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“Who’re you?” Jasmine asked the caller in fear,


“I’m your shadow Jasmine,you can’t hide from me.” The male voice said, “Did you kill him?” She asked the caller, She had watched Aaron fall on the floor,


It really scared her a lot.


“I did what you should have done since, Letting him live is like letting an enemy live. He was going to expose you,


So I’d to eliminate him.” The man said to her,


“So you better be careful.” He said and hung up immediately.


Is this man one of Uncle Aleksandr’s agent?


Did he send this man?


How did they know I was going to see Aaron?


She was shocked and checked her phone to see if there’s any bud or chips or even a


voice recording device,


But she found nothing.


“Gosh,I’m in deep shit.


This man killed Aaron cause he was a block road to his plan,


If I act stupid, he wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of me too.” This realisation scared her to hell.



Little brother,I’m bored.” Justin said to Reid who was teaching him mathematical sums,




But we aren’t done yet.” Reid said to the boy,


“Let’s do something else please,I’m tired of studying.” He complained,


“What do you want us to do?” Reid asked him,finally keeping his book on the desk,


“I don’t know,


Daddy had taken all our gadgets,


Saying it’s a no device week for us.” He said.


Then an idea stuck Reid,


Their parents had left the two of them and went into the room,locking the door from the inside,


The Butler was busy preparing lunch,


The two handmaids were no where to be seen, Just himself and his brother,


“Big brother,” He called,Justin turned to him “Let’s go play by the seaside.” Reid suggested, Justin frowned,


“Daddy had asked us not to leave the house remember.” He warned,


Andre had warned them sternly about going outside,before he went inside with Gianna,


They can play anywhere else but the seaside is out of their reach.


On no condition were they permitted to go there. “Not to worry,daddy’s busy with mommy inside, We’ll be back before they know it.” He assured.


Reid might be the youngest but he sure has more matured mind and always control his older brother.


Justin was more preserved when it comes to his younger brother.


“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He said,


What if something happens to them out there,


He might escape but his younger brother might not be able to escape.


His brother is very sickly, he won’t want his health to worsen because of him.


“You scared?


Stop being scared nothing’s going to happen okay,


We’ll get back here before they find out we’re went out.” He assured, Justin wasn’t convinced but he wanted to make his brother happy, “Okay,let’s go,


Were just spending thirty minutes that’s all.” Hr said,


Reid nodded,


“Thirty minutes.”


With this the two boy tiptoed out of the mansion without anyone seeing them.


On the way to the seaside,


The boys took a tour around the whole Island.


Going from one place to another chatting on the way.


It was serene and very lovely sight to see,


“Do you know that daddy’s so stupid?” Reid asked Justin, The older boy frowned,


His daddy isn’t stupid,


Most times, he’s very hard to please and very strict but he’s far from stupid. “Why do you say so?” He asked his brother, “Because he’s.


Imagine him staying with mommy in a locked room since morning and he expects us to sit and learn mathematical sums when there’s a whole lot to see out here.” He said to the boy,


“Well it’s true though,


It’s a beautiful sight out here,


Wonder how daddy found it?” He said,


“He’s a big estate developer,so this sought of places aren’t hard for him to see.” Reid said to him.


“We’ve only twenty minutes left now,


Let’s go to the seaside before it’s time up.”Justin reminded his younger brother, “Let’s race there.” Reid said,


Before Justin could agree to it,


Reid raced ahead of him to the seaside.


“You cheated.” Justin complained as they got to the seaside, Reid was squatting in front of him, Laughing mischievously.


“Yeah but I won,


I got here first.” The boy said proudly,


Justin ran past the boy,


“Reid come see this.


There are lot of seashells here.” Justin bent down and started picking up the shell from the sand.


Most of the shell wash up to the shore as the waves came hitting hard.


Reid walked closer to the shore,


“Don’t get too close to the waves brother,


It might take you away with it.” Justin warned, “No worries brother,


I won’t get too close.” He said,


Justin ran to the rocky side to catch a live crab,


After getting the crab,he turned back to the seaside.


But when he turned,


He didn’t see Reid anywhere close by,


Where’d he gone to?


“Reid!” He called loudly,


No reply,


Fear began surge up in him,


“Reid!” He called again but still no reply.


He ran to the shore and looked around,still no sign of the boy,


“Reeeeiiiiiiidddddd!” He called again but still no reply.


Gosh,I’m in trouble.


“Reid please come out!” He called again but still no reply.


He ran as fast as his legs could carry him back to the house,






Daddy!” He cried as he got to the house.


Andre who was in his room with Gianna heard the boy’s cries and ran outside the room,


“What happened Justin?


Where your brother?” Andre asked,


“Mommy,daddy, Reid’s missing.” He said crying, “What!” Gianna cried,


“Where did…..


Take me there please.” Andre said to the boy,


Immediately they got to his Beach Bike and drove with all speed to the seaside.


“Reid!” Gianna called,


No reply,








They called in simultaneously,


But still no reply.


