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Everyone in the dining room turned to Andre, Seeing everyone looked at him, He became self conscious.


He wouldn’t want them to worry,


So he stood up,


“Excuse me.” He stood up and left the dining table.


Mr Lee was very worried with what Reid has asked him to do.


Join Hurricane Group,


Hell no!


He wasn’t going to let the kid go astray,


He couldn’t let him venture into something he’s going to regret for the rest of his life.


Hurricane Group is not a group to be toyed with.


Its a no child zone and the only reason they’ve been inviting the kid into the midst was because of his prodigious knowledge.


The kid’s a genius but that doesn’t mean he should be led astray.


To be in the midst of men whose conscience has been sold to the under world,


They smuggle drugs,


Trafficking human,


Kill and kidnap,


In fact they’re the highest level of illegalities one can ever think of. Seeing the boy isn’t going to listen to him, He decided to call President De Marco.


As the boy’s father,


He believed Reid was going to pay attention to his father more than to him.


“Yes Sir what you heard is true,


Reid had ordered that I tell the Chief and CEO of Hurricane Group that he’ll be joining them.” The man said,


Andre was surprised at what the man was telling him.


“What have you done so far?” He asked them man,


Who he barely knows but appreciate the fact that the man had called him first in such an auspicious time.




I wanted to tell you of the boy’s plan before conferring the message to the CEO. “Okay,


Don’t conference the message to them,


I’ll talk to Reid about this.” Andre said to the man, “But…Sir if you talk to Sir Reid about this, Hell terminate my job.” The man said scaredly.


He doesn’t want to lose his job.




I won’t let him fire you and even if he does,I’ll employ you as my HRM.”Andre assured the man,


” But nevertheless, thanks for the information. “He said to the man and hung up.


He walked back to the dining table,


What was that?”Gianna asked referring to the way he’d yelled while taking the call.


Andre looked at Reid,


“It’s nothing dear.” He lied,



The didn’t won’t to talk to Reid about what the man had told him in front of everyone,


This was something he would talk him about in private.


“You sure?” She asked him again,


Andre nodded but still he couldn’t continue his dinner.


Lost all his appetite already.


That night when he was that Gianna was asleep,


He tiptoed to the boy’s room.


Justin was asleep but Reid wasn’t,


The boy was still on his computer and didn’t notice the mans presence.


“Reid.” Andre called as soft and most quiet as he could,so as not to wake the other boy.


Reid turned immediately and was shocked to see the man in their room. “Daddy.” He replied the man,


Andre signalled the boy to follow him.


Obediently, Reid stood up from the desk and followed him outside the room, Closing the door carefully to avoid it creaking so loudly.


Andre took the boy to the safest corner of the house,


The Patio.


He was sure no one,not even the maid would come there,


So he took Reid there.


He pulled out a chair and featured the boy to sit down,


Not saying a word,


Reid sat down and faced the man.


“Reid what have you been up to?” Andre asked the boy, Reid was surprised at the question,


He hadn’t up to anything he hadn’t been up to all his life, Except…..That,


But that doesn’t account to anything.


“I don’t understand you daddy.” He said confused, “What did you ask you manager to do?” He asked, Reid was surprised,


Mr Lee told his daddy about what he’d asked him to do.


Silly man.



“Do you mind me rephrase my question for you?” Andre asked when the boy didn’t


say anything after a while.


“No daddy.” Reid muttered,


“So why did you ask him to do it?


Why do you want to join them?” Andre asked impatiently,


Can’t believe his younger son is trying to go astray right under his nose. “Daddy I’m sorry.” The boy apologized, Andre knelt in front of him,


“That isn’t the reply I want,


Why did you ask the man to tell them you were going to join them?” He asked again.


Reid couldn’t tell the man that he’s made the request just because he wanted yo have a stronger backing.


He didn’t want to be seen as the weaker twin like Justin had told him, He wanted to have power,so people would dread messing with him. “Can’t you talk anymore?


