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“Do you agree to my condition?” Gianna asked Katy,


The latter wanted to say no but before she could speak up,Mr Shroff did, “Miss Katy is ready for any conditions as long as she’s forgiven.” He turned to Katy and gave her a death glare,


You better not ruin this opportunity for me.


Katy moved towards Gianna who was sitting relaxed beside Andre,


“Kneel in front of me,I can’t stand up to slap you.” She said pointing to the floor, Katy looked at her in disdain and she saw of all but that isn’t her main concern now,


Her main concern is to make sure one slap is enough to send Katy deaf for the rest of her life.


Gianna flexed her palm’s muscles as Katy knelt in front of her, “Turn sideway.” She ordered,


The other woman could do nothing turn as she was told.


The first slap landed on her cheek and it was goddamned electrifying.


Andre was shocked at the sound of the slap.


Katy felt her ear burst open from the slap,she looked at Gianna’s palm to be sure it had just hit her and not Andre’s.


The second slap followed with a more electrifying shock, Katy’s earrings stung her as Gianna slapped her,


This cause the back of her ear to bleed.


“Don’t worry, it’s just twelve remaining.” Gianna said with a swell of happiness within her,


The third slap sent Katy to the floor and her ear seemed to have stopped functioning cause she wasn’t hearing a word from her left ear.


“Its just eleven to go and I’ll be done.” Gianna said seeing the lady on the floor with both hands on her bleeding ear,


No,I can’t let her slap me again,


My slap weren’t this painful but


she wants to pull out my ear with her.


Katy stood up from the floor with both hands on her left ear, “No!


You’re not permitted to slap me again.


I won’t allow you slap me in fact,I don’t need your stupid forgiveness


Keep them to yourself and give them to people who need it.” She stood up from the floor with anger and in tears.


Standing up,she staggered out of the room while Mr Shroff even though was angry at her,he greeted President De Marco and left the room.


Andre turned to the woman beside him,


“You used me as a backer?” He asked,she nodded and began to laugh,


“I’d to,she wouldn’t have done anything if you weren’t here,so I’d to use my financial backer to my advantage.” She said to him,


“You did really well but next time you have the chance of slapping anyone,let it be


a very tight slap okay.” He advised,


She nodded and smiled at him.


Meanwhile,Jasmine was scared,


She didn’t know how to put forth her pregnancy to grandfather and to Andre,



She might be able to make the old man believe her but Andre is someone she can’t convince so easily.


He has never touched her or even show intimate advances to her.


It would be hard to pin the pregnancy on him,


Since she is as sure as hell he hasn’t made love to her before.


“Miss are you alright?” The maid who was serving her meals asked her,


She nodded but immediately the aroma of the Garlic Pork got to her nostrils,she stood up immediately and went to retch,


The maid followed her once to know if she’s okay, “Ma’am are you sure you’re alright?


You’ve been retching lately this days.” The maid asked, “Yes,I’m fine.” She took a glass of water and washed her mouth,


“Get me something else to eat.” She ordered the maid and headed back to her room


Having spent almost thirty minutes in her room,a knock came through the door, “Come in.” She cried,


The door opened and the old man walked inside,


“Jasmine child,I just heard from the maid you aren’t feeling well, Is it true?”The old man asked as he walked in.


In the whole house,he’s the only one who cares about her and has her best interest in heart,


Justin and his father Andre are alike,


Aloof and cold to everyone else but each other.


“Yes Grandpa.” She replied weakly,


The old man frowned,


He hates seeing his Jasmine in pain.


“Have you had something to eat?” He asked her, She shook her head,


“I’d asked the maid to prepare some chicken soup and curry for me.” She replied the man from the bed,


He nodded and touched her forehead with the back of his palms, Indirectly checking her temperature.


“Let’s go down and get you something okay,


You need not lie in bed all day,it’ll worsen your health.” He said,


“Has Andre been home since?” He asked the girl,she weakly shook her head, “No grandfather, he’s with that other woman.” She said sadly,


The old man frowned,


All of a sudden his most trusted and obedient grandson is becoming rebellious


because of a woman.


This is so not good,


He’d to so something before that slutty entertainer gain way into their family and ruin it,


Cause as long as he’s alive,


He’ll never let any entertainer step for into the family.


He took out his cellphone and placed a call to his detective.


“What’s the name of that woman again?” He asked Jasmine with the phone on his left ear,


“Her name’s Gianna,Gianna McKenna.” She replied,


Immediately his detective accepted the call, He spoke up,


“Good day Sir, what would you like us to do for you?” The man asked,


“I want you to run a check on Gianna McKenna and get me the result ASAP.” Immediately the other man replied,he hung up.


Then placed a call to Andre.


“Alexandre De Marco.” He called,


Andre was with Gianna when his grandfather called,he accepted the call immediately,


“Hello grandfather.” His tone was flat, “Alexandre De Marco.” The old man called,


One could still trace the fierceness of the man’s calling.


“What is it grandfather?” He asked the man.


