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A young boy of about seven years was staring at an expensive control car in the mall when a shop attendant walked to him,


“Hey you! What are you looking at that for?” He yelled at the boy rudely, the little boy turned to the direction of the young man talking to him and he sighed,then turned back to the the expensive toy car he was admiring,


This jerk doesn’t know who I am.


“Hey punk,I’m talking to you and you…” He rushed over to hit the boy but the boy’s mom came out,


“Reid!” She called,the boys serious face melt into a dizzling smile,


“Mommy,” He called and ran to the woman sticking his tongue at the man,who was surprised by the boy’s change of expression under seconds.


“Sir,what happened?” Gianna politely asked,having witness the man almost hitting be son.



“Miss,I came here and saw your son looking at that toy car mischievously,I asked him politely…”


“Liar,liar,Mommy he’s telling lies.” The boy protested and this attracted other customers attention.


“How can you call me a liar?” The man asked infuriated at the young child humiliating words.


“Cause you’re a liar,mommy said it bad to lie and you’re lying.” Reid said looking at his mom who was more confused than ever.


“Mommy,you know how much Reid like car toys?” He asked him mom,putting his cutest and charming smile,


She nodded,


“I was just admiring the car when his bad uncle came and scolded me.” The boy explained,Gianna nodded and turned to the man,


“Sir,did you see him put the boy in his bag?” She asked the man,there was no funny looks on her face,


“No but…” She cut him,


“So what made you feel he was looking at it mischievously?” She asked him.If there’s one thing she hates is someone picking on her child.


Reid most times is really full of mischief but he can never take what isn’t his.


“I’m sorry ma’am.” He apologized being his head,she sighed.


“You don’t have to apologize to me,apologize to my son.” She pulled the boy from behind her to her front.


The man looked at the boy in disdain,


“But he was rude to me..” The man complained,


Gianna looked at her son,he looks so sweet and innocent, Reid can never be rude to anyone,he’s the sweetest child ever.


“Well Sir, I believe in my son and Reid isn’t a rude child.” She said proudly,


“Mommy,leave him if he doesn’t want to apologize, it’s nothing.” The boy said to his mom,


She sighed at the man and smiled at her son,


“Reid,do you want the car?” She asked the boy going through her bag for any other money left.


“No mommy,I don’t want it.” He said but deep down,he was crying the opposite, he really wanted the toy car but he knows his Mommy’s money isn’t enough to get it,


“You sure?” She asked,she might use her credit card to get it,


“No mommy,Reid has lots of toy cars at home,he doesn’t need this one.” He said, taking his hands they walked to the counter and paid for the stuffs they bought then the land ft the shop together.


They had just gone to the shop to get grocery for the house and for grandpa’s house cause today’s Friday and every Friday they go to grandpa’s house for family dinner.




When Gianna returned from the hospital, five million dollars was transferred to her account by the De Marco’s Empire,she quickly transfered the money to her father,who paid all his business debt and filed for bankruptcy, closing the company.


After that they moved from the mansion to a smaller condominium in the outskirts of the city.



While Carol and her daughter did nothing than to cause more havoc in the family, Gianna went back to college to continue her education while taking two jobs to cater for her father and her son.


It was really a tough one for her them including the fact that her son Reid was a very sickly child.


The boy literarily grew up spending most of his days at the hospital,she then battle to and fro to cater for his needs.


After awhile,she almost gave up,thinking it was a bad idea to have taken the child.Whenever she feels like she’s losing everything and things are slipping from her,just a look at her son’s smiling face is enough to make her wanna fight back.


Just like the old saying ‘The pain of childbirth will vanish after seeing the child.’


This was a true saying with her,she loves her son Reid so much that she wouldn’t want to see him hurt,during their most stay at the hospital, she’ll just look at him in pain and wished she was the one sick and not her son.


When she returned to school,rumors started spreading all around that she has a bastard son.


She knows Camille was the one behind it,Camille and her mother never liked her,claiming she was a wretch that came to steal her father from her.


The appearance of Reid infuriated them more,


“A bastard born to a father but acknowledged to none.” They’d jested her and her son.


When she was sure she’d enough money to cater for a new apartment, she moved out of the condominium,got her own apartment and moved in with her son.


Tony never liked the arrangement, he wanted her to stay and let him watch his grandson grow but she’s bluntly refused and he knew it was for the best.



So Gianna and Reid got their own apartment but that doesn’t stop her from going back to her father’s every Friday night for family dinner.


With the rumors spreading in the college,she got expelled, Tony tried to talk to the school heads but they refused,


Even though Gianna was a star student,they couldn’t allow her stay in the school,so as not not blacklist the college from the States.


She accepted the school’s verdict when her father told her what they said.


But later on,there seemed to be a change,the school called her back and she was asked to continue her education but now as a part timer.


She gladly accepted it and went back to school,having Tony take care of Reid when she was juggling school and two jobs.


It was really a tough one but she made it through,graduated after a few years then went in search of a good paying job,being able to take care of herself and her son,Gianna was contented with everything.


Mommy! Mommy!!”She turned back to the boy,he was walking slowly and looked so pale,she hurriedly rushed to him,


“What’s the matter son?” The doctor had warned that since the boy wasn’t strong,he should be put in stressful conditions,


“Reid’s so tired.” He feigned,


“He wants mommy to carry him.” A sly smiled formed on his lips,she understand.


He wants her to carry him.She bent in front of him and smiled,


“Okay,hop in.” With this three words the boy hopped unto her back and she stood up with him,


Since he was so lightweight, carrying him isn’t a big deal for her.



She picked the shopping bags on the floor and walked down the street.


By the other side of the road,a young boy about eight to nine years sat in the passenger’s seat of a fully air conditioned Aston Martin.


He was so engrossed looking at the mother and son duo with a smiling face but a jealous heart,he didn’t hear the body guard open the door,


“Don’t you know how to knock before opening the door?” He scolded the man,his face was so cold one can mistake it for an adult’s and his voice was terrific like his father’s.


“I’m sorry young master,” The man brought out a wrapped bag and handed it to him,


“This is the Royal Scoop you ordered.” The boy looked at the bag with an uninterested look,


“Throw it away,I don’t need it anymore.” His order were like authority, as much as the man wanted to keep the ice cream, he can’t dare offend the young master cause his father would behead him.


“Get in the car and drive me home,I want to go rest.” He said,his eyes never left the mother and son duo that could be seen laughing at some silly jokes as they went farther and farther down the street he could see them no more.


The boy turned to the driver,


“I said drive me back home.” He ordered,the driver fumbled with the key and started the engine,


With the boy rightly strapped,he zoomed off.


To be continued.

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