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Gianna and her adoptive mother walked into the hospital,she was so nervous as

they walked down the hall and some of the nurses threw glances at her.Should I borrow you my legs so you can walk fast?” Her adoptive mother asked


“Ma,I’m…..” She couldn’t finish her statement cause the woman’s glare shut her up.

“You don’t have to say anything,just go in there and do as I’ve told you okay,I

won’t tolerate any nonsense from you.” The woman scolded,she couldn’t say

anything rather she followed the woman like a sheep heading for the slaughter


When they went inside the office,the secretary was already there waiting,

“What took you so long?” The woman asked the duo when they entered the office,

“Sorry,I had to put something in order before we start coming.” Carol

replied,smiling.The secretary nodded and gestured for Gianna to follow the doctor,

“The boss said you should run some few more tests to be sure you’re healthy before

signing the contract.” Gianna nodded and followed the doctor not uttering any

word for the fear of being reprimanded by her adoptive mother.

After running the test,she came out and sat down while the doctors facilitate the

test results,

“Here it is,she’s healthy and fit.” The doctor replied handing the results to the


“I’ll confer the result to the boss,then we’ll sign the contract thereafter.” She said to

Carol,taking the result and leaving the office.

“Let’s go home,make sure you don’t utter any word of this to my husband,okay.”

She nodded,Carol don’t need to tell her the consequence of telling the man.

“Yes Ma.”She replied the woman and they turned to leave,Carol turned to the


” Thank you sir.”The doctor nodded and she dragged Gianna from the room Nine years ago,Gianna was adopted by the McKenna’s, the couple already had a

seven year old daughter but they wanted a son,since the man’s sick,he couldn’t

father one,so they opted for adoption.

Tony McKenna was walking around the Washburn Orphanage with his wife,when

he saw a young girl of about eight years,she was sitting alone in one corner of the

playground, not paying any interest in what’s going on around her.

The girl seemed to be sad and very quiet,when he wife went to play with some

kids,he walked to the young girl and squat in front of her.

“The girl was so lost in her world she didn’t notice the man in front of her,

” Hmm hmm”He cleared his throat and seem to jerk they girl from her illusion,

“Young girl,what’s your name?” He asked the girl,

“I didn’t steal it,its mine,she stole it from me.” The girl’s tiny voice mumbled,it was

evident from her face,she has been crying a lot.

“I didn’t…”

“I’m not a thief,don’t take me to the cops.” Moved by her pleas,he placed his hands

on her shoulder,

“I know you didn’t steal it,I believe you.”

“You do?” The man nodded,

“You’re to cute to be stealing,I trust you.” He said,she nodded as he wiped the tears

in her eyes and took her with him.

“Director, I want this child.” Tony said to the director, the man looked up and saw

Tony with Gianna,he sighed at the sight of the girl.

“Are you sure?” Tony nodded,”Honey, who’s she?” Carol came immediately,she didn’t see any child that fell in

the category she wanted.

“I want to adopt her.” He answered his wife,smiling at the little girl.

Carol wasn’t happy at all,she and her husband had decided they wanted a five years

old boy now he’s changing plan because of this girl.

“Sir, you’re sure you want to adopt her?” The director asked,

“Why do you ask?” Carol asked,waiting for the man to say something bad the

girl,so her husband would forget about her.

The director cleared his throat,

“This girl ehm,whatshername again” He massaged his temple,thinking of the girl’s


“Gianna.Well,last week she stole her friend’s piece of jade and she seems like she

unwell,she behaves autistic and all,always keep to herself,cries and night and

refuses food.” Carol was happy,she strode to her husband,

“Honey,would you want to adopt a thief into our house,I don’t want her to come

and corrupt my little princess.” She tried to talk him out,

“I didn’t steal it,I’m not a thief.” Gianna said in a tiny voice,

“Shut up kid!” Carol yelled,feeling irritated at the girl already,

“Well Mr Director,I want to adopt Gianna.” He said firmly,

“Honey?” Carol called but the man was adamant, he wants the girl and no one else.

“Okay,if you say so.” He brought out some files from the drawer and opened it.

Filling the necessary formalities and signing legal documents, Tony took Gianna

home as his daughter even when his wife and daughter refused to accept the girl as

their family.He loved Gianna so much and was willing to give her anything she wanted.

Now nine years has past and Tony still doted on Gianna,he loves her even more

than his daughter and thus make Carol and her daughter unhappy.

They mistreat Gianna whenever Tony isn’t around calling her all sort of names but

she never for once told Tony about it.

She wouldn’t wanna cause any ruckus or be the reason why the family isn’t at


When Tony’s business started having crisis, Carol was the one who forced Gianna

into the surrogacy contract.

She’d seen the advert,since they were in need of money,she forced Gianna into it

telling her she has to show appreciation to the family for saving her nine years ago.

The young adult couldn’t do anything than comply with the condition,she has to

show appreciation to the man now the family’s business isn’t blooming,so this is

the only way she can do that.

The next morning,the secretary called Carol,

“The boss said you can send the girl over,the boss has signed the contract,she’s fit

for the process.” Carol shrieked with happiness,this is a he only news she need.

Her daughter ran outside to know what’s the problem,

“Mom,what the problem? Why did you cry?” She asked sitting beside the woman,

She gestured for her daughter to keep quiet,she’s on call.The girl nodded,

“When is he transferring the advance payment?” Carol asked,the only thing she’s

after is just the advance payment that would be given to her,the payment after the

contract belongs to Gianna.

“Well,very soon but make sure you send the girl over,the boss’s order.” The

secretary hung up,this woman’s so greedyWho in her right sense would force her eighteen year old daughter into something

like this?

“Ma,what happened?”The young girl sat beside her mom,

“Camille, they’ve accepted her.” She said joyously,

“Accept who?” The girl asked dumbly,Carol hit her playfully on her thighs while

the girl winced

“That wrench of course,they be accepted her for the surrogacy.” The woman said

whispering,cause she wouldn’t want her husband to hear them talking about this.

“So when are they sending the advanced payment?” The girl asked scratching her


“Soon.” They woman replied,making a mental list on how she would spend the one

million dollars coming her way soon whilst the daughter was also making her own

list of things she would demand from her mom once the money comes.

To be continued.



























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