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The next day Gianna went to the studio,


Everyone including Director Selden was so happy to see her come back,


Most especially her assistant Mary.


“Miss McKenna welcome back aboard,


We’ve all missed you while you weren’t in town.” The lady said,


“I came to the hospital to check on you a few days after you got admitted but the doctor said you’ve already been discharged,


Went on a special vacation?” She asked teasingly, Gianna blushed,


“Yeah,took a week off to heal you know.”


Mary nodded,


“Haven’t seen Dean around,


How’s he?” Gianna asked Mary,


“Well,Superstar D is fine,


He came with me to the hospital the day I came and bet me,


You need to see the disappointment in his face when the doctor said you’ve been discharged.” Mary gossiped.


Gianna felt bad too,


She’d really wanted to see him though.


He’s a great friend and she wouldn’t want to lose friendship with him cause of a silly notion.


“It’s a pity though.


So fill me in,what happened since I left?” Gianna asked Mary, Taking a seat in front of the assistant.


“Pretty much happened,


Katy’s ban and the newly signed end……..”


“Katy’s what?” She asked in confusion.


Andre had been so fast about it.


“Katy’s ban.


Weren’t you going through the social media while you were away?” Mary asked,


Andre had confiscated all gadgets while they were away, So she couldn’t go on the internet. “Not really..” She said,


“But what really happened?” She asked Mary who stared at her in disbelief.


“Well,since you don’t know what has been trending in the States for over a week now,I’ll glad to let you know.


A few hours after you were taken to the hospital that day,


A call was received from a higher ground and ordered Katy be banned from Denver Tower.” Mary explained to Gianna,


It’s no one else but Andre,


This is his doing.


And he made her agree to his condition to something he’d already done, What a shameless man?



“So now,Katy has been banned from all the Production Houses in the States and all investment on her have been withdrawn.” May said to Gianna who was beginning to understand what Andre really did.


Meanwhile Reid called his manager too to fill him on what’d happened while he


was away.




A lot had happened though,”


“Get me the most important information.” The boy said to the man,


The man was beating around the bush cause the most vital information he has is about the slapping scene at the shoot over a week ago.


He didn’t want to tell the boy cause he know what the boy’s capable of doing to that Katy woman.


But if he decide to hide it from the boy,


He’ll eventually find out and he might lose his job.


So he decided to tell him before he finds out from another source.


“It’s about what happened at Denver Tower studio over a week ago,”The man began,


” Okay,go on.” Reid said,


“Well I got information that an actress had bully a newbie by slapping her countless times pretending to forget her lines.” The man said,


“How’s that my…….” He wanted to wave it aside but something struck his memory,


Over a week ago,his mommy had been involved in an accident during shoot, The accident that ended her in the hospital with a swollen cheek…….. Wait.


Had his daddy lied to them about the accident?


Was it that his mommy got bullied by someone else?


“Who’s this actress?” He asked the man,


His child-like sweetness was long gone,


His expression was now cold and stoic and this was the side of the lad the man loath.


“Sir,I’m sorry to say this but your mommy was the newbie who got slapped by the actress,


Katy Lawrence.” The man said,



Immediately the boy became hyper,




How dare she?”


“Sir,you don’t need to bother,


She has been banned from the Denver Tower and other industries in the State and all investment on her had been withdrawn by the De Marco Groups.” The man assured,


But the lad wasn’t buying that.


Those punishment aren’t enough for a woman who raises her hands to slap his mommy,


Such person deserves something worst than ban “Send all information concerning her to me tonight,


I’ll go have a full and complete revenge on her for hurting my mommy.” He said to the man and hung up.


Even though his daddy had banned the woman from filming again and has made her penniless,


He wasn’t satisfied at all.


She deserves something worst than being penniless and banned.


No,he wasn’t going to kill her but she’ll prefer being dead than having to go through what he has in store for her.


Gianna didn’t have any shoot that day,


So she just sat around and watch others do their shoot.


Since Katy’s ban,another actress was chosen to take her place, It was Keith Williams,


One of the two Williams sisters.


She too doesn’t like Gianna but seeing what happened to Katy for trying to hurt her.


She could do nothing than condone her grudges in her heart and not involve herself in anything that’ll hurt Gianna.


Gianna also tried to talk to Dean twice but he ignored her each time she make a move to talk to him.



Though when he’d seen her walk into the studio, He was happy that she’s back and even said ‘hi’


But didn’t let their conversation past whatever has to do with the play and other formalities.


“Like Dean’s still not talking yo Gianna?” She heard Fanny said as she passed them sisters,


Everyone was beginning to notice that Dean has been distancing himself from her lately and soon,


It’s going to be the rumor of the town.


She cared less about that,


Her main interest is to have Dean listen to her and let them settle their issues.


Reid went to his room to check whether Agent Lee had sent him what he wanted,


He was going through his computer when he felt someone behind him.


He turned immediately to see who it was,


But surprisingly, it was Justin.


“What ate you doing and who were you talking to?” Justin asked him, He shut the computer and fully faced his brother.


“It’s nothing,I want to run through some of my school stuffs before going to….”


“I know you’re lying,


Tell me the truth.” Justin said to him.


Actually he’d heard his brother talking about revenging someone and that was why


he followed him to his room.


“Okay I’ll tell you,


But make sure this is only between the two of us,


No third ear,not even mommy or daddy.” He warned, Justin nodded,


“I promise I won’t tell anyone about it.” He said to his younger brother.


Reid stood up and went to lock the door so no one can enter uninvited or eavesdrop on their conversation.


Pulling his brother closer,he started showing the content of the computer to his older brother.


