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Making sure she’s fine and safe and the boy was with her, Andre left the hospital.


He wasn’t happy when he left and both mother and son knew it.


“Daddy what’s wrong with you and why did you yell at mommy earlier?” Reid asked the man as they both left the room for the nurse to transfer Gianna to the VIP ward.


“Reid you won’t understand,


But I’d to do what I did to save your mommy.” He replied the boy with a very sad tone.


Reid was confused at his father’s words.


“What do you mean daddy?” The kid asked confused.


Andre would have love to share his problem with his son,


But he couldn’t.


No matter the fact that the boy behaves more maturely and has a very high IQ, It doesn’t mean he should be burdened with adult problem from his age. “Daddy mean well for you,mommy and your older brother.” He said to the boy.


“Daddy are you leaving mommy and me?” Reid asked the man,


He suspect the man was saying all these words cause he wants to leave them. “No son,” Andre crutched to the boys level, “I’m not leaving you guys,


I just want to thread carefully.” He assured the boy.


All his life,


Reid had never felt so scared and insecure like he does now.


Hearing his father say all those words,


He felt like he was leaving them forever and he definitely hates that feelings. “Daddy can you bring older brother when you get back here.” He asked, The man nodded and hugged the boy.


“I’ll bring big brother here when I come later.” He said to her.


Andre left but didn’t go home,


He went to His Mother’s Recovery Home and spend almost half the morning. He went to the office later that morning but didn’t stay long and couldn’t even concentrate on what they were doing.


Images of Dean pecking Gianna’s for head continued playing in his brain and his


anger and jealousy rose by the seconds.


How dare he kiss her?


Why couldn’t he look for something else to do than kiss her.


He was so angry that he vented his anger on the poor employees.


That night,


Andre came with Justin to the hospital.


The little boy had been so happy to be able to see his younger brother and his mommy.


“Mommy!” Justin shrieked with excitement as Andre opened the door to the VIP ward.


He ran towards Gianna who was lying on the bed.



“Justin,how’re you?” Gianna asked the boy, Who she was now hugging.


“Mommy,how’re you doing now?” He asked her, Gianna nodded.


“Mommy’s safe and fine as long as she has both you and Reid with her.” She said to him,


“What about daddy?


Isn’t he among your superhero?” Justin asked her.


She looked at Andre,


He took his gaze away from her.


Is he still angry at me?


She asked herself seeing the way he was acting towards her.


“Justin and Reid,


Can you give me and daddy some privacy?” She asked the boy’s who were busy with themselves.


Both boys turned to their parents


“Okay.” The replied together.


Justin took Reid’s hands and led him towards the door.


“Let’s go get ourselves some dinner.” He said to his little brother.


Reid agreed immediately,


Seeing his brother was actually trying to give some privacy to mommy and daddy.


“Mommy should we get you anything?” He asked his mother,


Gianna shook her head.


She’d ate the hospital dinner,


Reid had refused the dinner saying it was meant for sick people.


The boy insisted on eating whenever his brother comes to the hospital.


Gianna had argued with him but the boy had adamantly refused dinner waiting for Justin to come first.


Both boys left the room,leaving the two adults to themselves. “Andre are you still mad at me?” She asked him soberly, He didn’t reply but still didn’t take his eyes away from her, “Andre I said I’m sorry about that, It was something I couldn’t control,


I was cold and Dean…….”








I’m tired of hearing his name over and over again.” Andre was frustrated.


“Dean did this,


Dean did that,


Superstar D is the best…….


I’m tired of having to hear his name over and over again.” He yelled.


His words made Gianna more surprised.


“But Andre….”


She wanted to explain to him that Dean had pulled her into the elevator just to save her from getting hurt by the elevator’s door.


But with this angry state he’s in,


He won’t listen to her,


But nevertheless,


She still have to make herself clear with him, “Andre stop being this way,


Dean pulled me into the elevator to save me from getting hurt.” She explained.


She knows he has insecurities but why can’t he just believe her and understand that she can never cheat on him with any other man.


Dean’s a great friend and a colleague and she sees nothing farther than that with him.


“Andre you’re getting the picture wrong,


I was cold and he did what he just had to do.”


Like her words meant a lot to him,


He pulled closer and wrapped his arms around her, “Anna I’m so sorry I have to be this way, It’s just that I can’t control my insecurities.


I felt so jealous seeing him pecking your forehead earlier and cuddling you to keep you warm.


Deep down,I was hoping if the both of us stuck in there instead of the both of you guys.” He said to her.



She couldn’t fight with him,


She understands perfectly well,


Andre has insecurities about everyone especially when it comes to her and she wasn’t going to misuse his trust for one. Never.


Having her to himself is the best feelings he’s ever got and he was sure to make the feeling last.


But seeing her in another man’s arm,


He was beginning to doubt what he shares with her.


