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Seeing his brother leave,


Justin came out of his hiding place and walked slowly and very quietly to avoid his father from seeing….


“Stop there boy.” Andre voice made the boy halt his movement.


The boy turned to the direction of the man puffing his cigar,


“Daddy…I….was….” Andre gestured the little boy to come forward and he did,


“I know you’ve been there all along son,


Now tell me why aren’t you in bed?” He asked the boy.


“I couldn’t sleep after you took little brother away from the room,


So I decided to follow you guys,to know what you and little brother where up to.” Justin said in his child-like innocence,


“And you heard everything right?” He asked the boy,


Justin shook his head but when Andre glare became intense,


He nodded,


“Yeah,I did hear not of what you told little brother,


But daddy is it true that mommy Jasmine’s out to hurt mommy and little brother?” The boy asked,


Andre scooped him up,


“Yeah and that’s why I’m being careful with mommy, So they won’t be able to hurt her. For the time being,


I need to act like I want to get married to Jasmine so they won’t hurt your mommy.” Andre told the boy.


So far he has learn something about both his sons, If you try to hide something from them,


They’ll always find out in their own way and would want to handle things their way.


He doesn’t want them to be getting into trouble always,


That why from now on he’s going to be telling the boys whatever they need to know from him.




“Daddy has agreed to marry Jasmine,so he can get the staff of authority and be the head of the family,


Once he does that it’ll be very easy to defeat the bad people that are after him and


mommy.” Andre assured the boy,


Justin nodded.


He trust his father and knows that he won’t ever do anything to hurt his mommy or his brother.


“Son you and your brother don’t have to worry about anything, Daddy will protect you guys and mommy,


He’s going to protect you all.” Andre assured the boy as he took him to his room.


“Now you go to sleep,


Don’t worry anymore son,


Daddy will handle everything.” Andre whispered to the boy as he open the door, Reid was already asleep on the bed,


So he carefully lay Justin on the bed beside his brother.


He went to Reid and kissed his forehead,


“Good night son.”


After kissing Reid,he went back to Justin and did the same.


Quietly, he opened the door and left closing his slowly and very quietly behind him to avoid the creaking sound.


Since Green Apple Movie was on its last production process and that was not the shooting rather but after set production.


Gianna was well and still goes there to help around.


“Gigi, can I have a word with you?” She was in her changing room when she heard


Dean’s voice said from the door.


She turned to the door,


Seeing him talking to her again she smiled.


After the elevator incident,


Dean seemed to draw farther from her.






Do come in.” She said to him,


Dean stood for awhile before he walked into the room. Gianna stopped what she was doing and turned to him, “Hi Dean…..”


“Miss Gianna,I’m done with….” Mary barbed in immediately but seeing both the




She halted,


“I’ll come back later.” Mary said and turned to leave,


“Mary just give us some minutes please.” Dean said to her and immediately Mary left the room,closing the door behind her.


“Gianna uhm,


I need to have a word to you.” Dean repeated,


Gianna though nervous,


She just nodded.


“Okay,what’s it?” She asked Dean.


He moved closer and tucked the hair that was on her forehead back to her ear, “Gigi,


I’m sorry for being hard on you over the past few weeks.” He apologized to her, Gianna nodded casually,



“Its nothing Dean,it was just a little misunderstanding.” She said to him. “Gianna,who’s Andre to you?” Dean asked, her, His demeanor was sad.


“Dean,I’m going to be very honest here,


The relationship between myself and Andre is a very complicated one,


I know everyone must have gotten wind of the fact that I have a son and I’m not going to deny it,


I have a son.” She said to Dean,


He wasn’t surprised at all.


He’d heard the news after the elevator incidence and that’s the main reason he wanted to talk to her.


“Is he his son?” Dean asked her,


Gianna kept her head down then nodded,


“You were the surrogate the De Marco family took years ago?” He asked her, Gianna nodded.


That was sure the worst decision she ever took her while life but it also best thing


that has ever happened to her though…


“So that’s why you couldn’t leave him,


You were afraid he might take the boy from you?”


Everything made sense to Dean now but……..


She took the boy,


Then the son Andre had always paraded as his son was……..


“You’d a twin for him?”


He wanted to be sure he’s getting every right,


“Yeah,I had two sons then but I took the second son because he was almost


stillborn.” She explained,


Dean pulled closer,


“Gigi,I want to be together with you,


I’ll help you fight for your sons and…..”


“No Dean,you can’t do that.


The boys are Andre’s and me leaving him is leaving my sons with him, I can’t take such risk.” She said nervously shifting away from him.



Meanwhile,Fanny Williams has seen Dean entered into Gianna’s changing room and after awhile,she was Mary come out of the room.


Since it was no secret that Gianna has a special place in President De Marco’s heart.


She wanted to do something that’ll make the man hate Gianna and maybe fancy her.


Her instinct told her that Dean and Gianna might be having a secret affair and she’ll be cheating in Andre,


So she got the man’s work number and placed a call to the assistant. “Hello dear,


De Marco Empire.


How may I help you?” The secretary said immediately she took the call, “Miss Fanny Williams speaking from Denver Tower,


I want to speak to your boss,Mr De Marco.” Fanny said flimsily, “Tell him its about Miss Gianna McKenna.” She added, Immediately the secretary hung up.


“Dean,I’m so sorry it had to be this way,


I see you as a great friend and I sure don’t want to lose the relationship I share with you but please understand that I don’t love you.” She said to him, “Gianna,


All my life,I’ve never loved or taking interest to any woman except you,


Please just give me a chance.


What do you want?






I’ll give you all,


I’ll accept your son as mine but ease don’t do this to me.” He pleaded her.


Gianna was super nervous,


She hadn’t expect Dean to start harboring feelings for her even with what has been happening and how Andre had been picking fight with him over her. Shed expected him to back off but no,


Deans sure as stubborn as Andre.


No one is willing to let go for the other.


Before she could fathom what’s happening,


Dean forcefully pulled her closer and crashed his lip to hers.




Immediately the door opened and Andre furious face barged into the room.


To be continued..

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