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Andre drove back to the hospital to meet Gianna and the boys, Gianna was so elated to have him back with her,


“You’re back.” She asked him as he sat beside her and was playing with her hair, His mood wasn’t good,not after having to bicker with his old man and Jasmine,


“You don’t look so good,what happened?” She asked him seeing his long face, “It’s nothing.” He answered her faking a smile, “You don’t look fine to me Andre,


Tell me what’s the matter?” She persisted,


He doesn’t want to tell her that he just had a one war session with his grandfather and Jasmine.


She need not to worry about his family issues, He’ll handle everything,


He just want her to stay safe and be by his side always.


He leaned close to her,


“Anna,I’m fine.” He assured her,stealing a kiss from her,


The kids who were busy with the flickering screen didn’t seem to notice the intimate session between their parents.


“I’ve got an idea,” Andre said to her in a whisper,


She looked at him,




“Let’s go on a vacation,


Me,you and the boys.” He said,


“That’ll be a good idea, Extraordinary everyday from


STORY CENTRAL(SC) TELEGRAM GROUP Where do you want us to go?” She asked him,


He for one,wanted to take her and the boys to his Private Island he just purchased for over millions of dollars but he wanted her to chose where she’ll love to go to.


“Where do you want to go?” He asked her, She smiled before giving him her reply,


“I want to be anywhere as long as you’re by my side.”


Andre smiled at her,


“Then let’s go away for the week,


We’ll go to my Private Island in the Outer Banks.” He whispered to her ear.


His words were so magical,it sent tingling sensations all over her.


As long as she’s with him,


She’s safe and no one,


Absolutely no one can hurt her.


“Is that a yes?” He asked seeing her close her eyes, She nodded,


“Should I inform the boys?” He asked her, Seeing her positive effect to his words, He felt very hyper with joy


She’s his woman and would continue to be his woman, No one can change the fact that she’s his and his alone.


He would crush the world for her and build a world just meant for her,


Gianna McKenna is his woman,


She’s Alexandre De Marco’s woman.


That day,Andre made a call to the servant in his Beach House and informed them of his coming and they should get everything ready to accommodate him,his woman and both his sons.


Then made a call to Denver Tower on updates on Katy’s ban,


The director told him that everything was under control and Katy would be issued a ban notice soon.



Since the actress has lost a lot of fans after the slapping scene being leaked, She and her Manager, Mr Shroff had lost billions of dollars.


She’d been trying to explain to the media that it was an unintentional accident and she had lost control of herself but seems like all forces of nature was against her.


The next few days,


The shooting process was put on hold cause of Gianna’s absence, Instead of being in the hospital,


Andre got a private yatch that took them to his newly purchased Beach House in the Outer Banks.


Gianna had been nervous when they first got into the yatch, It’s her first ride across the sea,so she got very scared at first,

Andre who noticed she was nervous and scared pulled her closer to him and kissed


her forehead,




She nodded,


“You shouldn’t be Anna,you’re safe with me okay,


I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” He soothed her,


Immediately he did,she relaxed into his arms while the boys sat in the control spot with the captain of the yatch,


Bombarding the poor man which necessary and unnecessary questions.


It was late noon when they got to the beach house,


Gianna was super amazed by what she saw,


This Beach House wasn’t like others,


This one was more like a Villa than a house It’s width spread out like a vast land,


With three gigantic buildings on the plain while one by the hills like side of the Island.


This Beach House was surrounded by mother nature,


Green and eco friendly.


It’s surrounding was one of a type.


For once,Gianna felt she was in paradise.


The boy’s even Justin was super astound



He has been to many magnificent houses and has lived in one but he has never seen one of this sort,


“Daddy this house is very magnificent and very very….”


“Exquisite.” Reid said,helping his brother complete the words, “Yes,it’s very exqu…”


“Exquisite you fool.” Reid cursed,


The older boy frowned,


“You don’t have to be harsh, I just forgot the word.” The older boy defended himself while his brother smirked.


Gianna who was sitting beside Andre smiled seeing the boys bicker,


“You guys should go choose your room from the first floor alone okay.” Andre said to the boys,


Justin who understood that the man was just trying to get them out of the living room complied but Reid was more adamant,


“No,I want to stay with mommy,


Mommy you said you’ll help me unpack.” He turned to his mommy,reminding her of her promise.


