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The boys continued to run around the tunnel, Reid stopped,it was obvious he was tired,


“Are you tired?” Justin asked the boy seeing him stop running,


The boy nodded,


Justin came back to him and held him up, “Hop on my back.” He bent in front of the boy,


Reid hopped on the boy’s back,


He could have said no but he’s too tired to argue.


Reid was lightweight,so Justin found it very easy to continue running with his brother.


He doesn’t know the way around so Reid directed him from his back.


“Going through that door,we can get outside but that killer might be waiting for us there.”


“So what do you think we do?” Justin asked, He was tired but didn’t want to show it, He’d to protect his twin brother first.


“There’s an emergency exit over there,going through it we’ll get out to the Ferris Wheel,we can get up to it then the man won’t see us there and we can get someone to help us.” Reid said to him,


“How do you know all this place?” Justin asked him surprised that this little boy knows all the places in the tunnel,


“Cause I’m smarter than you’re.” Reid retorted the boy frowned,


“Who told you I’m not smart?” Justin was annoyed as the boy demeaned his IQ,


“I know you’re not smart,


So what’s is 3+4+5+3+7?” The asked Justin,the boy began to to count with his fingers while Reid came down from his back and stood in front of the boy arms in akimbo,


“Don’t bother counting,even if I borrow you my fingers and my toes,you aren’t gonna get it right.” He said,


“Now let’s go, I won’t want to waste my time here.” He grabbed the astound Justin and pulled him towards the emergency door.


The boys came out to the Ferris Wheels and got inside, immediately they got inside the man spotted them there,so he ran to the control room and pulled out the power plug causing a major power breakdown.


“There’s some issue with power failure,everyone should remain calm and steady.” The microphone boomed, Extraordinary everyday from STORY CENTRAL(SC) TELEGRAM GROUP



Gianna had just come out of the tunnel when she noticed two kids in the Ferris Wheel,


Before she could say a word,another woman yelled,


“There are two kids up there!” Everyone looked up and saw the two children in the Ferris Wheel,


“Call the Maintenance, someone should help those kids!” Another announced, People started murmuring loudly as some staffs went to call their manager and the Maintenance men.


“We’re stuck!” Reid cried to Justin,


“You caused all this,if you hadn’t pulled me from my mommy,I won’t be hanging up here 60ft from the floor.” He said rudely to Justin,


The older twin was surprised, he’d expected this younger brother of his to be thankful but here he’s blaming him for saving him.


“I did that to save you from that….”


” Did I ever ask for your help?


I could have saved myself but no,you just had to involve yourself,


Now see the mess we’re in.” He walked to the door of the Ferris and looked at Justin’s hand,


“Who gave you that watch?” He asked the boy,seeing it similar to his,


“My dad gave it to me for my birthday.” The boy said sadly,


“It has a Bluetooth Connectivity right?”


Justin nodded,


“Disable it.”




“Just disable it.” Reid ordered,


Justin didn’t know why his younger brother had ask him to disable the watch but he did any ways.


Reid sensed something was amiss,


The Ferris Wheel was taking time to rotate.


He looked through the capsule door to the crowd looking up at them,




The Ferris Wheel is malfunctioning,


If not,it should have rotated now.


“What is it?” Justin asked nicely,


“We’re in a great mess the….”


The metals holding the wheels made a very creaking sound and Reid bent to look but unfortunately,


The door of the capsule opened forcefully and the boy fell out.














Justin leaned forward immediately and caught the boy’s hand.


Reid was aghast at what happened,


He thought he was gonna fall of and die but Justin saved him, “Don’t let go.” Justin said,


“I don’t want to let go.” Reid said with fear taking over him.


He held unto his brother’s hand tightly.


While the crowd shouted as the capsule door pulled opened, A child fell out from it but was held up by the other,


When Gianna saw the boy’s clothes,her first thought Reid,


“Reid!” She called,


The up mid air wanted to turn but Justin stopped him,


“Don’t! If you look down you’ll get more scared.” Justin advised,


“Just look at me and only me.


Focus on me.” He said,


“I won’t let you fall brother,I’ll never let you fall down.”


Justin’s arms were hurting but now his brother was his most priority and he wouldn’t let him get hurt.


“Can you hold onto my one hand with both your let me get hold of that rein and pull you back.” Justin said to Reid,


“But if you do,your arm might dislocate?” Reid said frightened but Justin nodded,


“Don’t worry about it,I’ll get treated but I need to get you up here as fast as possible.” The older twin said.


“On the count of three,I’ll let go of your one hand,then you use it to hold unto this


one okay.” He said,


Reid nodded.






“Three… Go.”


Reid slowly let go of Justin right arm and slowly he held unto the left while Justin slowly turned to the pipe rein but his hand couldn’t reach it.


“Justin the capsule is still bending slowly,can you be a little faster.” He was getting scared by the minute,


What if the capsule falls and the both of them get hurt?


“It’s just a little more push,my hand will get to it.”Justin said,his left arms is really hurting badly but he just have to get the rein and pull his brother up.



After trying for almost five complete minutes,


Justin grabbed the rein with his right hand,


Then pulled up his brother with his left hand.


Slow and steady,he pulled with his left hand holding the rein with his right hand to support himself too.


Gianna couldn’t help but marvel at how Justin held his brother tightly as he pulled him up.


But how come Justin is here but Andre isn’t here with him?


She walked to the Maintenance men,


“Sir please how long will it take to bring them down?” She asked the man,


“Well,in the next couple of minutes,the machine will rotate once or someone will have to climb up and bring them down.” The man said,


Her heart churned,


What if Justin can’t hold further?


Mere looking at the boy,she can tell he’s tired already for having to pull up Reid and hold unto whatever he’s holding unto for support.


Soon after the wheels rotated but stopped again,


“It can’t go further, the lever has been destroyed.” The Maintenance man said,


“Someone has to go up there and bring them down.” He said to his team,


“Let’s call the Fire Service,” Gianna suggested, “That’s a very good idea.” The man said,


The man called for Fire Service and in the next ten minutes the truck was in the Fair,


They pulled up their ladder.



Meanwhile,the boys were safely in the capsule when they saw the the ladder come up to the already bent capsule.






“Climb down from the capsule with the ladder!” The Maintenance man voice boomed from the microphone.


The boys looked at each other,


At least they’re safe now.


Justin helped Reid to the ladder first,


Making sure the boy was safe,


He got on the ladder and carefully took his step downward.


Seeing the two boys safe,


Gianna ran to her sons and hugged the both of them.


To be continued.

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