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Soon after Andre left home,


A mail was sent to Jasmine,


The ground master who’d seen the mail in the mail box sent it to the Miss’s room.


“Ma’am theses are for you.” Her personal maid handed the mail to her,


“Who’d sent it?” Jasmine asked the girl taking the big brown envelope from her, “The ground master sent it up here,said he saw it in the mailbox.” The girl replied,


Jasmine nodded and they girl left the room,giving her privacy, She opened the brown envelope,


It was filled with files and documents.


Files and document on her previous deeds,


The real result from the first and second DNA the old man conducted.


Her pregnancy result and the paternity test concluding Aaron as the father.


Her real fertility test result proving she’s very much fertile.


And some few documents on Gianna being the real Mistress and the daughter of Katerina.


In fact the mail has all of her secrets in it.


Who’d sent this?


She looked around her room to know if anyone was watching her,


But to her utmost surprise, no one was watching her and nothing was out of the ordinary.


She was still in the state of shock when her phone rang,


She checked the ID,


It was a private number.


She accepted the call and a male voice boomed from the calling end, “I hope you liked my package?” The male voice asked her,


The voice was so unfamiliar that she couldn’t even place a guess to it.


“Who’re you?” She asked scared shit, She has never been this scared all her life.


“You want to know who I am?”The man asked,


Then you have to come and meet me at LΓ‘ Valona and I’ll tell you want I want from you and what you’ll gain from me by helping me get what I want.” The caller said,


Before Jasmine could say another word,he hung up.


Who’s this man and what does he want from me?


She couldn’t concentrate on any other thing apart from the unknown man who just called her.


Jasmine got ready immediately,


She was going to go meet the man who’d just called her,


“Where’s grandfather?” She asked her personal maid as she came out of her room, “He’s in his room,I think he’s having a nap.” The woman replied, “Okay,I’ll be back soon.”She said to the maid and she left immediately.


Getting to the restaurant which was just at the outskirt of the town, She got out of her Bentley and walked into the restaurant.


Sitting in the VIP lounge of the restaurant, Jasmine checked her watch,


She has been here for over an hour thirty minutes but still no sight of the strange man.


She was about leaving the place from anger when her phone rang again, The same private number,she accepted the call in great frustration.


Hello.”The male voice boomed again, “Are you leaving now?” He asked her,


She looked around to know if he was around but saw nothing out of the ordinary.


“Where are you?” She asked him frightened, “I’m right behind you.” He said,


Immediately, she turned and saw the man in black impeccable suit walked into the VIP lounge.


The man had a very smooth but cold profile,


He doesn’t even look like someone with the capability of digging out all her secret.


He was a very handsome man one could tell,


And has a noble personality.


His aura was very dignified.


Jasmine continued to watch the man as he came to the seat and sat down, “Were you the one who called me?” She asked almost in a whisper.




Don’t you know how to show respect to an elder man?” He asked frowning, “Good day Sir.” She said quickly to avoid the man’s wrath. The man nodded,


“You can now sit down.” He said to her,


Sit down?


Sit with a stranger that has the capability to destroy my whole life and expose all my secrets.


This is so preposterous.


“Do you know me?” The man first asked her, She shook her head and the man smiled,


“Seems there are lot more to the De Marco than what my father has been telling


you.” He said coolly,


She frowned,


“The old man haven’t shown you his other sons, That’s so bad.


But don’t worry with time,you’ll get to meet my other brother.”


Jasmine was confused,


“Are you Aleksandr De Marco?” She asked, Boom,


The man got angry and banged the table causing fear to paralyze every part of her








Call me Uncle Aleksandr!” He shouted in anger,


“Uncle Aleksandr..” She mumbled with fear


Immediately the man angry face dissolved,


Just like her calling him Uncle is the antidote to his anger.


This man is a real psychopath.


“Let’s get to why we’re here,” He put on a more serious look, “You see all those papers and documents?” She nodded,


“And you know what will happen if they ever get out?”


She nodded again,


Then it stuck her,


“How did you get hold of those papers?


I knew I’d destroyed all of them back then.”


The man half smiled,


“For over a decade and half,I’ve been your shadow, Watching everything and every step you take. And I must say you’ve tried really hard my dear.”


“What do you mean?” She said,


“Well,I know what was going on between you and the director of Washburn Orphanage and the reason why you got much favors from him.


I know Gianna owns that jade that got you into the De Marco’s household and how you stole it from her.


Wondering how the first DNA result conducted on you got altered? I’m responsible for that too.


And that doctor that altered the second one,the one you to paid to leave the country,


I killed him too.


I know what was going on between you and Andre’s Assistant Manager and the result of your pregnancy,


I’d also conducted the paternity test on you a few days ago.



And for your infertility result eight years ago, Andre was responsible for that.


He’d gone to the doctors and requested for a fake result,making everyone believe you’re infertile and not capable of bearing a child.


“What?” She was shocked,




Like I said earlier, there’s a lot more to know about the De Marcos than what you already knew.”


“I know that Andre has found Gianna and her son and he’s planning on getting her into the family with her son.


He’s bent on sending you out and bring her in…..


Grandfather will never allow that.” She claimed, The man began to laugh,


Jasmine frowned,


What’s so funny about what I just said?


“You’re hoping on the old man?




Forget about him,the man’s old and just a few years to his grave,


And do you think Andre will let you stay in the house?


He’ll kick you out of the house like you never existed.”


“If you help me,


I’ll help you get what you want…..”


“What do you want?” She asked the man, He brought out a parcel from his briefcase, “I just want something you can get me,


I want the staff of authority of my family and I’ll give you wealth and riches you can’t fathom.” He said proudly,


“I want to be the Mistress of the family.” She said adamantly, The man laughed at her foolishness,


“How possible do you think that’s,


Andre’s the successor which I’m about to steal right under his nose, And he’ll never marry you as long as Gianna…..”


“Then I want you to get rid of her and her son for me, I’ll help you get whatever you want.” She said hastily, The man smiled,


“That’s more like you.” He patted her shoulder, “Now were both on the same page,


My first work for you is to feed the old man this,” He handed the parcel to her,


“Feed him this on daily basis,


It won’t kill him but it’ll slowly deteriorate his health and slowly kill his immune system..” She gasped,


“You just have to do it,


With or without,the old mans still going to die and the faster the better.” She took the parcel from him,


“Then as for the woman and her son,leave them to me, I’ll handle them myself.” He said,


She nodded with great doubt in her heart.


No matter how vicious and heartless she’s,


She can’t bring herself to kill the old man.


For years,he has been the only one that cares deeply for her.


How can she hurt the man.


She can’t do that.


She might play this man and make him believe she’s doing as they’ve agreed but


she won’t hurt the man.


She’ll never hurt him.


Never ever.









To be continued

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