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Andre’s appearance shocked Gianna so much,


In defense, she pushed Dean away from herself and stood up immediately. “Andre….”


With the fire in his eyes,


It was no secret Dean might end up in the hospital.


“How dare you?” Andre roared as he rushed over and punched Dean hard in the stomach,


He pulled him to the floor and threw countless punches at him, Making the other man bleed from his nose.


“How dare you touch her?” He roared as he continue to fist fight the other man, Dean did everything possible but he was no match for Andre.


Andre pulled him up and rammed Dean to the wall, Gianna rushed to him,


“Andre please,please stop.” She pleaded with him in tears but Andre was so


clouded with hatred for the man,


He wanted nothing than to kill him.


“Alexandre De Marco, stop wasting your precious time, Gianna will never love you.” Dean said hatefully,


Andre got more angered at his words,


He got him up and rammed him to the wall.


Gianna couldn’t stop both men,


Seeing them not listening to her,


She ran out to look for someone else to one help separate them men before their kill each other.


“Mary!” She called out hysterically as she ran down the stairs, “Director Selden!” She shouted,


But it was just like everyone had left.


“Oh my God, this isn’t happening,


Mary!” She called louder,


From the rear view of the glass,she saw a manly figure walk out of the Director’s Office.


In a haste she ran inside without knocking.


“Gianna!” The man called,


He was running up from briefs on the movie when she barged into his office without knocking.


“Sir..Andre….Dean…” She was hyperventilation, so couldn’t get her words out right


but the man with a great sixth sense understood what she wanted to say and immediately he stood up and followed her to her changing room.


When they got to the room,


Andre was feeding Dean some intense punches and the latter was fighting back, Director Selden ran to both men to separate them but in anger,Andre forcefully pushed him away.


The man relentlessly moved towards them again,


This time he forcefully dragged out Dean while Gianna ran to Andre to console him,


“Andre please don’t do this,


Don’t hit him again.” She knelt beside him while he was still holding Dean’s collar. Andre tried to get her hands out from his clothes,


“Gianna let go immediately.” He thundered but she adamantly held on,


“Andre please,I’ll do whatever you want but please let go of Dean.” She pleaded him,


Seeing she wasn’t letting go,


Andre pushed her away from beside him and Gianna who has very little strength fell and hit her back on the metal table while her head hit the table stand. Andre and Dean in their fist fight didn’t notice Gianna pass out.


They continued fist fighting and throwing punches at each other.


It was Director Selden who’d stood up from where Andre pushed him to that had seen Gianna and noticed that the lady was slowly drifting out of consciousness. “Gianna!” He yelled,


With the last strength he possess after being pushed twice by Andre,


He rushed to her and scooped her up from the floor only to see the blood on her back head and on the floor.




“Alexandre!” He yelled in shocked,


In shock he didn’t bother put Andre’s title to his name, “Gianna has been hurt.” He said,


Hearing what had happened both men let go of each other and ran to the man.


It was just like a protective instinct,


Immediately the man told them,


Both men seemed to have come to their senses and let go of each other.


Andre,on seeing Gianna in the pool of her own blood,


He took her from the man and rushed outside the room.


He’d a few bruises on his body but they don’t seem to bother him, Gianna is what matters most.


Andre rushed Gianna to the nearest hospital and immediately, Every doctor in the hospital had their attention to her..


He ordered everything kept on hold till Gianna’s alright and his words were authority,


No one did bother disobey him,


Cause disobeying him seems like incurring a never ending wrath.


After spending a good quality time trying to revive Gianna, The doctors came out of the OT,


“Mr De Marco,I’m sorry but she’d lost a lot blood and we’ll urgently need a blood transfusion to save her.” The doctor said to the furious man, Andre bandaged the table so hard,


“Then go get the blood,


Make sure nothing happens to her or else I’ll kill everyone of you here.” He threatened them.


The doctors couldn’t get Gianna a matching blood type cause she was O negative, This blood type was a Universal Donor,


It can give to all but accept from only its kind.


And the worst part was that they’ve run short of that particular blood type. “Mr De Marco,


There’s a bit of a problem,


We’ve ran short of that particular blood type and now we need to ask if there’s any relative or close relations that can…..” Andre glared at the man in anger.


The kids?


They’re her kids and is sure to have same blood type as her.




He didn’t want the kids to know about this…..


If he brings anyone of them here,he’ll have to explain to them what had happened to their mother and that’s one thing he doesn’t have the courage to do. What’s he going to do?


Watching her from the glass view of the door,


Andre was very mad at himself.


He caused this,


If he hadn’t been too angry and mad,Gianna won’t be in the situation she’s right now.


Andre was lost in thought,he didn’t know when Director Selden and Dean came to the hospital too,


The director had come to get himself and Dean treated but on getting there, Dean overheard the doctor’s conversation with Andre.


She needs blood and her blood type’s rare….


Watching the way Andre glared at the doctor, He didn’t want to interfere.. But…


No,since he loves Gianna,this was the only way to get close to her. If he donates his blood,


Gianna will forever be indebted to him…



When the doctor left Andre,


Dean left the director and slowly walked to the doctor, “Sir…


You said her blood type’s rare right and you guys are in short of it?” He asked the man,


The doctor nodded,


“Okay,I want to donate blood for her,


As long as she’s okay,


I want you to give her my blood.” He told the doctor, “Oh Sir,


I’ll go in…..”


The man wanted to leave but Dean pulled him back, “You don’t need to inform him.” He said, He was referring to Andre.


“She’s someone very close to me and I just want to see that she’s safe.” Dean said to the man,


“Mr De Marco shouldn’t know that I donated the blood.” Dean said to the doctor, “Okay sir but we need to check your blood type to see if it matches hers,


If it doesn’t,we have to look for another close relation.” The doctor said to him, Dean nodded and he followed the doctor to his laboratory.


After running a few check on him,


He was tested positive.




“It’s Dean Wilson.” He said to the doctor,


The man gasped,


“Superstar D.” He exclaimed,


Dean nodded.


He signal to the man not to worry,


“Okay Sir,


Your blood type matches her and now we can continue with the transfusion.” The doctor said to him.


He knew his blood type was rare but was surprised it matched hers.. As a young boy,


He’d been involved in an accident,


Though he doesn’t recall how he got involved in that accident cause there are some part of his childhood he’d no memory of.


But it was known to him that it took ages before his blood type was found. Like his mom had told him then,


It was a miracle and that a young girl was brought to the hospital too that day, She’d bruises all over her body and when asked,


The people who’d brought her said she was found by the riverside lying unconsciously by the river bank.


Since his blood type was rare and couldn’t be found in anyone around….


Not even his mom,


The doctor decided they test for the girl’s,


And fortunately for them,


His and the girl’s blood type matched.


He didn’t see the girl but was very indebted to her.


And for the few days he regain consciousness and his mommy told him what had happened and about the young girl who’d saved him.


He’d asked about the girl to repay her kindness,but it was rather too late,


The doctors said she ran away from the hospital a few days after she regained consciousness.


But now hearing that his blood matched Gigi’s,


He felt a very cosmic connection to her and the first thing that popped his mind


was that girl from years ago.


Was Gianna that girl?


Was she the girl that saved his life years ago?


Was she the young girl that saved him from dying when he was a kid and had no memories from his past?


There’s absolutely one way to find out???


To be continued.

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