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Gianna was led into the Villa by Lilian,she looks so exceptional calm as they went inside but inside her she knows she was far from calm,she was in turmoil.


“Are you alright?” Lilian asked as they walked upstairs, she nodded.


“Here’s your room,you’ll be staying here from now on.” Lilian said as she opened the door revealing the excellently well furnished and luxurious bedroom,



“I’ll be downstairs, if you need anything call me with the land phone, she pointed to the phone on the antique bedside drawer.


“Okay.” Before she turned,Lilian had rushed downstairs.


Gianna took a deep breathe,she wasn’t in the mood to appreciate the beautiful sea side,she tugged her luggage and went inside the room.


Night fell,in the luxurious room,the curtains were drawn to block all lights.


Within the silent room,she took her bath in the jacuzzi tub,making sure she spent enough time in the tub scrubbing her silk long hair and her body.


Luckily, everything she needed was right inside the bathroom.


Coming out from the bathroom, she’d only a night robe on,so she lay on the king size bed silently.


She was requested to wear a blindfold,so she took the blindfold that Lilian had brought for her,she took it and wore it.


Now,she has lost her sense of sight but her sense of hearing was greatly enhanced.


From a far distance,she heard the sound of a running engine getting louder as it approached the Villa.


The vehicle stopped right in front of the Villa and a young man stepped out of the Rolls Royce Phantom,the guards bowed as he walked past them.


The man was wearing an elegant black Armani suit,with a black shoe,the watch on his wrist was a very expensive one.


He walked elegantly like an aristocratic king and went inside the Villa.


Gianna usually calm heart tightened as she felt an unprecedented nervousness and restlessness.



She strained her ear to hear a steady footsteps, as it grew louder,she knew the person was coming upstairs.


The door opened and someone walked in,then close the door behind him.


She moved from the centre of the bed and coiled up herself by the headboard.


Is he my employer?


Is he here already?


With all this running question she could help but worry.


The person sat on the extreme of the bed removing his shoes,he climbed the bed.


Gianna couldn’t make out any details from the silhouette but her heart was beating helplessly.


Although she couldn’t see his face,she was able to sense his strong overwhelming presence especially his cold line of sight.


He has an air of aggressiveness, unique to a ruler and he seemed like an arrogant and proud aristocratic Lord.


He moved closer to her to get a better look at her and was really encouraged by what he saw.


Whilst her,sensing his looming presence, she coil up like a ball,


“Please….tell me who you’re, I’m scared.” She panicked but he didn’t say word,only


his even breathing and heartbeat could be heard.


Looking at the woman in front of him,he loosened the robe and pulled it up,her soft and milky white skin was exposed to the air,not waiting for her reaction, he delved..


“Please wait,can I see your face.Its dark and I’m very scared.” She cried like an helpless kitten, he stopped and furrowed his brow.


“There’s nothing you should be scared of now, lay still.” He ordered like the arrogant king he is.



It took her just a few minutes to finally absorb the mess she has put herself into.


The man pried her legs open,it was so soft and straight, he felt an impulse to continue holding her leg,


No,women are meant for one thing,to be used and tossed away.


Since his mom passed away,he has had an indifferent attitude towards women.


They’re all nothing but liabilities and pawns to be used and he’s never had time for them.


The only thing he is after now is being made the head of the De Marcos and been handed the staff of authority.


But looking at the girl before him,she pure and so naive…


She’s just like an innocent prey while he’s the ruthless predator.


“Please be easy on me,I don’t wanna get hurt.” She said,her voice were light music to his ears.


No,when did I start having such feeling towards women.He sighed,


“You’ve been paid and would be handsomely rewarded, your pain should be taken care of, now it isn’t my problem.” He said arrogantly,


Gianna obeyed and lay still for the fear of being ruthlessly hurt by this man.


He unbuckled his belt and let the trouser fall to the floor,taking of his suit and shirt,he was almost naked if not for the designers underpants he was putting on.


“Spread your legs.” He ordered her,she quietly did as she was told but deep down,she was so heartbroken.


He lay on her and pinned her body to his,


There’s no need for any foreplay,he’s just gonna get this done and leave when he’s sure he has done enough to sire a child.



But something caught his attention as he wanted to lay her.


It was her lips


He has never kissed any woman before and this woman here,is gonna steal his first kiss.


They were like rose petal against the wind,whimpering like a child that’s about to cry,he bent over and took her lips full on his.


He kissed her lips then forced her mouth open with his then he ravaged her mouth,sucking her lips and her tongue.


Gianna was shocked by this action,


Hadn’t Lilian told her that there won’t be any kissing or extreme touches?


Why is the boss breaching the contract?


When he kissed her,she didn’t kiss him back,she just allowed him do what he wanted and a few times he clumsily bit her lip.


She was no good in kissing and so was he.She hadn’t had any boyfriend so wasn’t a fan of intimacy and romance.


When he’d kissed her to his heart content, he played with her lips.


Looking at her,she was so pure,her slender waist can be held by his one arm,he was still playing with her lips when he whispered to her ear


“Just close your eyes.”His voice was unlike before,this wasn’t an order like the other.It was a request.


His fingertips were moist and chilly but when he touch her already lukewarm body,warmness filled her.He touched every part of her body and she couldn’t help but feel humiliated.


Shame,guilt and humiliation filled her,she almost pushed his hands away but like he knew her thoughts, he held her hands.


Forcefully prying her flaccid legs opened,he delve into her,


” Ah!”she shrieked,the pain was so much.


“Shhh” He said,she forcefully took her hand and pushed his chest but he was so strong she couldn’t push him off her.


His thrusting was so intense she though she would pass out,his thrusting were so violent.


She wasn’t a sΒ£x person but knew that sΒ£x wasn’t to be as painful as this.


Is this his all? If it is,I can’t withstand his all.I can’t withstand his everything.


“No..please…don’t,”She cried,he stopped,


“This was what you wanted uh?” He asked,


“You should know what you’re supposed to do when you came here or don’t you know?” He asked her.


“I…know..” She stammered,


“Now keep shut.” He ordered and continued with his dealings.


Now,she regretted ever taking this contract.


Viewing it,she thought it was an easy task,bearing a child and get paid but it turned out to be a visit to hell for her.


Of all options, she has crossed to the main depth of sin.


She’d thought of many ways to get money for the family but she never thought she’ll have to sell her body one day to earn money.


She has gone through this part,now shell have to go through it till the end.


To be continued

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