Or do you want your mommy to make you talk?” Andre asked,


He wasn’t really going to call her but he’d said that to scare the boy and make him talk faster.


He needed to know what’d pushed the boy to making such dangerous decision. After this,hell have to talk to Mr Lee,


The man need to update him and keep him on tab on what this son of his has been up to and will be up to.


“No….don’t call mommy.” Reid pleaded,


“Then tell me why you did that?” Andre asked, “I just wanted them to protect me, That’s all.


I felt that if they were behind me,


I won’t have to be weak,


They’ll make me strong.” Reid explained.


Andre was shocked,


Who’d given him the notion that he needs to be under their cover to be strong.


He needed those heartless men to protect him.




He wasn’t going to allow his son go and seek protection from those vile men.


He’s going to protect his sons and his woman,


He’s going to protect his family.


“Reid you don’t have to go to them,


I’ll protect you,your brother and your mommy. You can always turn to me and I’m always……”


“Daddy you don’t know everything,” The boy said to him, Andre was kinda surprised at the boy’s words. What doesn’t he know?


“Reid,do you mind explaining to daddy what you mean?” He asked the boy,


Reid nodded,




There are so many thing that are happening right under your nose but you get too


busy to take note of them.


For example,


Do you know both your uncles are back and are trying to make Jasmine help them


to get your staff of authority?” He asked,


Andre was no surprise at all,


He knew that already and that was why he’s trying to push Gianna away so his uncles won’t hurt her trying to get to him, But how did the boy knew of this?


He asked himself.


Just like the boy knew his heart,


He moved closer to him,


“Daddy,I’ve someone tailing on Jasmine and knew of her recent deeds, They’ve killed Aaron your former assistant and now they’re aiming at great grandfather.


I only wanted to join Hurricane Group cause I figured out that if you love mommy, You’ll want to stay away from her while they try to attack you,so they won’t target on her or me and big brother.


But checking it another way round,


They’ll still hurt her even though you leave her,



Cause by now,they might have figured out that Mommy’s the lost daughter of the family and they’ll want to kill her to slim your chance of being the head of the family.” Reid explained.


Even Andre became shocked at the boys intelligence.


He’d thought about this but really hadn’t taking it to consideration but having come from his eight year old son,


He felt he to put it under consideration.


He’d to protect the woman and the boys at all cost.


He hugged the boy,


“You did it to protect your mommy right?” He asked, Reid nodded.


“I just wanted mommy to be safe under my protection while the feud will be going on,


Don’t want anyone to hurt her.” He said in his father’s embrace.


“You don’t have to join them son,


I’ll protect you and your mommy,


That a promise I make to you as your father and as your mommy’s lover.


I’ll protect you,her and your brother Justin,no matter what it takes me and as for those bad guys,


I’m going to make them pay.


Just give daddy time and bet me you,


Everything will be fine under six months.


Give me just six months to set everything right and I promise I’ll do just that.


Everything will be alright before you know it.” Andre assured the boy,


Reid nodded.


“But promise me son, you’re not going to join them.” He said to the boy, “Promise daddy you’ll never ever think of joining Hurricane Group.” He said again,


The boy nodded,


“I won’t ever think of joining them again.” He said and they pinkies swear,


“Promise?” Andre asked smiling,


“Promise.” Reid replied him grinning…


They disengaged from each other,


“Now you go back to bed before anyone especially your mommy notices you’re not in bed.” He said to the boy,


Reid gave him two goodnight pecks on both cheeks and ran to towards his room.


Seeing the boy left,


Andre fumbled out a cigar from his pocket,


He brought out a lighter and lit the stuff,


Inhaling the narcotic content of the cigar.


Unknown to him,


Someone had hid behind the patio glass and had overheard most of the father and son’s conversation before he stumbled out quietly and left the place making sure he wasn’t seen by anyone.


To be continued

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