Katy was just coming back home from the pub,


Since she was banned from filming,


She does nothing than going to one pub to another, Squandering the little she has left.


Her former manager Mr Shroff had tried to talk some sense into her but she’s refused to pay attention or heed to the man’s advice,


So he’d allowed her to do whatever she wants to do with her life.


When she was approaching her house,


She noticed a black Rolls Royce Phantom parked at the other side of the street, She took no note to it though,


Cause the street was residential area and maybe it’s a visitor.


She was drunk,so she staggered to her gate and fumbled out her key from her pocket,


Before she could open the door,


She saw three hefty men around her,


“What do you want?” She asked them,


“Are you Miss Katy Lawrence?” One of the man asked her, She stopped what she was doing and nodded, “Yes,I’m Katy.”


Before she could finish,the me grabbed her and dragged her to their car.


“Let me go!


Who’re you guys,,leave me alone.


Who sent you,


I’ll pay double but please don’t hurt me please.” She cried but the men wasn’t moved by her pleas.


They dragged her to the Rolls Royce and immediately two little boys in black came out from the car and stood in front of her.


“Boss here’s the woman.” One of the men said to the boys, Seeing the boys,she became amused and angry,


She looked up to see the stupid kids that had scared her like this, “Hey little boys,


Don’t you have respect for your elders?


How dare you play such tricks on me?” She queried rudely and tried to stand up but the men pushed her back.



“Aargh!” She cried when her butt hit the rocks on the floor,


“How dare you hit our mommy?” Reid asked her with an evil glint in his eyes, “How dare you lay those filthy hands on your on our mommy?” Justin joined, “Who’s your mommy,


I haven’t touched anyone at all.” She said, trying to recall who their mommy is.


Reid walked to her and pulled her hair up roughly, “You dare lie to my face,


Didn’t you slap a newbie fourteen times last week?”He asked her,


newbie. A newbie. Wait,


Are this kids Gianna’s kids? Gianna have two kids.


But I already apologised to her and even got banned from filming so what else does she want?


Has she sent you guys to hurt me?”Katy asked in disrespect, “Well she didn’t send us but we came to make a deal with you.”


Reid turned to his Agent,


“Get me my phone.” The man went back to the car and brought out his phone. Reid took the phone and showed it to Katy, “You only have two options,


Have me release this video to the press and get yourself jailed or have me give you back the fourteen slaps you gave my mommy.”


Katy looked at the video in disbelief,


It was the video on her disfiguring Camille’s face with her nail clipper on the Gala night and also the aftermath of Camille’s face after that incident.


“How did this child get this video?” She asked herself, She didn’t want to go to jail,so when she reason things, She agreed to the boy slapping her.




“Choose one fast,


Time isn’t on our side.” Justin said to her,


“Okay,I’ll take the slap as long as you don’t release that video to the media.” She pleaded,


The boys smiled,


“Okay,I promise we won’t. Reid said,


“Now turn your cheeks to get your slap back.”


Katy turned to have the boy slap her but he didn’t,


Rather one of the men with him came to slap her,


“And mind you Miss, if you make him stop,


We’ll have to start all over again.” He warned Katy.


What did I get myself into please?


She asked herself.


The first slap landed in her ear,




The effect of the slap made her brain fuzzy,


Her ears began to ring.


Then another slap,




She staggered to the floor.


Her cheeks we’re stinging and the side of her eyes in burning.


“Remember no stopping till we’re done.” Reid said.


The slap continued till the tenth one,


Katy couldn’t bear it anymore,


“Please I’m sorry..”


Another slap shut her up,


“Don’t worry Missy, it’s just only three slaps more to go.” Justin mocked.


Another slap,




And Another.


The last slap got Katy unconscious on the floor,


After the slap,no one dared touch her again.


Reid and Justin got into the car and they were driven away.


Katy woke up in the hospital,



Her eyes felt like it was tripled it size and it was sore while her cheek stings, She couldn’t even move her face cause of the effect of the slap.


“Miss is there any family member you’ll want to call?” The nurse beside her asked her,


“Nnnnooo.” She manage to say,


“Well sorry Miss, you had a miscarriage.” The nurse said, It struck her,


She was pregnant and Gianna sent those people to slap her and now they’ve killed her baby.


A baby she doesn’t want but now its going to be her ticket to a better life. “I want to call someone.” She said to the nurse,


“Okay.” The nurse went out to get the phone.


When she came back Katy called Don Juan her financial backer.


The man had been out of the States to a while and had no knowledge of her banning.


After narrating her ordeal to the man,he hung up telling he’s on his way to the hospital.


Don Juan is a married man around his early sixties.


His wife bore him no son and a man of his status and position needed an heir to his heirloom,


Katy knew the man’s utmost need,so when he came to the hospital a few minutes later,


She lied to him that she was carrying his son but Gianna sent some people to hurt her and now his son is dead.


“What!” The man was angry,


“Who’s this Gianna?” He asked angrily,


“She’s the newbie in Denver and has been tormenting my life,never knew she could be this vicious,


Now I’ve lost our baby,our son.” She faked tears and began to cry.


Don Juan sat beside her and began to console her,


“Don’t worry sugar pie, well make another son and I promise you Gianna’s going to pay dearly for ever hurting you and killing our son.” He consoled her,



“I want to leave the States,I want us to go somewhere else so I can heal properly.” She said to the man,


He nodded immediately,


“Don’t worry,I’ll take you somewhere far from here,then as for that bitch Gianna, She’s going to pay dearly for hurting you, I’m going to make her suffer.”


The man swore to her.


To be continued….

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