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Everyone turned to the door,


Andre was at the door.


“Wait.” He said as he walked towards the dining table, Justin and Reid looked at each other in fear,


What if their dad had seen and heard their little trick?


Andre came to where the boys were and took the glass from Reid,


“I want want to have a taste of your milkshake,that’s all.” He drank the content of the glass till it was just a little past half.


The boys heaved a sigh of relief,


They though he overheard their plan,


“Mommy you can now have it.” Justin gave the remnants of the glass to his mommy but she refused,


“I don’t think I want it again.” She rejected the glass.




Is she still angry at me?


Andre asked himself.


“Mommy why don’t you want it anymore?” Reid asked sadly, “Mommy doesn’t like our milkshake.” Justin added,


He and his brother feigned a sad face and turned to leave.


Gianna couldn’t bear see her sons angry at her,so she stopped them,


“Bring it,mommy’s going to drink it.”


Immediately she said that,


Both boys rushed back to her happily and handed the glass to her while Andre left them.


She drank every it of the content and gave back glass to the boys.




Your milkshake is somehow unique,


Haven’t tasted anything like this before.” She said,


“Well mommy we made it specially for you,sorry daddy had to take some of it.” Reid said,


“Mommy are you and daddy having a fight?” Justin asked her, “It’s not a fight champ,


It’s just that mommy and daddy needs some time apart.” She said to the boys. “But why?” Reid asked her,


“Are you guys going to separate?” Justin added, “No no no,


“Mommy and daddy aren’t going to separate but we just need time to settle thing between us,


You know adult things and all that.” She told the boys, But deep down it was a different case.


With the way things are turning out,


She isn’t sure she’ll want to stay with Andre anymore.


He’s possessive and so jealous,


He even gets jealous of her care and attention towards the kids.


She doesn’t want that type of life.


And he dares call her his property, like she’s a stuffed toy that can be owned,used and dumped.


No,that isn’t what she wants,


She want a life she’s sure of.


“Mommy if you and daddy separate,


What’ll happen to big brother and I?” Reid asked her, She smiled weakly,


She has low alcohol level and the alcohol in drink had start to manifest.


“You guys will have to stay with mommy….” Her words were becoming slurrish,


“Big brother,mommy’s getting tipsy,let’s take her inside.” Reid whispered to Justin when he stated noticing the changes in their mommy.


With great effort,they held her up from the chair and walked slowly to the stairs. “We’ll have to be careful going up the stairs to avoid mommy getting hurt.” Justin said,


Reid nodded and they carefully and meticulously led their mommy to to the first floor.


Getting to their room,


They opened the door and led her in,


“Before we start brother,let’s go check on daddy, Remember,he drank some of the milk too,


It might have an effect on him too.” Reid said, Justin nodded.


When they were sure she’s safe on the bed,


Justin ran to his father’s room to check on him,


But when he opened the door,


The man was sitting on how floor and his head looks like it was in a haze,


His eyes were bloodshot,




Is daddy drunk too?


The boy asked himself.


Not a word,


Not a word.


He ran back to their room to meet his brother, “Reid!” He called,


Reid who was interrogating his mommy,


Raised his head up,


“What’s it?” He asked angrily when Justin interrupted him, “Daddy’s drunk too.” He announced, “What?” He said in disbelief,


“Yes,daddy’s drunk too.” He repeated scaredly,



“Wow,that’s a good headstart.” Reid stated clearly, “What do you mean?” Justin asked Reid confused, “Mommy’s drunk and daddy’s too,


Why don’t we just get the both of them alone in the room till the alcohol wears off.” Reid smiled mischievously,


This brother of mine is full of mischief.


Why is his head filled with naughty and mischievous deeds.




“Don’t you think its a bad idea….”


“Nah,it’s the best way to help them out,


Cause we both know that mommy and daddy love each but daddy most times behaves like a jerk and makes mommy angry, Then they end up fighting.


If we help them like this,


Theirs and our relationship will be safe.” Reid explained to his brother.


“Okay.” Justin meekly agreed,


Together, they helped their mommy up and took her to their daddy room.


Leaving the both of them alone,they shut the door from outside.


Andre noticed the feminine presence beside him,


Just like his body started to heat up immediately her hands touch his face.


He subconsciously pulled her feeble body closer and drew a deep breath from her hair.


Lavender Fragrance.


He fumbled her cloth till his hands got to her br**st and fondled the both br**st.


“Anna I’m sorry.” He muttered,


He was aching to be in her,


He wanted to thrust don’t deep she would scream his name over and over again.


But his drunk self instinct didn’t tell him,she’s fragile and can’t handle his all.


Pulling her head up,he ravaged her lip and her mouth with his kiss. Each kiss made him hungry for more,


Wanting to kiss her till there was nothing left in him.


While he kissed her,his hands trailed to her br**st and he fondled the both br**st


ad he ravage her with kisses.


While he kissed her,


It took him only a few second to realize that,


He couldn’t live without this woman,


She’s his mate,


His partner,


His companion


And the mother of his sons and his children to come.


She was his partner not his property.


The two adults woke up later in the evening,


It was evident that they had a wild tutoring session together.


Gianna woke up first,


Seeing herself naked and red wasn’t what shed expected but that was what she got. Naked,


Red from love bites and sore to the core.


She turned to the other side of them bed and she was faced with Andre’s sleeping face.


She slowly stood up from the bed,


Headache and sore legs,


She walked to the bathroom to have a nice cold shower.


Letting the cold water beat her skin till she was numb and couldn’t come out again. Andre entered into the bathroom, seeing her there,


He became tensed seeing the bites all over her body, He got into the shower with her,


“Anna I’m sorry.” He said to her taking her hands and letting the water beat down to his body.


“I know I messed up pretty bad but I’m deeply and immensely sorry for everything.” He apologized to her.


“The kids from now on are our first priority and every other thing comes next, Anna,I won’t give you any reason to complain anymore,


I’ll help you watch over the boys and any other child we’ll have in the future.” He said to her,



Gianna wasn’t a hard person,so it took her just a minutes to smile at him, “Anna I’m very sorry.” He apologized, She smiled and pulled him closer,


“From now on,I’m going to help you take care of the boys and we’ll bond with them perfectly well.” He said to her as a matter of fact.


“I forgive you Andre,


I forgive you.” She said to him as they hugged, “Anna I love you,


I love you more than what word can explain, You’re my everything.” “I love you too Andre.”


With the water running down to their naked bodies enterwined to each other,


They made their peace,


All thanks to their sons.


After spending a few more days at their Beach House, Andre,Gianna and the boys went back to the city. Andre was reluctant to return but just had to, The boys had school,


Gianna had a shoot to complete and Andre had work too,


“Andre can I ask for a favor?” She asked him the night before she’ll go back to Denver Tower,


“What’s it?” He asked her,


The both of them were sitting at the back of his Bentley and the car partition was put up,


So the driver couldn’t hear or see whatever was going on in the back.


“I want you to help me get Katy out of the filming show.” She said, “Why?


Are you scared of her?” He asked her teasingly,


She bluffed,


“No it’s not that,


It’s just that I don’t want to be seeing her face.” She said,


Actually,Andre had already had Katy banned not only from Denver Tower but also from other acting houses in the States.


He made sure all investment on her was drawn back and now she’s left penniless.


“So what do I get if she gets ban?” He asked, Leaning close to her,


“What do you want me to give you?” She asked him playfully, She already know what he’s going to ask for.


“I want a baby girl from you,


A baby girl like you.” He whispered to her licking her earlobes,


“Andre….” Hr stole kisses from her before she could finish saying what she wanted


to say.


To be continued..

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