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Andre agreeing to marry Jasmine’s something she couldn’t believe, He’d said it with all seriousness like he mean it.


And the Andre she knows is not the kind of person that goes back on his word.


Jasmine was shocked,


Why’d he decided to marry her all of a sudden?


The man’s so difficult to decipher,


One minute he’s swearing to the heavens he won’t marry her and the other minute he’s agreeing to marry her like he never hated her.


Or is he trying something else,


Does he still have a plan up his sleeve I don’t know of.


She was still lost in thought,


When her cell phone rang,


It was Uncle Aleksandr,


“Good evening Uncle.” She greeted the man first to avoid him acting like a psycho again.


“Jasmine have you started feeding my father that poison I gave you?” The man asked her,


“No I haven’t started.” She said meekly but like always, The psycho man went ballistic again, “What?




How dare you defile my order?


D you want to end up like your lover Aaron did?” He threatened, Jasmine could say no word till the man’s done yelling.


“You want me to end that miserable lie of a life you lead uh?”He asked her.


” Uncle’s not it,


I just don’t think I’ll help you anymore,


Andre has decided to marry me and hell be announcing our wedding date on grandpas birthday.


I don’t think I want to hurt grandfather. “She said to the man,


” You foolish woman,


Andre decided to say hell marry you and you believe him just like that,


Don’t toy know he has a plan up his sleeve and is going to use it against you?” The


man asked,


“No Uncle,


Andre’s sincere and doesn’t go back on his word.



He has promised grandfather he is going to announce our wedding to the media.” She said with full assurance.


“In your dreams,


You still underestimate this nephew of mine.


He’s capable of anything,


Even killing his grandfather to make sure doesn’t get married to you. Or tricking you to something you don’t know.” The man said,


He needed Jasmine to be on his side so he can achieve his goal faster and quicker.


Jasmine thought about what the man said, It might be true,


Since Andre was able to deceive her and everyone into believing she was infertile for almost eight years,


There nothing he isn’t capable of doing.


Andre is no one to be underestimated or to be messed with.


“Okay uncle,


I’ll start feeding grandfather the poison but what about you handling Gianna and Reid for me?” She asked the man,


“Well,the first attempt on them failed and they murdered the killer but to be sure, The next attempt is going to be a success and soon,


You won’t have to complain of them anymore.” The man assured her. Jasmine nodded,


Now she’s set on ruining this family.


The next morning,


Jasmine prepared the old man’s medical herbs and laced it with the poison.


She was sure that none of the maids were in the kitchen with her when she laced the herbs with the poison then took it to the old man.


The old man was sitting beside his window, Like he does always,


Watching through it to the garden.


The garden looks so unkempt and haggard.


In fact,it couldn’t be called one cause now it looks like dried bush.


Almost like a deserted garden.


It should be cause it hadn’t been touched or visited for more than two decades.


Katerina had been a lover of flowers,


So when Colin adopted her,


He parcelled out this particular piece for her to grow flowers,












And so many types of flowers.


And very early every morning,she goes down there while he stays up here from his window and watch her takes care of her flowers.


Bringing him fresh flowers every morning had been among her daily routine.


That was all before she left him.


So for the past two decades and half,


He’d come to this window every morning to watch the flowers.


Twice he’d fired many servants for entering the garden to trimmed the flowers and cut down the bushed and thorns around it. No one,


Not even Jasmine had been permitted to enter that garden.


When Jasmine came in,he was so engrossed in watching his daughter’s garden he


didn’t notice her come inside.


“Grandfather.” She called him,


The man turned to her,


“You’re thinking of mom again?” She asked, The same way shed done for years now. The man nodded,


“She was suppose to get me flowers this morning but she isn’t here yet.” The man said sadly.


Jasmine understood,


Most times the old man time travel to his past,


Thinking Katerina’s still alive and with him.


“Grandpa she’ll be here soon,


Now take your herbs cause she won’t be happy to see you not taking your medicines.” Jasmine said.


The doctors had told them that the old man hadn’t fully recovered from losing Katerina,


So whenever he talks like he sees her,


They should force him to accept the fact that she’s dead.


They should allow him play in his fantasy till he’s normal again.


“No,I won’t take them,


I have been taking them for years but still my situation is still just the way it is.” He complained.


