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Andre was restless after Gianna left him in the balcony,


He wasn’t only restless but both frustrated and angry at himself.


He shouldn’t have taken their argument as far as making her choose between him and the boys.


Normally, every mother would choose her kids to her husband,


And he isn’t even yet her husband so why act stupid and try make her choose.


Now she’s angry at him.


He wanted to follow her and apologize to her but he knows Gianna so well,


When she’s angry,she doesn’t think straight and he won’t want to disturb her again.


Sadly,he walked into his room and sat on the bed.


The bed that had held the both of them for days now, But now she isn’t on the bed,


She’s with her son and probably shedding tears because he decided to make a fool out of himself and told her he owns her.


He owns her.


What a stupid phrase to use on her.


He shouldn’t have made that statement,


Now she’s going to hate him like she does when they’d met earlier.


What she said to him then very was correct,


He’s a selfish and a jealous bastard and might lose what he has to jealousy.


He’s beginning to lose her cause of his jealous nature.


But he can’t help it,


Seeing her with another person always annoys him.


Most times,he wants her to always be by him and no one else.


“Including your sons?” A voice asked him,


He turned,he saw no one except himself from the mirror.


His subconscious self.


“Do you get jealous too when she’s with your sons?” The voice asked him, “Most times,


Like this evening,I got jealous when she was feeding the boys lobsters but didn’t bother calling me back to dinner when I left.” He said honestly.


“And now she told you she’ll choose the boys to you, How do you feel?” The voice asked him again, “I feel very angry,


How can she choose the boys to me when I’m their father and can make her have more babies if she desi……..”


“Then do you know what you’re?” The voice asked him and he stopped talking, Andre only shook his head,


“You’re a selfish and self-centered prick.” The voice said to him and he frowned.






Is he really that bad?


He stood up from the bed and was determined to go to the boy’s room and apologize to her.


“I’m going to tell her I didn’t mean what I said earlier,


That I was just being irrational and selfish but I didn’t mean it…


“What about saying sorry?” The voice asked him again, “Why don’t you say sorry too?” It asked him..


“Okay,I’m going to say sorry to her and tell her I don’t mean what I said and I was just being selfish and self-centered but now I’m very sorry.” He rehearsed. Opening his door,he walked to the boy’s room and opened their door but surprising,


She wasn’t there.


He got inside and went to check the bathroom but she wasn’t there too.



Where’d she gone to?


He carefully closed the door behind him and went back to the balcony to see if she’s there,


But she wasn’t there too.


He searched the guest rooms on the first floor but she wasn’t there.


So decided to go downstairs,


She might have gone to the kitchen to get something.


While going to the kitchen,he past through the dining but she wasn’t there, But while at the rear end of the dining,


He heard soft sleep breathe coming directly from the bar.


Slowly he walked towards the bar to check whether anyone was there.


He saw no one but he saw a glass of half finished drink,


And two bottles on the bar desk,


One Bourbon and one Martin.


Wait,who came here?


He pushed the chair and looked beside it,


There was Gianna lying peacefully on the floor.


Was she the one drinking?


Slowly he scooped her up and carried her in a bridal style upstairs to his room.


She was very drunk,so only made muffles sound as he lay her on the bed.


He carefully took out her nightie which reek from the pungent smell alcohol.


Leaving her with her white lacy panties.


She was putting on no bra.


Normal her,she doesn’t wear bra to bed.


He carefully pulled her hair up in a ponytail and carried to her the bathroom to wash her up.


While washing her naked body in the tub, Andre couldn’t concentrate,


He’s was having a pretty bad hard on and wanted nothing more than making wild love to her.


To make her scream his name as he climaxed in her but she was asleep and drunk.



Washing her thighs,he figured out something, She had been very sored.


They were some faint bruises between her legs and some faint bite marks on her neck and shoulder.


All these was the aftermath of their previous love making.


He’d an unmounted strength and insatiable hunger for her while she’s as fragile has a soft dough,


Whichever way you hold it,your hand still leaves an imprint on it.


He’d been so selfish and clouded by lust and pleasure he didn’t realize how sore she’s always after making love to her.


Now he realises why she could use the kids as excuse to stay away from him. Whenever she’s with him,


He always end up making love to her and whenever he does,she always end up sore.


Making sure the smell of the alcohol is gone from her,


He scooped her naked body from the tub and carried her to the bed,


Bringing out a fresh and net nightie and a new panties for her.