“Where did you see him last?” Gianna asked the older son, “He was here,” He pointed to the shore,


“I went up there to get something but when I came back here,I didn’t see him again.” He explained,


“Why did you guys leave the house Justin?” Andre asked angrily, “I thought I’d asked you not to leave the house, Why did you leave?” Andre scolded,


The older boy began to cry,


“Daddy I’m sorry.” He cried.


“Andre,I can’t find Reid anywhere,


What if something happened to him?” She was crying,


“Anna,he’s going to be fine okay,


Reid’s a strong child.”


He took her hands and they climbed to the rock, “Reid!” She called again.


“Mommy!” A child’s faint cry was heard,


Gianna recognized it immediately to be the boy’s voice.


“Reid!” She called again,




Mommy I’m scared.” The faint voice cried.


“Andre I can hear Reid’s voice somewhere.” She took Andre’s hand and led him to


the higher part of the rock,


“Reid!” Andre called,


“Daddy!” The faint voice cried again, “Son,where are you?” Andre asked loudly,


“Daddy,I’m scared.” He cried,


“Son where are you?” He asked again,


“Daddy,I’m under the rock,


It’s slippy down here.” He cried,


“Where?” Andre asked as he got to the edge of the rock.


“Daddy help me please.” He cried,


Unknowingly to Andre,the boy was directly under him,


So when he kicked the pebble in front of him,it fell directly on Reid’s head, Causing the boy to lose balance,


Immediately his hands slipped from the shooting rock he was holding and he fell into the water.


“Daddy!” He called as he gulped for air, “Andre something’s wrong somewhere, Something just fell into the water.” Gianna said, “No it’s the……..”


“Daddy,Reid’s in the water.” Justin said,


He didn’t go up with his parents,



So had been so fortunate to notice that something was moving in the water, “Daddy,Reid’s in water.” He called again.


Immediately, Andre jumped into the water from the top of the rock, He dived in and got the boy who was almost out of oxygen.


Reid wasn’t a swimmer,so he couldn’t get his balance in the water.


Andre took hold of the boy’s frail body and swam out of the water to the shore.


Gianna rushed to him and took the now unconscious boy from Andre.


“Reid!” She called the boy as she lay him on the ground and began to press his chest.


The boy still wasn’t gaining consciousness,


Andre moved over,


He bent his head and did a mouth to mouth resuscitation on the boy. Immediately he did,the boy began to cough out water from his lungs. “Reid,” Gianna ran to the boy and hugged him,


While Justin stood by the side,filled with guilt and sadness,


He continued to blame himself for what happened.


If he’d watched over his brother well,


His brother would have fall into the water.


He’s so irresponsible and careless.


“Reid what happened to you?


How did you get down there?” Gianna asked, still having the boy in her embrace. “Mommy…….”


“Anna,let’s take him home,


His clothes are wet and he might catch a cold too.” Andre took the boy from her, Whilst,she took Justin’s hand and they all drove home in his Beach Bike.


When they got home, she asked the Butler to prepare hot chicken soup for the boys while Andre took Reid upstairs to get him off the wet clothes.


“No, I want mommy to bathe me.” The boy cried as Andre took him upstairs, “Reid be a good boy and allow mommy rest,she’s tired from having to cry all afternoon.” Andre said to the boy.


“Justin you go upstairs too and get a shower,


Tell your daddy to make sure the water’s warm enough,so you won’t get cold.” She said to Justin.


Immediately the older boy went upstairs to shower with his brother. Gianna was tired and tensed,


What if something worst had happened to the boys?


She blamed herself though,


It was her carelessness,


If she had watched over the boys,


They wouldn’t have left the house and go to the seaside.


After bathing both boys,


Andre got them into some new clothes and made them lie on the bed, “Now back to you both,


Why did you guys leave the house when I’d warned you not to leave the house? “He asked them,


There was anger in his eyes as he spoke and only Justin know the consequences of making him this angry.


Reid for one had never been scared of his father and had loved to challenge him on any given chance,


But now with the anger in the man’s eyes, He couldn’t help but get scared.


“Daddy,I’m sorry,


It was my fault.” Justin spoke up immediately, He fears his father’s wrath. “No it was me,


I’d forced big brother to take me to the seaside.” Reid defended his brother,


“Why couldn’t you stop him?


You know he isn’t well and strong still you left home with him.” He scolded Justin, Reid felt bad seeing his older brother get scolded instead of him.


“Daddy it was me not him.” He said louder, But Andre paid no attention to him.


“You can’t take care of your younger brother,


You should get punished for this act of negligence.”


Immediately he said that Justin froze,


“Daddy,I’m sorry.” He muttered,


“No,you should be more careful next time,


Now get up and follow me.” He said.


Justin stood up immediately while Reid got up too and pleaded with him, “Daddy,big brother did nothing wrong, I caused everything.”


“You go back to the bed now.” He ordered Reid, Instead of going back to the room,


Reid ran downstairs to look for his mommy.


“Mommy!” He called as he climbed down the stair, “Mommy come help big brother, Daddy want to punish him.” He cried,


Immediately Gianna ran out from the kitchen side,


“Reid what’s it?” She asked the boy,


“Mommy,daddy wants to punish big brother.” He said,




To be continued.

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