“You shouldn’t say that grandfather,


It’s working and you know it is.” She said to him, She gave the herbal concoction to the man,


“Grandpa,you just have drink it.” She said to the man as he raised the bowl to his nostrils.


“It’s smells bad Jasmine.” The old man said in a childish way,


Jasmine smiled but within her,


She’s in turmoil.


A great part of her want to throw away this poisoned herb,


But a smaller part of her want to allow the man drink it.


She has to kill him to cover her dirty secret.


She watched the man finished the herbal concoction in the bowl and she took the


bowl from him.


“Stay here and rest,


I’ll go get you breakfast.” She stood up and took the bowl with her.


Instead of going to the kitchen to start preparation of the man’s breakfast, She went to her room and called the other man,


“Hello Uncle.” She said immediately the man accepted the call, “Have you done it?” He asked her,


“Yeah,I just laced the first dose in his herbal concoction, What else should I do?” She asked,



“Nothing,just continue feeding him like I instructed and slowly his health will deteriorate.” He said.


Jasmine nodded to herself as she hung up.


“I’m sorry grandfather, you’re a good man and I’m so sorry I’ll have to repay all your kind gesture to me in such a cruel way.”


“Miss Gianna,here’s your ginger tea,make sure you have it right after the shoot.” Mary said as she handed the thermo flask to Gianna as they walked down to her room in the hotel


“Thanks Mary,don’t know what I could have done without you.” Gianna took the flask from Mary while the latter opened the door with their card key, They got inside the room,


“Remember I got out some new clothes for you,so once you finish the shoot,


Come up here and change,


Then drink the ginger tea,


It’ll help to prevent cold from getting to you.” Mary advised.


It was seven when the shoot started,


Director Selden and the crews got a water sprinkler at the roof of the hotel making


it look like it was raining.




Emilio just came out of the hospital holding an umbrella, He was leaving his sister Emily behind.


Right inside this hospital she has confessed her feelings for him.


He had the same feelings too,


He loves her but why can’t she understand that they can’t be together.


They’re siblings and sibling aren’t suppose to be having this sought of feelings for each other.


“Emilio!” Emily called from the entrance,


Emilio wanted to continue moving but his sister’s cries that blend with the sound of raindrops stopped him.


She ran to him but didn’t touch him,


“Are you going to leave me here?” She asked,


“Emily stop this…”


“Stop what?


Stop what?


I know you love me and you know you do,


Why try to kill the feelings you have by getting married to someone you don’t love?” She said to him,


She walked closer to him,


“Brother you promised me you were never going to leave me, You said nothing was going to ever separate us,


Why are you now pushing me away now?” Emily was in tears,


“Those were promises we made as kids….”


“But you meant them,you meant every word of it.” She interrupted him. “Why protect me all those years just to break my heart? Why did you defend me and made me believe you love me?








Because I love you too.” He yelled, Emily was surprised but not shocked.


She knew he love her but never knew he was going to ever tell her. “Yes Emily,I love you,


I loved you ever since you were a little baby and mom always let you stay with me. Then I thought it was because I wanted to be a good and protective big brother but later on as we grew up and were in high school,


I figured it was more than that,


I figured out my feelings for you weren’t protecting you or being a good brother,


I wanted more but for the fact you were my sister,


My little sister,


I needed to keep the distance.


I’d to bury the feelings I have and act like its nothing but Emily,I love you.” Before he could finish his words,


She wrapped her drenched body against his and kissed him.




As Emilio was longing for that kiss,


Both in play and in reality,so he took the initiative and kissed her like his life depended on it.


The kiss was to last for five minutes but Dean made it last for one extra minute.


When they broke off the kiss,


Everyone was clapping.


“Cut!” Director Selden yelled from behind the scene, What an excellent show.


After the shoot,


Gianna was drenched from head to toe.”Go upstairs and change immediately, Make sure you have you ginger tea too.”Mary told her as she handed her a big whilst towel so she can dry her hair with.


She was going to the elevator when she met Dean trying to get in too, “Dean,can I talk to you for a minute?” She said to him, He turned to her and nodded,


He was already in the elevator while she was standing by the door.


Immediately the elevator jolted down,


Dean accidentally pulled Gianna to himself to save her from being squish by the elevator door.


The door close immediately and the light went out.


Dean pressed the control panels but none was working.


“What happened?” Gianna asked recovering from the impact of being by the man, “The elevator is having a mechanical fault.” Dean said.


To be continued…

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