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Dane immediately placed a call to Dean after what he just found out about Gianna but Dean was taking his calls,


He called several more times but his younger brother was still not taking the call and he got extremely worried.


What if Dean decide to do something stupid?


Dean doesn’t know the truth about himself and Gianna, If he’s to act stupid,he might end up ruining everything.


As an older brother,he wouldn’t want him to get into trouble,so he took it upon himself to set everything right before it get worst.


Meanwhile,Dean was so angry at Andre,


How could he get her pregnant?


The only woman I’ve ever loved.


All his life,he hadn’t had any special affection towards any woman like like had for Gianna.


He’d always kept women at far distance, maybe because of how he grow up. He isn’t the type of man that would want to hurt a woman’s feeling,


Knowing that they’re all fragile and are easily broken,he made sure he never had any special feelings for none but Gianna broke that rule.



She showed him what a true woman is,


She doesn’t wait for a man to defend her,


She defend her poor pride and dignifies herself with her little.


She’s fragile and very pure unlike the women he’d come in contact with.


She doesn’t fake her life or pretends to be pure.


She’s the real deal and in all,


She’s was endowed with beauty unforseen.


But now,


This woman with this trait has been stolen from under his nose by Alexandre De Marco.


He’d forcefully stolen the woman because of a contract she’d signed years ago when she was young and blooming and wasn’t thinking clearly. “Get me another bottle of Dasani.” He ordered the bar lady.


Immediately she went to the shelve and brought out the fifth bottle of Dasani for him.


Dean snapped the bottle from her hand and in fear,she backed away from him. “Get lost!” He yelled at her,


The lady scurried back to the desk and watched him drown in the drink. In the whole bar,


With different people and different men,all with noble status, Her pure hazel eyes was fixated on the man,


Watching him drink and mumble a lady’s name, She felt pity for the man.


She has never been in love with any man before or before anyone but seeing this man in love,


She,all of a sudden felt a wave of jealously gushed through her.


Would any man ever love her like this man does his woman?


Would anyone get drunk and sad just because she rejected him?


“Louisa!” A voice shouted her name making her jumped out of her fantasy,


“Yes Sir.” She replied immediately,


Knowing who the voice belong to.


Her boss.


The pot bellied older man who for some reason believes the while world revolves around him.



She walked away from the desk and walked to him. “You called me Sir.” She answered the man, “You should stay on night shift today,


Grace called to say,she can’t make it early.” He informed but she knew it wasn’t a plea,


It’s an order and she just have to obey than losing her job, Her only means of survival.


Andre was worried for Gianna,


The doctor had told him earlier that she was safe but her child isn’t. When she’d hit her back on the metal table,


It had affected her badly,making the underdeveloped fetus to have a microstructural defect and since it hasn’t been fully formed it’ll take special grace to save the fetus.


Andre had been so mad at himself for this outcome.


He couldn’t control himself and his jealousy that was so uncalled for,


And now their baby’s in great danger because of him.


If he hadn’t pushed her away,


If he’d listened to her when she had told him to calm down, All this wouldn’t have happened.


He sat beside her and consciously told himself that everything will be alright.


“Sir,there’s a call for you.” The doctor said to him,


Immediately he looked up from Gianna’s pale and unconscious face. “Who’s that?” He asked the man coldly,


“It’s from the Wilson’s Consortium.” He said,


Andre was thinking it was Dean,so his first reaction was to reject the call. Seems like the doctor knew his thoughts,


“It’s from Master Dane Wilson.” He informed,


Andre took the phone from him and signalled the doctor to watch over Gianna while he took the call and left the room.


“Hello Alexandre De Marco speaking.” He said in his business like tone.


“President De Marco.” Dane voice boomed from the one in a polite way.


Even as a drug Lord, he knew his bound when it comes to the De Marco’s family.



Each family has it’s higher grounds but the De Marco were far above them in legal and illegalities, so he’d to show his respect to the man even though he was a bit older than the man.


“It’s Dane Wilson…”


“I know who is it speaking,


Now get to the real point.” Andre coldly said to the man.


Dane was taken aback by the man’s rudeness but for the fact he was doing this for Dean,


He’d to swallow Andre’s rude behavior.


“President De Marco, it’s very important we see later,” Andre frowned, On what ground should the man make such request.


“And why…..”


“You just have to agree Mr Andre cause this is about your fiancé Gianna and my brother Dean.” Dane blurted, hoping that the man would reconsider when he calls Gianna and fortunately for him,the man did. “What’s it about them?” Andre asked obnoxiously,


“That’s something we’ll have to sit down and talk about amicably.” He said to him.