Meanwhile both Reid and Justin toed outside the street,


They were both looking for a good restaurant to eat in before going back to the hospital to meet their parents.


“Little brother,is like there’s no good restaurant around here?” Justin asked his brother,


“There’s one by the other end if the street,


We just have to take a few walks.” He said to his older brother.


They took a few walks down the road and stopped in front of a restaurant.


” this’d the place I was stalking to you.


Both boys got into and the well furnished and elegant restaurant.


“Where’s the waiter?” Reid called immediately,


Two waiters ran to the table the boys had settled down.


“What can we offer you?” The waitress asked the boys. Both boys placed their orders and not long enough, Their orders were served.


After dinner both boys paid their bills and left to the surprise of the people in the restaurant.


How could such little kids carry so much money with them?


“Brother what should we do now?” Justin asked Reid as they left the restaurant,


“Let’s go back to the hospital.” He said,


Justin shook his head,




It’s too early to go back to the hospital



And let’s give mommy and daddy more time to themselves.” Justin said to the other boy.


“So what do you want us to do now?” Reid asked him, “Let’s go to the movies or something,


I heard Fast and Furious premieres would be release today,


Let’s go see it.” Justin said,


Reid actually didn’t want to go,


He isn’t a movies lover but for the fact his brother wanted to go, Its no harm going with him.


So instead of going back to the hospital,


Both boys changed direction and headed for the Cinema which wasn’t far from the restaurant.


Justin bought their tickets,


And even got popcorn for his brother.


When both boys went inside,the movie was bout to start,


So they trailed their way to the second roll and sat beside each other.


While the movie was going on,


Justin couldn’t concentrate.


His attention was all focused on the man in front of him.


The man looks dangerous but that’s not what bothered the boy.


He noticed that the man was harassing the girl beside him,


Often he saw the girl try to shout but the man would pinch her,


She wouldn’t talk again but it was visible from her expression that she was scared and very terrified.


“Let me go please.” This girl pleaded,


The man who looks older but very dangerous brought out a knife from his pocket, “If you make any sound,I’m going to kill you.” He threatened.


He put his hands under her skirt and began to caress her thighs while the poor girl cried silently.


They were people beside them and they noticed what was going on but seeing the man with a knife,



They didn’t want to get involved in the mess in case of the man hurting anybody. “Brother….look t what that man’s doing?” Justin told Reid pointing to the man in front of him,


Before Reid could say any word he stood up and left their row.


“Your legs are so soft,


Wonder how your br**sts would be?” The man said to the crying girl…..


“Hey Uncle,get your hands off her.” A voice said to them man,


The girl was relieved that someone had come to save her but seeing a little boy of eight,nine she felt disappointed.


The man,seeing the little boy order him,


He became amused at himself.


“Get little boy go back to your daddy and stop disturbing me and my girlfriend.” He said smiling to the girl revealing his braced teeth.


“Uncle stop being shameless and let her go.” Justin warned again,


He went towards them and pulled the girl from the mans grip and this infuriated the man,


“Hey!” He stood up to hit the boy but swiftly, Justin pushed him back to the seat.


The man was surprised at such energy and strength the boy possessed, “Little boy,I’m warning you don’t teat my patience…..” A slap followed from the boy.


“I love to see you fight me.” Justin said mockingly.


In anger the man stood up to fight him but the people around forcefully push him back.


“Hey Sir, do you want to hit the boy?” They asked him angrily, “Someone call the security.” Justin ordered.


The mam seeing everyone was against him,


He carefully slipped out his knife to stab the boy who just ruined his deal but unknown to him,


Reid had seen him slip out the knife,


So as he tried to get up from the seat,


Reid came from behind and hit him with the coke can.


“Justin he’s with a knife!” Reid shouted to his brother.



Justin rushed forward to the man and kicked his gorse, “That’s for trying to rape her,”


He flew on the man’s stomach and punched his face,


“That’s my autograph.” He said as he got down from the mans body seeing the security men coming towards them.


“Sir this man was harassing this young girl.” Justin complaint, Seeing the girl’s crying face,


The security men need not ask another question,


They pulled the man out of the cinema and left with him. Reid came out from the seat too and went to Justin, “Did he hurt you?” He asked filled with concern, “Nah he didn’t,


No one can hurt me as long as you’re with me.” He said and took his brothers hand. “I’m done watching this,


Let’s head back to the hospital.” Reid nodded and they both left the cinema.


When they left this cinema,


Both boy decided to ganything mall to get a new shirt for Justin, “I don’t think that’s necessary,


Mommy and daddy won’t notice the rip.” Justin said to Reid, “Big brother,


Seeing that rip on your shirt mommy will surely ask what happened and see the bruise on your forehead too.” He pointed to the red mark of scratch on the boy’s forehead.


“Okay okay,


Let’s go and get some new clothes.” Justin said in defeat as they navigated their way into the mall but unknown to them, A man was tailing along them.




To be continued..

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