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“Gianna!” Andre called,


“You don’t have to be angry Andre,


You can still save her by just doing what I ask you to do.


I won’t hurt Gianna nor her son as long as you do what I want you to do.” The male voice coerced,


“What do you want from me?






Name it!


What do you want?” He yelled angrily,


Immediately the caller hung up.


“He’s such a spoilt demon,


Thinks everything all about money.” Uncle Aleksandr said to his younger brother,


His accomplice Alekhine,


The man laughed evilly,


“No matter how spoilt he’s grown,


He can never wish to trade the life of his woman,” The man trailed his finger on Gianna’s cheek,while she continued to sob cause her mouth was gagged really tight.


“You’re such a beauty and so was your mother Hmmmm.


Love having her take care of me then.” Uncle Alekhine said to Gianna.


Reid was tied to the other corner of the room,so he could barely see him mommy or know what’s going on with her.


“It’s no surprise my nephew took fancy to you, You’re a very stunning woman,


It’s just a waste your beauty is about to be wasted now.” He said to her to her trailing his hands down to her chest.


Gianna shook her tied body vigorously to stop the man from touching her but he didn’t,


Rather he smiled and trailed his hand to the neckline of the gown she was putting on.


Uncle Alekhine is just two decades older than Andre and is the youngest of the De Marco’s brother.




Alexander (Andre’s father),Aleksandr and Alekhine.


As a growing up child,


Colin De Marco his father hadn’t paid much attention to him and his mother, So was Aleksandr and his mother.


The old man had only treated his first wife and their son Alexander while the rest had just shadows of his love.


This had cause problems in the family,


It became worse when the man brought in Katerina.


The three sons had been madly in love with her especially Alexander, Seeing it would bring more trouble to the family,


The old man adopted Katerina as his daughter to avoid his sons fighting for her love.


A few years after Katerina came into the family, The old man lost his first son.


He was left with little Alexandre and Katerina, Later the latter was confirmed to be pregnant.

The old man had been so furious that his precious daughter is pregnant,


Carrying the seed of a peasant.




He,in a fit of rage ordered that she abort the child,


Katerina had bluntly refused and in no time,


She left the house.


He searched the whole city,turned everything upsidedown but he couldn’t find his daughter.


The old man hadn’t been himself ever since, When both his two wives and sons left,


He didn’t bother looking for them and that made them hate their father more.


That hatred hardened both Aleksandr and his brother,


Both had same interest of making sure that their father pays for not treating them


and their mothers right.


And now,


Since the mans old and just a few years from his grave, Their main target is Andre.



“Now,you’re going to be out bait to have Andre do what we want him to do and


also give us what we really wanted.”


The man turned to his older brother,


“How about the other lady?


Whatshername again?




What happens to her?” He asked Aleksandr.


The older man turned from the window and came to his brother,


“She’s nothing but a puppet to us and after we get what we want,we simply get rid of her.” The man said icily.




Jasmine’s working with Andres uncles to help take the Andres position from him.


That woman’s so vile.


And here this men are planning on killing her too.


Gianna was so shocked and equally afraid too.


Cause of Andre doesn’t act fast,


She, Reid and her unborn child are going to die together.


Andre please come save us,


I’m so sorry I’d left the hospital without your permission but ease come take me


away from these cruel men,


I’m so scared.


Gianna cried for help in her heart.


Andre was reckless,


He’d no clue on where those bastard had held Gianna and Reid, And that’s what’s driving him nuts.


He wanted to call his grandfather and have the man help him bit on a second though,


He couldn’t.


He can’t tell the man that his granddaughter,


The granddaughter he’d been searching for is being held by some bastard.


Maybe he should call Dane.


The man is a good underworld king and would help him find his woman but he decided against it.


He’d to do something.






An idea came to him,


Since his son Reid had connections with Hurricane Group,


Why not he call Agent Lee and inform him of the boys abduction.


The man might get him link to Hurricane Group and have them help him search for both mother and son.


He fumbled out his phone and dialled the Agent’s number, Just one ring the man picked up the call, “Good day President De Marco,


Agent Lee speaking.” He replied the man, “Mr Lee,there’s problem,


Reid and Gianna had been kidnapped.” Andre informed the man.


Immediately the man shouted in shock,


“What!” immediately




I just received a call from the kidnappers but they didn’t let me talk before they hung up.” He said to the man.


“Mr De Marco, where are you now?” Me Lee asked, Andre looked around the unfamiliar road he found himself. He wasn’t thinking straight while driving,


So it was no surprise he ended up in this unfamiliar neighborhood.


“I have little knowledge of this place but let’s meet at Baronet View now.” He said to the man,


“Yes Sir.” The man hung up immediately and took a U turn.


At Baronets View,


Andre explained end to the man the situation at hand and also gave him the number


the kidnappers had use to call him,


“Here’s the number they use,


The man hadn’t allowed me say anything before he hung up.” He told the man, “I swear,if I get hold of that bastard,


I’m going to shrewd his body and make sire his life’s a living hell.



He’s going to pay for ever laying his hands on Gianna and Reid.” He swore, Agent Lee just sat opposite the man,


Deep down,he’s feeling sorry for the bastard that had just abducted Gianna, Cause the man in front of him is ready to move the earth for that woman.


“President De Marco,


I’ve made contact with Hurricane associates and the chief himself is sending his men.


I’ll just have to get the details of user of this number,” He said to Andre,


“How long is it going to take to get the information on the bastard?” Andre asked, The other man looked at his laptop,


“Just a few minutes.” He replied and averted his gaze back to the laptop.


After hacking some few systems,he was able to gain access to the network unit. Andres phone began to ring,


Both men looked at each other on instinct.


“Let me take this.” Andre stood up with the phone, He accepted the call,


“Hello.” He said clearly to the hearing of the caller, “Sir,


There’s an emergency,


Grandfather has been admitted in the hospital.” The caller,who is the ground


master of the De Marco’s Mansion.


“What?” Andre yelled,


“Yeah,we’re at the family hospital now.” The man informed, “I’ll be there soon.” He said and hung up, Andre went to Mr Lee,


“Please carry on here,there’s an emergency at home.” He picked his car keys and hurried out of the place.


To be continued.

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