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The boys were driven to the hospital while Gianna came along side them, Justin suffered a dislocated arm joint while Reid,


Though didn’t suffer much casualty like his brother but was taken along too for his injured arm (Where a metal has scratched his skin)


After some severe treatment for Justin,both boys were kept in the same recovery room while Gianna sat between the two.


How come Justin was at the Fair alone?


Why did Andre leave his son at such crowded place?


What if something worst had happened to the boys?


She checked her watch,


It was already seven PM but Andre still hasn’t called or even come go see his son, Is this how irresponsible he’s as a father?


She couldn’t take her eyes off Justin who was fast asleep with a bandage wrapped around the joint between his left shoulder and his arm.


Reid slowly opened his eyes and saw his Mommy’s full attention at Justin, He felt jealous,


How can she be looking at him and not me?


He let out a loud cough and the woman turned to him,


“Reid are you alright?” She touched his forehead to the sure the boy doesn’t have a fever,


Justin woke up with the commotion and seeing the woman care for his brother,he became jealous too,


He let out a loud cry holding his bandaged arm, “Aargh!”


Gianna turned to the boy,


“Justin are you okay?”


“Does it hurt a lot?” She help him sit on the bed while the other boy frowned,


Is this boy trying to compete with him for his Mommy’s attention?


Seeing that Justin was being helped up while he was still lying on the bed. He tried to get up,


“Mommy I want to use the rest room.” He said in his most charming child-like voice,


His mother turned to him,


“Can you wait a little while let me help your brother tie back him bandage,


“It’s coming out mommy,I’m really pressed.” He cried from the bed,


Gianna ran to him and helped him up,


“No mommy carry me,


My leg’s hurting.” He cried to her.


Gianna carried him and they walked toward the restroom’s door when he turned to Justin and stuck out his tongue at him.


Justin frowned,




Was this boy just pretending now?


This brother of mine is so cunning,


I should have known that.


Meanwhile,Andre was still with the Smith sisters at the hospital and didn’t know about the accident at the Fair.


The rest of the Smith’s Family came to see their youngest daughter and sister at the hospital and they were not happy with what happened.


“Why would Justin push Enxi like that?” Eric, Enya’s and Enxi’s older brother asked Enya,


“Brother,you need to discipline your son Justin for this act or else I’ll do the disciplining myself..


Now your Enxi has to get a bald spot for her injury to be treated,


She would be happy if she ever find out she now has a bald spot on her hair.” Eric said to Andre,


Since the girl was treated like a princess alongside her sister, She became very vain and only cares bout her beauty,


And that was the reason she got very mad when Justin called her a monster.


Andre got pissed off,


Everyone was just blaming Justin,


But he knows his son well,


Justin wouldn’t have pushed the girl for nothing.


She must have done something to warrant such harsh treatment from the boy.


He looked at Eric,


“Did you bother ask you little sister what she did to make my son angry before coming out here to spill nonsense in front of me?”


Eric frowned,


Did this man just said I’m spilling nonsense?


Andre walked past him and entered the room where Enxi was being laid,


“Enxi!” He called the little girl who was still shedding tears, The girl and everyone else in the room turned to him,


“What did you do to Justin that made him push you?” He asked the girl, Everyone frowned,


Why don’t he go ask his son why he pushed our little Enxi?


Why scold the girl in stead?


“I didn’t do anything,” She lied,


Andre frowned,


“Enxi if you don’t tell me the truth, Uncle won’t play with you again and don’t come to uncle’s house anymore.” He said angrily,


“Andre she’s….” Enxi’s mother wanted to speak but his glare made her shut,


“Don’t interfere.” He warned her.


Looking at the girl still crying and looking confused,he turned to leave,


“Uncle wait…” She whispered,


“I bit him first and he pushed me away to stop me biting him.” She continued in her whisper,


Andre didn’t say a word,he only turned and left the room.


Enya who was with his phone saw the phone vibrate,


It was ringing,


Photo of a very beautiful woman flashed the screen,


Who’s this woman?


She checked the caller’s ID,




She accepted the call,


“Hello Andre,”


Enya frowned,


Why would she be calling him by his name, Who’s she to him?


“Andre,I don’t know where you are and I don’t care to know where you’re, I just want you to come to Central Hospital ASAP, Justin and Reid had been admitted there.”


Before Enya could say a word,


The woman hung up.


Who’s this woman and why did she speak with him so rude?


No one had ever spoke with Uncle like that not even his fiancΓ© Jasmine And now this woman spoke to me in a rude way not knowing it wasn’t him.


She took the phone and left the room to give it back to him,


“Uncle here’s your phone,


You left it inside.” She said,


He took the phone from her and kept it in his pocket,


“Uncle,I’m sorry for what Enxi did and for how I reacted with Justin earlier at the Fair.” She apologized to him,


Though he still a cold and high profile person but he accepted, “It’s nothing.”


