see him so bad,


So I’ll be taking him to grandfather.” Andre said trying to coerce the boy.



“But can’t his grandfather look for someone else to miss?” Reid pouted, He wants to spend more time with his brother. “No,


But don’t worry,


Older brother will come back soon.” He ruffled the boy’s hair.


Justin wasn’t happy too he was going to be leading his mommy and younger brother.


Who’s going to teach my mathematical sums?


Who’s going to play with me?


Who’s going to read me bedtime stories while I want to sleep?


He doesn’t want to go back to that house where he’s all with himself and alone.


No mommy and neither is there a little brother,


No one for him to play and crack jokes with.


No one to play tricks on and do mischief with.


No one to tell him bedtime stories and brother to cuddle while he sleeps.


Slowly, tears were sliding down his eyes,


He wiped his tears quickly before anyone notices it.




Why can’t mommy and little brother come stay with us?


Our house’s big enough to contain them and I’ll share my room with big brother,


I won’t be naughty and I’ll get all my sums right,


Please let them come stay with us.” Justin spoke up,


Both Andre and Gianna turned to the boy,


“I would have love to have mommy and little brother come live with us kids, But the situation at hand doesn’t permit that. For the time being,


It’s better if mommy and little brother stay away from us and we come to visit them.” Andre said to both boys.


“But why?” Justin asked him sadly.


Reid needed not to ask,


He already knew why.


His father’s family’s filled with tigers,


Waiting for an innocent victim like his mommy to prey on.


Selfish and self centered people who fight themselves for wealth and power. They can kill themselves for all he care but his mommy isn’t going to step foot there.


And not especially when that Jasmine of a woman’s still there.


“I’ll explain all that later but for now,


We’ve to leave soon.” He said,


Both boys nodded.


After dinner,


Justin helped Reid do the dishes while Gianna went in to have a shower, Andre was busy with work in the patio.


When the boys finished,


Andre and Justin went back home.


“Where have you been?” His grandfather asked immediately they stepped foot into the house.


The old man was with Jasmine.


“How dare you leave you pregnant wife at home? No call,no text,just nothing.” The man was furious. Andre turned to Justin,


“Go to your room son.” He said,


Immediately the boy let go of his hand and headed upstairs.




The man stood up from where he was sitting,


A tight slap ran across Andres face.


Even Jasmine was shocked,


Cause ever since he got to know this family, The old man has never raised his hand on Andre.


He drew out some papers from the chair hr was sitting and threw it at Andre, “You’ve an illegitimate son outside uh?” The old man was in rage,


Andre bent and picked one if the papers.


It was a photo of Reid standing with Gianna outside his kindergarten school.


How did this man get this?


He asked himself.


Jasmine too was surprised,


How did the old man get hold to this?


What if he finds out the true identity of Gianna?


She was beginning to get scared.


If the old man’s to figure out her secret,


He’s going to kill her without any second thought.


I think now’s the time to act,


Why not help uncle Aleksandr to get what he want than stay and hope for a future with this people?


Here and there,she made up her mind,


She was going to help the other man.


Grandfather,he’s no illegitimate son of mine.” Andre retorted back, “He’s my flesh and my blood,


Justin’s younger brother.” He completed, “Then bring him into the family,

Why hide him with that slutty woman?


No De Marco’s blood is permitted to stay outside………”


“But you allow you illegitimate sons to leave outside the house.” Andre interrupted him.


The old man was fuming,


“Don’t test my patience son,


Bring that boy home,


That’s the last I’ll say in this case.” He said, Whenever he uses this last statement,


It means he’s about doing something drastic if he’s not obeyed.


“So where have you been with my great grandson?


For over a week now,


No call,no text,no nothing but you have a pregnant wife here at hone.” The man asked,


“I went on a vacation and grandfather,


I’ve told you timelessly,



That bastard she’s carrying isn’t my seed.” Andre said, Jasmine frowned from the seat.


“Don’t you dare boy,


Don’t you dare test my patience.” The man yelled, “Grandfather, I can’t accept what’s not mine,


I didn’t sire that seed and I would never sire any offspring from her.” He glared at Jasmine hatefully.


“But you can sire an offspring with a slut outside?” The old man asked him, “Gianna’s not a slut,


Rather your sweet devil of a granddaughter is.” Andre wanted to let his mouth loose and tell the old man what Jasmine had been doing and what’s she’s been up to lately but he knew it would be a perfect waste of time, The old man would believe Jasmine’s words to his.


“Jasmine’s the rightful Mistress of this family and no one can change that fact, Not even you Andre and not especially that slut you keep around.” The old man said,


“Then I’ve told you I can’t marry a deceitful and spiteful person like her. If you so much want her to be the Mistress,


Why not marry her and make her your fourth wife just like you wanted to do her so called mother?”


Immediately Andre said this,


The old man became hyper,


“You unfilial son,


How dare you speak to me like that?” He was in rage and was going to hit Andre with his supporting stick but Jasmine held him on. “Grandpa, you don’t have to do this.


Since Andre has refused to accept my pregnancy and me, It’s of no use I stay here……” The man turned to her in anger,


“Never! You’re the rightful Mistress and no one van change that.


Andre! You’re going to have to marry Jasmine,


Or you watch me hand over the Staff of Authority to someone else.” The old man threatened,


Andre face twitched,



His grandfather had promised that the Staff of Authority to him since he was twelve,


Though rightfully it’s his already but since the old man promised him the staff,


His confidence level rose astronomically.


But seeing the man threaten him with it,


He was not scared at all,


He’d prepared a long time ago for situation like this one.


For years he’d worked for him grandfather,


He’d created an Empire for the family but secretly he’d created a Conglomerate for himself.


So even if one day his grandfather would fail him, He wouldn’t be left stranded and penniless.


He’d purchased estates and private properties too.


So the old man making him head or not,


He’ll still be living off fine.


“No problem,you can keep it to yourself.” He replied the old man, He’d expected the boy to be scared and behave accordingly but no, He’s being more stubborn.


He didn’t mean to threaten the boy,


Cause deep down he knows non of his other sons can take care if the business with dedication and sincerity like Andre has done. If Andres to leave De Marco’s Group,


It will fall before it gets a saving hand.


“No Andre,don’t say that.” The old man spoke in a reasoning tone now, “My son,


Your grandfather has just some few years more to live, That’s if it’s even up to years.


My last wish is to see you married to Jasmine.


Can’t you fulfil my wish?


Announce to the press and media that you’ll be getting married to Jasmine and you give the date and I promise to fulfill my own deal and had over the Staff of Authority to you.


If you marry Jasmine as the family’s Mistress,



You’re free to bring in any other woman after that but Jasmine must be the Family’s Mistress,


And her position is undeniable.” The old man pleaded with Andre.


Andre smiled,


This what we call,


Using what you have to get what you want.


His grandfather knows that he can’t hand the Staff yo any other family member cause each of them them have selfish desires to convert the family money to their personal use.


None of his uncles could be trusted,


And he know they’re also against him.


Waiting for the perfect opportunity to bring him down.


Now his grandfather knows sure as not to joke around with him.


“Yes,I’ll marry Jasmine grandfather,


As per you wishes,” He announced,


Jasmine and the old man was shocked.


“I’ll marry her and no other woman can take her place as the Mistress of the family.” He said to them.


To be continued..

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