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“Anna, I’m asking you something,


Do you trust that piece of paper over me?” He asked again,


“Yes Andre! Yes!” She yelled,


“I can’t do this anymore,


I can’t be the woman that has to be hidden.


The woman that’s just there for sΒ£x and pleasure.




I want to be something more important,


I want to be your woman Andre,


Yours and yours alone.


But I need to be sure of what you feel for me,


I need to be sure of mine and my son’s future with you.”


Andre frowned hearing all this but that didn’t stop him from coming close to her,


He placed his arms around her from behind,


She flinched.


“You want a future with you son uh?


You want to be sure about what I feel for you uh?” He asked her, She nodded


“I’ll give that to you,I’ll give you whatever you wish for cause .. I love you Anna.” He said to her,


It was hard but he’d to say it,


She just need to k ow of his inner feelings and He,Alexandre De Marco LOVES her,Gianna McKenna.


This is the first time he was ever telling someone he loves her and she’s that one cause he loves every goddamn bit and inch of her.


“I’ll give you the piece of paper you so desire and I’ll also give you more than that, But don’t you ever call yourself the other woman in my life, You’re the only woman in my life.


And as for making our relationship official, I’ll do just that but you’ve to give me time,


My family’s the tiger’s den and I would forgive myself if you get hurt by anyone of them,”




Why am I gonna get hurt?” She asked him,


One thing’s that,she doesn’t know the ways of these wealthy and powerful family.




As everyone knows,I’m the only one in charge of the family’s business.


My grandfather gave me that responsibility as a young boy cause he trust me a whole lot.


If any things to happen and they find out that there’s now a special woman in my heart,



Anna,they’ll want to hurt her to get to me and that’s another reason why I never had any relationship with any woman.”


She frowned,


“Are they that vicious and heartless?” She asked, He nodded,


“The males in my family are much,


I have uncles and stepbrothers,


Each has eyes on the staff of authority which my grandfather has promised me The Staff of Authority in my family,is the position of the head and everyone has eyes on it.


If they get wind about you and Reid,


They might hurt you just to get to me and that’s one thing I can’t live with, Someone else hurting you.


So that’s why I don’t want you to get involved in this crisis Ann.”


He kissed her hair as he spoke,


She became weak,


He’s just trying to protect me from his family,


He doesn’t want my kids and I to get hurt in their family feud.


“I’m sorry Andre.” She whispered in between his now urgent kisses, “I’m sorry I didn’t……” He made her face him,


“You don’t have to be Anna,you just don’t have to.” He whispered to her hearing still savoring her body,


He really miss her,


He missed touching her,


Kissing and and making love to her…


“Anna I want you..” He said hoarsely,


She felt the familiar tingle between her legs, She wants him too,


Being angry at him was the worst thing ever she ever did, Cause she found out a few days ago, That she can’t live without Andre,


Maybe their lovemaking had drawn her to him,


That she did not know but one thing she knows is that,


She has feeling for him and those feeling can’t just go away. Since the kids were together and the both of them were all alone,

They rekindled their old pleasure for each other ,made love in the bathroom,


Went back to the bedroom and went on another round,


Andres insatiable self couldn’t control him,


Being away from her yesterday made him become more greedy and selfish, He wanted to claim her whole forgetting that she can’t stand his all.


After their wild love session,she was fatigued and very sleepy,


Andre scooped her back to the bathroom to wash her up,


Suppressing the urge to rip off her nightie and make love to her again,


While she sat in the tub obediently as he washed her clean,envying the unwavering strength the man possesses.


While she was like more of like the lazy lover.


The next morning,Gianna’s shoot was scheduled by twelve pm noon,since Reid was having his official break from school,


She called Andre to bring Justin over,so she can stay with both boys.


A few minutes past nine,Andre brought Justin over, “Andre you’re late.” She mouthed,


Seeing Justin by his side,she pulled the boy over and gave him a peck on both cheeks,


“Mommy,where’s little brother?” The kid asked,


Gianna pointed to Reid’s room and surprisingly,the boy ran past her and headed to the boy’s room,


Leaving the both of them alone.


Did this boy just left I and his father alone?


