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Jasmine,who never knew that Justin had overhead her conversation with the man,


She got dressed and headed to Lá Valona to meet the man.


He’d asked her to come there to meet him.


After making sure the old man had had his dinner, Like always,laced with the poison,


She headed out telling the old man she’d some charity event to attend.





Dane and Andre were meeting up at the same restaurant.


Coincidentally,when Jasmine entered the restaurant,


Andre and Dane was already at the VIP lounge,


So he didn’t see her.


“So why did you call me here?” Andre asked the other man, Dane took a sip of the strong Whiskey and cleared his throat, “It’s about your woman Gianna.” He said, “What is it about her?” Andre seethed,


He wasn’t the type of person that beats around the bush, So he doesn’t expect Dane Wilson to be so,


He just wanted the man to get straight to the point.


“Do you know the relationship between Gianna your woman and Dean,my younger brother?” He asked politely but Andre frowned.


Stupid question.


Wasn’t it obvious to him that his brothers bent on taking his woman from him? Or is he waiting for him to say it.


“I don’t know and I don’t care to know,


Just tell that schmuck you call your younger brother to stay away from my woman…”


“President Alexandre,you need to calm down and listen to what I gat to tell you.” Dane said,


He took another sip from the whiskey shot and kept the stout glass on the table.


“Years ago,when Dean was barely eight years old, He got involved in a car accident.


As everyone knows,Dean is the illegitimate son of my father,his promiscuous fling with my mom’s manager Mrs Tessa.


The accident was more of like a mystery to me cause Dean was badly injured and had lost a great amount of blood,


But nothing had happened to Mrs Tessa,


I wondered what sort of relationship both mother and son shared that she wasn’t


with him before the accident.”


Andres eyebrow twitched too,


Showing he too has gotten concerned about such accident.


“You don’t need to rack your brain Andre..” He casually called.


Andre didn’t take note of the title the man had strapped from his name while calling him.


“There was no blood that matched Dean’s at that time,


Not even mine,


Or father’s


Or even his mom,Mrs Tessa.


It was surprisingly shocking that Dean’s blood type was very rare. Fortunately, a young girl was admitted into the Hospital that same day,


The people who’d brought her said,she was found unconsciously by the river side and had no clue on what’d happened to her.


Mr Tessa,secretly asked the doctor to run a test on the young girl to check if her blood would match Dean’s.


The doctor had refused but after much please from the woman whose only interest was to save her dying son,


The doctor reluctantly agreed and the test was carried out.


The girl’s blood type fortunately matched with Deans and a transfusion was done with only the knowledge of the doctor and Mrs Tessa and a few other staff who signed an oath not to let the news get out of their cycle.


The next day,


The girl disappeared from the hospital without any trace.


Soon after she’d ran away,Dean woke up from his unconscious state.


Mrs Tessa told the boy everything that had happened cause unprecedented by the doctors,


Dean lost memories of what had happened to him before that time.


Mrs Tessa tried to remind him or pull strings from his memory but it was just like those part of his life had been wiped out from his brain.


I was at peace with everything since but not till when I found out about the lady you and my brother had fought numerous times because of her. Her name’s Gianna McKenna,


The adopted daughter of Tony and Carol McKenna,



Your surrogate from few years ago and your true fiancé.” He said expecting Andre to be surprised or show a surprised gesture at the revelation but the man was as hard as he was.


“She isn’t only Tony’s daughter or your surrogate or even the real daughter of your aunt Katerina but she’s Dean’s younger sister.” He blurted


Andre wanted to frown and showed disapproval to the claim but he couldn’t, He’d to wait for the man to finish whatever reason he’d to say such words “Yes Andre,


Gianna’s Dean twin.” The man repeated,


No this can’t be…..


“Why would you say such words Dane?


This aren’t words to be toyed with.” Andre warned “I’m not joking around Andre.” The man said to him,


“I did a check on the woman like I’d promised my brother Dean but according to what I found out about her,


It gave me some new revelation to the accident that happened years ago,


And checking Gianna’s childhood photos which was shown here,” He brought out the files he’d gotten from his men earlier.


He handed the files to Andre who reluctantly took it and cautiously went through it.


The files show almost everything concerning Gianna, From her early life at the orphanage to the present, Her current deeds and work.


Andre opened a particular chapter and all he could see there were photos of Gianna both when she was a little frail kid to her current photos.


“And here’s the photos of Dean after that accident.” He brought out a few more photos of Dean and handed them to Andre. “Now do the comparison yourself.”


Andre couldn’t argue the fact that was in front of him.


Both Gianna and Dean had a very thick resemblance as children, It’s useless arguing with the man.


Dean had been Gianna’s twin brother all along, No wonder it was hard to make him leave her,



Even all the fight and mess I created for him Indeed blood is thicker than water.


“Does Dean know about this?” Andre asked Dane, The man shook his head,


Now his demeanor is more calmer than when he first came.


“No,he doesn’t know about this and so does Gianna.


I’ve been calling Dean for ages to tell him about it but he isn’t taking my calls or even returning the calls since noon.” Dane said worriedly, “Wonder how he’s going to react to this?” Dane asked himself.


Being an illegitimate son had really hurt Dean a lot, Seeing people call him the son out of wedlock,


He’d felt very depressed as he never got the amount of fatherly love he’d really wanted.


