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Over the next few shoots,Dean avoided Gianna,


She noticed it and tried to settle issues with him but he never gave her the chance to,


When the both of them have to act together, he act so indifferent like she’s a stranger to him.


One time she’d she bought water for everyone in the auditorium cause they’d to shoot under the sun for long,


He’d refused her water and went upstairs,



It’d really upset her,she wanted to pull him back but decided against it. He has every right to be angry,


Nobody gets happy when the person they love is loving another person, That shit really hurts.


Andre came to take her home later that day,


He’d made it the habit of coming to pick her from the venue when she’s done shooting.


“Are you busy tonight?” He asked her as his driver drove the Bentley into the nighty dark road,


“Yeah,I’d promised Reid I’ll be home to eat the dinner he’ll prepare for me.” She said looking out the window,


The evening was cool and serene,taking a deep breathe, she turned to Andre,


“Can I ask you for a favor?”


Andre looked at her and smiled,


“What’s it?” He said,


He loves it when she ask for favor,something she hardly or better still never does.


“Would you mind if I get the chance to see my son?” She asked barely looking at him,


“Justin?” He asked,


She nodded.


He smiled mischievously,


Now he’s gonna get her,


“Its no big favor but…..I’ll grant you that on a condition..”He smacked both lips,


Gianna frowned,


She knows what he meant.



Does anything sensible and sane runs in your head if not sΒ£x?” She asked him frowning,


He leaned close to her,


“Its not sΒ£x hun,we’re making love.” He kissed her lips full,


“And nothing good runs in my head with you around.” His hand went under her skirt and she moaned,


The chauffeur heard her moan then looked through the rear mirror to the back seat.


When Gianna saw him looking at the mirror to the she pushed Andre away from her,


“Andre please get control of yourself.”He frowned,


Following her gaze,he saw his driver smiling from the front seat,


Luther are you watching us?” He asked the driver, The man swallowed hard and shook his head,


“No sir.” He said with fear,


“Get out of the car.” Andre order the man,


He stopped driving after parking the car by the side of the road and he went outside.


Andre closed the partition between the front and back seat, Then he automatically closed all door and glass,


“Can’t we wait till we get hom” she asked fearing the evil glint in his eyes, “I want you here and now.” With lips curving into a very mischievous smile, He claimed his woman.


When they got home the whole house was quiet and the light were all turned off.


“Like dad and Reid isn’t home yet.” Andre said to her,



She was still checking the house when she heard some clicking sound coming from Reid’s room.


“Let’s go and catch some fun.” Andre said naughtily, Oblivious of the sound from the room,


He walked to her and wrapped his hands around her slender and petite body.


She slapped his hands off,


“There’s a sound coming from Reid’s room.” She whispered to him,


He frowned,


Why must that son of his home by this time?


That boy is sure a killjoy.


Tiptoeing to the boy’s room,they heard his voice talking to someone,


“Those bloody loser,they think they can pass my coastline without no blocking, Now they watch their precious system being hacked by an eight year old..”


Andre was surprised at the boy’s word,






What’s this son of mine up to again?


He pushed the door and went inside,


Reid seeing them pressed the window button of his laptop,


“Mommy,you’re back.” He stood up,


“Reid what were you doing?” Gianna asked not smiling, “Mommy,I was playing a video game.” He lied boldly,


“Video games that hacks people’s system or the ones that give unauthorized permission to….”


He boy went closer to her,


“Mommy that’s the game,you hack your opponent’s system and make sure they don’t pass your lines,



I do call the lines coastal line just trying to imagine how it will be if it is real.” He lied,


This boy’s a greater liar than I thought,


Andre pinched himself.


“You sure?” Gianna asked,


She’d no reason to doubt him though,


The boy nodded then she left the room,


You guys should come for dinner soon.”she said before leaving.


Andre walked towards his son with a big frown, “Who are you?” He asked the boy,


“All those lie you just told your mommy, they don’t work on me,


Now tell me who you really are or just watch me find out and have me tell your mommy that her precious and sweet son is not who she think he’s.


He’s something greater than that,maybe a demon or so.” He said to the boy on a more serious tone.


The boy frowned,


Is this man just threatening me or does he mean what he just said?


To be continued.

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