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Gianna was finally slipping into unconsciousness when the man finished,the pain between her thighs was so excruciating, she couldn’t move.


When the man finished, he got up from the bed and walked into the washroom to wash him self.The room reek of s£x,pleasure and lust.


Still wanting to fill his s£xual urges,he took another look at the girl,she has lost so much energy and needs rest.


“I thought she had been fed when,why get tired after three rounds?” He sighed.


Coming back to her,she vaguely saw him handsome face,since her blindfold had gone off.


He lean forward and kissed her full on the lips before he left the room.


Immediately he left,she allowed sleep get the best of her.


When she woke up later that morning,the room was empty,she tried to get up but her legs couldn’t hold her,like she was rammed by a truck.


Using the little energy she has left,she kicked the blanket from her lower body and moved from the spot she was lying.


Climbing down the bed,she looked at the bed cloth,the placed she’d slept had a blood stain on the white sheet making it look like a Japanese flag.


The door opened and Lilian into the room,she was holding a set of new clothes,


“The boss send this for you.” She said,


“How are you feeling?” She asked Gianna,



I’m feeling like I had just been rammed by a truck, she wanted to yell in pain but the words couldn’t come out.


Look like her lips had been glued after the strenuous affair, she had with the boss last night.


The door burst opened and another young lady walked into the room,looking so enraged and furious like she was going to explode soon.


“Are you the so called surrogate?” She asked Gianna,


Innocently the girl nodded and a tight slap followed the reply,Gianna felt so humiliated by the slap,


“Don’t ever think that you can get close to Andre with this contract cause he’s my fiancée.” She said in a demeaning rage,


“And do make sure you get pregnant after this cause Andre won’t ever touch you again.In the near future don’t even try to use this child as an excuse to….”


“Miss you don’t need to worry,I know the rules of the contract and I won’t breach them,so your relationship with Sir is secured.” Gianna mouthed stopping the other woman before she says more things to humiliate her.


“You better be sure to know that.” She hissed,pushing Gianna before she left,the latter fell to the floor,


“Gianna stand up,your health is the most priority.” Lilian helped the young girl up,


“Take this,go and freshen up,I’ll ask someone to change the sheet,then breakfast would be served right after you freshen up.” Lilian said handing the clothes to her,


Gianna nodded,took the clothes and went into the washroom to freshen herself up.


Whilst she was in the bathtub, memories of last night came flooding in her mind,she sat on the tub filled with latter motionlessly,



Taking another look at herself,she felt she was filthy,taking the body wash and sponge,she scrubbed her body thoroughly, tears filled her eyes as she scrubbed with great intensity.


I’m a whore.


I’m a slut,selling my body for money.


Wonder how my father’s going to react when I tell him what I’ve done.


After almost scrubbing the first layer of her skin,she sat down there,losing track of every other think happening around her,she lost track of time.


It wasn’t until Lilian slowly opened the bathroom door and saw her lying there motionlessly, the older woman rushed to her thinking the worst has happened to the girl.


But surprisingly when she got close,she saw the young girl shedding tears,she squat beside her,


“Gigi,what’s the matter?” She asked the girl moved with pity for the young adult,


“Lilian, if I were your daughter would you accept me after you find out I did what I’m doing now?” She asked not looking at the woman.


Lillian’s heart tightened, all her life she hasn’t seen anyone as selfless as Gianna, doing this for her family.


The worst is that,they’re not even her real family rather they’re her adoptive parents.


“Gigi its gonna be alright,sooner or later.” She consoled,


When kids her age are busy enjoying their early adulthood and getting wasted,she’s here sacrificing her happiness to make someone else happy and yet the ruthless woman hadn’t called yet to ask after her.


Gianna looked at her,tears filled the girls eyes and the sight hurt Lilian so much,


“Will my father ever forgive me?” She asked the woman,


“Yes,if you explain everything to him,I bet he’ll understand and forgive you.” The woman said,


“Now you’ll have to come out of the tub before you catch a cold.” She helped the girl out of the tub,got her wrapped by a towel then got her dressed up.


Seven weeks later,Gianna and Lilian were at the De Marcos private hospital waiting for the test result.


The girl seemed nervous,she leaned on the woman,who stroke her hair.


Deep down,she prayed the test will be positive,so couldn’t go through the same ordeal with the boss like she did some weeks back.


The doctor came out awhile later,awhile that seemed like ages to Gianna,


“Here’s the result.” He handed the wrapped result to Lilian who took it and glanced at Gianna.


Opening it,she zeroed her focus on a particular word,




She’s pregnant.


She showed the result to Gianna,who nodded at the words written in it,


She was seven week gone


Deep down,she thanked God,at least she won’t have to sleep with the man again.


Now,the next thing in hers and Lilian schedule was seeing her father.


Tony had been dead worried,he hadn’t seen his daughter and his wife and younger daughter weren’t making thing easy at all.


“That ungrateful wretch,she must have ran away with one of her numerous lovers.” Carol jested anytime she sees him worrying about the girl.



“Shut up woman,my Gigi isn’t like that.” He has always defended her until one day he got a call from an unknown woman,asking him to meet them somewhere.


Tony had been worried sitting in an expensive restaurant, he waited for the woman to come with his daughter.


“Sir,would you mind anything?” One waitress came to him,he shook his head,


“No,I’m just waiting for someone…”


“Don’t worry,the boss has asked us to serve you whatever you want when you arrive,so please make your order.” The waitress said showing him their menu book.


Tony scan through it and ordered for a cup of mocha coffee and pumpkin slice( a special cake made with pumpkin).


The waitress took his order and left coming awhile later with his order.


“Here you go Sir, please make yourself comfortable as ever.” With this he left while Tony took a slice from the cake and a sip of his mocha. This taste great.


After waiting for almost extra twenty minutes,Gianna arrived.


She was wearing a loosed gown to hide her pregnancy while Lilian,dressed corporate as ever went in front of her.


Tony stood up immediately he saw his daughter and went to hug her,


“Gigi,how’ve you been? I’ve been so worried about you.” Not minding the third party there,he hugged his daughter and kissed her cheeks Gianna seemed to be adding on flesh lately,


“Father I’m so sorry,I couldn’t let you know before I left…”



“Left where? Where have you been? Is what Carol and Camilla saying about you true? He asked,


Her father has really lost a lot of weight lately.


He doesn’t look like himself anymore.


” Father I’m so sorry,I didn’t know you to tell you this…”


“Tell me what? Gigi,you can talk to me,daddy’s here.” He told the girl.Lilian just stood by and watch,there was actually nothing she can do now.


“Daddy,I’m now a su…ro….gate.” She let the last word come out slowly but Tony


caught it and what followed next was a really tight slap across Gianna’s face,the girl staggered.


Lilian made an attempt to come help her but she signalled the woman to stand back.


“Is this what I taught you? How can you do this to your father.” Tony was so enraged he yelled at her for the first time in her life.


“I never excepted this from you.” Not giving her the chance to explain,he walked out of the restaurant.


Thank God,they were no body there,Lilian had used Alexandre’s name to but the place for the time being.


Gianna broke down and began to cry,Lilian rushed to her to console the girl. “He hates me now,he’s the only family I have left and now he hates me.” Lilian could do nothing but console the girl.


“He doesn’t hate you, he’s just angry at you for the time being,he’ll come around after some time.” She said consoling the girl while her heart wept for the young girl.


To be continued.

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