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Gianna and Andre ran to the boy and took Reid from him,



“What happened to him?” Andre asked the older boy who was crying seeing his brother like that.


She took the boy and lay him on the sofa,


His head was placed above his body.


Immediately the Butler ran to the living room to help out, “Ma’am, is there anything I can do to help?” The man asked,


Gianna was paying attention to any other person apart from her sick son so she didn’t reply him.


“Andre! Help me out here.” She cried,


Gianna was hyper,confused and scared.


The boy was having a difficulty in breathing, Andre rushed to her,


He too was confused,


He doesn’t know what was wrong with his younger son.


The boys breathe were heavy and belabored.


“Reid! Take it slowly.


Breathe in,




Follow mommy’s direction.” She said to the boy,


“Breathe in,




Remember how mommy taught you?


Take it easy son,you’re going to be alright.” She was still in tears when she coaxed the boy,


“Andre please get me my bag.” She said to him, Andre ran to the the hallway and got her bag, “Here it is.” He handed the bag to her,


Gianna forcefully opened her bag and fished out another mini bag, The size of a makeup kit.


When she opened the mini bag,Justin and Andre were surprised with it’s content.


Dozens of medications,




Pills and syrups were packed inside the bag.


She took some few pills and medications,


“Get me a glass of water please.” She said to the butler,


The man left immediately and came back with a tray containing a glass jar,filled with water and an empty glass.


Coming beside her,he poured some water into the glass and gave it to her,


“Here you go Miss.”


Gianna took the glass from him and turned to Reid who was still trying to catch his breathe.


She took the boy’s head up,


And slowly slipped all the pills into his mouth,


Then placed the glass of water to his mouth so he could take a sip from the water.


Immediately the boy took the pills,


His breathing returned to normal and he became better again.


Seeing the boy’s breathe return to normal,Gianna slumped beside him, Her eyes was still teary but she wasn’t frying any more.


“Mommy’s anything going to happen to little brother?” Justin asked guiltily,


She managed a grimace at the boy,


The worst is over.


“No,your brother is going to be fine,


He just need proper rest now.” She pulled the older boy closer and hugged him.


His little bother was sick because of him.


I shouldn’t have challenged him to that game,


Cause if I hadn’t,


Little brother won’t be sick.


I’m the one to blamed.


They were both playing and he was ahead from his brother with five points, Seeing his brother isn’t a good player,


He decided to loosen up so his brother’s point can increase.



But suddenly he noticed his brother lying on the floor,


At first he thought his brother was tired and decided to rest but when he got closer, He noticed that his brother wasn’t breathing properly.


Without wasting time,he raised his brother and ran back into the house to inform his parents.


“What really happened to him?” Andre who was lost finally asked,


“Asphyxiation.” She said,


Andre furrowed his brows,


“He was lacking oxygen, so he’d to hyperventilate to sustain the little he’d.” She explained to him,


Recalling the first time it happened to the boy, How worried and scared she was that night.


“Has he always been this way?” He asked her, She nodded,


“Reid had always been a sick child from birth,


Spent most of his early days at the hospital.


His heart isn’t strong,


And his body is fragile,


The doctor said his body can’t withstand a surgery, So for the time being,


He has to take his medications properly and daily.” She explained to him.


Andre sat beside her,


“It must have been very hard for you right?”He asked her, She nodded,


Taking care of Reid as that time was the most stressful thing she has ever done,


Juggling two jobs,school and taking care of her sick son.


It was a hell of a stress for her.


Tell me about his childhood. “Andre said to her, She sniffle twice and he stroke her cheek lovingly,

Nothing much to tell,


Let’s take him to the room.” She said to him,


He nodded,


Then they both stood up,


Andre carried the boy and they all went upstairs.


She took the boy and lay him on the king size bed.


She wanted to leave when the boy took her hand, “Mommy please don’t leave me.” He whispered to her, She sat beside him and stroke his hair,


“Mommy tell me a story please.” The boy pleaded, “Okay.” She adjusted his head to her laps,


“Once upon a time,there was a king who had a very beautiful daughter, The daughter is very beautiful and her name was Sunshine.


The king took his daughter every where he went cause Sunshine spread happiness everywhere she went……….chat Nath up on zero eight zero sixty-seven, twenty-six,


eighty-three, sixty-eight, to be added to his group to enjoy more interesting stories from there.




She was still telling him the story,when Justin showed up,


Seeing his mommy tell his brother a story,


He walked inside the room.


His brother was asleep and his mommy was about to leave.


Mommy continue with the story please. “The boy said,lying beside his brother.


I want to hear the end of it.” He whispers, so as not to wake his brother up.


Okay.”she said,


“One day Sunshine and her father were travelling when some robbers attacked them,


The King was separated from his daughter Sunshine and…………..




She was still telling the story when she noticed the boy was already asleep.


She stood up and tiptoed out of the room,


Closing the door quietly.


When she turned to leave,


Andre crashed his lips to hers,


“Mind if we continued from where we stopped earlier.” He was already taking off her gown,


“Andre we’re outside the room please.” She said, But Andre was not stopping,


He just want to claim his woman and he doesn’t where or when, He just want to be in this woman.


“Andre let’s go inside the room please.” She pleaded,


“You sure you’re not going to stop me when we get inside?” He asked, “Yes I won’t but let’s just go inside.” She said.


He scooped her up and took her inside the room.


“Anna,I want a daughter.” Andre whispered to her in their lovemaking session, “I want you to give me a daughter.” He said to her, “I don’t want to have one,


We already have two sons,


They’re okay for me..” She said,Andre frowned,


“I want you to give me a baby girl.” He said more sternly.


“It’ll ruin my career Andre,


No one knows about the boys and if I get pregnant now, It’ll be a very scandalous for me.” She complained to him.


Andre stop thrusting but didn’t get off from her, “Which is more important to you, Your career or me?” He asked her,


“Do you want to make me choose?” She asked him, He nodded,


“Andre let’s not do this now please,


We’ll talk about this later but not now please.” She said,


He frowned,


She doesn’t want to have a child because of her career,


Stupid career.


He was going to let all this aside,


But when he’s ready to talk about it,


She can’t run away from it.


She was going to give him a daughter whether she likes it or not.


She’s my woman and my daughter would come from her.


When Justin woke up,


He saw the blanket over him,


Before he slept,he hadn’t covered himself so was surprised on how the blanket was over him.


Who covered me up?


Immediately, Reid came out from bathroom,


“Did you cover me up?” He asked his younger brother, “Yeah,


You were sleeping like a bag of potato,


So I’d to cover you up.


Plus do you always kick when you sleep?” He asked the boy,


Justin frowned,


“No I don’t.” Justin said,


“Yes you do.”


“No I don’t.”


“Yes,you were kicking the blanket and I woke with your leg on my face, So you do kick when you sleep.” Reid said,


“Go take you shower,mommy said dinner’s served.” Reid informed, “Okay,” the boy said taking off his shirt. “You don’t have to do that here!” He shouted,


“But we’re brother,we should be free with each other.” Justin said innocently, “Like this,” he rushed to Reid and took the towel he was wrapping himself with,leaving his brother naked.


“Wow,your thing’s so small.” He shouted taking out his cellphone and started taking photos of his brother while the latter tried as possible as he could to close his member,


So the boy won’t get a picture of his member.


“Stop taking photos please.” He cried but his older brother didn’t stop.


To be continued.

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