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Dean did ask the doctor to do the transfusion secretly without Andres knowledge while he went back home untreated,trying to get information about Gianna.


The bodyguards were all surprised to see him home especially with scratched and marks all over him and in no time the news got to his older brother Dane Wilson that someone had hurt Dean.


“What!” Dane was so furious when he heard the news, Even for the fact that Dean was his illegitimate brother, Born out of his fathers promiscuous affair,


He still dote on his brother and cared a lot for him. Even though the later kept distancing away from him. “Call my younger brother for me.” He ordered the guard,


Immediately the man hurriedly left and went to Dean’s Chambers to get him.


Ever since their parents death,


Dane had been the one handling the family affairs while Dean did all he could to


distant himself from the family.


The Wilson runs the underworld,


They were wealthy though but has very string holding in the underworld business and that made people dread them.


Dane is the Don of the RED DRAGON:DEVIL’S BLOOD.


He as the older son kept the family Empire moving while Dean kept his distance.


Seeing his brother wasn’t tough and likely won’t head on the business,


He sent the boy abroad while he just entered his teenage years.


Dean was made to live in the Wilson’s Mansion after his mother had died alongside their father.




The Grand Master would want to see you.” The bodyguard said to Dean as he tried to leave the house and go back to the hospital.


He knew already that the guards might have told his older brother that someone had hurt him and the man would want to know who’d dared hurt him.




“Tell him that I’ll be there soon.” He said,


Actually, he wants planning o going to meet his brother,


He did only tell the guard so the man would allow him leave, But the man was smarter,


Dean had played this same trick on him several times and every time he got


scolded by the grand master,


Now,he isn’t taking chances.


“Sir,I’ll appreciate it if you follow me to him please.” He said politely.


Dean didn’t blame him,


The man must have gone through a hell lot of scolding to act this way. He reluctantly followed the man,


“Okay let’s go.” Slowly he went ahead while the man tolled behind. When they got to his brother’s chamber,


The guard stood outside while he went inside to meet his brother.


“Older brother,


Good day.” Dean greeted,


Dane was five years older than Dean,


So he’d to respect him.


“Dean,what happened to you?


Who’d dared hurt you?” Dane asked angrily seeing the marks on his brother porcelain body.


Purple marks of hard punching and slap,


A disfigured nose bridge and most of all a swollen lip.


“Brother,is gotten into an accident while on….”


“You don’t tell me that,


I’m not a kid.” He said angrily.


Trying not to tell him is incurring trouble for Denver Tower, So its better been told than for him to go create a scene later.


“I got into a fight and it was my fault.” He said honestly, “Your fault?


Even if it was your fault,


It doesn’t warrant the bastard to hit you like a criminal.


Who’s that bastard?


Doesn’t he know that you’re a Wilson and no Wilson is subpar to such treatment from anyone.” He said to Dean.


Like I though,he’s still going to overreact.


Dean thought to himself.


He hadn’t planned to talk to his brother about Gianna but with his brother trying to make him talk about a subject he doesn’t want to talk about,


He decided to talk to his brother about Gianna and the incident that took place years ago.


“Brother,I’m sorry but all this was my fault.” He said to end the particular topic, He brought out a photo of Gianna and showed him to the enraged brother, “Do you know this lady?” He asked the man,


Dane squint his eyes as he peered in to the phone to see the embodiment of beauty that was shown by the phone’s screen.


“No but she’s a real beauty,


What about her?” He asked,


Seeing the woman photo,


Certain urges he’d never had for year surge up from him.


He’d been with so many woman and had slept with countless of them but none had had any effect on him just like the woman he’d just seeing on the photo.


She has this pure innocence visible to all eyes and such innocence is what draw men to women.


Dena noticed his brother awkward behavior after seeing the woman’s photo, “What’s wrong brother?” He asked him, Dane shook his head,




So what’s it about her?” He repeated his question careful enough to hide the desires he was building I side him.


“Brother do you happen to know the girl that’d donated blood for me as a child?” He asked Dane.


Dane had known that his brother had been involved in a accident and had heard of the mysterious girl that’d donated blood for him while he was unconscious.


Dean had lost the memories of what had happened before then,so he recollects nothing from before that time.



“Nah,just a young girl that after the donation,she wasn’t found again.” He said casually.


But was surprised on why Dean is taking an interest to that incident.


Is this woman related to that young girl.


He hadn’t seen the girl,so he doesn’t even know what she looks like. “Cause today,


I’d to donate blood to this woman,” He pointed to Gianna’s photo, “And surprisingly her blood type matches mine.


I just recalled what mother had told me about that girl, That her blood type matched mine that was very rare.

I began to guess she might be the girl from years ago.” He said,


There was a certain assurance he’d but somehow that assurance scared him but he could not tell why.


“Brother why don’t you help me run a background check on her while I rush back to the hospital to check on her.” He said to his older brother,


“And her name?” Dane asked,(Join Group)


“Gianna McKenna.” Dean replied,dashing out of the room before his older brother could ask more questions.