Andre winked at Justin pleading with the boy to help him get his younger brother out,


Justin nodded and turned to Reid who had on a sad expression.


“Little brother,let’s go out and play volleyball together,” Justin took the boy’s arm


but Reid fiercely took his arm away,


“No I don’t want to go.” He protested,


“Whoever wins will have to stay with mommy tonight.” Justin chipped in.


Immediately the younger boy heard this,


He frowned,


“Why so I have to share mommy with you or compete with you for her?”


“If you don’t agree then mommy’s going to stay with me tonight and you’ll sleep alone.” Justin said while Andre and Gianna watch both kids bargain on who’s sleeping with their mommy tonight.


“Okay I agree,I’ll play the game with you.” Reid finally gave up,



Justin smiled to his father,then took his brother’s arms, “Now let’s go play our game and know who wins at last.” With this the two boys left them alone.


“We’re alone.” Andre said smiling mischievously, “You made Justin take him out?” She asked him, “Yeah,I had to,


That son of yours is such a spoilsport,


So I had to make him go out to spend time with you.” He said kissing her lower lip.


“Andre do you know we’re out and the kids might walk in anytime.” She said trying to get away from him,


But he pulled her back to himself.


“They won’t,


Justin understands me well enough to keep his brother out till we’re done.” He said in between kissing her and biting her,


“Ouch!” She cried,


He licked the spot he’d bitten,


“You’ve corrupt my son with your naughty thoughts.” She said to him poking his chest,


“He doesn’t know what we’re doing,


He only knows whenever we’re together, he has to take his younger brother out to give us privacy.” Andre said to her.


She loves the fact that the boys weren’t with them, She needs quality time with him.


She doesn’t know what the future holds for the both of them but she’s sure to make very moment they’d together to be memorable for the both of them.


“Are you drooling over me again?” Andre asked her when he noticed she couldn’t take her eyes off him and she was lost in thoughts too.




Why would I drool over you?” She asked him,


“Because I’m the most handsome and smart man you’ve ever seen.” He said proudly,


I think it’s time to burst your bubbles.


“And who told you,you’re the most handsome and smartest man I’ve ever met?” She said,


immediately he frowned,


Is she trying to make me jealous?


“I know for the fact that I’m,


See how handsome and smart both our sons are especially Reid,


He took his smart gene from me and Justin took his strength from me too.” The man said,


“So what gene did you offer to the kids?” He asked her, “Reid’s soft and kind nature and Justin’s too,


I’ve seen the boy’s caring and kind nature whenever he’s with his brother.” She said,


Andre heart tightened within.


She doesn’t know how vile and vicious her son Reid is and how much power that boy holds in his reins.


I’ve promise the boy I won’t say of word of it to her till he’s ready to tell her himself.


“And that’s why we’re the perfect couple.” He said,slowing taking her lips to his, Drawing every pleasing sensation from her luscious lips.


She was a goddamn drug and he was addicted to her, Can’t get enough of her no matter what he does.


This greed to get her all out is what makes him an addicted lover.


He’s addicted to her so bad,


All day nothing runs in his head than having to claim her over and over again till there was nothing more left in him.


Since she’s very fragile and soft,


He’s always sure not to go rough on her,


Fearing he would hurt her if he ever go rough on her.


She was all his to protect and claim,


She was his woman,his companion,


His mate and his everything.


They were no Romeo and Juliet




Jack and Rose,


Rather they were both Gianna and Andre,creating their own love history.


The both parent were so busy in their world but immediately they heard Justin’s cry from outside,


Gianna who was security conscious heard the boy’s cry first, She strained her ear closely,


The little boy was calling out to her,




She looked at Andre who was lost in kissing her, “Andre,I think something’s wrong outside.” She said, “Mommy!” The boy cry became clearer and closer. Andre who has finally heard it,stood up from the sofa, Taking Gianna’s arm,


They both ran out to see what’s happening.


They both came out only to see Justin’s carrying his brother on his arms,


The younger boy seem to be unconscious cause he wasn’t moving at all….


To be continued….

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