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Andre gently scooped her up from the chair,


“Anna what happened to you?


How did you get hurt?” He asked extremely worried,


While she couldn’t say anything to him cause of the pain,


It was so overbearing.


“Let’s get you to the hospital.” He picked the shopping bags to leaves but she stopped him with a faint cry,


“Andre…you don’t have to..”


“No Anna,you’re hurt and clearly in pain,you’ll have to go see the doctor.” He said adamantly but she pulled his collar,


“Andre just take me home please.”


He was so confused,


She’s bleeding and still telling him to take her home,


Is this woman insane?


Does she want to die in his hands?


“No we’re getting you to the hospital and that’s final.” He repeated,


She clutched to his shirt’s collar,


“Andre no need to take me to the doctor,” she was very ashamed to tell him that this is her monthly flow.


It’s her time of the month.


Doesn’t this man know about Menstruation and Menstrual cycle?


“Just take me home and everything will be alright.” She said clutching his shirt tighter,


He paid their bill with his Black Card and carried Gianna to the car.


Instead of driving to her house,he drove to his mother’s house.



The house had been his mother’s recovery home but since her death,he’d renovated it and made it his only memory of her.


This particular house means a lot to him and he hasn’t brought anyone here since her death,


Not even his son or Jasmine,


But he took her there cause she’s the only one worthy to be called his woman.


Pulling into the drive way,he rushed out from the car and carried Gianna out from the passenger’s seat then took her inside.


Her cramps were mostly like contractions,


When it tightened her,she held him more tighter and only releases him when it releases her.


Since he’d no idea on what’s wrong with her, He was more confused than ever,


He’d never tend to a sick woman before but seeing her in this pain, His heart tightened.


He took her to his bedroom and lay her on the bed but she protested,


“Andre bathroom. Take me to the bathroom.” He scooped her from the bed and heads to the bathroom,


“What else?” Andre asked her after turning on the water,


“I need sanitary pads.” She said,


She was quite embarrassed but deep down,she felt very happy.


She was drowning in the wave of happiness,


Seeing how she shows great concern for her.


“Only that?” He asked,


He know what sanitary pads are,


He’d seen Jasmine keeping those ladies diaper a few times.


“Go to the mall,they’ll have it there.” She mouthed amidst pain,


Leaving her in the tub,he ran to his car and drove to the mall with great speed.


Having spent twenty minutes in the Toiletries


Andre came out with more than fifteen different designs and makes of sanitary pad.


Seeing him the shopping for almost all the sanitary pads in their shop, The woman began to laugh.


“Check all this for me.” He ordered the woman and started to bing out all the pads in the trolley,


“Sir I don’t think you might want all this.” The woman said,seeing how frustrated and tired he’s.


“Wait let me get you what you need.” She left her counter and packed back the back into the stroller,


She left him and headed to the Toiletries while he wait by the counter.


Taking care of a woman is more difficult that I thought.


Gianna was in the bathtub when he came back,he rushed to her, “Anna.” He called as he helped her out of the tub,


“Let’s get you dried up.” He carried her naked body to the bed,even in all her protest.


Laying her on the bed,he handed a bag to her, She opened it and awed,


The bag hold three packs of sanitary pad and a set on new undies.


She blushed amidst pain,


“The shopkeeper said you’ll need them too.” He said innocently,



“Thanks a lot.” She carefully got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom to to clad herself.


Andre insisted they stay at the house that day since she was still having her cramps.


They went back to her house the next morning, while she got dressed and headed for her shoot while he went to work.


That evening when she came back Reid was in the living room with Tony, “Mommy you didn’t come back home last night,where did you go to?” Reid asked her,


She couldn’t tell him she was with Andre because she’d lied to her dad that Andre is her boss at work,


So the man might get suspicious if she tell jet son the truth,so she lied,


“Mommy went to Aunt Janine’s house,since it was already late, Mommy had to pass the night there.” She touched the boy’s cheek,


“Mommy I prepared dinner for you,let’s go eat now.” Reid took her hand while Tony followed behind


Reid talked through dinner and after dinner, Gianna knew what he was waiting for,


His birthday gift from her,


She has the habit of giving him his gift the night before his birthday.


But when she said nothing about it,the boy became sad but didn’t show it,


Seems like ever since that father of mine came into our lives,mommy’s slowly forgetting about me.


I’m no longer her only sweetheart anymore,


My father has stolen my spot and soon my twin brother would come in and do the same.



“Mommy do you remember what tomorrow is?” He asked his mommy as she followed him to his bedroom,


“She shook her head,


“No,what’s tomorrow?” She asked,


His face fell and it was very obvious he was disappointed.


