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The next few days,Gianna never left the boys,


Even though Andre was warming up for affection from her,she diverted all her attentions to the boys,


And Andre didn’t like it one bit.


“Mommy you’re going to sleep with us tonight again please.” Reid said to her during dinner,


Andre frowned hearing the boy,


“No,she’s going to stay with me,


She has been staying with you guys since yesterday.” He seethed,


“Andre,I’ll have to stay with the boys tonight, They need me more than you do.” She said,

Both boys leaped with excitement but Andre wasn’t happy.


Why choose the kids over him,


He’s their father and her man.


She should be prioritizing him before them..


“But daddy,mommy has been staying with you ever since we came here,


She’s only spent just yesternight with us,so we want her to spend tonight with us too.” Justin said from his dinner.



Normally, he isn’t the kind of kid that fight for his parents attention but for the past few days,


He has started being clingy to his mommy.


Most times,he fought with his younger brother unintentionally for who’s going to get more attention from her.


Andre looked at Gianna for her to say something but she didn’t,


“Mommy’s staying with us tonight or I won’t be able to sleep fine.” Reid said to none in particular,


“Yes mommy,if you don’t stay with us,


We won’t be able to sleep well.” Justin added too, Gianna smiled at both boys,


“Don’t worry,mommy’s going to stay with you guys tonight okay.”


As soon as she said this,


Andre’s countenance changed.


Andre stood up immediately,


“I’m done here.” He said to them,


It was obvious he was angry.


“Andre…” Before Gianna could speak up,he left the dining room.


“Mommy what’s wrong with daddy?” Reid and Justin asked her simultaneously, “Daddy’s just tired…..


” Is daddy jealous?” Reid asked smiling mischievously,


“Daddy’s jealous.


Daddy’s jealous.


Daddy’s jealous.” Both boys chimed in a rhythm while Gianna was confused, Why’s he being this hard?


I just want to spend time with the kids, that’s all.


Not like I’m leaving him forever.


Now she lost her appetite,


“Mommy can you feed me these lobsters.” Justin spoke up, “Yes,feed me and big brother some lobsters,


Daddy’s grownup and can take care of himself.” Reid spoke up.


Ever since he started being with his brother Justin,



He felt more relaxed with him and was willing to share his mommy’s love and attention with his brother,


Unlike before he was selfish and self centered and wanted her for himself alone. Now he’s willing to share with his brother and has planned on taking him on in his personal life too.


“Okay.” She kept her cutleries and began to feed both boys, Watching each wait in ecstasy as she fed the other.


Occasionally, Reid helped his brother peel of some lobsters and fed him while she fed them both.


After putting the boys to sleep, she lay on the bed in between both boys but sleep couldn’t come.


There were a lot of things in her mind.


Especially what happened the other day between the kids and Valora.


She was shaken by it but didn’t want both the boys and Andre to worry.


Who’d sent Valora to harm her and Reid?


Is it Jasmine?


Or is it someone else?


She was lost in thought, she didn’t notice Andre enter the room and climbed up to the bed.


He couldn’t get any closer to her cause both boys had their little arms wrapped around her and Justin had his legs too around hers. What a sleeping demon?


Sleeps like his mommy.


He touched her shoulder slightly and she came back to her senses, “What?


Andre.” She called shockingly,


“Don’t shout,the boys are asleep.” He whispered to her.


“Follow me.” He whispered to her,


Gianna shook her head,


He’s at it again,


Trying to make her leave the boys.


“Just come with me.” He said in a very hushed tone,


She shook her head,


Then covered herself and the boys but Andre pulled off the blanket, “Come with me.” He said more adamantly this time, Not wanting him to wake up the boys,


She slowly drew down from the bed and came down,


Carefully taking off the boy’s wrapped arms and legs around her.


Immediately she got off the bed,


Andre pulled her out of the room quickly but quietly.


“Andre what do you want now?” She asked him as he dragged her out of the room to the balcony.


“Andre,I’m suppose to be in bed but you just dragged me out here, What do you want?” She asked defiantly, But he didn’t say a word.


He made her seat on the Wicket’s seat while he sat down opposite her,


“Andre talk to me,


What happened?


What in the name of God do you want?” She asked,


“I want you.” He spoke in a very hush but masculine voice.


She frowned,


She knew he was going to get to this.


“Andre,you just called me out to tell me that?” She asked him frowning, Andre stood up from the wicket seat, “Yes.” He said proudly,


She sighed,


“Andre you’re so impossible.” She stood up to leave but he blocked her way.