At some point,he became the depressed fellow and that was after his mother finally passed away with their father.


Dane took it upon himself to see that his brother was fine,


He was almost and adult then while Dean was just twelve,


With the family’s rein all on him,


He sent his brother Dean abroad while he handled the family’s business in the States.


When Dean had come back almost a decade later and had insisted on continuing in the movie industry,


He hadn’t objected him.


Rather he helped him


He paved his way and got him into the industry.


Immediately he got in,the boy proved his prowess by being a good actor,a model and a singer.


In fact he’s at the top of his career but alone inside,


Dane knew that his younger brother Dean is still the depressed and unhappy kid he had always been.


Meanwhile Dean got so drunk he couldn’t leave the bar,


Louisa was ending her evening shift when she noticed that the man hadn’t left the bar since noon.


He’d being drinking himself to stupor,


Snapping at anyone who get too close to him or even bother try to help him get up.. “Who should I call to help me take this man home?” She asked herself as she pitifully looked at the man.


He was handsome and very much well built with nice porcelain clean skin.


This man’s face strikes to some handsome celebrity.


Slowly she got up from where she was and cautiously move to the man.


He wasn’t drinking anymore but it was obvious he’d s great deal of alcohol in his system.


“Sir please,where are you from?” She pitifully asked the drunk man, He muttered some words and lay his head back on the table. It was almost time got her to go,


Her shift is over.


And she wouldn’t want t to leave him here for Victoria or her boss to come, Cause if they do,


One,she’ll be in trouble for allowing him stay there since noon and Secondly,they’ll make sure to extort whatever money he had on him in the course of paying for his drinks.


She slowly held the man up,even though he’d far more weight than herself.


She supported him with her arms and gently she made him walked till they were


both outside the bar.


She hailed a cab,


Cause she gat no car of her own.


She hailed a cab and helped him into the cab, “Where to Miss?” The cab driver asked her. She looked at the drunk man,


She has no idea who he’s and where he’d come from.


She took out his cellphone which had fell out of his pocket while she helped him outside,


‘Seven missed calls.’


She couldn’t call the person cause his phone was in a lock code.


“I’ll be right back Sir.” She said as she rushed back inside the bar to get her stuffs.



Immediately her colleague came to take over, She waved a goodnight and dashed out if the bar,

She got into the cab and asked the driver to drive take them ho her house.


With this shocking revelation about Dean and Gianna,


Andre felt more at ease,


At least he won’t have to fight Dean cause of Gianna again.


And Dane had warned him to about Jasmine,


He knew that all along.


Jasmine was working for both his uncles and he knows what they wanted,


His uncles want nothing but the Staff of Authority while Jasmine wants money and power.


His grandfather’s birthday is just a few weeks from now and he would have to announce to the whole world that he’s going to marry Jasmine and even choose a date for their wedding.


He smiled to himself.


Wedding with Jasmine,


Very preposterous.


He placed a call to his head servant,


Immediately the man saw the call,


He accepted it with no further delay,


“Good day Sir.” The man greeted Andre,


“Is my grandfather awake?” He asked the man, “Yes Sir, he’s awake now.”


“Give him the phone.” Andre ordered and immediately the man handed the phone to the old man.


“Alexandre..” He called in his weak voice,


“Grandfather,how’re you doing now?” Andre asked,


“I’m doing good son,”


“How’s she?” The man asked,


Andre smiled,


“She’s fine,


The doctor said we’ll have to wait till the pregnancy is well developed to be able to notify any process.” Andre replied the man.


“Don’t worry son,she’s going to be alright.” The man assured him.


Andre smiled,


Since he’d told his grandfather the truth about Jasmine a few days ago and even showed the man proof that Jasmine’s not who he thinks he is, The old man had changed a lot.


At first the man was sad cause he thought he’d lost every thing that’s pertaining him to his Katerina but when Andre told him about Gianna, His joy elevated.




Andre showed him some photos of Gianna and even with the man’s poor sight, He was able to figure out that both women were related.


Gianna was more of like the younger and introvert version of Katerina cause if both women were to be adorn alike,


No one can tell the difference between both.


The old man was eager to act on Jasmine immediately for lying to him and deceiving him for almost two decades but Andre had stopped him. He’d pleaded with the old man to let her be for the time being.


To allow her live in her lie like nothing had changed then to strike when it’s unexpected.


The old man had agreed to what Andre had said as long as he’s going to act fast and bring the impostor to justice before thing get worst.




I need to tell you something else.” Andre said to the old man, “What’s it?”


“Its about aunt Katerina’s other child.” Andre informed,


Everyone believed that the other twin had died but with the new finding,


It’s better to let the old man know,


Cause he deserve to know.


“The one that….”


“No grandfather,he didn’t die.


He’s alive and is all grown up now.” He informed, “Where’s he?” The old man was agitated,


“Where’s my Katerina’s son?” He was eager to have his grandchildren back to himself.



“Grandfather,he’s safe and sound and soon would be coming home to you, Now we’ve to thread carefully and you’ve to act like you know…..”


The door opened immediately and Jasmine entered the old man’s room, The instant he saw her,


The phone slipped from his grip and fell down.


To be continued.

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