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When the boy’s came Gianna was now awake and was so happy to see both her sons,


“Mommy what happened to you?’Reid asked his mommy sitting beside her while his brother sat by the other side,


Yea,mommy tell us if someone had bully you,me and brother will go and bully that person.”Justin said from beside her too,


My boys are bent on protecting me


She smiled at the kids words,


“No one bullied mommy okay,


Mommy got into an accident during the shoot and she got hurt.” Andre said before Gianna could say anything,


Although she wasn’t going to tell the boys what happened, But was surprised at how he quickly spoke up, “Mommy is it true?” Reid asked his mommy,


Gianna nodded,


She doesn’t want the boys to be worried about her, “Yeah, what daddy said is the truth.”


“But what type of accident is that?” Justin asked dumbly, Reid smirked,


This brother of mine likes to humor me with his dumbness.


“You’re so silly,



All accident are accident and whoever gets involve in one is sure to get hurt.” Reid reprimanded,


Justin frowned and turned to his mommy,


Mommy can you tell younger brother to be less harsh on me.”he pleaded his mom, Since he knows his brother only listens to her.


“Reid stop being harsh on your brother,okay?”Gianna said to the boy playfully The boy nodded


Andre just stood by the door and watch the chemistry between Gianna and the boys,


She,playing with the bangs on Reid’s hair, Justin touched it too,


The younger boy faked a smile.


Recalling what Gianna had told him yesternight, he smiled, Is this the happy family she wanted so dearly,


With me and the boys and any other baby we’ll possibly make in the future. He smiled but his thought got interrupted by his ringing phone,


He dipped his hand into his pocket and got out the phone, “A call from Denver Tower,”


He excused himself and went outside to take the call,


“President De Marco,what should we do to Miss Katy?” The caller asked, Andre sighed,


“Get me to the Chairman of Denver Tower.” He said to the caller,


The call went on hold for awhile before another voice boomed from the other end, “Hello President De Marco.” Director Selden spoke,


“I want Katy banned from the movie industry and every other movie in the States.” He ordered,


His words were authority,


So Director Selden need not to argue with him.


“Okay Sir.” The man said,


“And something else,


Let it known to the media all the unspoken rules she has been involved herself in.” He said to the man,


“But President, isn’t that too much?” The man asked,


If he’s to leak to the media Katy unspoken acts, Her whole life will be in scandal,


She won’t be able to act or get signed to any industry ever again.


“She deserves death for hitting Gianna but I’m just going to ruin her life than kill her.” Andre retorted as he hung up.


The person that hurts his woman deserves death but he’s being lenient here cause she’s a woman.


Before nightfall,it became a trending news on social media that actress Katy had slapped a newbie several times in pretence of forgetting her line. Most of Katy’s followers became mad at her,


While Gianna’s followers raised abuses on Katy for hitting the newbie in such ruthless manner.


Katy who’d seen the trending new,went to her manager’s house that night,


Her manager Mr Shroff was so mad at her when he saw the news,


He tried as hard as he could to calm down the angry fans but all booed him, “How could you have done something as stupid as this?” The man asked Katy,


“Mr De Marco might decide to ban you from the Industry and if he does that,


We will both be in trouble cause all my investment on you’ll get wasted and you’ll loose your career.” He reprimanded her,


“I didn’t know she was his woman and sure didn’t know it would get that bad.” She replied the man,


The man sighed,


He wasn’t worried if she loses her career,


What bothers him most is losing all the money he has invested in her so far.



He’ll go bankrupt if she’s banished from the movie industry and he surely doesn’t want that.


“We’re going to go and beg Mr Andre,so he won’t take this up against you.” Mr


Shroff said,


Katy frowned,


Begging the man means begging Gianna and she can’t beg that lowlife woman.


“Sir can you just go….”


“You’re going to go with me and beg Mr Andre and that’s final.” The man insisted, Katy sighed,


As much as she doesn’t want to beg Gianna, She couldn’t risk her career and her image,


So she’ll have to swallow her pride and go with her manager to the hospital to beg Gianna.


Andre had the kids go back home while he stayed with Gianna at the hospital, “Why didn’t you stop her when she it became obvious she was hurting you?” He asked her as he lay beside her on the bed.


Since he practically owns the hospital,


He got them a VIP room with a comfortable bed,


A set of couch and a private washroom.


In fact it was more of a mini room.