He held her on as he got her cladded,


Then went in to have a shower since he was already wet from washing her.


When he came back to the room,she was fast asleep,


He couldn’t lay on the bed with her,


For the fear of making love to her again and leaving her sore.


So he covered her well with the duvet then went to the guest room to pass the night there.


Gianna woke up with a splitting headache,she slowly opened her heavy and groggy eyelids and looked around for the boys,


But surprisingly,they weren’t beside her…..


No wait,


She’s in Andre’s room.


How did she get here?


She began to think harder while her head was exploding.


She recalled going to the bar and getting some drinks for herself….


Then what happened?




She got drunk…….


She can’t remember what happened after that.


But being in Andre’s room gave her one clue.


Quickly, she opened the blanket and looked at her body,


She was putting on a new nightie,


She raised her nightie up,


And a new panties.


Andre’s such a shameless man.


She placed her hands between her thighs and touched both sides,


She wasn’t sore at all.




If Andre had slept with her,


She’ll be very sore but now she isn’t,


Which means he hadn’t slept with her.


She doesn’t even now how to feel about that, Happy that he’d allowed her rest, Or


Sad because she misses him.




She’s happy now.


She slowly got up to go check on the boys but before she could,


The door opened and Andre walked in with a tray in his hands.


He came towards her and placed the tray on the side table.


“Good morning Anna.” He said to her as he placed the tray on the table, He went to the window and pulled the curtains up, Allowing the fresh sunlight to penetrate the room.


“Morning.” Gianna muttered,


Recalling their argument last night,she didn’t want to talk to him at all. He came back and handed the tray to her, “Here’s your breakfast.” He said to her,


She didn’t look at the content of the tray,


Rather her dark almond eyes were fixated on him.


He look like he didn’t have a good sleep,


He had eye bags under his eyes.


Even though his body says the opposite,


She knew him so well,


He didn’t have a good sleep.


“The boys have had their breakfast and they’ve showered too.” He said, She was kinda surprised at his information


The Andre she knows has never bothered himself with what the kids does, So why now?


“Anna have your breakfast.” He said to her seeing she hadn’t even opened the dishes.


“I’m not hungry.” She kept the tray back on the table and stood up from the bed.


“But Anna…..” She walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.


She’s still mad at me for last night.


He left the room.


When she came out of the room later,


The boys were in the living room but Andre wasn’t with them.


“Mommy!” Both boys shrieked with haziness as they saw her coming down.


She spread her arms wide to accommodate her two soldiers as they ran to hug her.


“How’re my champions doing this morning?” She asked,


Both boys giggled as they showed her the big walk clock hanging on the living room wall,


“Mommy it’s noon already.” They corrected,


Gianna was surprised,


She’d slept till noon.


“Mommy when I woke up I didn’t dee you beside me and little brother.” Justin complained,


“You left my and big brother and went to daddy.” Reid joined, She knelt in front of the boys,


“No I didn’t leave my champions,


Mommy had to go change her cloth cause I spilled water on them.” She lied.


Justin must have bought it but Reid didn’t,


He might be asleep but he knew when their daddy came and took mommy out of the room,


She came back awhile later but she wasn’t happy.


He mightn’t have seen her face but with she lay last night he knew something was off,


She left again and didn’t come back.


When she left,he turned to her pillow but noticed something, Her pillow was very wet.


He touched it again with the back of his palms to be sure and it was it.


Her pillow was wet with tears.


Why was mommy crying?


Did daddy hurt her?


His mind wasn’t at rest at all.


So after awhile,he stood up and decided to go check on her.


He found her in his daddy’s room sleeping but daddy wasn’t there.


It’s very rare to see mommy in a room alone without daddy.


Then his child-like mind came to the conclusion that both mommy and daddy are fighting.


“Okay mommy hope you slept well?” He asked,


She nodded but her eyes were scanning the living room.


Is she looking for daddy?


He asked himself.


“Mommy daddy had gone out to the other house.” He said to her, Gianna looked at the boy with a slightly confused face. “I know.” She replied,


No you don’t,


You’re daddy are fighting so he didn’t tell you he was leaving.


He replied her in his head.


“Okay,I’ll be in the kitchen.” She said to both boys and walked into the kitchen.



