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“What?” Gianna said,


“Yes mommy,daddy wants to punish big brother for not watching….” Gianna stood


up and took the boys hands,


“Show me where he took him to.”



Immediately, Reid led her upstairs to the room he’d seen his daddy enter with his older brother.


Gianna opened the door and saw Andre sitting on the couch while Justin was doing some press up on the floor,


The room was a gym room and was equipped with so many body fitness,gym and sporting apparatus and devices.


She walked to the boy who was sweating profusely and held him up. “Justin get back to what you were doing.” Andre said from the couch,


Gianna was now angry,


How can he punish the boy like this?


She took the boy up,


Justin take your brother and go to your room.” She said, The boy didn’t move and she couldn’t blame him.


From the couch,the terrifying aura which emits from the man was enough to make anyone tremble including her,


But she gathered every necessary courage and walked to the man.


“Andre let the boy go,


You don’t have to punish him so harshly,


Justin’s still a kid.” She said nicely but Andre flared up, “A kid?


A kid that can’t take care of his younger brother, His twin brother.


A kid at eight!.” He said angrily,


Justin still haven’t left the spot Gianna had left him.


In fact he was glued to the spot.


“He’s still a kid no matter what,


And what happened was a…….”


“An act of negligence.


I asked him not to leave the house,


I made it clear to him the seaside was out of bound to them but still he disobeyed me and took his brother there.” Andre said,



“Daddy,I forced big brother to take me there,


It wasn’t not his fault.” Reid said at the rear corner of the door, “Reid go to your room now.” He ordered, The boy didn’t leave.


He was going to set his big brother free whether his daddy likes it or not.


He went to where his brother was standing, “Big brother,let’s go to our room,


Mommy will not allow daddy punish you again.’ He took the boy’s hand and began to drag him outside.


“Andre stop being hard on the boy,


It was just a mistake and we should be happy we went there on time to get Reid.” She said to him.


Andre didn’t stop looking at her or even stood up, He only looked at Justin,


“You should thank your stars your mommy came to get you,


You would have completed your hundred press ups today.” He said to the boy,


“Now take your brother to your room and make sure you don’t get into any trouble or get your brother into one.” He warned,


The boy slowly walked out of the room with Reid.


Immediately the boys left,


And she was sure they were out of ear shot, Gianna fired at Andre.


“Andre why did you have to punish Justin?” She asked him angrily,


His lips curved into a smiled as he saw how feisty she became all of a sudden. She has a very special effect on him when she’s angry or being feisty, “Anna he needed discipline and I had to do that.” He mouthed,


Gianna frowned,


She wasn’t against him disciplining the boy but she was against him giving the boy a harsh punishment like what he did today. “Discipline?


What does discipline mean to you Andre?” She asked him angrily,


Raising her voice.


Andre frowned,




Stop raising your voice.” He said,


“Andre stop being hard on Justin please,


He’s just a kid.” She walked away from the room, Leaving him dumbfounded,


Did she just walked out on me?


He asked himself as she slammed the door behind her.


Gianna walked into the boy’s room,


Reid was apologising to Justin for what happened,


“Big brother,I’m so sorry I got you into trouble today.” He apologized, “No,I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you from danger.” Justin said,


Watching both her sons getting along so well,


Her heart melt,


This was what she wanted for so long,


To see both her kids get along well,


Defend and fight for each other.


She got in and sat beside them,


“Justin,so sorry for what daddy did to you today.” She said to the boy. She turned to Reid,


“Reid,can you tell mommy how you got there?” She asked him,


The boy couldn’t tell her the truth,so he lied,


“Mommy, I’m sorry I caused all this.” It was actually my carelessness that took me down there. “He replied her.


“I slipped from the rock and fell down.” He continued.


“You just have to be more careful,you both Now stay up here,


I’ll send your soups upstairs soon.” She kissed both boy’s cheeks and left the room.


Immediately she left,


Reid turned to his older brother,


“Big brother,” He called,


Justin turn to him,


“What’s it little brother?” He asked him,


“Someone pushed me from the rocks.”


