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“Someone help!” Dean shouted as he kicked the elevator door with his foot, “Someone help us!” He shouted again but still there was nothing. He turned to Gianna,


She was wet from standing in the rain during the shoot and soon she might catch a cold too.


“Dean,do you have your phone with you?” She asked him weakly, Dean dipped his hands in his pocket and brought out his cellphone, “Let’s try and get to Manager Sullivan.” Gianna suggested, Dean tried the man’s cellphone e but no network…


“There’s no signal here at all.” He said frustrated,


He raised the phone up and was swaying it around for it to catch a signal but still it wasn’t.


“The network signal here’s too bad,


We can’t get to call anyone.” He continued.


“Haven’t anyone notice that the elevator isn’t functioning well?” She asked,


“Don’t think so,


This is small hotel,


So people don’t use the elevator or else they going to the third floor.” Dean replied.


After staying for some more minutes with no help from outside,


Gianna took Dean’s phone,


“Let’s play some music,


It’ll help kill the boredom.”


Dean didn’t argue with her,


He gave her his phone while she wrapped the towel Mary had given her earlier around herself as she scrolled through the phone for music.


She found some of Dean’s Soundtrack and decided to play from them. “Those songs are lame Gigi.” He sat as he crutched beside her, “I like them Dean,


I want to listen to them.” She said like a persistent child.



Dean allowed her play the song while he sat beside her and listen to the lyrics of the song,


Which he’d actually sang because of her.


It was past midnight and Gianna isn’t back home and that made Reid worried sick. Where could mommy be?


He asked himself as he lay around in the large living room waiting for her.


As as far as he knew,


Her shoot needed by ten pm but now it’s almost one am but she isn’t yet back. He tried calling her phone several times but all his calls were being diverted to voicemail.


Is mommy with daddy?


He asked himself after ruling out some possible places she could be in.


Mommy had told him not to call Denver Tower for anything as long as she’s still there and he understood.


If they were to know that she has a son and isn’t yet married, Its going to be a scandal for her name.


So he hadn’t ever tried calling them on anything pertaining to her.


He brought out his contact book and searched his mommy’s assistant’s cellphone




“Miss Mary…”


He dialled the number from the book and called the woman.


“Hello is this Mary Adams?” He asked,


The lady from the other end spoke up,


“Yes,who’s this and how may I help you?” She asked the caller, The voice to her was a kid’s voice,


So she began to wonder what kid would be up by this time and why would a kid be calling her.


“My name’s Reid and I want to ask you about someone,” The boy said, “Reid how old are you?” She asked the boy, He didn’t even allow her finish her question,


“That has nothing to do with what I want to ask you.” The boy barked angrily,



Mary was a very patient person especially with kids and judging from the boy’s voice,


He seemed around eight or nine.


So she took no offence to him raising his voice at her. “Are you guys done with the shooting?” Reid asked her, “Yes but why do you ask?” She replied him and asked him, Wondering what concern a boy his age to their shooting.


“Well I called to ask cause my mommy isn’t back yet and its already late.” The boy complained.


What a thoughtful child?


But wait.


Who’s his mother?


“Reid boy,


Who’s your mommy if I may ask?” She asked the child, “Gianna,


My mommy’s Gianna McKenna.” He replied, Mary gasped,


Miss Gianna has a son.


She couldn’t let go of the shock that held her, “Miss,” The boy called again,


“Yeah,I’m here.


Well actually, I’ve been looking for her for over two hours now.


I’d asked her to go have a bath and get into a new clothes since she was wet but its been long now and I haven’t seen her.” Mary complained too, “Where did you guys do your shooting?”He asked the woman,


“I’ll send the address to you now.” She said to the boy then hung up immediately.




Mary had been looking for Gianna for over two hours like she told the boy,


She’d gone up to see whether Gianna was done bathing but when she got there,


The room was still locked from the outside,


So she went downstairs and got the spare key.



She was thinking that she was done already and had locked the door but when she opened the door,


Everything was still the way she’d left them.


Her clothes,


The flask of ginger tea,


In fact the room looks like it hadn’t been visited recently.


Immediately she rushed back downstairs to search for Gianna but still she didn’t see her.


After searching for awhile and was asking, No one claim to have seen her.


Then she decided to look for Dean too,


Maybe he’s with her.