She hugged him tight hearing him sat the word, He could do nothing than just tap her back,


But immediately he held his head up,


Gianna was right in front of him looking at him hug Enya.


The pain visible in her eyes gave him one notation,


She has gotten the wrong idea.


“Enya,let go.” He slightly pushed the girl away and went after Gianna.


“Gianna.” He called,


She heard him but didn’t stop or even turn to listen to him.


How dare him?


Leave his son the the Fair and came to the hospital with his girlfriend? I’ve been so stupid all along thinking he was……. “Aargh!”




She went into the boy’s recovery room and packed Reid’s things, She turned to Justin who was looking at her confusedly,


“Your daddy’s coming to take you home okay.” She kissed the boy’s forehead, Then took Reid’s hands,


“Gianna please wait.” Andre said coming inside the room,


He was surprised to see Justin in bandage and Reid too in the Hospital too,


She took her son’s hand and walked pass him, “Gianna..” She was out of the door with Reid.


Justin ran to the door to see his mommy and brother leave, “Mommy..” He whispered to the air, Like a telepathy,


She turned to the boy and waved,


He couldn’t wave back,


His heart was heavy.


Turning to his father,


He got his things too and left this room while Andre followed him.


That evening Agent Lee called Reid and told him that the assassin was caught, Though the other one escape.


“Has he told you the name of the person that sent him?”Reid asked the man,



He was bent on knowing the bastard that had tried to hurt him and his mommy today,


” No,he’s isn’t saying a word.” The man replied,


“He’s a serial killer and has refused to tell us who sent him no matter what we do to him.” The manager complained,


“Okay,tell them to hold him tight and you,come pick me up from my house.” He said,


The boy got off the phone,then went to his mother’s room.


She was fast asleep.


He went inside and sat beside her,


Mommy, I’m going to protect you with all I can,


No one’s going to hurt you,not even God himself,


Cause I’ll fight him for you.


Pecking her slightly on her forehead,


He pulled the duvet over her and left the room,shutting the door quietly behind him.


His manager came and the boy tiptoed outside,got into the car and was driven away.


The car stopped in front of his warehouse in the outskirt of the city.


“Let’s go in Sir.” Agent Lee showered the kid inside the warehouse.


They got to another large room,inside five able bodied men stood then another was tied to a seat,


“Is he the one?” Reid asked the manager,


“Yes Sir.” The man nodded,


He walked towards the assassin,


“So you’re the one who tried to hurt me and my mother right?” He asked,



“If you hurt me from now till eternity little boy, I won’t say a word.” The assassin spat in disgust,


“You won’t speak?” Reid asked again,


“Never.” The man was adamant,


“Okay,why don’t we play a game,just the two of us…” He said coolly,


“Get him out of the seat.” Reid ordered the men,


“Sir,this mans very dangerous..” Agent Lee said but the boy frowned, “Just do as I say.”


The men untied the man and let him out of the chair,


“Tie him to the wall.” He said,


The assassin frowned,


Is this boy trying to play mind games with me?


The men came and tied him to the wall.


Seeing him defenceless,


Reid smiled,


“So are you going to tell me or should I do what I want to do?” He asked the man again,


The man was on the notion that the boy could do nothing serious, so he still refused to talk.


Reid brought out a dart from his pocket and showed it to the man,


“You see this dart?” He said to the man,


“Its been coated with a special mixture of chemicals that once it comes in contact with your skin, it can cause it to pill off.”


The man didn’t still say a word,


Reid moved away from him and sat comfortably on the floor,


“I’m going to be the player and you’ll be my dartboard.”


He aimed the dart at the man and threw it to him,


The dart pinned at the man’s chest and immediately his akin starts to pill off.


It was very slow but deadly and a hell painful.


“Please take it off!


Please take it off me!”


The man cried but Reid just sat back and laughed,


“Are you willing to tell me now?” He asked the man,he nodded,


“Yes,I’ll tell you.It was Jasmine De Marco who sent me,she was the one who sent me to kill your mommy and you.


Please take it away.” The man confessed,


“Jasmine De Marco.” He turned to his manager, “You know what to do.”


He turned to the assassin who was growling with severe pain, “Sorry Sir, I can’t help you now.”


“Manager Lee,please come take me home now.” The man nodded,


Seeing the boy that vicious had just scared shit outta him,


“You and you,get rid of him once he dies.” He said to the other men then left the place with his manager,


“Sir don’t you think you were too vicious back there?” The manager asked him as they left the place,


“When it has to do with my mommy,I can get more vicious and heartless than this.” He replied the man as they drove back to his house.


To be continued.

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