“I haven’t given you the permission to leave.” He said, Gianna didn’t try to plead with him,


Rather she became more adamant and stubborn.


“Andre,I need to go,


The boys might wake up soon and I won’t want them not to find me beside them.” She said,


Andre’s naughty smile diminished into a frown,


“The boys again?” He groaned in frustration.


Is he getting jealous of his sons?


She asked herself, seeing how he reacted to her using the boys as an excuse to get away from him.


“What do you mean by that Andre?” She asked him, “What I mean is that,


Why does it have to be them?” He asked raising his voice now,


“Andre,they’re still kids and need me to always watch over them,


I mean they need us to watch over them.” She pointed to him and herself. “Anna,they’re eight and capable of taking care of themselves,


At lease,I’ve seen Reid handle himself while you were away with me, With Justin with him they should be able to….”


“Andre I can’t risk their lives with such assumptions.” She interrupted him, “And what does that mean?” He asked her,


“It means that we did leave the boys to handle themselves the past days and in the process we almost lost them both,


It was because of our negligence that the boys almost got harmed by Valora.” She


spoke out.


Andre frowned,


“What are you insinuating?” He asked her,


“Andre,I don’t mean for us not be be together but I would prefer being the kids always,


Cause I don’t know what I’ll do if what happened yesterday should repeat itself.” She explained,


“So I’m now the cause of what happened right?


Staying with me is now the cause of what happened?” Andre asked her haughtily.


“I never said that Andre…”


“But you meant that.” He said rather louder than others,


Gianna couldn’t say more,


It’s useless arguing with him.


“Andre,its late already,


I don’t think I want to argue with you now.



Just let me go back to the boys when you are ready to talk in a sane way,let me know.” Gianna was now annoyed at his attitude but Andre cared less.


“No we’re ending this tonight and you’ll have to choose the boys or me.” He said, Now this is where it’s getting serious.


“Andre, I don’t want to do this.” Gianna warned tiredly but angrily, He surged up to her and put his hands on her waist, But Gianna slapped him off,


“Andre let me go.” She cried.


“Gianna you’re my woman and I own you,


You’re mine and mine alone….” She forcefully pushed him away from her,


“Andre you don’t own me!


I’m not your sΒ£x toy or puppet,so you don’t own me.” She said to him, Feeling upset and angry at his words. “And get this clear Andre,


I’m choosing my sons over you and I’ll choose them over and over again.” With these words,


She brushed past him and left the balcony.


She headed to the boy’s room,snuck back into the bed with tears in her eyes.


How dare him?


How dare him say he own me?


I’m not his property,


I’m human and I have feelings.


Why can’t he just understands that the kids should come first before any other thing.


She lay on the bed for over an hour,waiting for sleep to claim her as she laid on the bed between her son and warm tears dropped down her eyes, But sleep wasn’t forthcoming.


She tossed and turn at intervals but sleep eluded her.


So she snuck out again,


But this time she snuck to his bar.


He must be asleep now cause I don’t want to see his disgusting face again.


This was her earnest prayer as she went downstairs.


Actually, she wanted to get some alcohol for herself.


Don’t get her wrong.


Yes she can’t handle her drink but now,she just wanted to drown in the anger that was surging in her.


She just wanted to get drunk,


Then climb back to bed and have a proper rest with her sons.


Slipping out if the bed,she snuck out of the room in the calmest and most quiet way ever.


She headed downstairs for the bar and luckily Andre wasn’t there.


Getting out a sit,


She pulled out a bottle of Bourbons and Martins.


Since she knew less about alcohol,she didn’t bother to know what drink she’d brought out.


She only took out a wineglass and helped herself to both.


She was just having her second glass when she began to feel tipsy.


But nevertheless, she wanted to get drunk.


All her life she’s never taken such path,


Taking alcohol without being forced but now Andre has pushed her to her limit.


She’s so angry now she doesn’t want to see his face again.


How dare him day he owns her?


He’s very stupid for thinking so,


She’s no one’s property.


She’s a human with feelings and emotions too,


Not a stuffed toy that can be shoved between two people.


She was very drunk by the time she finished half the bottle of both the Bourbon and the Martin.


Her legs couldn’t carry her as she tried to stand up,


So she sat on the floor beside the bar desk and waited for the drink to wear off. Falling asleep on that same floor,


She didn’t notice the arms that pulled her up and took her upstairs.


To be continued…..

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