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Justin continue to take pictures of his brother while the younger boy covered his private part the best way he could to avoid his brother taking nude photos of him.


“Your private part is so small.”The older boy jested, “It isn’t small,


Your is small not mine.” Reid defended his little member, “Lies,mine is big like daddy’s,


Not as teeny weeny as yours.” He said still taking pictures of his brother,


“Prove it.” Reid said,


“How?” Justin asked him,


“Get off your clothes and let’s compare yours to mine,to see whose is bigger and whose is smaller.” He said.


“Okay.” Justin kept the phone and set out to take off his clothes, Before he could move,


Reid pulled his pants down and dragged it from him, Making the older boy fall on his butt.


Before the boy could react,



Reid had started taking pictures of him while he try to hide his member. “Stop taking pictures.” He cried but Reid didn’t ,


Rather he continued taking the pictures, running around the room so his brother can’t get it,


“I thought you said yours is bigger than mine but what I’m seeing here’s like a five year old’s.” Reid retorted,


“Its a lie,mine is as big as daddy’s…..”


Immediately the door opened,


Gianna and Andre walked in to see both boys stark naked, “What’s going on here,


And what’s big like daddy’s?” Andre asked,


Immediately they came in,the boy scurried to get their clothes but their parents were to fast to let them escape,


“What’s going on here and why are you both naked?” Gianna asked too,


Reid was first to speak up,


“Mommy,he started it.” He pointed to Justin, Who frowned immediately,


“No you did!” Justin said to Reid,


“What did he start?” Gianna asked seeing the boys was shifting blames intentionally, so she can forget the main question. “Mommy,” Reid began,


“He said his member is big like daddy’s while mine is very small.”


The boy was more of complaining than explaining.


Andre and Gianna gasped and looked at each other, “But mommy is it true?” Reid asked,


“His his member big like daddy’s while mine is small?” He continued.


Gianna could reply the boy cause she was very embarrassed at the question.


Why not ask him directly,


Why ask me?


She said within herself.


“You should ask your daddy.” She told the boy and hurriedly left the room,


So as not to be asked stupid question by anyone.


Reid turned to Andre,


“Is it true?” The man shook his head and left the boys.


He turned to his brother Justin,


“You see daddy didn’t reply you cause he knows you’re lying.” He said,


“No,daddy didn’t reply cause he was surprised,


Now give me my phone back.” He said stretching his arms to take the phone back


from Reid,




Reid did something with the phone,


After which he smiled and gave his brother the phone back.


Justin went through the phone and was surprised that all the pictures he took of his brother were all gone.


“Where are all the pictures?” He asked Reid,


“Well,I deleted mine and sent your to My Cloud at home.” He said proudly,


” Why?” Justin asked feeling wrong,


“Because I won the game and daddy said mine is more than yours.” The boy said, Justin felt he could just start crying,


“You’re so unfair little brother.” He said to his younger brother.


They were still talking when Justin noticed the gift box in Reid’s pocket, He looked at it closer,


It was the same gift he’d given the boy the they went to their house.


Reid noticed his brother was looking at his pocket,


Then he brought out the gift.


It was still how it was only that the wrappings were becoming torn and old.


He had wanted to open the gift and see whatever was inside,


But he didn’t want to ruin the wrapping.


So,he’d kept it with him all the time,


Taking it out several to admire the wrappings.


“You don’t like it.” Justin said sadly as he saw his brother looking at the gift,



“I do like it,it’s just that…” Reid couldn’t tell his brother that the only reason he hadn’t opened the gift was because he felt he’ll ruin the beautiful wrappings, If he opened it.


Reid was still looking at the wrapping like he’d done for the past few days, When Justin forcefully took the gift from him, “Hey give it back.” He said,


He knows his brother is hurt but he didn’t expect him to take back the gift.




Since you don’t like it what’s the use of keeping it, I’ll help you dispose it.” He said sadly,


His brother had rejected his gift.


Reid ran over and struggled to get it back, “Give it back!


Give it back!” He cried as he hovered around his brother who raised his hand up so Reid can’t get the gift back.


Seeing his brother won’t allow him get it,


He ticked his underarms,


Immediately the boy gave back the gift to Reid.


“Here you go bit open it now.” He said,


Reid took back the gift from him,


“Thank you.” He muttered to him,


Justin smiled,


This is the first time his little brother is thanking him and being very nice to him.


Reid slowly opened the gift,


It was a lucky bracelet.


He looked at his brother and smiled,


“It’s very beautiful.” He said,Justin nodded and replied, “Just like mine.”


Reid looked at his brother’s right wrist and saw that the boy was wearing a replica of the lucky bracelet.


“Don’t ever take it off okay.” He said to Reid as he helped him put on the bracelet.


“Yes,I’ll never ever take it off.” He said as a matter of fact.


“Okay,let’s get dressed and go down before mommy comes in here and scold us.” Justin said to him,


“Mommy won’t scold me,I am her little one.” Reid said confidently, “How sure are you?” Justin asked,picking up the clothes on the floor.