Okay,where do we meet?” Andre asked the man. “Let’s meet at Lá Valona tonight.” Dane said to Andre,


“No,I can’t make it at night,why don’t we meet up this evening by six pm?” He said.


He’d refused leaving at night cause he’d to watch over Gianna tonight and there was no chance he was going to leave her with the security guards. “Okay,sounds better.” Dane said and immediately he hung up.


It was already four pm,


Justin just came home from his tutorial class and was heading upstairs to his room when he overhead some whispering from the study room.


At first he thought it was maybe one of the maids but when it became obvious it was the any of the maids.


He slowly tiptoed to the door and opened it,


“Uncle Aleksandr, I’ve been feeding him the poison but all this while nothing has been working,


There has been no changes or any sign of a deteriorating health,


Rather the old man seem to be getting healthier every passing day.” Jasmine was complaining to someone.




Was mommy Jasmine trying to hurt great grandfather?


The boy asked himself.


“And Andre has promised his grandfather that he was going to announced to the press and the media’s that he going to marry me.


The announcement would be made on grandfather’s birthday.” She told the man, “Jasmine,


Never underestimate Alexandre De Marco.


That boy’s a true De Marco blood and its very hard to decipher the real intention of a De Marco,


For Andre to say something as unreal as that,he has something fishy up his sleeve.” The man said to her.


“Even if he agrees to the marriage or not, The most important thing is that Gianna and


her son are gotten rid and you get the staff of authority of the family,


Then everything will go back to how you want it to be.” She said to the man.


Justin gasped,


Not only that she was poisoning great grandfather, she was still plotting to kill mommy and little brother too,


I’ll have to tell daddy about it and tell little brother about mommy Jasmine’s evil attempt.


He tiptoed away from the door and quietly shut it to avoid Jasmine from knowing that someone had eavesdropped on her conversation.


He went upstairs and fished out his phone to call his father and tell him of what he’d found out.


Andre received a call from Justin a little minutes past four, “Daddy.” The boy called him in exasperation, “Justin what’s it?” Andre asked the boy,


He noticed something was off with the boy,


The boy has never called him sounding this way.



“Daddy,I overheard mommy Jasmine telling someone to get rid of mommy and little brother for her.” The boy blurted.


Andre knew it was going to get to this and that was why he’d everything laid out and even had backup plan to ensure both his sons and Gianna’s safety and deal with the situation.


“Justin,you don’t have to worry about it okay, Thanks for calling daddy and telling him this,


What you have to do is that you stay careful and don’t let anyone know that you’ve knowledge of her dirty secret okay.” He told the boy, Kissed the phone and hung up.


That evening,


Andre couldn’t leave Gianna alone in the hospital when she’s still unconscious,so he decided to call Reid and tell him of the situation at hand. “Wait! What?” The boy yelled through the phone,


“Reid can you come to the hospital after McDonald,you should help me watch over your mommy while I go finish up something.” He pleaded, The boy couldn’t wait to be asked,


“I’m on my way now.” He said,


Andre felt at ease,


He could prefer having his eight year old son watch his woman than having a set of useless guards watch over her.


After some few minutes,the boy came into the hospital with his manager Mr Lee. “Good day President De Marco.” Agent Lee greeted the man, Andre nodded to the greeting,


“Daddy what happened to mommy?” The boy scolded his father,seeing his mommy lying unconsciously on the bed.


“You promised me you were going to protect her and made sure nothing bad


happens to her,


But no,


For the past few weeks,


Mommy has been hospitalised several times all because of you and your carelessness.” He scolded the man to the amazement of the manager, “If you can’t take care of my mommy for me,


Kindly tell me and I have the capability and capacity to do it myself.” He said to the man I. anger.


His anger was justified,


Andre thought.


He hadn’t been careful like he’d promised.


Gianna had had to suffer a lot because of his selfishness and now its their unborn baby that was suffering,


All because of his self centeredness and astute jealousy.


He turned to the boy apologetically,




I’m going to set all this right,


I’m sorry and over realized my mistake and I’m sure to make everything right soon.”


Reid was so angered at the man,he didn’t bother reply the man as he left.


None else can tale care of his mommy than him and now,he’s going to step into action and do his job as his Mommy’s little protector. Since his father had failed him and his mommy,


Time for him to take the rein and full responsibility for his Mommy’s wellbeing, He never needed a a father anyways.


To be continued

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