“Big brother,” Reid called Justin who was busy with the Lego’s he was building, “What’s it Reid?” He asked not taking his eyes off the colorful Legos.


“Did you notice something’s off between mommy and daddy?” Reid asked, Finally,Justin looked at him,


“Is it that mommy’s getting a bit fatter?” He asked randomly, Reid slapped his arms playfully, “Not that!” He said a bit louder.


“So what’s that?” Justin asked frowning,


His already built Lego had scattered.


“Mommy and daddy are fighting.” Reid blurted, Justin covered his mouth with both palms, “How do you know that?” He asked in surprise, “You see yesternight while you were asleep, Daddy came unto our room to call mommy, After much persuasion from daddy, Mommy went out with him,” He said,


Then peered across the living room to be sure no one was hearing him.


When he was sure they’re both alone and out of a third party’s earshot,


He continued.


“Mommy came back after sometime but she wasn’t happy, Soon she left again and when I turned to take her pillow, I noticed that her pillow was wet from tears.


Mommy had been crying since she came back.” Justin gasped,


“She didn’t come back again,so I went to daddy room to look for her, She was lying on the bed sleeping but daddy wasn’t with her,


This brought me to the conclusion that they’re both fighting with each other.” He said to his brother.


“So what are we going to do now?” Justin asked his younger brother,


“We first have to find out the cause of their fight,then we’ll know what comes after that.” Reid suggested,


“Who’re we going to ask among the both of them?” Justin asked his brother, “Mommy isn’t going to tell us and so is daddy,


They’ll tell us to mind our business and this isn’t children’s play.” Justin said,



“Then why don’t we get mommy to tell us unintentionally.? He said beaming with


a mischievous smile,


“How?” Justin asked,


Whenever his brother’s smiling this way, He just know he’s up to something not good.


“Let’s get mommy drunk,then have her tell us.” He whispered to his brother to


avoid another ear,


“What?” Justin shouted,


“Keep it down.” He whispered loudly,




Why are you yelling?” Their mommy asked from the kitchen, “It’s nothing mommy,


Little brother just told me a scary story.” He lied, “Okay.” She said.


Justin turned to his brother,


“Isn’t that a bad idea?” He asked,


“No,in fact,


That the best idea so far.


We get her tipsy and she’ll tells us what their fight is all about.” Reid said proudly, “Okay,


So when do we carry out the plan?”Justin asked,


“Well,I guess now is the best time since daddy isn’t here.” He went to the kitchen door and peeked through the side,


Their mommy was making Black Bean Garden Salad,


The Butler was standing beside her,watching how she’s preparing her salad.


“Big brother,you stay here and watch while I go get the drink.” Reid said to Justin, He ran to the kitchen door and stood by the side while Reid ran to the bar to get a bottle of Dasani and Armarula.


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He pour the content of both drinks in a glass and carefully placed back the bottles into the shelves.



He went back to his brother,


“Now we just have to get a glass of milk and pour this inside.” He showed Justin the content of the glass.


The mixture was milkish in appearance and doesn’t even have any smell of alcohol in it.


“So what do we have to do now?” Justin asked,


We just have to get a glass of milk and get this inside, then give it to mommy to drink,that’s all.” Reid said to him.


“Stay here.” He gave his older brother the glass content, Then walked innocently into the kitchen,


“Reid do you want anything?” His mommy asked as he saw the boy enter the kitchen,


“Mommy, I want to prepare milk shake for you.” He said, Gianna smiled,


“Awwnn,thanks hun.” She kissed the boy’s cheek, “What do you need young master?” The butler asked, “I just need a glass of milk that’s all.” He said.


The butler went to the refrigerator and got him a milk carton and an empty glass.


“Here you go sir.” Reid took the glass and the milk carton then left the kitchen.


He went to the dining table with the stuffs while Justin towed along with the alcoholic mixture,


” Now let mix them.” Reid said,


He took the alcohol mixture and poured it into the milk glass,then added the milk to him till it was almost at the brim of the glass.


Taking the alcohol glass to the sink,he rinsed out the remaining content and went


to keep it back in the racks.


Taking the milky content,


He waited till their mommy came out of the kitchen,then went to her with it, “Mommy here’s your milkshake.” He handed the glass to her as she sat down with her plate of salad.


Gianna was about drinking the mixture when a voice boomed from the door, “Wait.” The male voice boomed,


They all turned to see Andre at the door.


To be continued…

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