“I just wanted to be professional and endure the shit till the shoot was over.” She replied,


He frowned,


“Be professional my foot!” He scolded,


“How can you sit still and get hurt and you tell me it’s being professional?”


“I think it’s high time you stop acting,


Stay back home and take care of our boys Anna,


I’ll take care of you and our kids.” He kissed her on her swollen cheek,


“Just don’t go out to work or shoot,or even do anything, Stay home with our kids,


I’ll make Justin stay with you and Reid,


I have the money and the capability to take care of you and our kids and even the ones we’re yet to have.”He whispered to her ear,kissing her earlobes,


” Andre,are you trying to seduce me?” She asked him in a pleasing but funny way,


He bit her ear,


“Aargh!” She cried,


“Give me my reply before asking me anything.” He said huskily,slipping his hands


under her gown,


She frowned,


Then replied his question,


“I don’t want to stay at home and be a dependent on anyone Andre, I want to work hard for my own money and in the right way.”


Andre frowned,


“You don’t want to be dependent on anyone and you’re in the entertainment cycle, You need to have a financial backer,


And you already have me and I’m telling you to stop working and be my woman….”


“Andre I can be your woman but I can’t be dependent on you,


I want to get my money in a legal and dignified way.” She said, He frowned but didn’t stop touching her,


“Okay,suite yourself but be rest assured I’m not going to let another man have you or share you with another man.” He said sternly,as a matter of fact.


“I won’t let another man into my life cause you’re the only one I want,


You’re the only man I want.” She took the initiative and kissed him on the bridge of his nose,


“You’re learning fast.” He said smiling,


Now fondling her naked br**st under the silk gown she was putting on,



“Does anything run through that brain of yours apart from naughty thoughts?” She asked him playfully,


“Not when I’m with you cause whenever I’m with you,there’s nothing I think of than having to claim you over and over again.” He said drawing a kiss from her.


Before she could say another word,


He drew up the gown and started ravaging her body with his urgent kisses, “I’m not gonna be rough baby,just stay calm.” He whispered to her ear as he claimed her on the hospital bed.


The next morning,Gianna was still in bed with Andre when someone knocked on the door,


She turned to Andre who was pretending to be asleep,


“Andre someone’s at the door.” She poked his chest,


“Tell them we’re busy and they should get lost.” He said sleepily, She pushed his arms off her and stood up from the bed,


“I’m going to get the door.” She walked to the door and opened it.


Katy and Mr Shroff were at the door,


She sighed immediately she saw Katy,


“Anna who’s there?” Andre asked from the couch,


He was already up and looking at him,one can’t tell he just got up.


“Miss McKenna,please may we come in?” Manager Shroff asked, She nodded and the walked inside the pretty lavished room.


Gianna went on and sat down beside Andre,


“Good morning President De Marco.” Mr Shroff greeted the man, Katy greeted too,


Andre just nodded at their greeting,


The sight of the woman irks him a lot.


“What do you want?” Gianna asked rudely, Andre smiled,


This woman is now leaning on me.


“My client and I came to apologize to Miss McKenna for what happened at the set


yesterday.” The manager said,


Gianna eye trailed to Katy,


The woman doesn’t look sorry at all.


“We’re very sorry for what happened and are duly to take responsibility for my client’s action.” Mr Shroff said,


“But your client doesn’t look sorry to me at all.” Gianna said to Mr Shroff, The man signalled to Katy to apologize to Gianna,


Katy took a few steps forward,


“Gianna I’m sorry for what happened.” She apologize with no iota of remorse in her face,


“I promise to be of a good conduct and will never cause trouble for you in the future.” She said still with no form of sincerity in her voice.


“Well Katy,I’ll forgive you under one condition.”Gianna said to her, Everyone including Andre turned to her,


Is this lady being serious?


Is she trying to play hard cause I’m here?


I’m very impressed.


Katy wanted to argue but seeing Andre in the room and knowing how special


Gianna is to the man,


She’d to play nice.


What condition? “She asked her, “Well,its just a small thing though,

I’ll have to return all the slap you gave me back to you,


If you agree,I’ll slap you and forget something of this sort ever happened.” She seethed,chat Nath up on zero eight zero sixty-seven, twenty-six, eighty-three, sixty-eight, to be added to his group to enjoy more interesting stories from there. Katy gasped while Andre was smiled and nodded.


To be continued.

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