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The old man carefully picked up the phone, “Andre! You unfilial son!


You dare not disobey my order,


Leave that slut and come back home now.


Do you know you have a pregnant woman to take care of?


Come home this instant.” He yelled through the phone,


With one thought,


Andre understood that an intruder had entered the man’s room, Then he hung up.


“Grandfather.” Jasmine rushed to the old man, “Grandfather, you shouldn’t be yelling like that,

It’s really affecting you health.” She said massaging his back.


“You shouldn’t yell like that or get hyper because of what Andre does.


You’ve to be concerned about your health.” She continued.


The old man wanted to push her violently but he held his cool.


Andre had told him to be careful with the woman.


She’s as cunning and has deceitful as a serpent,so he’d to be careful and pretend


like he knows nothing


“Okay I’ll.


Andre has been brainwashed by that woman.


See how he’d left you and went to her like the whole world revolves around her.


He needs to be….


” Grandpa,don’t worry your poor health.


Everything will be fine soon and that woman would be out of Andres life for good.”she assured the man.


The old man frowned,


“Do you have any plan against her?” His tone almost sold him away, But he changed his facial expression and gave out a wry smile. Jasmine shook her head,


“I don’t have any vile intention against her, Just that,


Even if Andre spend time with her always,


He can never bring her into this house as his wife.


I’m his official bride and grandpa have promised that no one can take my place in


this family.” She said coercively,


The man nodded,


“No one can take the place of the true daughter of my Katerina.


I’ll fight whoever it is to my last blood to make sure that my Katerina’s daughter get what she deserves.” He assured her.


Jasmine was so blind and deaf not to get the real meaning to the words.


Dean some up with a splitting head,


Slowly he opened his heavy eyelid and looked around the unfamiliar room he found himself in.


The bed was way smaller than his and had a pink bedsheets spread on it. Mere looking,one could tell it’s a feminine room,


Pink walls and pictures of some few artistes, Both male and female,


But one thing was that the room was neatly arranged.


He slowly got up and racked his brain,trying to recall how he got to this room, But nothing.



He only recalled going to the bar and getting himself some drink and……


………He couldn’t remember a thing after that.


He looked at the mini mouse table lamp and then his eyes trailed to the table, His Carney,


His wallet and his phone,


All were carefully laid together on the table.


At least I haven’t been robbed.


He took his wallet and opened it,


His credit cards,checkbook and some dollar bolls he’d left inside, All are still intact.


Dean heaved a sigh of relief and stood up from the bed, It creaked.


Who sleeps in such noisy bed?


He asked himself.


Immediately the door opened and a young unfamiliar girl walked into the room. Her eyes were fixated at him as she walked towards him with the tray of food in her hand.


Dean froze at spot,




Who’s this girl?


What have I gotten myself into?


He didn’t take his eyes off hers even after she kept the tray on her side table and turned to him.


“Good morning Sir.” She greeted politely, Dean couldn’t reply her,so he only nodded.


“Sir please manage this,” She pointed to the tray, “It’ll help with the hangover,


Then take this pills too.” She pointed to the bottle of pills that was on the table.


Then she turned to leave,


“Wait.” Dean’s voice whispered,


She heard him and stopped walking.


“Please how did I get here?


If anything had happened between us last night, It was so unintentional and I’m very sorry.


I’ll pay you your money and as well we for…..”


The lady’s frowned made him stop talking.


Why’s she frowning?


Is she holding unto this one night….


“Sir with all due respect,


I don’t need your money and nothing happened between us.


You were very drunk last night and I couldn’t get you back home,so I brought you


to mine to at least allow you spend this night here.” She explained to him with a


very disappointing look on her face.


Dean regretted his words immediately,


“Oh,I’m very sorry for my silly thoughts.” He apologized, She nodded,


“Finish your breakfast and have those pills,its really going to help.” He said to him and left the room before he got the chance to say thanks.


As he ate,


Dean couldn’t get the disappointed look on the girl’s face as she had left the room earlier.


She look very young,


Maybe twenty one or two or she might be twenty three though, But she has the innocence of a kid.


And that accentuated her petite body and her beautiful face.


Her name?


He hadn’t taken her name.


He’d been so engrossed his his stupid thought he hadn’t thanked her for bringing him to her house and even taking her name. What a mess?




After eating,he rushed outside the room to talk to her but surprisingly he met an


empty house.


“Hello!” He called,




“Pretty lady.” He called countless times but no reply.




Did she just leave me alone in her….



His eyes trailed around the poorly furnished living room and landed on the glad centre table.




He picked up the paper and opened it,


‘When you’re done eating,


Leave the dishes on the sink and make sure you close my door for me.




P.S: Your car is still at the bar,


So you can go get it when you’re done resting.’


He looked at the pics of paper she’d kept for him but his eyes fixated on her name. “Louisa.”


What a nice name for such a nice carefree lady like her, “Louisa.” He repeated again,


Then folded the paper and dipped it into his pocket.


He went back to the room and got out the tray,


Then navigated his way to her kitchenette.


A small subpar kitchen that consist of only a gascooker,a kettle,three small pots,some mugs and some few plates,


In fact it was a mini version of what an ordinary kitchen look like.


He took the dishes and kept it on the sink,


“Where’s the dishwasher?” He asked himself as he swayed hi head left and right in


search of a gas cooker,


But it struck her,


She doesn’t have one.


So he grudgingly washed the dishes and place them back on the racks. He went back to the room,


Took his wallets and photo e with his car key,them he left the house, Closing the door behind him.


