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Reid and Justin continued monitoring all the workers in the house to know who the real culprit is,


Two days past after the the incidence,


Still no clue on who the culprit is.


“Did you find anything?” Justin asked Reid as he came into their room, “Nah,


Everyone is behaving normal like nothing had happen.” Reid said in a very frustrating tone,


He slumped on the bed,


“I wish I was at home..”


“If we’d been at home and something like this happens, It won’t take me long to fish out the culprit.” He said,


Justin interest rose,


“How did you do it?” He asked his younger brother out of curiosity. Reid leaned to him,


“Make sure no one find out bout this part from the both of us,” he whispered to his brother,


Justin nodded and even crossed his heart,


“I won’t tell a word of what you’re going to tell me to another person.”He






“I have an agent,Mr Lee,


He helps me catch bad people,


Bad people that tries to hurt mommy or myself and I pay him to deal with them.” He said,


“How do you pay him?” Justin asked,


Where’s this little brother of mine going to get the money to pay an Agent? It’s impossible.


“Well, its like you don’t know me so well, ”


He rushed to his bag and brought out a file bag, Then handed it to his brother, “Open it.”




Immediately, Justin opened the file bag and began to empty it,


Bank cards,




Credit Cards and even a Black Card,


All with the boy’s name engraved on them.


“Wow, where did you get all this?” Justin asked his brother, He was shocked cause even himself, He doesn’t have a Black Card,


His father has two but and had told him that Black Cards aren’t meant for kids.


So how come does his brother possesses one?


“They’re all mine.” Reid said proudly,


“Can you lend me some money when we get back home?” He asked, “Big brother,you don’t to worry about money,


My money’s your too.” Reid packed back the cards and checkbook into the file bag and went to keep them.


“Now the only thing we need now,


Is a cellphone,


So I can contact my agent and inform him of what happened.” He said,


“Maybe we can ask the Butler to lend us his phone.” Justin suggested casually but Reid hit his head,


“No we can’t!” He yelled softly,


“If we asked anyone for their phone,


They might report the both of us to daddy and he’ll punish us again, So we’ve to steal their phone.” He said,


“Steal!” Justin gasped,


“No we can’t steal.” He said,


“If we get caught,we’ll get into bigger trouble too.” He said to Reid to dishearten him,


But Reid was more persistent than him,


“If you can’t steal it,


I can but you just have to watch my back for me and make sure I don’t get caught.” He warned,


“But stealing’s bad.” Justin complained,


All his life,he hadn’t have to steal or take something from anyone, He just had to ask for it and get it.


His father had warned him sternly against taking what isn’t his, But now,


This younger brother of his is giving him another lesson.


“We aren’t stealing it,


We’re just taking it to use it then,keep it back.” He said, With an air of being right.


“So which one of them are we taking the phone from?” Justin asked, He has a bad feeling about this but he’d to do it for his brother.


“The Butler’s always in the kitchen and daddy won’t allow us go there,


So we’ll take the phone from the maid that comes to clean our room today.” He said,


“What’s her name again?” Justin asked,


“I heard mommy calling her Valora the other day.” He said, “So we’re stealing Valora’s cellphone?” Justin asked,


Reid felt very irritated at his brother’s silly questions,


“I just told you that we’re just taking her cellphone and you’re still here talking


about stealing it.” He seethed,




Later that day,Valora came to the boy’s room to clean it up,


The boys waited till she saw super immense with her duty,


Reid snuck behind her and took her cellphone,


She was so busy she didn’t notice the phone being slipped from her bag.


Immediately they took the phone and ran outside the room to place a call to Agent Lee,


“Is it on pass code?” Justin asked,




“She just took a call now,


So it’s still open.” Reid said,


A message popped in,


Reid wanted to read the message but Justin stopped him immediately, “What are you trying to do?” Justin asked stopping him, “I just want to see the message,that’s all.” Reid said,


“No!”Justin took his brother’s hand forcefully, “Stop!”


