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Andre drove speedily to the hospital,


His grandfather at the hospital.


The thought scared him to death.


He’s still bothered about Gianna’s and Reid being kidnapped,


Now it’s his grandfather.


Wonder who’s going to be next?




Or even himself?


Life’s so cruel.


Why not call Dane and ask for help?


He asked himself as he drove,




He had never seen himself asking for anyone’s help


But now the situation is so tight,


He can’t handle this alone.


So he connected his phone to the car via Bluetooth and placed a call to Dane. Dane who’d unintentionally left his phone in his conference room didn’t know it was ringing,


Therefore he didn’t see Andre’s call.


“Pick up Dane.


Please do pickup.” Andre prayed as he drove.


He hadn’t been the desperate all his life,


This time,he’s in a tight corner,


With Gianna,his unborn child and Reid on one side while his grandfather at the other.


When he got to the hospital, the whole place was chaos,


Andre made his way inside and went straight to the Operation Theatre,where his grandfather is being treated.


Seeing some teams of doctors inside the room,


He pulled one of the people there,


It was the old man’s nurse.



“What happened to my grandfather?” He asked the lady, “Sir he……”


“Talk! What happened to him?”He asked angrily, The lady froze with fear,


Grandmaster had been in his room when Lady Jasmine came in and informed him of a lady called Gianna being kidnapped,


Immediately she told him the news,


The grandmaster stated complaining that his heart was tightening and he couldn’t breath.


We had to rush him here.” She said terrified at the mans presence.




So she’s behind all this mess?


Andre asked himself.


How else did she find out about Gianna’s kidnap if it hadn’t been hatched by her.


That woman had just done the worst thing she could ever do.


He’s going to kill her if he ever lays eyes on her again. “Where’s Justin?” He asked the nurse about his other son. “The little master was asleep while all this was happening,


So some maids and guards had to stay behind and watch over him while we brought the grandmaster to the hospital.” She replied him.


Immediately Andre left her and raced to his car, First he’d to go see that Justin was alright,


Then he’ll have to look for Jasmine and have the woman have a taste if his wrath, She’d touched the wrong side of him.


On his way back to the De Marco’s Mansion,he called Dane again,


The man was picking up,


So he called Reid’s manager,


Mr Lee.


“Jello President De Marco,


How’re thing going over there?” The man asked concerned, “Not so good,


Have you gotten their location?” He asked the man, “No Sir..”


“What then are you doing?” The man yelled out of anger and frustration. “President De Marco,


My computer can’t gain access into the network system,


It’s just like its being stopped by some configured data on the system.” He explained to the angry Andre,


Thank God he isn’t present with me here.


Mr Lee prayed.


Both father and son are likely the same,


When they get too worked,they vent their anger on the next person to them, The only person both shares their sweet moment with is Gianna, Wife and mother to both father and son.


“I’ll be done before you know it and I’ll send the information to you.” He said to the man,


Immediately Andre hung up.


When he got home,


Justin was up cause he wasn’t in his room.


“Justin!” He called,


No reply.


“Justin boy,daddy’s home.” He called louder, No reply.


Soon a maid came running out from the archery room. “Sir,Justin’s the library downstairs.” She informed the man, Welcome home Master Andre.” She greeted, Andre nodded and went in direction of the library.


“Justin.” He called when he saw the boy engrossed in the book he was reading and


didn’t notice him enter the library.


The boy looked up and ran to him,


“Daddy.” Justin wrapped his hands around the man.


“Son,how’re you?” He asked,


Pressing the urge not to break down in front of the boy.


The boy nodded,


“Fine daddy,


Daddy when are we going to see mommy and little brother?” Justin asked,


Andre shook his head,


“Not now son,


Daddy still has a few more things to handle before we go there.” He lied,



Not wanting to tell the boy that his mommy and brother have been abducted. “Where’s mommy Jasmine?” He asked the boy, “She left a few minutes ago,


You should have ran past her on your way.” Justin said to him,


“Okay,go get dressed,


You’re going with daddy.” Andre told the boy, “Where are we going to daddy?” Justin asked, “Just go get changed,


Were going to see grandpa at the hospital.” He said,


The boy gasped.




Great grandpa’s at the hospital,


What happened to him?” Hr asked innocently,


“Great grandpa just for extra weak and we had to take him to the hospital.” Andre said,


He took the boy from the library and both father and son went to get changed.


While at the hospital, Justin requested to stay with his great grandfather while Andre went to have a chat with the doctor,


“Doctor what’s wrong with him?” He asked the man immediately they’d settled down,


“He’d a cardiac arrest.


Something must have shocked him and he reacted to it.


And I must say this Master De Marco,


Your grandfather’s cells very weak and I doubt if he’s going to survive this.” The doctor said to him.


Andre didn’t say anything,


“Master De Marco are you paying attention?” The doctor asked, He nodded.


“Doctor, just make sure he stays alive,try do something……”


His phone rang and he averted his gaze from the doctor to his phone, Dane.


“Hello Dane.” He said coolly,


Even the doctor was surprised because the Andre De Marco is a very rude and rash man and won’t speak to anyone as calmly as he just did.


“Master De Marco,


I saw you missed calls and I…..”


Andre signalled the doctor to give him some privacy,


The man stood up immediately and left his office.


Sure that he was far alone,


He open up to Dane.


“Dane,Gianna and my son has been kidnapped.” He blurted, “What!” The other man yelled, “Yeah,


And I called to tell you that i would need your help to be able to get my woman back.” He said,


“Do you have any suspect?” He asked Andre,


“I have as much as hundred suspect but have just one prime suspect, My supposed fiancΓ© Jasmine.


She’s my main suspect.” He said to the man.


“Okay,send me her photo and I’ll have my men tail her.” Dane assured Andre, The other man nodded and said a thank you to Dane.


Who received the photo of Jasmine from Andre immediately.


He called his most trusted men Jandro and gave him the phone, “See this lady,


Run a check on her,


A thorough check on her for me.


Then tell Small to continue search for my brother.”


The man took the phone and left immediately while Dane sat and his thoughts went wild.


What if Dean has a hand in Gianna’s kidnap and is working hand in hand with this Jasmine lady?


To be continued….

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