Gianna groggily opened her eyes,


Reid was asleep beside her,


“Reid.” She called weakly,


The boy stirred but didn’t turn.


He must be very tired.


He thought to herself.



Reid’s the kind of child that wakes up with just the slightest movement but for him not to brother waking up now,it means he’s really tired.


She looked around from the bed,


Andre wasn’t in the room and neither was Justin.


She took a deep breathe and carefully lay back on the bed quietly enough not to disturb the sleeping boy.


Her thought ran wild as she looked at the ceiling.


She could still recall everything that had happened.


Dean kissing her unexpectedly,


Andre barging into the room and seeing them,


That led to the fight that made Andre push her.


She shook her head in disappointment,


Andre’s irrational behavior had brought a lot of problems to her,


First was at the set and now in her changing room.


She felt she can’t do it anymore,


He wasn’t going to officiate the relationship and yet he’s still being a jealous jerk, It’s so absurd.


Maybe she should call it quit,


She’d a life before him and would still do even after he left. She looked at the boy that was lying peacefully beside her,


Reid mommy’s so sorry but shell have to separate you from your big brother.


Staying with daddy has caused her a lot of trouble and its beat if she leaves him,


We’ll go to the way we were living our lives before your daddy came.


Just me,you and grandpa,


Just us three in a place where your daddy can’t cause trouble for us again.


She sat up and began to slowly stroke the boy’s hair as a few tears dropped to her cheek.


Unexpectedly, the tears that had dropped from her eyes fell on Reid’s cheek, The boy moved slightly, then another drop,


He woke up immediately and looked at the woman, “Mommy,you’re awake?” He asked surprised,


She quickly wiped the tears that were almost escaping her eyes, Then nodded to the boy.



“Mommy are you hungry?” Reid stood up immediately from the chair he was sitting on and straightened his overall with his hands, “No,


Guess I have to call the doctors first.” He said,correcting himself,


“Mommy stay back here,I’ll be right back.” Reid opened the door immediately and left to get the doctor.


He came back awhile later with the doctor and two nurses,


“Run a check on my mommy to see if she’s now alright.” He said to the doctor before Gianna couldn’t even greet them. Immediately the doctor went closer to her,


“Miss do you feel any discomfort or pain anywhere?” He asked her, She nodded and slowly raised her hand and pointing at her back, “Your back?


It’s the effect of what had hit you.” He said, “Don’t you feel pain in your head?” He asked her, She nodded.


The fact was that,


If not for the fact that her eyes,nose and mouth were connected to her head,


She would proudly say she doesn’t feel her head,


Cause as it stands,


She doesn’t feel anything on her head.


“Are you going to ask her only those silly questions?


Check her to know if she’s okay now,


I want mommy to come home with me.” Reid said willfully, Gianna did look at the boy but she didn’t say anything.


“Okay,we’ll check her properly but you’ll have to give us some privacy.” The


doctor replied the boy,


Reid frowned,




Why?” He asked the man,


The doctor nodded.


“Yes,you’ve to give us some privacy first.” He repeated. Reid looked at his mommy and she nodded slightly, The boy turned and walked out of the room.



Thanks doctor turned to Gianna immediately the boy left, “How’re you doing?” He asked her, She nodded.


I guess I’ll have to tell you this,


I have a good news and also a bad news.” She continued to mope at him as he spoke,


“Which would you want to hear first?” He asked, Slowly she parted her dry lips,


“Tell me the good new first.” She said to him.


The doctor smiled to her,


“Gianna,you’re pregnant.” He blurted out.


The words hit her terribly but she didn’t react or say anything. “And the bad news is that your baby isn’t safe.” The man continued,


“There had been a foetal microstructural defect and since it hasn’t been fully formed it’ll take special grace to save the fetus.” He said to her, In the exact same way he’d told Andre the other day.


Gianna was shocked beyond words,


First she’s pregnant,


And secondly, her baby wasn’t safe.


Hers and Andres baby wasn’t safe because of a microstructural defect.


Nah,she can’t do this.


She’s going to leave Andre,


Since he can’t control himself.


She’s going to take her son and her baby to somewhere Andre would never find them.


Somewhere far from all this chaos and turbulence.


“Does he know about it?” She found her voice asking the man, He nodded,


“President De Marco knows about it.” He informed, “Then you’ll have to discharge me now, I need to leave with my son.” She said,




“But me no but,


I’m leaving this hospital now whether you discharge me or not.” She said firmly. The doctor turned to the nurse,


“Go arrange her discharge process,”


Then he turned back to Gianna,


“Miss just rest here while we go get your discharge process facilitated.


She nodded and the trio left the room.


In a couple of hours later, Andre was done with a research he was going through on his uncles when he received a call from an unknown caller,


He was in a hurry driving back to the hospital because the doctor had called him earlier that Gianna had left the hospital without their permission.


He didn’t want to take the call cause he was in a hurry but the caller became more persistent,


So he had to take the call,


“Hello.” He said,


No reply,


“Hello.” He said again,


This time a bit more impatient,


Still no reply.


He sighed and wanted to hang up when a male voice finally spoke up,


“Andre De Marco,you dare not hang up on me cause I’ve both your woman Gianna and your beloved son Reid.” The male voice said to him.


Andre thought it was a joke till he heard Gianna’s cries from the other end of the phone,


“Andre!” Her voice called,


Immediately he heard her cry,


The phone fell from his grip.


To be continued…

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