Immediately he said this,Justin froze,


“What?” He almost yelled but Reid forcefully closed his mouth with his palms. “You don’t have to shout,


Keep it down,mommy might hear you.” He scolded,


Justin nodded and he gently removed his palms from his brother’s mouth .


“What did you just say?” Justin asked,


“Yes you heard me right,


Someone pushed me off the rock.” He repeated, Justin gasped.


“Did you see the person who pushed you?” He asked Reid, The boy shook his head.


“I’d gone up to see the water from the top of the rock but while there,


I felt someone right behind me.


At first I thought it was you,


But when I turned to see who that was,


The person pushed me before I could get a glimpse of his or her face.” He explained,


Justin had to bite his lower lip to avoid shouting,


“Who would do something as outrageous as that?” He asked, “That’s what we need to find out together.” Reid said, “How do we go about that?” Justin asked his brother


He’d never been in a situation like this before,so doesn’t know how to go about it.


“Here,there’s only me,you,mommy,daddy,Mr Butler and those two maids right?” Reid asked,


His brother nodded,


“Now you should know that mommy and daddy are not in our suspect list,



Now it’s revolving around the Butler and those maids, Amongst them is the one who pushed me.” He said.


“We’ve to tell daddy first.” Justin suggested,


“Daddy might help us catch the bad person.” He added, “No,


I don’t want to get either mommy or daddy involved now,


We can only tell daddy when we’ve caught the bad person.” Reid said to him, Justin nodded.


Who’s the bad guy that wants to get his brother killed?


Gianna had just finished helping the Butler to prepare the boys chicken soup and lunch when she saw one of the maids rushed inside the house.


The girl was in a rush she bumped into Gianna and the hot soup spilled,


Most of them spilling on Gianna.


“Aargh!” She cried,


“Ma’am, I’m very sorry.” The woman apologized immediately, Gianna was so much in pain she didn’t reply the woman’s plea.


The Butler rushed out hearing Gianna’s scream and was surprised to see her on the floor.


He rushed to her,


“Ma’am what happened?” He asked her kneeling beside her to see what had happened to her.


“Ma’am I’m sorry.” The maid continue to apologize.


Andre was in the sporting room when he heard Gianna’s scream downstairs, He got his clothes back on and rushed outside,


Only to see Gianna groaning in pain,his Butler and a maid beside her, He rushed downstairs immediately,


“What happened here?” He asked taking Gianna up from the floor.


No one replied,


He took her to the sofa and lay her there,


“Gianna what happened to you?” He asked her again,


The butler came back to the living room with a bottle of ointment.



“Sir apply this to the affected areas to avoid them from swelling.” He gave the ointment to Andre who took it and began to apply it to the affected areas, Her thighs and her arms.


“How did this happen?” He asked the Butler,


“Sir,Valora had accidentally bumped to ma’am and the soup meant for the boys spilled on her.” The man said immediately to avoid Andres wrath,


“What?” He yelled,


“Valora!” He called,


“Andre,it was an accident and she said sorry already.” Gianna pouted, “Valora!” He called again,


Gianna grabbed his collar,


“Andre please don’t do this again,


She said sorry and it was an accident.” She pleaded,


He trailed his hands to her thigh to apply the ointment where the hot soup had scalded her,


Then whispered to her ear,


“Would you mind to pleasure me when I’m done with you or else, I’ll punish her for pouring the hot soup on you.”


She bit her lower lip from embarrassment,


“Do you know what you’re doing to me when you do that?” He asked,


She looked down in shame but her eyes coincides with the bulge in his pants,


“That’s the effect of you being around me.” He said to her, “Andre I’m tired please.” She said but no, He grabbed her br**st and whispered,


“Let’s go upstairs,I’m starving.” He scooped her upstairs even with her objection.


“It’s done Miss, I’ve laced the poison in her body,


It’ll begin to react in a few days from now.” Valora said to someone on the phone,


“That’s good,


Job well done,


Let’s wait for the second phase of the plan.” The caller,a lady said.



“Yeah,I’ll call you back later.” Valora said and hung up checking the whole place to know whether someone had overheard her conversation. When she saw no one around,


She dipped her cell into her pocket then left the place.


To be continued…

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