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While Dean left with the wounded boy, Andre rushed to the stairs and ran upstairs.


Hoping to tear to pieces any one that tries to stop him.


He was with a .99m double barrel shot gun and also a Colt .49,


A pen knife and also a dagger,


So one can easily say,


He came fully loaded.


Going up to the forth floor.


The first body he ran past was Jasmine’s half dead body, He rushed to her.


Even though he’d hated her,


He couldn’t bear to see her die like this,



He wanted her to suffer his torment before she dies, He wanted to be the one to decide her fate.


“Jasmine.” He called her,


She was unconscious but there was still a little faint life emitting from lungs, He pulled her head up and made it rest on his thighs, “Jasmine.” He called again,


No response and she was losing life slowly. He brought out his phone and called Dane, “Dane,


Jasmines up here,she’s badly wounded,


Send someone up here to get her immediately.” He said through the phone and hung up,


Slowly,he carried her up from the hallway and made her body lay by the side of the hall to avoiding anyone hitting on her.


He got up and went to search for his woman.


As he left Jasmine,


He caught sight of someone rushing out through the emergency exit. He hurriedly followed the figure,


Two men came from each side to stop him,


Both of them he stabbed with his penknife and went after the figure.


“Gianna!” He called,


He’d lost the person.


“Gianna!” He called again,


This time he moved to the more open and secluded area of the building.


He’d gone there by instinct and surprisingly,


There was his two badass uncles tying his woman to a seat and the younger touching her face.


He rushed into the area but unknowingly,


The door slammed behind him and that was when he noticed the two other men aside from both his uncles,


Making it a game of four versus one.


“I knew you were going to come.” Uncle Aleksandr said clapping his hands as he walked towards Andre,



He turned to his brother and his henchmen, “Didn’t I tell you guys,


He’s going to come here for his woman.” The other men laughed in mockery of him. “Let her go.” Andre ordered,


He was a man of little talk and more action


He prefer taking action than talking and beating around the bush.


” Hey young lass,


We’re not here to take your orders,


You do what we ask you to and we free your woman.” Alekhine said in a cautious tone.


“Let her go.” Andre repeated,


The men were infuriated at his rude and and prideful behavior.


“What do you want?” He asked the men,


“You shouldn’t be in a rush to be in a business mode,


We’re family and haven’t seen each other for years except all these tabloid means of which you don’t indulge much.” Aleksandr said to Andre in a peaceful way but he and everyone else knows it is nothing but a facade.


He and Andre weren’t in good terms which other and it was hard to believe that both men cared for themselves.


“I don’t think I’ve time to battle words with you, What do you want?” He asked again, This time more indignantly.


Actually he was just buying time to fully map out his plan.


The two men behind him are nothing to him,


With his double barrel shotgun,


He can take the two men at a go,


But what bothers him more was both his uncles.


Every De Marco son is trained a martial art fighter and both his uncles even though they’re older,


They’re very good at the art and he can attest to that.


Both men are martial art pro and being teamed together,


There’s no way he could fight them alone and win.


He looked at his woman,


She was obviously not away of the what’s going on cause she was slipping in and out of consciousness.


Tears smeared face visible with pain,


The sight hurt him to the marrow.


He’d promised this woman some few months ago that he was going to protect her, He was going to protect her from his sick and crazy psychopaths and narcissist family members.


He’d promised his son he was going to make their family whole and no harm


would come to him and his mother,


He was going to fulfil his promise,


To keep his end of the bargain till this uncles of his had to interfere and also interrupted his plans,


And now,they’re going to pay dearly for that.


He won’t spare anyone that hurts his woman and these men have clearly overstepped their boundaries.


In a minute of anger,


Both henchmen behind him were stabbed by his penknife and the other a dagger, Now he was left with both uncles.


He pull out the gun and pointed at the men,


“I respect the fact that you both are my elders and I won’t react but for the fact you touched my woman,


I don’t think I can ever let go.”


He shot at the younger one,


The one he’d seen touching her face.


Immediately the older man gasped,


Actually,the gun had hit his thighs.


“Do you think I’m going jus kill you like that?” He asked both men, “Never,


I’m not going to just murder the men that tampered with my woman,


I’ll make them plead for their life.” He said in the purest of hatred and anger.


These men had really touched the wrong side of him.


Still pointing the gun at them,



He picked up and old greasy cowboy rope from the floor and threw it at the both of them,


“Tie up yourselves with that.” He ordered, Both men thought he was kidding with them, So none touched the rope.


He fired at the other man’s thigh,


“I won’t want to be kept waiting,


I need to get my woman out of here.” He said to them.


Andre turned to Gianna,


Its useless wasting his time these men while his woman is dying for help. He didn’t want to kill both men immediately and still has to take Gianna, So he pulled out his cellphone and placed a a call to Dane,


“Send some men up at the attic,


I’ve got those bastards.” He said to Dane and hung up immediately.


“Alexandre De Marco,


You can’t harm us,


You’re nothing g but a chicken like your father.” Aleksandr cursed, The word spiked up the evil inside him.


He walked towards the injured and both could visible see the spike of evil glint in the man’s eyes,


He’s still the Andre they knew since,


Cold and inhumane.