“Good morning Andre,” she greeted him,


He looked at her neck and shoulder line,


Hickeys and love bite were still very much visible on them, “How’re doing Anna?” She nodded shyly,


Most times in the past,she just love to fight with him,


To prove to him how shameless he’s and how much she dislikes him,


But now,the whole feeling had just vanished,


Now she wanted to stay by his side more,


She want to be with him and watch their boys grow up,


Go to every school functions with him,


Go to every graduation with him,


Watch the boys go to college together,


And come home home to lay in each other’s arms.


She turned to come inside and Andre followed her, “Weren’t you going to work?” She asked, He leaned forward and whispered,


“No work is more important than being with you and the boys.” She turned red from his words immediately,


His words has special effect on her and he loves it.


“So you want to stay with us,why?” She know he isn’t staying for the boys, He’s staying just to be with her till noon when she’s ready to leave home.


“Yes of course,I want to stay with you and the boys.” He shut the door behind him as he gently pulled her towards her room,


Wanting them to be alone gain.


“Andre stop please,I have to prepare breakfast for the boys and do some laundry,so if you’re going to be staying,


You sure have join me do the chores.” She said playfully,


He frowned,


He has never done any house chores all his life and now this woman is wanting to make him do one.


“So are you in or not?” She asked him,arms in akimbo, “But I’ve never done any…..”


“You’ve never done any chores all your life right ?


Don’t worry,I’ll teach you to wash dishes and do laundry.” She interjected,


This woman is sure something else.


He can’t say no,cause he just want to be with her,


“Okay,I’ll help you.” He finally said,she smiled,


“That’s more like….”


He grabbed her up,


“Andre put me down,I need to prepare breakfast for…”


“That can wait,


I want to eat you first.” He said to her while she struggled to come down, “I agreed to your condition,you just have to agree to mine too.” With this he took her to the room and shut the door behind them.


Before noon,Andre drove Gianna to the studio, leaving the boys at home alone. He drove to his company right after that,


Gianna had a slapping scene today,


She and Katy has a scene together and the later would be slapping her in the play. “Good morning Miss Gianna.” Mary,her makeup artiste greeted as she entered the


changing room,


Gianna gave the lady a hearty smile,


“How are you Mary?” She asked,


The other woman nodded,


Amongst all the actress she has dealt with so far, Gianna’s the best of them,


The latter doesn’t prive herself high and mighty like the others,


She’s very easy going,accommodating and very caring too.


She doesn’t demean her like the rest does,


She doesn’t discriminate between the sub artistes and the the actors. That made her lucky,


She’s so lucky to have Gianna as her artiste.


“When do I have my shoot?” Gianna asked the lady,


“Well that’s right after Dean’s and Katy’s shoot.” Mary replied, Getting Gianna’s thing ready for her shoot,


“You’d lunch yet? I’m kinda hungry.” She strode to the busy lady, “It’s just a few minutes now before I get to set,


Mind if we grab something to eat at the cafe before going?”


Mary smiled,


No actor she has ever worked under had ever invited her to lunch except Gianna,


“Yeah,I’ll love to but I need to get your…..”


Gianna lulled her up gently,


“You can do that after lunch,so let’s go.” She playfully dragged the woman till they got to the door,


And there was Katy,staring at the two women with full hate in her eyes,


“Mary let’s go.” Gianna ignored Katy’s hateful glares and dragged Mary away to the elevator.


After their twenty minutes lunch break,


Mary and Gianna came back upstairs to their changing room to see the whole room in a mess.


Clothes were scattered all over the place and the makeup box was left open and most items in it was missing,


“Gosh,who did this?” Mary asked in tears seeing the messy too., “Katy did this,she just want to get back at me.” Gianna was furious, How can she stoop so low as messing up the already arranged room.


She angrily left the room and went in search of Katy. Luckily she met her with some of her fans, “Katy.” Gianna walked closer to her,


Cause she wouldn’t want the others to hear what she has to say to the girl,


“Can I have a word with you?” She asked politely,


Katy feeling spiteful and very prideful,walked past the girl but Gianna pulled her back with force,


“I need to have a word with you.” She said,letting a little out of her anger, “Let me go Gianna.” Katy yelled to attract the others attention, Everyone turned to the both ladies,



“What have I don’t to you to make you drag me like that?” Katy asked,feigning innocence,


Gianna knowing the lady’s plan,let go her her hands immediately, And put on a scared look,


“Why did you mess up my clothes to get back at me for a mistake I already apologized for?”