“I’m a hundred and ten percent sure.” Reid replied.


Since he’d had his shower,


He waited for his brother to take his before they went out of the room for dinner.


The meeting with Aleksandr shocked Jasmine,


She had been so careful so far but never knew someone had been tailing her and monitoring her movement.


She kept pondering on what the man told her.


That if she help him,he’s going to reward her with wealth she can’t never unfold.


He was going to make her rich and powerful and not to rely on grandfather…




He’s the only man that had cared for her,


He had showed her love and care she hadn’t received from anyone, Not even her biological parent which she don’t even know.


He might be ruthless to the world but to her,he’s the most understanding and caring man ever and had a great deal of trust for her.


But Uncle Aleksandr had warmed her that the man was just being so because of he


believes she’s Katerina’s daughter.


If he find out she isn’t,


He might kill her like he did to Katerina.


She’s just enjoying the man’s grace and love because of her lie.


What if he never finds out?


She can continue to pretend she’s Katerina’s daughter and thing will go like they’ve always gone.


She’ll be the Mistress of the family,


No one can’t take her place.


She’ll protect……




No lie can last forever,


Even if she doesn’t get bursted now,she’ll get bursted sooner or later.


And as for Andre,he was a hard target.


Even if the grandfather forces him to marry her, He’ll never accept her as his wife.


Not as long as Gianna and her other son are around.


Andre will always find a way to bring her into the house and make her the Mistress


she was entitled to.


She had to choose now,


Either helping Uncle Aleksandr and get the future she want but without Andre Or


Staying back to continue her lie,still not getting Andre, It’s a win lose situation.


She can never be with Andre,


So its better she stand with the one she has hope than stay hopeless with Andre.


She was still thinking when her phone rang again, It was Uncle Aleksandr,


She accepted the call and closed her door,so no one can eavesdrop on her conversation.


“Have you started what I told you to?” He asked in his masculine deep voice, He meant have she started feeing his father the poison, “No,I haven’t.” She replied,


She’s still finding it hard to hurt the old man or betray him.


“Why?” The man yelled,


Right through the phone,she got terrified of him,


Why does each one of them have this common terrifying aura?


From the smallest to the mightiest,


They all possess the same terrifying aura.


“Why haven’t you started giving him the poison?” He asked her again, “I’ll start from today.” She manage to stammer,


“You better do cause you won’t like to see me angry with you.” He said,


Before she could say another word,


He hung up on her.


What mes had I gotten myself into now?


First,she’d Aaron to deal with and now this man.


Her phone rang again,


First she thought it was the man and had refused to take the call,


But when it rang again,


She checked the caller’s ID,


It was Aaron.


Speak of the devil and you here from him, She accepted the call,


“Hello Jasmine.” His dainty voice came through the phone, “What’s it again Aaron?


I thought I’d asked you to stop calling me.”


She said to him,venting her anger possibly on him.


“Let’s meet now,” He said,


“Baronet View.” He said,


Jasmine frowned,


“I don’t want to meet up with you.” She said resentfully,


“Then have me come to your house and spill out your secrets.” He threatened.


She froze on spot,


Why does everyone blackmail her to get what they want?


First it was Andre’s uncle,


Now it’s Aaron,his manager.


Everything pertaining to Andre’s a disaster to me.


“Okay,I’m on my way now.” She said,


Immediately, she lazily got out of the bed,took her keys,


Now she was going to go alone,


No driver,


In fact,she wasn’t going to use the family’s car, She was going to take a cab.



She snuck out of the house and hailed a cab taking her to Baronet View. Baronet View was more of like a higher ground, It’s called Baronet View cause staying there,


One has a greater view to the whole city,


People do go there for sightseeing also.


Aaron was already there when Jasmine came,


She didn’t show any sign of formality when she came, She just went straight to the point,


“Why did you call me here?” She asked him with a big frown on her face, Making it obvious she doesn’t want to talk to him.


“I called you here so we can talk about our future.” He said, Jasmine frowned,


“There’s no future with me and you,


I can’t leave Andre for you Aaron.” Sh blurted,


“Jasmine,I’m taking you and my child far away from here okay,


You can as well forget about Andre cause he’s not going to father my child.” He retorted getting sick of her overbearing attitude.


“No,I’m not going with you.” She turned to leave but Aaron grabbed her hands and pulled her back,


You’re going with me whether you like it or…..”


A gunshot interrupted him,


Jasmine got shocked as she saw Aaron fall to the ground lifelessly,


She looked behind and saw a man in black hood leave the place,


She wouldn’t want to get tangled in the murder case,


So she took to her heels and ran away.


Immediately she hailed a cab and got inside.


An unknown number called her,


She frightened,


Accepting the call,


An unfamiliar male voice boomed,


“How do you like my surprise?”


Jasmine shrunk with fear.


To be continued.

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