“You just can’t go into someone else’s phone and go through the person’s messages.” Justin scolded,


“Let me just see it.” He persisted,


He pushed Justin’s hands away and pressed the open button.


‘Has the reaction began?’


‘The reaction should have started by now and it’ll fun to see Gianna in pain.’



“Justin you need to see this.” He dragged his brother closer and showed him the message,


“What?” Justin yelled,


“She’s helping someone to hurt mommy.” Reid said with great surprise,


“Is there still more?” Justin asked,


Reid scrolled down to the message app and continued to check for more messages pertaining to this plan.


Another message came in,


“Another one,” Reid said,


Justin popped his head to see the new message,


‘You should make sure you lace more of the powder in her cream again to make it more effective.’


“Valora is a bad person,she tried to hurt you and she wants to hurt mommy too, We’ve to do something to stop her before she hurt mommy.” Justin stood up immediately,


“We’ve to tell mommy and daddy about this.” He said, Immediately they turned to leave, Valora was standing by the door,


“What are you boys doing? She asked them, Both boys gasped,


“We want to go meet our parents,they said in unison,


To do what,your mommy’s busy.” She said, Both boys frowned,


“I want to see mommy,


I want to stay with her.” Reid ordered,


“Little imps,


Those tricks don’t work on me.” She said smiling evilly, ” Do you know who I am?” Reid was vexed,


“I don’t want to know.” She slammed the door and locked it from outside, Trapping both boys inside the room.


“Open the door!” Reid shouted,



They continued banging the door so hard, But no one was close enough to hear them.


Gianna was busy with Andre inside and didn’t know what was going on outside the room.


“Big brother,we need to find away to get out of here before she hurts mommy.” Justin said to Reid,


“How can we get out,she locked the door from the outside?”


Reid was thinking hard,


They need to get out to help their mommy but now the devil Valora had locked them inside the room.


Andre had just finished having a shower,


He was with Gianna since morning and they’d asked the boys to go into their room. Though Gianna had been complaining that she wants to go stay with the boys, Ever since they came to Andre’s Beach House, She hadn’t spent enough time with the boys.


Andre always made her stay with him and each time they end up making love. Her routine for the day is always the same, Waking up,making love to Andre,


Shower n’ sΒ£x,Breakfast n’ sΒ£x,


Everything she does with Andre,they ended up making love and honestly,


She was very scored and needed a good rest but Andre isn’t giving her space.


He’s always clinging to her.


So when she saw he’d gone to shower,


She tiptoed out of the room and went to the boy’s room.


But they weren’t there,


“Reid!” She called out as she walked down the stairs, “Justin!


Where are you guys?” She asked with her voice echoing in the silent house.


Where had they gone to


She asked herself as they went into the kitchen to see the Butler, Whipping some vanilla cream.


“Have you seen the boys?” She asked the man,


He turned immediately and shook his head.


“Never seen them all morning.” He replied.


“They might be at outside,


The swimming pool or the game net.” He said to her,


Gianna nodded and went outside,


Still no sign of the boy anywhere.


She came back inside,


“Anna.” She turned and saw Andre sitting on the antique sofa, “Andre did you by any chance see the boys?” She asked, “No,they might be up in their room.” He said,


A bad feeling crept into her,


“No,they weren’t there when I went awhile ago to check on them.” She argued,






Justin!!” Andre called loudly,


No replies from the boys.


“Andre,I’m having a bad feeling,


What if something happens to the boys?” Gianna said in a choking voice.


He rushed upstairs,






No reply,




“Grace!” He called,


The two maids ran out,


“Sir,you called?”


“Where are my sons?” He asked,




They were both in their room when I left there awhile ago.”Valora spoke up immediately,


“When did you leave their room?” Andre asked,


Valora rubbed her temples to think,


“It’s been over thirty minutes now Sir.” She said, “Search the whole house,


They must be some where in here.” He said and they began to search the rooms in the first floor.


To be continued.

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