His mommy that doesn’t ever forgets his birthday before, Now she doesn’t even remember it all


He wanted to let down a few tears but he stopped right on time.


“Mommy don’t you know tomorrow is my birthday and I’ll be eight.” He said sadly,


She smiled and hugged him,


“I always do son,I always remember your birthday and would never forget it That’s why I got you a very special gift.” She brought out the wrapped box and handed it to him,


He looked at her in exasperation and excitement, “Mommy what’s inside?” He asked her, “Open and see for yourself.” She said,


He tore out the wrapper and what lay before him was a GPS Bluetooth Watch and the most funniest part is that he Reid was the person that made it.


Seeing the watch,he smiled.


“Happy birthday sweetie.” Gianna said to him while the boy threw himself at her in a deep and warm embrace.


After hugging her,he went to his school bag and fished out two VIP tickets to Dream Fair and gave it to her,


“Mommy let’s go to Dream Fair for my birthday please.” She looked at him then at the tickets in her hand,


This were no ordinary tickets,


They’re VIP,


How did he get hold of this?


“Reid,how did you get this tickets?” Gianna asked him,


The boy smiled at her,


Actually with just a phone call he can get whatever he wanted and this tickets were no exception,


He just had to call that he needed two VIP tickets and they sent it right to him.


“Mommy, Principal Lee gave it to me for my birthday.” He lied,she smiled,


The man must be very nice,


Countless times he’d helped them,


He’s very nice.


“Okay,I’ll thank him when i see him next time.” She said,


“So mommy are we going?” The boy asked in great anticipation,


Seeing his cute smile and happy face,she couldn’t resist him,so she nodded.


The kid threw himself at her happily.


Meanwhile when Andre came back home,he met his grandfather and Jasmine downstairs,


Seeing the both of them irks him a lot,so he just greeted the old man and left,


The old man signalled to Jasmine follow him and she did.


In his room,he was getting ready to go and see his son when the door opened and Jasmine walked in.


Seeing her his anger rose,


“Jasmine what do you want?” He asked her,



She didn’t say a word until she got right in front of him then she let her robe fall down,


Leaving her stark naked before him.


“Andre I know you hate me and my guts but grandfather asked me to do this.” She whispered to the man who looks at her sigh disgust,


Andre leaned forward to her,her heart leaped,


Was he going to actually touch me?


He came to close them whispered to her hearing,


“Don’t ever use him as an excuse to get to me cause it makes me hate you the more,


Now get those clothes on and get out from my room.” He walked away from her,then she frowned,


“What did I do to you Andre?


What?” She was on the verge of tears,


“You accepting to be my fiance was the worst mistake you’ve ever done in your life,


Now get lost before I loose my temper and drag you out.” He was enraged by the sight of her.


Jasmine was still picking up her clothes slowly when the door opened,


“Sorry I didn’t knock.” Justin’s voice came out as a whisper,


Seeing the boy,she pulled her robe over her faster and left the from in shame, While the boy walked inside,


“Daddy why’s mommy naked?” The boy asked him father,


He smiled and ruffled his hair,


“She was so hot and needed to cool off.”


The boy nodded,


He knew it was a lie cause he’d overheard his great grandfather telling Jasmine to try very hard and seduce his daddy,



So he’d came over so his daddy won’t fall into their trick but seems like the man is strong willed than he thought.


“Justin,daddy got you something…” Andre said to the boy,


He brought out a nicely wrapped box and handed it to the boy, “What’s inside daddy?” The kid asked,


He’s never received a wrapped gift before,so he found it hard to opened,


“Find out yourself.” Andre said,


the boy began to take out the wrappings and a small box lay in front of him,


He looked at his father,


“Please tell me what’s inside?” He pleaded but the man shook his head and gestured him to go further,


Opening the box,he found a watch,


A GPS Bluetooth watch.


He turned to his father and smiled,


Not like he doesn’t like the gift,


Far from it.


But he doesn’t know how to react to such surprise so trying to be more manly,he just smiled a thank you to his father.


“Daddy,can you take me to Dream Fair tomorrow please?” The boy asked his daddy,


“No son,daddy has to work tomorrow but I’ll ask the driver to take you there..” He said,the boy felt do disappointed,


Everyone has to work,








While I just get to seat at their mercy,


Wish I had a more caring woman as my mommy.


Like that kid and his mommy,


Wish my mommy was her or that beautiful lady at the Met Gala,I would have been more happier.


He slowly bow his head so no one sees the tears that were falling from his eyes, Then walked out and headed to his room. His lonely Dom.




To be continued.

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