But still she didn’t find Dean too.


She went to Dean assistant,


“Please where’s Superstar D?” Mary asked the lady,


“How should I know where he’s?” The other woman retorted rudely, “Okay can I get his number?


It’s very urgent.” She pleaded but the other woman sighed and walked away.


Mary didn’t know what to do,


So she went to Director Selden.


At first she was scared to go to the man,


Since she began to work for Gianna,


She’s the only person among the set that ever talked to her nicely,


The rest acted like she never existed and she kept it that way,


She didn’t cross their part and they didn’t even notice her.


“Director Sir,” She called the director who was busy arranging the set for the next shoot.


“Director Sir,” she called again and the man turned to her,


The man turned to her,




Seeing her,his stoic face melted,


“You called me?” He asked her,


She nodded and he smiled.


“What do you want?”


“Sir,please can Superstar D cell’s number?” She asked the number.


The man recognising her as Gianna’s assistant and very loyal to Gianna, He brought out his cellphone,opened it and brought out the number, “Here it is.” He said giving the phone to her.


Mary took the phone from the man nervously, Immediately she dialled the number to her cellphone, “Thanks a lot Sir.” She thanked the man and left immediately. When she called Dean,


Her call was going through.


She called again,


This time her call was sent to voicemail.


“Is Dean with Gianna?” She asked herself as she tried to call the man again.


But her call wasn’t going through.


When Reid came,the receptionist was asleep on her desk, He sighed,


“Such incompetency?”


He walked past her and went to the hotel hallway to check whether he would see any other person.


He did saw no one,so he decided to call Mary.


“Hello Miss,I’m at the hotel,where are you?” He asked the woman as he went back to the receptionist desk to wait for the woman.


Before he got to the desk,the woman had already come there, She was talking to the receptionist when Reid got there. “Good morning ma.” Reid greeted the women.


When Mary saw the boy, she was in awe,


The boy’s so cute and looking from his demeanor and the way he acted, He’s a very smart child.


The child reminds her of someone she barely know, His facial features strikes a resemblance to someone. “Are you Reid?” She asked the boy,


He nodded coquettishly and then turned to the receptionist.



“Have you informed the cops?” The boy asked both women, Mary shook her head and the boy sighed,


“I think I’ve to do everything myself.” He muttered then brought out his cellphone from his pants pocket.


He dialled the emergency number and it began to vibrate.


“Hello,City District Police speaking,who’s one the line?” A male voice asked,


Reid cleared his throat before he replied,


“I’m Reid and I want to lay a complaint for a missing person he said to the man. “Reid, how old are you?” The man asked her,


The boy sighed to the amazement of the women with him, “Is that relevant?


Well I’m eight and I want to file a missing report for my mommy.” He told the man,


“Reid when last did you see your mommy?” The man asked him.


“She left early this afternoon and had gone for her shoot.


After the shoot which ended around ten pm and since then an isn’t back home.” He explained to the man.


“Reid, you’ll have to wait for the next twenty hours before your report can be filed now all you have to do is to call your mommy or wait for her to come home.


She might be busy with something or might have gone…….


Before the man could finish,Reid hung the call,


” Stupid people.” He sighed and turned to the women.


“What did they say?” Mary asked,


Seeing the boy’s facial expression she knew it didn’t go well.


“Let me call someone else.” He said to them.


Since he doesn’t have his father’s personal number,so he decided to call his work


number and as expected,


His secretary picked the call,


“Hello,who’s on the line?” The lady asked,


“I want to speak to your boss.” The boy said to the woman, “And who’re you?” She asked,


“Tell Mr De Marco that Reid’s calling.” He said.


Immediately the woman hung up and called back again.


“Hello Reid,


What happened?” Andre’s voice asked, “Daddy mommy’s missing.” The boy said,


These three words got Andre jolting from where he was.


“What?” He asked,


The boy repeated the words.


Andre hung up immediately telling the boy he’s on his way to the hospital.


Not up to thirty minutes later,


The man appeared at the hotel.


“Reid!” He called the boy seeing him stand with two other women.


The boy and the women turned to the aristocratic man that just walked into the hotel.


“President De Marco.” Mary muttered,


Is he the boy’s father?


She asked herself in great shock seeing the man.


To be continued..

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