He got to where both men crutches and forcefully dragged him up, “I’ll show you what the chicken does best.


Not everything that goes around comes around.” He said to the man He helped up the other,


Not minding the fact they aren’t any youngsters.


He dragged both men to the pole and anger,and tied them around the pole. He took out his cell again and called Dane, “Everyone retreat!


Tell every of your men to retreat things are about to get messy in here.” He warned.


Dane got the message immediately and he ordered every of his men to retreat from the building.


Soon everyone started evacuating the building,


The gunshot wasn’t heard and in fact the place was as quiet as a grave site.


But in matter of minutes,


The building blew up.




Everyone was shocked as the large massive orange ball erupt the sky.


Reid who was being taken cared of by Dane’s health personal pulled away from the






Daddy!” He cried,


Dean and Mr Lee pulled the boy back.


Even he was still wondering what had just happened.


Not only him,


Including his brother and every other person with them.


In no distant time,


Andre emerged from the building with the unconscious Gianna in his arms, He was badly wounded.


Reid pulled free from the men and ran to his father, “Mommy!” He cried as he ran to them, Andre,seeing the boy coming towards them, He hastened his steps to catch up with the boy,


In no times,he was holding his son and his woman in his arm and they headed to his car.


He’d no time to explain to anyone what had happened,


His main interest was to get his woman to the hospital,


She’s bleeding real bad and it if cares not taken..


Her baby….




He assured himself as he slammed the car engine and zoomed off with his son at the back seat,


“Daddy what’s happening to mommy?”


Reid asked,


He couldn’t tell the boy anything cause he wasn’t sure himself what will happen, “Don’t worry son,


Your Mommy’s going to be fine.” He said to him, Silently praying it turns that way.


That she becomes fine,


He didn’t want any harm to come her way,


Not her and not their baby.


While the others followed his lead, He stopped at the first hospital he saw, Rushed out of his car and got out his woman, Reid came out too with his wounded shoulder. Andre carried Gianna and ran into the hospital, “Doctor!” He yelled as he rushed into the hallway,


The doctors rushed outside thinking it was chaos bit all were surprised to see the President De Marco in their hospital carrying a woman.


They took Gianna from him and lay her on a stretcher,


Pushing her into the Operation Theatre while Andre stood back.


While another nurse passed,


He handed Reid to the lady,


“My son was shot too.”


The lady was surprised hearing that a little kid got shot, Though she couldn’t dare ask him for a police report,


So she just took the boy and strode into ICU to get the bullet out of the boy’s shoulder.


Soon afterwards,


Jasmine,Dean and every other injured person was admitted to the hospital. This arouse the suspicion of the doctors and other staffs,


But they couldn’t openly ask about what happened and how come most of them got shot.


So some went from behind and informed the cops,


Andre was having his wounded arm treated when the cops came.


“Good day Master De Marco.” The superintendent greeted Andre,


He nodded at the man,




I would like to ask a few questions.” The man said, “Go ahead.” Andre said to him,


The man nodded and brought out his statement jotter.


“Sir if you don’t mind,



Can you share to us what had happened and how most of your men got shot?” The officer chose his words carefully to avoid annoying the man. “My fiancé and my son got kidnapped,


I had to go get them back.” With this single word,


The officer understood what happened and didn’t bother asking him another question.




The doctors are out.” Dane popped his head into the room where Andre is being treated and the man stood up,


“Officer if you would want more information about this, You can go ask my men,


They’ll give you full details.” He opened the door and went outside.


The doctor was standing outside the Operation Theatre and Dean was standing in front of him,


Obviously asking how Gianna is.


“Master De Marco.” The doctor called seeing Andre, “Doctor how’s she?


How’s my fiancé and the baby?” He asked the man, “Well,your fiancé is safe and alright but I’m sorry Sir….. We lost the baby.”


The words hit Andre so bad,


They lost his baby.


They’d lost his and Gianna’s baby.


He turned from the doctor,


Closed his eyes and smiled.


Because of those uncles of his,he’d lost his baby, His and Gianna’s baby.


Now he’s going to make them pay.


He’s going to wipe out the remnant of both his uncle’s family till there’s no single one left,


He doesn’t care who’s innocent and who isn’t,


As long as they’ve woken up the beast in him,


All of them are going to pay dearly for this.


He turned to the doctor,



“Make sure she gets enough rest and transfer her to your VIP ward, I’ll be right back.” He turned to leave but Dean held him back, “Andre where are you going to?” He asked him,


“I’m going to do what I should have done since.” He said to him and was still leaving when he heard his son’s voice.


Andre turned to the boy,


“Daddy are you leaving us?” The boy asked, Andre shook his head and squat to the boy level, “I’m never going to leave your mommy and you,


Rather I’m going to set the record straight and do what I should have done along time ago.” He aid,


Reid frowned,


“What’s that father?” He asked,


“I’m going to make thing easier for your brother yourself and your mommy, Now all you have to do is to watch over your mommy and make sure no harm comes to her.” He said,


Andre kissed the boy’s forehead and stood up, “Now go watch over your mom,


I’ll be right back.” He said and left while Reid walked to the ward his mommy was resting.


To be continued.

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