She voice was so calm the people present started to pity her, Even Katy became confused too.


“Why mess up the poor girl’s clothes when she has already apologized to you?” These actress are all wolves in sheep clothing,pretending to be nice and sweet when they’re all wicked and callous inside.” “What a wicked soul?”


“It’s so unfair Katy!”


The table turned immediately, she was hoping to make Gianna look like a bully but the woman just outsmarted her and she’s the one looking like the bully now,


“Apologized to Gianna now!”


“You’re so heartless.”


The comments became to much for Katy that she left the place while Gianna slowly walked out feigning tears.


Now she’ll know that I’m not the type of person one should mess with.


Katy was so furious at what Gianna did earlier,


How dare she make me a bully in front of my fans?


I’ll have to teach that girl a lesson or two


This industry is ran by me,she can’t just pop out of nowhere to take my limelight,never.


She made herself a cup of tea to calm down butt it didn’t work,


Recalling what’d happened earlier,she was getting more angrier and resentful towards Gianna.



Mary who’d just came out to get Gianna a cup of tea,


Was walking down the hallway when she saw Katy coming from the opposite direction,


She moved to the side,so the actress can pass with ease but no,


Katy intentionally bumped into her and spilled the cup of hot tea on the lady’s body.


“Aargh!” Mary shrieked with pain as the liquid came in contact with her skin, “Oh,you should know it was an accident.” Katy said and walked away, At least she has found someone to vent her anger on.


Mary came back to the room with Gianna’s cup of tea,


“Here’s your tea Miss.” She handed the cup to Gianna and turned to leave immediately,


“Mary wait.” Gianna called her,she turned to her but she wasn’t looking at Gianna.


She was looking at the floor.


Gianna noticed the odd clues and the last that made her suspicious was that Mary’s left sleeve was pulled down.


Earlier the lady had taken both sleeves up,saying it was disturbing her work but seeing them down gave Gianna the notion that something has gone wrong.


“Mary what happened to your sleeve?


Why’s it down?” She asked,the Lady didn’t look up to her, So she stood up and forcefully raised her head up,


Marys eyes was teary red including her face too, It was ted from tears.


“What happened to you?” She asked,


“Nothing,I just fell……”


Gianna pulled the lady’s sleeve up and saw the effect of the hot tea in the lady’s skin.


“Who did this to you Mary?” she asked,


“No one,I accidentally spilled tea……..”


“Don’t dare lie to me,who did this?” She was very angry now, Mary had no choice than say the truth, “Katy spilled her tea on me.”


Before she could finish,


Gianna dragged the girl out to look for Katy.


They found her in the board room with her friends, Fanny and Keith Williams.


“Katy!” Gianna called seeing the ladies,


She made Mary stay beside her.


“Katy,I demand some apology for my assistant.” Gianna said, Katy walked up to them and smirk,


“Didn’t your assistant tell you it was just a mistake?” She asked the girl haughtily, “Then if it was just mistake like you claimed,


Apologize to her now.” Gianna was firm on her words, “What if I refuse?


Cause I won’t never apologize to an ordinary assistant.”


“Okay,you leave me no option than letting this out on the social media, So your fans can see how wicked you’re.” Gianna said and turned to leave,


Katy know it was no threat,


CCTV surveillance camera was everywhere,Gianna can just get it whenever she wants it and might upload it to the media,


“Wait.” Katy said swallowing her pride,


She walked to Gianna and her assistant,


“I’m sorry.” She muttered,


Left to Mary, she’ll just accept Katy’s apology and leave but Gianna’s wasn’t doing that,


“What did you just say?” Gianna asked Katy again,so she can say it louder,


“I said I’m sorry.”Katy said a bit louder,



Who’re you apologizing to?” Gianna asked mockingly, “Mary,I said I’m sorry.” She said for the umpteenth time, Mary nodded to Gianna,


Telling her it’s okay and they left the room.


Katy felt so humiliated and vowed to get back at Gianna.


To be continued….

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