“I’m not speaking to you on phone boy,you get yourself home now and do bring back my great grandson with you.” He ordered,



Andre sighed,


“Okay.” He hung up immediately and looked at Gianna, “I’ll have to go home to the old man.” He informed her, She was sad,


She doesn’t want him to leave her.


“But I’ll go bring the boys here to keep you company while I’m away.” He said to her kissing her forehead.


Immediately he left the hospital, he went to her house and brought both boys to the hospital,


Gianna was elated to see the boy but not as happy as she is when she’s with Andre.


Andre went home alone and throughout his drive home,he pondered on telling Jasmine about her pregnancy and that’s he’s not the father.


The only thing he wanted to do was to expose her but he has to wait till the time’s right.


When he got home,his grandfather and the girl were in the living room. “Andre where are you coming from?” The old man asked, The boy stopped in front of him and greeted the man,


“Good day grandfather.” The old man didn’t reply,rather he still kept a stoic profile.


The man might be advance in years but during his young days, He’d had many bloodbath,


So he still is the fiercest amongst the family.


“I’m coming from somewhere.” Andre replied nonchalantly.


“Somewhere more important than your fiancΓ©?


And where’s my great grandson?” The man asked once he noticed the kid isn’t with his father,


“He’s with his mother.” Andre blurted, “Which mother?” The old man asked angrily,


“His biological mother of course.” He said,


Then he was this old man’s toy doing whatever the old man asks of him,


But now,he’s no longer a puppet to be toyed with,


He has two sons and a prospective wife,


In fact he has a whole f**king family,


So he doesn’t need to be a pawn in his old man’s hands any more.


How dare you?” The man scolded,


“Jasmine’s the boys mother and you can’t take away that right from her,


That woman sold her right to Jasmine eight years ago.” The old man was hyper but Andre remained calmed.


What if he tells this old man that all those contract documents from eight years ago were all fake and forged.






Immediately Andre got information on Gianna McKenna, his proposed surrogate, He was rather baffled that she was the real Mistress of the family and his true bride.


So he decided to fake all the contract documents.


He went to the Jury and ordered for a fake document,


The Jury couldn’t say no or refuse him for the fear of being cut down,


So they gave him the fake contract papers which he and Gianna had signed. So on a real sense Gianna still has right to the boys and by law and biological reasoning,


They’re both her sons.




“She sold her right to be the child’s mother but when the proposed mother’s busy with her own pregnancy,


Why can’t the biological mother step in and take her place?” His question stupefied the old man,


While every single color on Jasmine’s face drained,


“What do you mean by those words?” The old man asked,


“Well you should ask your beloved granddaughter what’s happening to her.” Andre seethed with hatred for both the man and Jasmine,



The man turned to her,


Jasmine was scared to tell the man that she’s pregnant and the child isn’t Andre’s


rather it’s Aaron.


“Jas,talk to Grandpa,


What wrong with you?” He asked with concern.


“Grandpa, I’m pregnant.” She said,


“Grandpa sorry I didn’t tell you earlier,I was trying to be sure and also just found out recently.” She continued.


The old man’s worried face dissolved into a dazzling smile.


It was evident he was happy,


That’s sure a great new and we’ve to celebrate……”


“It’s no celebration cause that bastard in her womb isn’t my child.”Andre said out,


The old man frowned,


Jasmine who’d foreseen the man’s


actions frowned too,


“Andre!” The old man called,


“What insolence?


How dare you deny your seed?”


The old man was furious but Andre cared less,


Why should he bother about him when the old man doesn’t care about him too.


Jasmine had began to shed fake tears,


By doing this,she was gaining favor from the old man and more hate from Andre, “Grandfather, he’s accusing me of cheating.” She clutched the old man’s hand as she spoke.


“Child don’t worry,


If he’s doing this to try bring that unworthy woman into our family then he fails, You alone are the Mistress of this family.” He old man consoled her,


“How can I ever cheat on him Grandpa?


I love him with all my existence and I’ve never thought of cheating on him,



But now,he’s denying his seed and also accusing me of infidelity.”She continued to fake tears,while the old man consoles her,


Why don’t we run a paternity test on the baby?”Andre asked, Whether she accepts or not,


He was still going to prove to this old man that Jasmine isn’t who he think she’s.


“No!” The old man said,


Even Andre became confused,


“Do you want to kill the still developing foetus?” He asked Andre, The man was practically livid,


His grandson was turning into something else.


“If you carry out a paternity test now the foetus is yet to develop,


It’ll cause harm to it,so it’s advisable to wait when the foetus is well developed before going for any paternity test.” The old man suggested,


“Yes I agree to that cause I want to clear my name too.” Jasmine said wiping her tears smeared face.


But deep down,Andre knows her plan,


Before the time the paternity test would be carried out, Jasmine might do something unexpected,


Maybe an intentional miscarriage or something worse,just to cover her track. This woman’s so despicable,


But nevertheless, he’s going to expose to to his grandfather when he has enough evidence and proof to bring her down.


To be continued…

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