On getting to the hospital, he saw Andre in Gianna’s ward,


She was still unconscious and Andre seemed to be in deep pain.


For once, he felt moved.


Seeing how the almighty President De Marco shed tears for the woman,lying unconsciously on the bed.


He felt nothing but sympathy for the man.


He walked to the nurse that just came out of the room, “How’s she now?” He asked the nurse,


“Well Sir,an anonymous person had donated blood for her and the doctor said she’s alright but he isn’t sure about the child growing inside her.” The nurse replied innocently,


But the words were simple on Dean,




Gianna’s pregnant.



“Miss can you rephrase what you just said?” He asked the woman dumbly, “Sir,I said that she’s safe but the doctors haven’t co firmed for the child…..” Dean was shocked,


Gianna’s pregnant.


For who?


He asked himself.


Immediately his eyes roamed to the glass opening and it locked on Andre’s.


He couldn’t wait to be told to leave or even create a scene with Andre again.


He only turned and left the hospital premises.


Immediately Dean left,


Dane got to work immediately,


He’d promised his brother he was going to help him run a check on the woman and


that what he’s going to do.


“Jandro!” He called loudly,


The guard who was at the door came I side immediately,


“Yes boss.” The man replied bowing his head slightly to show respect to Dane.


“I want information about Gianna…


Gianna McKenzie


He almost took out his cellphone to call Dean when immediately he got the name,


Gianna McKenna.” He said in exasperation, “Yes Gianna McKenna.” He told the man, Immediately the man left.


When Jandro came back after a few hours later, He’d all the information one could get on someone.


He’d everything concerning her from her bank numbers to her address and her hobbies,they were all written in the book.


“,Sir here you go.” Jandro handed the books to Dane.


He slowly opened the first page.


It showed Gianna as a kid,


Her profile was boldly written under the photo.


Her name,


Her date of birth,


Coincidentally it was the same with Dean’s..


This made Dane confused.


He went further to see what’s inside the paper.


As a child,Gianna had been involved in an accident that had killed her mother and


her brother……




He checked the date of the accident,


Dean had been involved in an accident that same day.


It was the day,his fathers mistress had called and had informed them that her son Dean had been involved in an accident.


Since Dean was born to Tessa,


He hadn’t been brought to see his father cause everyone saw him as the illegitimate son.


But on that day,his father couldn’t hold back,


His son who was barely eight years old has been involved in a car accident.


He left whatever he was doing and rushed to the hospital Tessa had told him about. On getting there,he saw the boy in the ICU,


The doctors said he’d lost a lot of blood and needs a very quick blood transfusion.


Not long after another girl was admitted to the hospital.


She was found by some people by the river bank and she was badly bruised. Since none of the blood available had matched Dean’s, Tessa was very concerned for her son,


She ordered that whoever blood matched Dean would be rewarded awesomely.


But unfortunately for her,none matched his blood type.


She met the doctor and pleaded him to have the other girl run the blood test.


After much pleading and some cash,


The doctor agreed to it.


And in no time,


A test was carried on the girl and her blood matched Dean’s.


With a twinkle of an eye,


A secret donation was carried out and Dean was saved,


But before the next morning the girl was confirmed missing and no one got any idea on where she’d gone to.


When Dane rechecked everything from the date to the time of the accident, He’d a feeling Dean was related to the accident.


It was recorded three people were in the car before it accident,




Her brother and her mother.


But after the accident,


Only one body was retrieved and it was clear it was an adult corpse and confirmed to be Katerina after some few dental autopsy ran on it.


But the body of her children never got retrieved until a few years later when one was found in an orphanage.


The female twin was found in the orphanage by the De Marco’s and now she’s now the Mistress of the family.


But none heard about the second twin,


The boy twin?


Or is there any chance that Dean was the boy twin?


Another confusion.


If Gianna was the girl from years ago,


Then who’s Jasmine.


After going straight through all the papers,


Dane found out something while comparing Dean’s childhood photos and Gianna’s.


The resemblance was so clear and it was so obvious looking at the photos that


Gianna’s long lost twin was Dean,


Dean his proposed younger brother.


With this revelation, Dane felt helpless.


All his life he’d led a gang and has found nothing that surpass his knowledge but now he has found one and that’s FATE.


FATE is something he finally believe has more say than him.


Dean was falling for Gianna and went ahead to fighting Andre for her when she was his sister.


His sister he got separated from after their mother’s death.


Dean was a De Marco and not a Wilson like everyone had seen him to be, An illegitimate Wilson.


The worst of it all was that he doesn’t even know about all this since he didn’t recall anything that had happened to him before waking up in the hospital bed. And now someone else,


An imposter is busy posing as Gianna in the De Marco’s household while their trueborn where still outside.



“I bet I have to pay a visit to Alexandre De Marco and tell him of this little secret I just unfolded.” Dane said to himself as he carefully wrapped the papers and kept them into his file bag.


Time to get thing straightened up.


To be continued.

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